TAFBcan anyone help me get vnc working on my ubuntu vps?08:04
mybalzitchTAFB: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.timer-in-wall-4-hr-countdown.1000770177.html08:09
mybalzitchTAFB: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers08:09
mybalzitchi suggest x11vnc08:10
TAFBmybalzitch: thanks, I'll give it a go. I installed x11vnc but it always says connection activly refused08:10
TAFBI followed the Vivid+ instructions, when I try and connected with tightvnc is says the target machine actively refused it :(08:15
mybalzitchdo you have a firewall?08:16
TAFBon the vps? I don't think so.08:16
mybalzitchan/ythin/g show up in/ iptables -Lvn08:16
TAFBNo chain/target/match by that name.08:17
mybalzitchiptables -L -v -n08:17
mybalzitchok thats good08:18
mybalzitchnetstat -nap|pastebinit08:18
mybalzitchok the service isn/'t run/n/in/g08:20
mybalzitchplease try startin/g it08:20
TAFBsystemctl start x11vnc.service08:20
mybalzitchI thin/k so08:21
mybalzitchtry n/ow?08:21
TAFBnope, same error, activly refused08:21
TAFBif I had to guess I think x11vnc isn't starting08:22
TAFBany way to troubeshoot that?08:24
TAFBXOpenDisplay failed (:1)08:26
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TAFBit says "Check if you have a ~/.Xauthority directory" ~/.Xauthority is a file, not a directory :(08:33
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lordievaderGood morning.09:37
velusunivers-syshello is there any way to restrict root access from ssh to a certain ip address?10:49
lordievaderYes, set up key access and allow that key only to be used from a certain ip.10:50
velusunivers-syshow do i do that10:50
velusunivers-syskey as in ssh key?10:50
lordievaderPreferable ssh as a user and use sudo to do root stuff.10:50
mybalzitchdon/'t allow root login/s rem;otely10:51
lordievadervelusunivers-sys: Yes, ssh keys.10:51
velusunivers-sysi want to avoid ssh keys10:51
velusunivers-sysbecause i have more than one system that will access them, and there is like 12 servers, i dont want to have 12 keys and hav to put them one like 5 computers and 3 tablets10:52
velusunivers-sysi just want to restrit root to one ip addess10:53
lordievaderYou can reuse keys? I have one to access most of my servers.10:54
velusunivers-sysbut still thats means i would have to put it on 5 computers and on 3 tablets10:54
lordievaderPuppet that stuff ;)10:55
lordievaderAnyhow, if there are no other uses for ssh you could just firewall ssh access.10:55
velusunivers-sysok so just fiewall it to one ip?10:56
lordievaderThat, or read the link I just posted.10:56
shaunoanother option is to use /etc/security/access.conf  (you'd need to uncomment pam_access.so in /etc/pam.d/sshd )10:58
lordievaderAs usual, there are many roads to Rome ;)10:59
velusunivers-sysbut only one which is direct10:59
velusunivers-sysdoes caldav and carddav have to be on a ldap? can it be used with mysql?11:11
NwSHeya guys, would it be ok to use fail2ban on huge log files? 7-8gb size14:45
bekksNwS: fail to ban is not used on logfiles, it has a totally other purpose. Truncate and compress logfiles using logrotate.14:58
NwSbekks, I want to use it to ban bruteforce attacks on a few WP sites. So it will check out access_log of each website. Those logs are combined with webalizer and I can't logrotate them hmm15:00
NwSUnless I am doing something wrong :/15:00
bekksNwS: If you cannot logrotate them, you are using webalizer the wrong way.15:01
bekksNwS: webalizer can perfectly handle logrotated logs.15:01
NwSbekks, hmm fml. I didn't alter anything tbh I was just using webalizer and now I've got a few huge files15:01
bekksNwS: Yeah, the default config is useless :)15:02
NwSThe rest logs are being logrotated15:02
bekksSo configure your webalizer and logrotate your webserver logs.15:03
NwSEverything under /var/log works good, the ones I am talking about are under log/virtualmin15:03
bekksIt doesnt matter where the logs are stored.15:03
NwSI mean they are supposed to logrotate15:03
NwSBut everything under that folder doesn't15:04
bekksThen configure logrotate, too.15:04
NwSty mate I'll look it up15:08
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Poindexter_Is anyone here familiar with ircd-ircd2       ?21:25
Poindexter_It is actually ircd-irc2     sorry for the mistake.21:26
Poindexter_It is a Debian IRC server.21:26
bekksNo, we are just meta question experts, and redirecting Debian server support to the the Debian support community.21:27
Poindexter_Hello again Bekks. Nice to see you again.21:27
mybalzitchPoindexter_: why not use something like inspircd?21:27
JanCor any of the 300 other irc servers?  ;)21:28
bekksOr even Ubuntu? :P21:29
Poindexter_Mybalzitch I never read about that. Freenode uses ircd-seven21:29
Poindexter_The server I installed works fine    I did a sudo apt-get install <server> works OK but ran into a crazy problem.21:30
bekksPoindexter_: And whats the Ubuntu relevance of your Debian server?21:31
JanCseems like ircd-irc2 is the IRCnet ircd21:31
Poindexter_Bekks, when logging into 192.168.***.***       the MOTD says it is a Debian based ircd.21:32
RoyKPoindexter_: perhaps #debian is the place to haunt21:32
bekksPoindexter_: Whats the relevance of your debian problem to Ubuntu?21:32
bekksPlease seek debian support in #debian21:33
mybalzitchbekks: I'd hate to see him interrupt the endless waves of joins/parts with his questions :P21:33
JanCis it running on Debian or does it just say so?21:33
mybalzitchPoindexter_: you can edit the MOTD you know :)21:34
bekksSo thats the confirmation of your rrefusal to provide information.21:53
Poindexter_Bekks, my mistake and I will say that I should have made a copy of the original file as a backup. I repent for that error. I should have known better.21:54
bekksPoindexter_: I dont care anymore.21:54
bekksYou had 5 chances now. You missed them all. Please keep me out of that issue. Thanks.21:54
Poindexter_Bekks, I bid you a fine day. There is no isssue. It was just a simple oversight on my part not copying a text file. MOTD is nothing but a text file.21:54
Poindexter_It was a permissions issue.21:54
bekksPlease do not hilight me any further.21:54
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Poindexter_Calm down man. Don't take this so seriously. We are all trying to reach the same goal.21:54
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Poindexter_Have a nice day folks. I bid all here peace.21:54
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