dobeymariogrip: not for me. mailit-server and unity8-dash are constantly aborting/restarting. i can't even use ssh to get in, as the cpu is so overloaded. yes it's the images from ubports00:08
dobeymariogrip: and the stable channel seems to not have the latest updates. seems to be an image from november still00:09
mariogripdobey: you can start adb at boot so you can use adb shell, download these three files: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mariogrip/Ubuntu-touch/fp2/ and run adb-install while the phone is in recovery mode00:12
mariogripI will take a look at the stable images, I don't down a n5 myself so I cannot debug00:13
dobeymariogrip: adb is running. the problem is that the cpu is so overloaded it is simply impossible to use00:16
dobeythe best i could do was adb reboot bootloader00:16
dobeywhoopsie has uploaded crash reports about it though00:16
dobeybut i suspect they won't be fixed00:16
dobeybecuase it's an n5 :(00:17
mariogripdobey: oh, I see. could you send the syslog? (/var/log/)00:17
dobeywell no, it's been replaced now as i reflashed back to stable00:18
mariogripdobey: oh, ok. I will see if I get stable to update00:19
dobeythe problem is a qFatal() message being used in the qt mir backend00:20
dobeyseems mir isn't starting or something, and so everything that needs mir just aborts when it starts00:20
dobeyand upstart restarts them ad infinium00:21
dobeyor something does00:21
mariogripthe problem with stable is that I use fetch ubuntu images from the generic device, and that haven't been updated00:21
dobeymariogrip: oh, it'd be better to follow "mako" i think00:21
dobeymariogrip: the tasemnice server was following mako for the hammerhead images before00:21
dobeymariogrip: and deb was following the flo images00:22
dobeymaybe the generic image is causing the problems00:22
dobeyas rc-proposed on my mako seems pretty fine00:22
mariogripdobey: the ubuntu part should be the same on all devices00:23
mariogripit's the device part that is device specific00:23
mariogripupdating sable now, hopes this does not break everything00:24
adfad666I get strange build errors, like "system/core/include/cutils/jstring.h:32:35: error: unknown type name ‘char16_t’" is it true I have to downgrade from 15.10?00:25
mariogripadfad666: is it aosp you are building?00:26
dobeyi don't think it matters what version of ubuntu you are compiling on00:26
dobeyif you think it matters, then create a 14.04 lxc and try to build inside it instead00:27
adfad666I synced the 5.1.1 branches for Xperia devices00:27
mariogripdobey: it may do, 16.04 uses a newer version of toolchain and sutch00:27
mariogripadfad666: have you tried the prebuild build tools?00:27
dobeyadfad666: i think if you're trying to build 5.1.1 that is the problem. ubuntu currently only really builds against 4.400:27
mariogripdobey: no, you can build with 5.1, I uses that for fairphone and opo00:28
mariogripsome devices does not support 4.400:29
adfad666not tried any different tools, I just synced, updated devices repos and tried building :)00:29
dobeymariogrip: oh; would be nice to switch to 5.1.1 for hammerhead too if possible00:29
mariogripdobey: if i only had a debug device :)00:29
dobeymariogrip: well if i could get the kernel to build, i'd do it myself; but i have not had luck trying to follow the porting guide, and haven't had time to deal with it any further00:30
mariogripadfad666: what repo are you using?00:30
mariogrip /manifest00:30
adfad666mariogrip: what's the link to the prebuilt tools you mentioned?00:35
mariogripadfad666: it seems to try to use the toolchain on your system, is it host or target it fails on?00:35
mariogripadfad666: you can try to revert this: https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=aosp/platform/build.git;a=commit;h=5d12887a23119a5bc2af047a494d06bcf111255e00:36
mariogripthat's in the build folder00:37
adfad666host fails, specifically: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/886146400:37
adfad666but i'll try that revert00:37
dobeymariogrip: would also be cool if ubports.com enabled the broadcast push notification too :)00:38
mariogripdobey: Isn't that enabled by default?00:41
dobeymariogrip: i don't know. i don't recall ever seeing a notification on my nexus 5, even when rc-proposed was working for me00:42
