Drobonjour ...12:59
elachechehey Dro13:13
Droahla bel elacheche  ! :)13:14
Dro├ža va ?13:14
Drofucking bored ....13:16
Droas always :D13:16
Droch3andek jdid ?13:16
elachecheJust busy :/13:18
Drorabbi m3ak :)13:19
Jihed_CLL_FSMHello all15:03
Jihed_CLL_FSMwho's here15:05
* elacheche is always here15:13
hamzawihey everyone15:24
hamzawihow about session 2 elacheche15:24
hamzawicc jihed15:30
Jihed_CLLFSMcc (-_-'15:30
hamzawiJihed_CLLFSM, so15:30
hamzawiMr. elacheche we're here to talk about session 215:31
elachecheHey guys!15:33
hamzawiHey :D15:33
elachecheAs I said in the ML and that post, Moheb is no longer available, so, if there is any other CLLFSM members who can take that responsability they can contact Moheb to coordonte with him, then subscribe to our ML to finish the organization there..15:34
elachecheOtherwise, we can use IRC to have our next sessions..15:35
elachecheThat's in case that the people who were present are still interested in it15:35
Jihed_CLLFSM_sorry so weak network signal15:36
Jihed_CLLFSM_& as i said, no problm i could help.15:36
elachecheNo problem.. I'll send you what you didn't read in private to not spam ubuntulog15:37
elachecheCheck PM Jihed_CLLFSM_15:37
hamzawiso let's do it :D I'm very interested15:39
Jihed_CLLFSM_we've to make sure that people still interested in this course or not.15:40
hamzawilet's make an event on failbook to see how many are interested, u're right Jihed_CLLFSM_15:40
elacheche+1 Jihed_CLLFSM_ -1 hamzawi :p15:41
hamzawi:3 ok ignore failbook -_-15:42
elachecheI think that you already know the people who were present.. So you can ask them in person15:42
elachecheOtherwise, I know that CLLFSM had an internal ML.. Do you still have that?15:42
elachecheDo you still have a domaine name?15:43
hamzawithat's a shitty ML -_- I'll ask people in person15:43
elachecheML's and IRC channels are the bases and homes of FOSS projects, you should not giveup on using them15:44
hamzawiI know, but my responsabilities in CLLFSM are minimal cause I don't study computer science -_-15:45
hamzawiforget it, let's focus on the training, come on elacheche :p15:46
hamzawiso, I'll ask those people, and then we can make a decision15:48
elacheche:) My 1st recomendation is ti talk with Moheb and the guys if they're still interested :)15:48
elachecheExactly hamzawi15:48
elachechehamzawi: Even is only 5 or less persons still interested we can do it on irc :)15:49
elacheche1h each weekend night will do the thing :)15:49
hamzawinice, especially for me :) good idea, but let me talk to the guys first15:50
elachecheGood :)15:52
hamzawiDeal (y)15:53
elachecheI GTG.. I'll be here by night I guess..15:55
hamzawiok :p15:56
hamzawiu can go :D15:56

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