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D-rexAnyone ever have an issue with 'dd' messing up the size of the USB drive?  After I copy an iso to usb via 'dd' I get all kind of drive descriptor and size errors01:53
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AerosonicAny idea when KDE is going to stabilize/03:12
AerosonicThe new gorgeous beautiful KDE which has the mood of a 12 year old girl on her period.03:13
AerosonicIf I had a nickel for every time plasma crashed I would.... Have several nickels per hour.03:13
AerosonicWhich is a shit job, but it would pay...03:14
D-rexAerosonic, Ive been stable...you may be having hardware conflict03:44
AzrathudPlasma for me crashes a lot, but nothing bad happens, so I'm okay with it lol04:00
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ztanehow do I restart window manager (the one that draws decorations) in kubuntu :D04:26
ztaneeverything else works but my windows are missing decorations04:27
ztaneand focus changing does not work04:27
kkinetixWhich kubuntu version?04:29
kkinetixsudo service sddm restart04:29
ztaneso obviously it is not kwin04:29
kkinetixAccording to04:29
ztaneno, not dispaly manager04:29
kkinetixTha might be your quickest bet if you smashed your session04:30
ztaneI am in X04:30
ztaneI just miss window decorations04:30
ztanein previous kdes you could do kwin --replace04:31
ztanethere is no kwin anymore04:31
ztaneI need to use konsole + links to browse net trying to find a solution, so annoying :d04:31
kkinetixI'm running 15.10 and have a kwin_x11 process04:32
kkinetixkwin_x11 with --help shows it has a --replace04:32
Abeis there a Graphical user interface (Gui) for qemu :( ? Aqemu doesn't start04:33
ztanekkinetix: thats it04:34
kkinetixztane: Cool, glad to hear it!04:34
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NedStarkselam türk var mı?07:27
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Abeno turk08:04
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bedroswhere to download kubuntu 16.04?08:56
acheron88bedros: 16.04 isn't released yet, and kubuntu have skipped doing a beta iso this time09:33
acheron88if you REALLY want to be on 16.04/xenial, then safest way is to install wily (15.10) and and do a dev version distribution upgrade from there09:35
eeoshi everybody! What is the recommended text to speech engine in Kubuntu 15.10?09:36
eeosgoogle seems to suggest jovie, but when you search text to speech using muon, it seems to suggest espeak09:37
lordievaderGood morning.09:37
eeoslordievader: good morning09:39
lordievaderHey eeos09:39
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eeosI have started using text to speech using jovie .... but the quality is relly poor .... any suggestion to improve it?10:22
lordievaderI like festival(-lite) for that.10:43
eeoslordievader: is the quality of the voices reasonable?10:52
lordievaderTheir okay.10:52
eeoslordievader: currently using jovie with espeak, voices are terrible10:59
lordievaderSo you said.11:00
eeoslordievader: have you ever tried speakit?11:00
lordievaderNot that I can remember.11:01
soul_Guys, can you help me a little bit? I have to share a video in .mp4 but I have it in .mkv11:19
soul_How can I convert mkv into mp4?11:19
soul_I try avconv -i input.mkv -c:v output.mp411:19
soul_but nothing11:19
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eeossoul_: can vlc convert it?11:30
eeossoul_: only player I can think that cna converst anything11:30
lordievaderHandbrake is a nice converter.11:31
lordievader!info handbrake11:31
ubottuhandbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2+ds1-1build1 (wily), package size 5450 kB, installed size 10491 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)11:31
soul_I'll try eeos, lordievader11:31
n2kubuntuhello, after having installed kubuntu 15.10 I cant update the system since the boot partition is too small. I was trying to change it by the kde partition manager, but am not able to do so. any hints?11:47
n2kubuntuI have installes kubuntu having the partitions encrypted11:47
n2kubuntuso how can I change the size of the partitions?11:48
lordievadern2kubuntu: How large is your /boot and how is your disk partitioned?11:48
n2kubuntuHD is 256 GB - I used the default partitioning from the kubuntu installer (with encrypted partition)11:50