dobeymariogrip: i guess you might need a token from the push server to be able to send the broadcast to it perhaps; not quite sure how that works00:43
dobeyi suppose without a token, anyone could send broadcast notifications to everyone, and that wouldn't be nice at all00:43
mariogripdobey: oh, I though it was just the client that has a con that checked the server00:44
dobeymariogrip: no. it's a push notification from the server00:44
dobeytwitter and maybe gmail are the only things that poll, afaik00:45
mariogripdobey: I have't seen that in the code of the system-server server, I need to look into that00:45
provahi, is it possible to install whatsapp on an bq Aquaris e4.5 with ubuntu-touch?00:46
dobeymariogrip: ah. i wonder if it's in the system-image-server code; if it's not obvious, maybe we'll have to ping the people that implemented it on monday and see00:46
dobeyprova: whatsapp say no00:46
adfad666That revert seems to have done the trick00:47
mariogripadfad666: :)00:47
provaanybody tried to install whatsapp someway, with an android emulator on ubuntu-touch maybe...??I'm not an expert.00:48
dobeyprova: if you want to see whatsapp available for ubuntu phones, you need to tell their support that you want it00:48
provaalready done.)00:48
adfad666I thought 'no whatsapp' was a feature00:49
dobeyto use whatsapp on android, you must consciously install it00:49
dobeyso i don't see how not having it available could be considered a "feature"00:50
dobeymy nokia 3310 doesn't have whatsapp either00:50
dobeybut it also hasn't got bluetooth, wifi, 4g, and all manner of other things :)00:50
provaI would apprecaite an "expert" voice saying "no it's not possible" so I did not even try. There's this site taht I think it's a fake now ... http://www.whatsappfor.org/whatsapp-for-ubuntu/whatsapp-ubuntu/ , may someone tell me about that too?00:51
dobeyprova: no, there is no whatsapp for ubuntu. the only ones who can make whatsapp for ubuntu are whatsapp themselves00:52
provadobey_ thanks for the answer:)00:52
dobeythat web site is apparently some thing for pidgin, and it's very plusible that whatsapp have banned it, and anyone who they found using it00:52
provanothing written there is really working, nothing to download, not any command workin...00:53
mariogripwe need a petition :)00:53
dobeyand the android and ubuntu security models don't mesh well. so even if you managed to create a .click package with an android emulator that worked on top of mir, and included whatsapp, and it actually worked, you could only use the app whilst it was actually running, so you would have none of the notifications or other features essential to the app that require it to run in the background00:54
dobeyso while not entirely impossible, it is not feasible00:54
mariogripalso an emulator would be damn slow00:55
mariogripat least if every android app would use there own emulator00:55
dobeyit would be slow even with only one app, i'm sure00:56
prova my mom used already ubuntu,so ubuntutouch was a good idea as a smartphone for her, but I'm sure she will want to use Whatsapp too...00:56
dobeyprova: use telegram instead?00:57
mariogripmight be able to hook into the already "on hardware" running android somehow and get usable  performance00:57
mariogripprova: telegram is pretty awesome! give it a try00:57
dobeymariogrip: the android container in ubuntu is extremely minimal. it wouldn't really be useful in this case, as there's no dalvik/surfaceflinger/etc00:58
provait will be difficult to me to make people use Telegram, I can't ask that to my mom really...:)00:58
mariogripas said, we cannot do much about it, it's an closed source application so whatsapp need to port it00:58
provaok, I understood. Anyway Telegram misses the "camera & photo share " , any "other app" or  "messaging app" who let you share photo/videos too01:00
mariogripIt does support that!01:00
provaah ok thanks, I was not sure about that01:01
mariogripit even has stickers :)01:01
mariogripdobey: you might be able with some work to get art/dalvik/sf working form the ubuntu side, or maybe add those things to the android part01:02
mariogripwell, I would much more like to use a native ubuntu touch app01:04
dobeymariogrip: well if you're going to add them to the android container, you might as well just install android at that point01:05
mariogripdobey: yeah01:05
dobeyprova: you can send photos and videos in telegram; maybe not voice though, i don't know if it has voice support or not01:06
