james1138_Hello all. Question... besides "preload", remove xapian-index, and tweaking grub... would anyone know about any other "speed" tweaks for Lubuntu??00:09
FiberglassCivicHello all! I'm looking for help with screen resolutions.04:37
sysop-rickHi! is there anyone that can check user-session= in your /usr/share/lightdm configuration file?11:27
sysop-ricki installed package lxde-core in ubuntu 12.04 and i want to set lxde as default desktop environment anyone know how i would define this variable is it Lubuntu  or just lxde?11:28
bosyak_Hi. Please, how I can create keyboard shortcut and force it open same app everytime. I want Ctrl+Alt+T always open same terminal, not new one. (Lubuntu 14.04)14:01
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james1138Hello all. Question about "speed tweaks"... other than "preload", "ureadahead" and remove apt-xapian-index... any other tips on making Lubuntu faster??19:40
sweepsahoi. I would like to install lubuntu 14.04 on a laptop that cannot boot from usb but already has a rather old lubuntu running. i also have an empty ext4 partition. can I somehow install to there from within lubuntu or otherwise?21:14
ianorlinsweeps: can you burn a cd ?21:14
ianorlinor does this not have a working cd drive21:15
ianorlinthere is something called plop which will boot from the cd and then let you boot from the usb fairly easily21:15
ianorlinor dvd21:15
ianorlinI think there are ways to get it working on external disks but it has been a while since I have used it21:16
ianorlinsweeps: ^21:17
sweepsI could perhaps boot from an older (l)ubuntu CD, not sure if I can burn another one21:17
ianorlinno you would need a plop cd21:18
sweepsI thought there might be a way just to perhaps dd an image to the hard disc or something like that21:18
ianorlinsweeps: you could but then you would need two hard disks as you cannot install on top of youself21:18
ianorlinwhich I don't think most laptops have21:19
ianorlinand that would take all data off of it21:19
sweepsoh? I just have a seperate partition21:19
ianorlindding to the disk will wipe partition table21:20
ianorlinsweeps you can also move the drive physically to another machine if you have another machine you can plug into21:20
ianorlinand install there if it works on usb21:21
ianorlinsweeps: or do you mean dd an installed version of 14.04?21:21
krytariksweeps: http://askubuntu.com/questions/340156/install-ubuntu-from-iso-image-directly-from-hard-disk-of-a-system-running-linux21:21
ianorlinand point grub to that21:22
sweepskrytarik: that sounds promising, let me read it :) ianorlin: yes I meant something like that21:22
sweepsthe grub method sounds great, thanks for digging that out. off to trying it21:26
james1138Question about "speed tweaks"... other than "preload", "ureadahead" and remove apt-xapian-index... any other tips on making Lubuntu faster??21:26
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sweepsgood news, grub actually booted the 14.04 mini.iso22:16

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