lordievadern2kubuntu: Could you pastebin the output of 'sudo parted /dev/sda print'?11:50
n2kubuntulordievader: https://paste.kde.org/pe3ixkoqk11:54
lordievadern2kubuntu: 255Mb should be fine, how many old kernels do you have installed?11:55
n2kubuntuI don't know, I just tryed to update the system. I never changed the kernel manually11:56
lordievadern2kubuntu: What is the output of 'dpkg -l|grep linux-image'?11:57
n2kubuntuCan I just remove some kernel files?11:58
lordievadern2kubuntu: sudo apt-get purge linux-image-{,extra-}4.2.0-{16,22,34}-generic11:59
lordievaderThat should clean up quite a bit of space on your /boot.12:00
n2kubuntuthanks a lot, Ill try that12:00
eeosn2kubuntu: also, if you run autoremove it does a good clea up12:03
n2kubuntuerror msg: Package linux-image-4.2.0-34-generic not found. No package found by regular expression "linux-image-4.2.0-34-generic"12:03
eeosn2kubuntu: start with running autoremove12:04
n2kubuntuapt-get autoremove?12:04
n2kubuntugreat! thanks @eeos12:06
lordievaderOeh, I made a typo, 34 should be 23.12:06
n2kubuntuthanks a lot for your help lordievader and eeos!12:07
BluesKajHey all12:12
BluesKaj!list | johannes__12:23
ubottujohannes__: BluesKaj: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:23
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DwoffiWhy install always fails and stuck on 33% creating ext4 file system....13:06
BluesKajDwoffi, which Kubuntu ?13:07
BluesKajDwoffi, 15.04 is no longer supported, install 15.1013:08
Dwoffiy i tried.13:08
Dwoffii tried to install ubuntu 15.10 too, didnt work, tho i had kubuntu 15.10 installed couple of months ago13:09
Dwoffibut now it wont work, even its the same ssd13:09
BluesKajDwoffi, suggest you set up the partitions before you install using gparted live media13:09
Dwoffiis that correct that i create 8gb swap and ~60gb ext4 /13:10
Dwoffido i need to create /boot or home, or should it work with /13:10
BluesKajand use manual partitioning and make a / and a /home partition13:11
Dwoffiis the /home must have?13:11
Dwoffidoesnt it include in /13:11
BluesKajno boot partition needed anymore13:11
Dwoffihow about home partition?13:11
BluesKajno , /home is not amust have , but it makes it much easier to reinstall or install new OS  with a separate /home13:12
Dwoffibut is that correct that software etc are installed in / not in /home?13:13
Dwoffiin home there is just files13:13
BluesKajyou just instalkl the new Os to  /  and set the /home mountpoint with formatting13:13
BluesKajwitout formatting rather13:13
Dwoffithat doesnt solve that installing problem13:14
Dwoffii did deleted those volumes in windows diskmanager, so its empty, and i just create new ones with installmedia, but it wont go further that 33%13:14
BluesKajDwoffi, if youn set the partition to ext4 with gparted then the install should work smoothly unless you have a damaged drive13:15
BluesKajDwoffi, is this you first try installing linux?13:18
BluesKajon this machine?13:21
Dwoffii had ubuntu 14, then i installed kubuntu 15.10, then i tried to install ubuntu 15.10 and it didnt work13:22
Dwoffiin same ssd13:22
BluesKajsoo this is a computer with BIOS, not UEFI?13:22
Dwoffii think so x)13:24
BluesKajhow old is the computer ?13:24
Dwoffiatleast motherboard speaks bios13:24
BluesKajok , because most pcs after 2010 are UEFI equipped13:25
Dwoffidoes that make a difference in this case?13:25
BluesKajthen it's more difficult to install since the the uefi bootloader needs to have grub installed to it13:26
Dwoffiwell i had already so i dont think so its because of motherboard13:27
BluesKajbut if you already installed ubuntu without difficulty then it should install ok13:27
Dwoffiyes, that i dont get why it wont work now...13:29
BluesKajtry making a 15G partiton for / and the rest for /home .../home contains your config files etc, so most of your settings are saved for then ext install13:30
BluesKajand a swap file that's eqaul to or a bit larger then your RAM memory13:31
BluesKajequal even13:32
lordievaderDwoffi: Is the drive healthy?13:32
Dwoffi8gb ram, 8gb swap13:32
Dwoffilordievader: it should be atleast13:32
BluesKajmake it 1013:32
lordievaderDwoffi: Could you pastebin the smart values?13:32
