Dan9er111hi first time here15:03
Dan9er111arch linux user15:03
Dan9er111i must admit though ive just moved to arch and the crashes are a problem15:15
Dan9er111my comp is def powerful but i think the nvidea drivers are crashing me15:15
cmaloneyarch tends to be more leading (bleeding) edge than most distros15:16
jrwrenthis is why ubuntu ;]15:17
Dan9er111yea i really want to make a linux distro my os for a server im starting what distro would you recommend15:19
cmaloneyWell, we're sort of biased here. :)15:28
cmaloneyBut I've found Ubuntu server to be pretty nice overall15:28
cmaloneythe package manager is quite nice15:29
cmaloneythat said the packages tend to lag over time15:29
cmaloneyso after a certain point you only get securty updates15:29
cmaloneyand not the latest-and-greatest15:29
Dan9er111oh i see is this more of a ubuntu promary channel15:51
Dan9er111i should have figured15:51
Dan9er111i just wish their was a linux irc for michigan15:51
rick_h_this is close :)15:51
cmaloneyYeah, this is pretty close15:54
cmaloneyWE also have a channel for the Michigan UNIX Uer Group but most folks in that channel are here15:54
cmaloney(http://mug.org if you're interested)15:55
cmaloneyBut I like to think we're more pragmatic than dogmatic about OSes15:55
cmaloneyMy boss uses (and loves) Arch Linux.15:56
cmaloneyI prefer Ubuntu because I like more stability15:56
cmaloneyIf you want to rock Macintosh we'll still love you15:57
jrwrenyeah, we don't trash talk other linux. our good friend greg-g uses debian in production despite all the good evidence that ubuntu-server would be better ;]16:18
rick_h_jcastro: glad you like the 5x. I'm liking the motox pure16:18
rick_h_jcastro: I missed my moto little touches and it's a nice inbetween the 5x size and the N6 size16:18
* rick_h_ ran arch until he got hired by canonical16:19
rick_h_been there done that :)16:19
cmaloneyWell, because you liked tiled window managers and Ubuntu didn't make that particularly easy to accomplish16:19
rick_h_I liked arch, it worked well for me :)16:19
cmaloneyYeah, no worries16:19
rick_h_I just didn't update it every day and made sure to keep an eye out for 'tricky' things :)16:19
rick_h_that reminds me I need to get my tiling setp working on here again.16:20
cmaloneyyeah, JOhn doesn't do that, and every now and again it reaches out and collects the good karma16:20
Dan9er111cmaloney i feel the same way i really like arch linux but the stability issues hinder its ability to be used for wsomething serious imho17:28
Dan9er111ill stick around and try to be usefull17:31
cmaloneyPLease feel free to hang around17:31
rick_h_hah, not a lot of useful here. Much more social :)17:31
cmaloneyyeah, we're more of the social club. :)17:31
Dan9er111i can socialize17:31
Dan9er111whats the deal with airplane food17:32
cmaloneyIt's neither for airplanes or food?17:35
Dan9er111*laugh track17:41
jrwrenanyone know current best file system for directories with thousands of files? I didn't know that this is still a limitation. btrfs seems very slow, but even ext4 is slow. Maybe xfs?18:16
jrwrenDid the lessons of reiserfs ever make it into other filesystems?18:16
jrwrenmight have helped swift: https://github.com/otoolep/rqlite  :}19:12
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