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lordievaderGood morning.09:37
BluesKajHey all12:12
daftykinsJordan_U: mmm, by offering to help that user with their old hardware and releases too new / unapt for said hardware, it's undoing all the time i put in to point toward a sensible approach20:09
daftykinsbut ah well, i'm sure you have the time to guide them the full way with that course of action :)20:09
Jordan_Udaftykins: There is still a driver for their hardware in the latest releasea of Ubuntu, I see no reason to expect that it can't be made to work.20:14
daftykinsby that are you talking about radeon?20:14
Jordan_Udaftykins: The negligent action is using an EOL release and possibly becoming a part of a botnet.20:15
daftykinsok well to spare you some time, it seems they're trying to make use of gnome 15.10 - so that means they're trying to use 3D apps on a DE that's already too much for a probably flakey open source driver20:16
Jordan_Udaftykins: I don't know yet, I was hoping to determine that from the contents of their Xorg.0.log.20:16
daftykinsthus the advice many times over of installing 14.04 lubuntu :)20:16
daftykinsa second install was MATE on something else, but that didn't seem ideal either20:16
daftykinswell it's not going to be fglrx for that card due to legacy status afaiui20:17
daftykinsanyway, i shall hush20:17
Jordan_UUsing LXDE/XFCE seems like an obvious choice, but their screenshot was showing graphical corruption in a 3D house layout app.20:17
daftykinsyeah, screenshot in Mate also, probably Mint given the last comment too20:20
daftykinsthat user is impossible, i give up.20:20
BluesKaji figured he was a troll when he replied to my tutorial post theit wasn't in his orbit....what?20:30
BluesKajthat it20:30
BluesKajalso could be a langauge/communication problem, he's in Nigeria20:34
BluesKajok time to close up shop for today.... take care gents20:38
daftykinsheh well said20:41
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