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lordievaderJup, looks okay.13:39
Dwoffiyep, the disk is like 3months old13:39
lordievaderDwoffi: Can you manually create the partitions and filesystems?13:40
Dwoffiwell i can learn :D13:40
Dwoffii had only used installation manual settings13:40
Dwoffinot from terminal13:40
lordievaderDwoffi: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:AMD64/Installation/Disks In particular read the section about parted 'Default: Using parted to partition the disk'.13:41
Dwoffiokay, but why does that matter? i mean why wouldn installation media works?13:42
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lordievaderDwoffi: Well, I'd like to know if a manual creation of partition and filesystem also hangs.13:43
BluesKajthink gparted is easier to use13:45
Dwoffiill try make with gparted13:54
Dwoffiit just spam "cant have a partition outside the disk"13:55
BluesKajDwoffi, outsize/oversize  maybe larger than the disk?14:07
Dwoffisome ntfs things i guess14:11
Dwoffibut now its copying files14:11
Dwoffithumps up14:11
Dwoffidunno that what would be the best sizes14:11
Dwoffii put swap 8gb, / 25gb, /home 35 gb14:11
BluesKajDwoffi, 15G for / and whatever is left , depending on how much you want to save for other OSs or storage.14:13
BluesKajwhatever you need for /home for data like pictures, media, music etc14:13
Dwoffii dont use /home so much14:13
Dwoffieverything is another drives / nas14:14
BluesKajit's your home directory14:14
Dwoffihopefully / 25gb will be inaf14:14
Dwoffiyes but there is nothing else than downloads i guess etc14:14
BluesKaj15 for / is enough14:14
Dwoffiwell its now 25, its fine14:15
Dwoffiinstall finished atleast14:16
BluesKaj Dwoffi good14:19
Dwoffigreat "/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod" not found14:21
Dwoffii guess this didnt go well14:21
Dwoffinow its grup rescue mode14:21
BluesKajDwoffi,  boot into Kubuntu-live-media disk then open a terminal and do,  sudo grub-install /dev/sdX , sdX is the / partition, most likely sda114:30
BluesKajdw actaully sda not sda1 , sorry14:32
lordievaderDwoffi: Are you using UEFI?14:33
BluesKajhe has a regular bios14:34
lordievaderOk, no worries then.14:34
fuasdhow its work14:35
BluesKajlordievader, he had ubuntu on the the computer previous to this install14:35
fuasdhow to install kali all tools on my kubuntu14:35
BluesKajkali is on OS , not an app14:37
Dwoffiso BluesKaj for me its sudo grub-install /dev/sde614:39
Dwoffimy / is sde614:39
BluesKajok , forget sde6 , use sda14:39
Dwoffithen its goin to 1,8tb drive14:40
Dwoffiif i use sda14:40
BluesKajyou probly have an mbr on sda which is where grub should be installed14:40
BluesKajnot the same disk14:41
lordievaderDwoffi: From what drive do you boot?14:41
BluesKajok then you'll have toinstall to sde, but then that disk must first in theboot sequence in your BIOS14:42
BluesKajbe first14:42
Dwoffii put boot sde614:42
lordievaderDwoffi: But from what drive does your bios boot? sde or sda?14:43
Dwoffii guess i needed to put boot on sde14:43
Dwoffiits the main14:43
Dwoffibut i togled it to sde614:43
lordievaderDwoffi: If your bios boots from sde install grub to sde, if it boots from sda install grub to sda.14:44
Dwoffiit says when i try install grub "failed to get canonical path of '/cow'14:45
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lordievaderFrom where are you running the grub install command?14:49
BluesKajlive-media, Dwoffi , right?14:50
lordievaderYou could try running it from a chroot of your (new) installation14:53
BluesKajodd how installing grub from live media used to be easy , now there's always some security/permissiions thing or fstab error14:57
BluesKajchrooting is a pita Dwoffi , but here's a method, https://paste.kde.org/pvu2xzenv15:02
lordievaderChrooting is lovely :)15:03
lordievaderBuilding a new install while running the old install :D15:03
BluesKajinstalling grub should be easier from live-media IMO, that problem should be fixed15:11
BluesKajshouldn't have to chroot15:11
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DwoffiBluesKaj: it works now16:12
Dwoffithank you for help16:12
Dwoffigoing to need some more for sure :D16:12
currryyyyyHi, does anyone know if there is an alpha/beta of Kubuntu 16.04 planned?16:13
