sgclarkclivejo: probably new features from the new build deps. Put them in install files I reckon. I will do that now.00:00
clivejo:( theres KCI gone for a while00:03
clivejobuild queue filling up00:03
sgclarkoh. ew00:04
clivejobed time for me then!00:05
sgclarksleep well00:05
clivejosgclark: I copied over your packaging to the other debian git branch that KCI works from00:06
sgclarkum why? we need to stay with debian00:06
sgclarkso that needs to be fixed. Not trying to maintain two repos...00:07
clivejowell I asked about it and they didnt seem that keen on sharing the repo00:08
sgclark(06:30:47 AM) maxy: sgclark: I don't mind having kubuntu branches in libkgapi, btw, and as yofel mentions it's based on the kubuntu's package00:10
sgclarkI don't know who you talked to...00:10
sgclarkclivejo: ^00:11
clivejo<maxy> clivejo: I would recommend to use the kubuntu hierarchy.00:11
sgclarkoh ffs00:11
clivejoI wanted to get permission before creating KCI branches00:12
clivejoso I held off00:12
sgclarkwell this is stupid00:12
sgclarkmaxy any reason you changed your mind on kubuntu branches with libkgapi?00:13
sgclarkwell I don't see the point in have all these damn repos. We should just sync those.00:14
clivejowell as temp measure I copied your packaging into the KCI branch00:15
clivejoand its building OK00:15
sgclarkthat is not maintainable00:16
clivejoI understand that00:16
clivejobut I dont want to be creating branches when I dont have Debian's go ahead00:18
sgclarkI wouldnt either.00:19
clivejoit is there repo after all!00:19
sgclarkyeah, no we need clarity from  maxy. But if indeed we cannot then we need to just sync those packages. we do not have the resources to do double work00:20
clivejowell if you got permission, surely if you create them?00:20
sgclarkuh I would rather not now that you got a no. Will wait.00:22
sgclarkmaxyz: ^^00:23
ahoneybunsgclark, I got the SDK to install now that I did a LOT of updates lol06:11
maxyz clivejo: that was specific to the libkolab packages07:10
maxyzAnd I mentioned that I was not part of the kolab team, so I don't even have commit access to those repositories.07:12
maxyzsgclark: I haven't changed my mind about libkgapi, go ahead create the branches.07:16
lordievaderGood morning.09:37
clivejositter: where did these mergers come from?11:50
BluesKajHey all12:12
clivejohi BluesKaj12:13
BluesKajhi clivejo, how's it going ?12:16
clivejoBluesKaj: so so12:37
BluesKajok here, morningfcoffee atm12:37
clivejomy pup just pulled some washing off the washing line, so hes in timeout!12:38
BluesKajheh, just watched show about the Dr Pol a vet in Michigan, whose assistant was helping a labrador that ate a rock, pass it ....always knew labs were a dumb breed, but never saw one that stupid 12:42
mamarleyLabs are actually rather smart; they just do goofy things sometimes.  Golden Retrievers too.12:43
BluesKajwe have one next door who's been barking at us for 10 yrs12:43
BluesKajshort term memory is non existent12:44
BluesKajwell, we have to agree to disagree, because my experience with labs over the yrs is that they lack smarts12:45
BluesKajI'm sure there a some smart ones somewhere, but I haven't seen them12:46
clivejomy pup is just very playful and headstrong12:53
clivejothe towel was blowing in the wind and anything like that attracts his attention to be played with and ripped into shreds12:54
clivejobut I caught him in the act, so should learn from it12:55
BluesKajright, one can only hope :-)12:55
clivejocome on gpgmepp12:56
clivejocome on you good thing12:56
* clivejo air punches12:56
clivejopoor executor #1 is dead12:59
* clivejo hopes he wasn’t responsible for killing it!12:59
clivejosgclark yofel: not sure whats up with akonadi - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_akonadi/19:34
BluesKajclivejo, are they finally getting rid of akonadi ? ....i hope :-)19:36
clivejoits still in 15.12.119:37
vipplease no, what you'll have to restart from time to time?19:37
clivejohi santa_20:52
clivejohows it going?20:53
santa_fine, looking forward to resume my activity on kubuntu20:53
santa_I have been working a lot on krecipes in the latest few weeks20:54
clivejosanta_: do you know anything about KDEPIM?20:55
santa_not very much20:55
clivejohaving serious problems with it!20:58
clivejoany idea what shlibdeps is complaining about?20:59
clivejohi DarinMiller20:59
sgclarkah needs symbols created, afraid I wont get to it today21:07
yofelisn't that error about missing files in binary packages?21:08
sgclarkit need symbols created for the new libs21:08
clivejohi yofel and sgclark :)21:08
clivejoit had a pile of new files21:09
santa_clivejo: are you listing the files mentioned (for instance libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5) in any *.install file21:09
santa_it should build even without *.symbols files21:09
clivejoso we have to create symbol files for the new libs?21:10
yofelno, just make sure they're actually installed21:10
clivejoyofel: how does one do that? 21:10
santa_because if you don't you will get that error iirc21:10
santa_just update the *.install files21:11
valorieyay, green!21:16
clivejoyofel: so I add usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5 to akonadi-server.install?21:21
yofelis there public api for that lib?21:21
clivejohow do I find that?21:22
clivejohello?? am I still connected?!?21:29
clivejothought IRC had died21:31
valoriethat would be very sad21:32
* clivejo is freezing and thinks a nice hot shower might be in order21:32
sgclarkclivejo: api.kde.org sorry out most of today. hope thathelps21:33
clivejothanks sgclark21:33

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