mariogripvoice too :)01:06
dobeybut the real question now is, what should i do about dinner01:08
provamariogrip:thanks for your help  ,but I do not even know what  art/dalvik/sf are:)  I'm not an expert. A basic "whatsapp messenger" in ubuntutouch would be great, just to tell everybody to use Telegram if voice is working too.01:08
mariogripand telegram is free, it does not just have a year trail01:09
dobeywell, whatsapp actively bans people using third party clients01:09
dobeyso there's that01:09
prova whatsapp is " free " too now, life time. so it will not easy that people stop to use it...01:10
mariogripdobey: I had some nice cooked cod for dinner01:11
dobeyit is not free (libre) it is free (gratis)01:11
provayes, I really know Telegram is bettee01:11
mariogrip"there is an annual subscription fee of $0.99 USD"01:11
dobeymariogrip: did hammerhead stable build btw?01:13
dobeyit did!01:13
k1l_they dropped the fee after they were bought by facebook01:13
dobeylets see if it explodes too01:13
dobeybecause zuck is such a giving person01:13
provaand after the first year  it becomes "lifetime",I suppose it is so,am i right?01:13
mariogripk1l_: oh, i see paid by mark zuckerberg01:13
k1l_dobey: oh yes. and he just wants all your data for that :)01:14
dobeyseriously. the fbi should obviously just go to him instead of apple, because all the conversation was probably on whtasapp anyway01:14
provatahnks to all for the support, bye really this time01:15
mariogripissn't there a webapp for whatsapp?01:16
dobeyi don't think it works in the browser, and you need the whatsapp actual app to sign in01:17
dobeybecause it sends you a whatsapp message with a one-time passcode probably01:17
mariogripI wonder how much microsoft paid for the whatsapp port...01:18
dobeywhere the heck did the revision option go for ubuntu-device-flash01:21
mariogripdobey: did you add "touch" before --revision=?01:23
dobeyubuntu-device-flash --server http://system-image.ubports.com/ touch --channel ubuntu-touch/stable --revision 201:23
dobeyunknown flag `revision'01:23
mariogriphum... it worked for me01:23
dobeywhat version of phablet-tools?01:24
dobeyugh, an old broken version is in the sdk release ppa :-/01:26
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dobeymariogrip: btw, the stable image is busted too, in the same way :(01:27
mariogripdobey: oh god, letme see if the opo is the same01:28
dobeymariogrip: it's weird that mako and the bq phones don't have this problem :-/01:29
mariogripyeah, it is01:29
dobeyand i take it the bootsplash isn't running under mir, but doing some other grpahical thing :-/01:30
dobeyso why the heck is mir not running01:30
dobeyand why are maliit and unity8 the only things blowing up01:32
mariogripthat's the same thing that is happening on the opo01:32
mariogripdo you have the syslog?01:32
dobeyoh, well at least it's not only the hammerhead then01:33
dobeyi guess it's the same thing mhall119 was complaining about last week on freephone too01:33
dobeymariogrip: i don't. adb wouldn't even find the device this time01:33
dobeywell, maybe i have the syslog if it got rotated01:33
dobeynope, no rotated syslog :(01:34
mariogripyou can find syslogs from recovery01:34
dobeywell i reflashed back to image #201:34
mariogripin /data/system-data/var/log01:34
mariogripoh ok01:34
mariogripmaybe that's why the generic device has stopped...01:35
dobeyi think the emulator images (generic device) don't get much attention01:35
dobeyanyway, i should go find food01:36
dobeyand get some sleep01:36
provaI have read "http://askubuntu.com/questions/333850/how-to-install-whatsapp" ,it would be useful  to "WhatsApp On Ubuntu 14.04 Using Genymotion " as written in the guide. May someone give me more info on "genymotion", how to download an image from there? it seems to me it costs a lot.01:36
mariogripit's 02:40 here, so i probably need to sleep to...01:36
dobeyprova: you can't use whatsapp on ubuntu phone. stop wasting your time trying to find answers on the internet that give you hope. it's not feasible to do it01:37
dobeyanyway, must go01:37
dobeylater :)01:37
provaIt was not in ubuntuphone, it was 14.04 ubuntu desktop. It would be more then enough to have whatsapp in a desktop.01:40
provamariogrip : did you try to do that?? I mean "WhatsApp On Ubuntu 14.04 Using Genymotion ",anyone has tried that?01:42