ajskdfjsdwhen i try to connect to another server there's always this "you may not reregister" msg.. do you know what i have to do?16:13
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* currryyyyy 16:15
BluesKajDwoffi, ok , glad to hear that it's working and we're here to help you more if you need it.16:18
BluesKajcurrryyyyy, i don't see any scheduled16:21
lordievadercurrryyyyy: Last I heard was that the dev team was too busy catching up to do a beta-1.16:28
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Dwoffiwhy twitch.tv is so laggy with default firefox?16:33
Dwoffido i need to install some drivers or something16:33
lordievaderSounds like hardware acceleration is disabled.16:37
Dwoffiwhere to enable16:42
Dwoffiin firefox settings there is tap on "use hardware acceleration when available"16:44
currryyyyyokay, thanks!16:44
lordievaderDwoffi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/491750/force-enable-hardware-acceleration-in-firefox16:45
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LyrinI've been trying to install kubuntu but everytime I use the usb at boot it says "boot error"17:15
soee_using usb creator ?17:16
LyrinI used something called "UNetbootin"17:17
Lyrinit worked for xubuntu17:17
soee_ah i see, i can't help much as i had problems with it to :/17:18
Lyrinwell can you recommend something else I could use?17:19
soee_but i think 15.10 should work more or less17:19
soee_do you have access to Windows system maybe ?17:19
LyrinI tried 15.10, 15.04, and 14.0417:19
Lyrinwindows completely died a few weeks back17:19
soee_some option would be to burn that image on dvd17:20
soee_BluesKaj: ^ any idea why USB might fail ?17:21
LyrinDon't have any discs with that much file size17:21
soee_what filesystem this USB uses ?17:22
BluesKajLyrin, use startup-disk creator for your usb stick , it seems to work best , unetbootin fails 50% of the time in my experience, another option is dd17:24
LyrinI think it uses fat32, and startup disc creator doesn't come installed with xubuntu17:25
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BluesKajLyrin, this is kubuntu suipport, but startup-disk-creator is available in your package manager17:28
LyrinHow do I install it?17:28
BluesKajyes the stick has to be formnatted to fat3217:28
BluesKajLyrin, whatever your package manager is in xfce, you should join #xubuntu and ask there17:31
Lyrinstartup disc creator is jumping around with numbers17:41
Lyrinit says 78 minutes remaining17:42
Lyrinnow it's stuck on 95%17:45
Lyrinit finished17:46
dhanraj!ask my file search does not work?anybody know solution?17:51
ubottudhanraj: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:51
dhanraj my file search does not work?anybody know solution?17:55
BluesKajdhanraj, depends, do you have it turned on in system settings>search?17:57
dhanrajyes it is on17:57
SmurphyBluesKaj: I updated the latest Plasma 5.5.4 here on my KDE 15.10.17:58
dhanrajwhen i search it does not show anything17:58
SmurphyNoticed that the problems I had came from a buggy libpam-kwallet5{b} release that was installed I don't know how./17:58
SmurphyAfter removing it, and adding the libpam-kwallet5 (no {b}). it worked fine.17:58
SmurphyVery smooth experience. Getting better and better :D17:59
BluesKajSmurphy, good to hear17:59
SmurphyYep. I'm quite happy. There are some new Login-page themes which are very nice. My preference goes to the Maldives theme !18:00
BluesKajyes, the login backgrounds can be used from any jpeg , but I'm waiting for nicer splash theme than the ugly orange, green purple thing we have now18:03
SmurphyAny of you already tried out the plasma Media center ?18:05
SmurphyBluesKaj: Check out the Themes :}18:05
BluesKajI use VLC , it suits my needs18:07
SmurphyWell, I use Amarok and VLC too - but VLC has some nasty bubs at the moment in Intel HD4000 hardware.18:08
SmurphyPlasma Mediacenter would be not bad, if I could tell it where to search for Medias18:12
BluesKajall in one mediacenters aren't my cup of tea...xbmc was ok , but they're setup to take over al your media , which I don't care for18:18
floownI have done a bigmistake : I have deinstall all my kernel in my Kubuntu (guest OS in a virtualbox)19:12
floownI have boot on a liveCD19:13
floownCan I resinstall the last kernel ?19:13
floown* uninstall all my kernels19:13
BluesKajdo you recall which one it is?19:13
BluesKajwhich kubuntu19:14
floownKubuntu 15.1019:14
floownI see my harddrive in Dolphin19:15
BluesKajfloown, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/01/how-to-install-linux-kernel-4-4-in-ubuntu/19:17
lordievaderfloown: Chroot into the install and install 'linux-image-generic'.19:18
floownI go read, thx19:18
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osboxeshi all19:21
melodieabout linux kernel 4.4, how does now Kubuntu behave in the Xenial edition?19:22
BluesKajmelodie, works well here19:22
melodiehi BluesKaj19:22
melodiewhat type of computer?19:23
BluesKajdepends on your HW of course , buti do get a few crashes on my intel equipped laptop19:23
melodieI have a new client who wants advice for his next tower, I'll advice a i7 7600 skylake with Kubuntu Xenial19:23
melodiehe loves KDE and he wants the power19:24
BluesKajthis pc is an old amd 5200+ cpu with nvidia 8400gs gpu and 6Gb RAM19:24
melodieoh, ok19:24
melodiethe concern for now is Skylake, being a brand new type of CPU, and the kernel must be 4.3 or better, 4.4 to be able to provide the full opengl/3D the cpu can provide19:25
BluesKajxenial with the 4.4 kernel runs great on the old pc19:25
melodiebut you get a freeze once a while? How is that?19:25
melodiemaybe because of the nvidia gpu?19:25
BluesKajhappens when copying files from one folder to another on my laptop with intel19:26
melodieI myself had a nvidia 8400gs on some asrock mobo and got freezes at times, until I put this gpu on a Dell with an Intel chipset, and the problem was solved.19:26
BluesKajdon'y confuse the old pc with 4.4 kernel with my laptop that has the freezes19:27
melodieoh ok19:28
BluesKajthe nvidia does not freeze at all , the intel gpu has the freezes19:29
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melodiedoes someone know if Kubuntu Wily with kernel 4.4 is a stable distribution?21:01
rlCurrently using (ahem) Windows 10. Want to install Kbuntu 14.04.03 in a dual boot config. Have downloaded and burned to DVD.  When I click to install I receive Unistall current install.21:02
BlueboyAnyone having issues with getting hangouts to work in instant messaging ? Running 15.0421:02
rlI am unable to locate such.  From my determination, install does not exist.  Went to COntrol Panel>Uninstall Programs.  Not listed.  Need advice,  Rod21:03
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valoriemelodie: yes, 14.04 is LTS21:19
valorieoops, sorry, wires crossed21:19
valorieWily is our current distro and it's very stable for me21:19
valorie$ uname -r21:20
valorieso no idea about 4.421:21
valorierl, sounds like your ISO might have a glitch21:21
valorieuse md5 to verify your download21:22
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:22
GreenDayhey i managed to install windows 7!21:23
GreenDayOoops wrong channel21:23
clivejocongrats GreenDay21:23
clivejomake sure you get your free upgrade to Windows 1021:24
GreenDaynope you musnt!21:24
GreenDayits arent good21:24
GreenDayi mean you're not obliged because winè is valid to 202021:24
melodiethanks valorie21:33
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valoriemelodie_: I have backports enabled as well21:58
valorieand my travel laptop is already on Xenial -- working fine21:59
melodie_valorie great!22:00
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Lyrinwhy do most of the buttons look like windows 98?22:20
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FritigernHave you got some GTK2 themes installed yet?23:34
melodiegood night23:34
LyrinI haven't installed anything but wine and hexchat so far23:35
FritigernTry installing gtk2-engines-oxygen23:37
Lyrinit's already the latest version it says23:39
valorieLyrin: did you check in systemsettings > style gtk applications or so?23:39
valorieI would just push alt+f2 which opens krunner, and type gtk23:40
valoriewhich will get you to the correct place in systemsettings easily23:40
valorienow that I see your image, I do have flashbacks to win 95/9823:41
valorieoh the horror23:41
Lyrinswitching to "Raleigh" and back fixed it23:41
Lyrintext is small though23:42
Lyrinwell it's not ugly blocks anymore, so I can deal with some small text23:51

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