mariogripI haven't, I don't use whatsapp. Maybe it will work, I don't know01:43
mariogripBut then it would be the same as the webapp because you still need a phone to login01:44
provaamriogrip: you have to insert a code that can will be sended to your phone(into virtualbox-genymotion) ,you will receive the sms with code in your android phone. Then you will be verified. My whatsapp on my android phone works also if I remove my sim card, it only needs wifi I believe once it has been verified. So you will have whatsapp only in ubuntu 14.04 at the end,but you can use ubuntutouch with your sim.  Just my idea, it'01:55
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adfad666I built my images, I flashed boot.img and installed via "rootstock-touch-install xenial-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz system.img" am I doing it right?09:47
adfad666unfortunately my device doesn't get past the bootloader splash screen :/09:47
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vitimitiIs there a way to remove applications' data from an Ubuntu touch? I have uninstalled preinstalled applications like Cut The Rope Free in the BQ Aquaris 4.5, but if I go to the used disk space, I can see it's still using 30,7MB of my memory and I can't seem to tell the phone to delete it, and I have others like that10:19
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mcphailvitimiti: Some applications come as part of the system image. "Uninstalling" those just hides them, rather than deleting them (I think). If you were very keen, you could make your root filesystem writable and go in and remove them manually, but it wouldn't free up any more space in the user partition11:26
vitimitiI see, mcphail, thank you11:27
mcphailvitimiti: You can also clear out data in ~/.cache, ~/.local etc11:27
vitimitiI still have more than 3GB free, anyway11:27
vitimitiYeah, I did that with Cut The Rope Free, but it still appears there, so I guess that's in the root11:27
mcphailyep. I think you can delete it as above, but it will probably come back with the next system update11:28
vitimitiThanks, mcphail11:30
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Guest46258sorry im kinda slow in the head and fingers15:01
Guest46258have downloaded ubuntu 14.04.4 lts.  when trying to install get message about not root file.  re"make" themquesting me to establish partitions.  im totally lost as to what they are and how to15:04
Guest46258happy to have ubuntu as only os on this computer.  upgrade to windows 10 a disaster15:06
Guest46258is anybody reading this?  or am i takling to myself?15:07
peat-psuwitGuest46258: Do you mean Ubuntu on computer, right? I think you should #ubuntu chennel instead.15:08
peat-psuwitThis channel is about running Ubuntu on phones15:08
Guest46258thanks ill try that15:08
n-iCehi guys, read you guys will support the z1 xperia?16:13
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Fairphone 2 has 2 sim slots, right? Does it use VSID?16:59
_Spongepeat-psuwit: You can fund it too ! https://devices.ubports.com/#/FP217:06
maszloamazon sent me the shipping update that my nexus 7 2013 gets here tomorrow. anticipation of voiding a warranty :D17:35
maszlomy tablet useage will go from 2012 technology to 2013!  its still amazing to me that tab 2 7.0 i have can run 6.0.1 nicely.17:38
maszloi really hope this is not an issue, but do not need to run unity correct? i have been very happy with gnome 3 on my installations.17:41
labsinAnyone tried/could try the deezer scope in the store?18:19
mimecarwhat do you need labsin ?18:23
labsinmimecar: if it loads OK and looks good. Just general impression (I only have unity8 desktop and that doesn't work great)18:24
mimecarscope from Sam Segers?18:25
mimecarthere is not info on the scope18:28
mimecarI've checked with Pop music and the scope is empty18:28
labsinmimecar: Just a white screen?18:29
mimecaryes, scope name, favorite icon and search appear18:30
mimecarand music categories, but not info18:31
labsinAlso without a department? Probably to do with the golang cross building. It works on amd6418:31
mimecarI'm using an aquaris e4.518:31
mimecarI can upload a screenshot if you need it18:32
labsinThank you. I'll unpublish it immediately.18:32
mimecarok, tell me if you need other tests18:32
labsinNo need. Maybe the logs if you can read them?18:33
labsinIf you grep -r deezer from .config it should pop up the right file.18:33
mimecarGive me some minutes18:37
anpokit works here18:37
mimecaranpok, do you see info on the scope?18:37
anpokinfo .. as in .. unofficial deezer scope .. browse music play song .. but now not anymore18:39
mimecarlabsin, grep shows info on child-scopes.json18:41
labsinanpok: yes I pulled it from the store. Was it showing artists in the scope?18:42
anpokyes .. and album covers18:45
mimecarwhat's your device anpok ?18:46
anpokbut only with search terms18:46
mimecarI've used categories selection only18:46
anpoki first thought i could just browse random stuff by using the categories..18:46
anpokbut it never pulled anything18:47
mimecaryou're right18:47
mimecarit works if you use search function18:47
anpoki wonder why it does not show results inside the music scope18:47
anpoksince it does seem to integrate with it..18:47
labsinanpok: I haven't yet integrated that. The docs say there are currently only 2 aggregators (today and news)18:49
anpokoh ok .. because there is a config menu where I can select other scopes to work inside the music scope...18:50
anpokso that setting does nothing right now?18:51
labsinOK. So it loads fine, only not showing anything in surfacing mode.18:51
mimecarlabsin, can you do the play / stop buttons bigger?18:52
labsinanpok: it should return the same as the scope itself (which is not working)18:52
labsinNo the buttons are defined by Ubuntu18:52
labsinSo it's playing fine? (The 30s preview)18:53
vthompsonIs anyone else who freshly installed landing silo #50 experiencing the scopes scope/dash repeatedly crash at startup?19:02
vthompsonOk, it seems after rebooting a few times the unity8-dash decided to start up19:17
amazoniantoadIs there a fork of ubuntu touch for desktops?19:42
mimecaryou can run an image on desktop19:43
amazoniantoadYou made me feel dumb :c19:44
amazoniantoadILL SUE YOU19:45
amazoniantoadThanks for making me realize the obvious19:45
amazoniantoadI wish there was a project for the galaxy s4 active :/19:45
amazoniantoadWhoever started on the project quit19:46
newkirkso I've downloaded phablet and android source trees.  where do I go from here?20:18
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jamie2how do i revert from make 4.0 to make 3.82 or 3.8122:06
jamie2im not sure who it was that told me you could build on ubuntu 15.10 but apparently you cant downgrade make to 3.82 or 3.81 on 15.10 at all which means you cant build22:21
k1lis this ubuntu-touch related?22:22
jamie2im trying to make a port for ubuntu-touch for the z3c but cant due to i am on wily and apparently you cannot revert make the 3.82 on wily22:23
jamie2i force installed make 3.8222:45
k1ljamie2: seems like most buildingmachines run 14.04. i can hardly find something about that issue.22:54
jamie2i just did a force install of make 3.82-8122:54
jamie2since there is no "supported way" to change to make 3.81-8222:55
k1ldid you try to build with the stop disabled?22:55
jamie2no, gonna try this first22:56
jamie2if this does not i will then change back to 4.0 and remove the check22:57
jamie2k1l: i forced the .deb and installed jdk6 so far so good23:05
jamie2only issue i might have now is i might have messed up the aries setup23:06
jamie2and if i do its going to be in the display23:06
mcphailjamie2: might have got lost in the freenode network hiccough, but there are safer ways to run old versions of make23:16
jamie2mcphail: i know, but i dont have the knowledge to build make myself23:17
mcphailjamie2: you can simply extract the binary from the .deb and put it under ~/bin/23:17
jamie2well so far it seems to be going well23:17
mcphailjamie2: use "dpkg -x package.deb ." to extract to current directory. Forcing dpkg to install something is often going to end in tears23:18
jamie2mcphail: yea I know but its not very hard to fix it23:18
jamie2just do a fresh install of make23:18
mcphailjamie2: you'd be surprised. Fortunately, make is quite benign in its dependencies.23:19
jamie2i broke make awhile back when i was working on firefox os and was able to fix it by purging make and doing a fresh install23:19
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jamie2mcphail: well at least its a good sign that the compile is still going and hasn't failed yet23:37

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