Kiloscremora minora06:14
KilosMaaz coffee on06:22
* Maaz washes some mugs06:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:26
KilosMaaz ty06:26
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:26
Kiloshi dlPhreak Sxuza 06:42
dlPhreakKilos hi06:42
Kilosoh my frightened him away06:42
dlPhreakI dont see join part messages.06:43
Kilosi like seeing them06:44
Kilosturned them off once and was lost without them06:44
Kiloslike how to you greet a newcomer if you dont see him join06:45
dlPhreakIts nice but they just fill my screen then I have to scroll.06:45
Kilosyou lazy06:45
dlPhreakIts only annoying to scroll when I'm on my phone because I have irssi running in screen on my vps.06:47
Kilosi tried irc on fone. whew what a schlep06:48
dlPhreakIts nice to use if you get a bouncer.06:50
chesedoKilos: of course he is frightened away... what would you if the greeter holds a shambok in his hand :P07:03
Kilosid take it away from him and show whose the boss07:04
* chesedo won't dare it, lest he gets wacked07:06
Kilosno man im a peaceful guy07:07
Kilosand the pro hid the sjambok long ago07:08
inetprowb oom 10:30
Kilosty inetpro 10:30
inetprooh and greetings to everyone10:30
inetprogot ~3mm oom Kilos10:34
inetprolast night10:34
Kilossame here10:34
Kilosheard on news massive hail storm in durban10:34
Kilospavilion flooded10:35
Kilosworst in memory they say10:35
Kilosi cant remeber it ever hailing there10:35
inetproisn't that like up in the hills?10:36
Kilosnot far i think10:36
Kilosi think ive been there once when i went down from here to see some peeps10:36
Kilosquite a nice centre10:36
Kiloslike a majot mall thing i think10:37
inetprowhen was this hail storm?10:37
Kiloslast night10:37
Kiloswas on this mornings radio news10:38
Kiloseven storm reports on facebook sigh10:40
inetpro@JonKent23 Biggest hail storm I've ever experienced in Durban !!!!! - 7:00 PM - 26 Feb 2016 10:41
Kilosweather going crazy10:42
inetprowhat!? "at least five people dead and a dozen injured"?10:42
inetprothat must have been hactic10:42
inetprohectic as well10:42
inetprohow do our engineers of today allow something like this to happen?10:46
inetproeven here at Wonderpark when there's heavy rains it is one big mess10:47
Kilosyay sharks win15:00
inetproKilos: final score 8-43? 15:21
* inetpro looking forward to an interesting season of super rugby 15:23
inetprojust sad that we're being ruled by the monopolistic broadcasting mafia 15:24
Kilosyes inetpro 15:32
Kilosheavy hiding poor kings15:33
Kilosbut at least the sharks are scoring tries15:33
Kilosstormers playing bulls now15:33
inetproI predict a win for the stormers 15:34
Kilosso far they looking better15:34
inetprocan someone please start a streaming service that will rival Supersport in terms of streaming sports 15:37
inetproall I need is a very low quality stream to watch on my cell 15:39
Kilos90 minutes of streaming will kill data15:39
Kilosdo cells use less data than pcs15:39
inetpronot necessarily but I want the option to choose low quality in order to reduce amount of data needed 15:41
squish101inetpro if you find any streaming of sports, would love to see it from overseas15:42
Kilosim sure these supers games must be streamed15:42
squish101but if you dont have dstv acount details, you cannot see them (I don't think)15:43
Kilosor has multichoice got all the rights15:43
squish101as soon as i get google fiber, i'll start my own netflix for friends and use plex to share out my collection15:44
KilosMaaz google free live streaming of super rugby15:44
MaazKilos: "Rugby Live Streaming - Cricfree.tv" http://cricfree.tv/rugby-live-streaming :: "Watch Super Rugby Online" http://www.superrugbyonline.net/ :: "Watch Super Rugby Online Live - Facebook" https://www.facebook.com/Watch.SuperRugby.StreamLive.Online/ :: "World Cup Rugby 2015 : Live Free Rugby Streaming Online - NRL 3 ..." http://www.vipbox.sx/rugby :: "Live15:44
MaazStreaming - SuperSport" http://www.supersport.com/live-video :: "(>RouNd<)||1. Super Rugby 20…15:44
squish101unfortunatly Kilos, those are most links to porn sinup websites when you hit the stream button15:50
Kilosoh my15:50
squish101but actually that may be more entertaining15:50
Kilosill ask tar when she wakes up15:51
Kiloswhen there tv cable crashed she found super games online15:51
squish101wow, i have hunted and never found something that works ok15:52
Kilosshe found it somewhere15:53
Kilosbut she is in aus and a rubgy addict15:53
Kiloswell za rugby15:53
squish101she probably spent much more time looking than I did. i gave up after awhile15:54
Kiloslol missing a za game for her is like fasting for a day15:55
inetproKilos what timezone will you be in? 15:55
inetproor where in Australia? 15:55
Kilosatm -915:55
Kiloschanges in winter to -815:55
inetproah 15:56
Kilosat least ill have uncapped15:57
Kilosfor 3 months15:57
Kilosmight upgrade to 16.04 there15:57
inetproyikes, but how will you watch our games so early in the morning? 15:59
Kiloswell debs and tara just watched the sharks game15:59
Kilosand they recording the stormers game16:00
Kilos3 am there now16:00
Kilosill drink lots of coffee i suppose16:01
Kilosor sleep days16:01
Kilosdont know if ill be allowed to sleep16:01
Kilos30 years of catching up to do16:02
inetprohaha 16:02
inetprowho invented timezones? 16:03
inetprowhy can't we just have one time for everyone? 16:04
Kilosthe darkness decides16:06
Kiloswont work saying lets have morning coffee break and they at 10pm16:06
Kilosthats why the weed flies there rather to get stuff done16:06
Kilosoh inetpro its like the fight for a 10pm membership meeting16:20
inetprolet's change the rules 16:21
Kilossome are going to bed and others havent even woken up yet16:21
Kilosi would love to16:21
Kilosonly way is to move allthe continents into a staright vertical line16:22
inetprono more worries about who's where 16:23
squish102Kilos: moving to oz?16:23
Kilosnope squish102 visiting16:23
squish102ahhh, enjoy16:23
squish102still want to go there sometime16:24
Kilosi dont actually but beggars cant be choosers16:24
squish102other than it is probably exactly have a world away for me. I can go to the airport and fly east or west :(16:24
Kiloshi qwebirc23446 16:25
=== qwebirc23446 is now known as Iqbal
Kilosyou in the states squish102 16:25
Kilosohi Iqbal 16:25
squish102yes Kilos16:25
Kilosstormers doing ok inetpro 16:26
Kilosanother du preez making history16:27
IqbalUpdate: my laptop miraculously started with the Ubuntu CD and I installed it. I had to get a physical Internet connection to download the broadcom wireless driver.16:27
IqbalI'm on 12.04. Hesitant to upgrade16:28
Kilosif data isnt a prob you should use 14.0416:28
Kilosmost likely would have had the drivers in already16:28
squish102when is the next lts version coming out.. in a couple months?16:29
Kilosyou should be able to upgrade to 14.0416:29
Kilosnext lts is in a couple of months16:29
IqbalIf I upgrade, will I need to download the broadcom wireless driver again?16:29
Kilosbest would be to download the iso then run it live from dvd or flash and see 16:30
IqbalShould I wait for the next LTS?16:30
Kiloswell a few of us are sticking on 14.04 till 16.04 is running well16:30
Kilosinetpro advise^16:31
Kilosor advice16:31
inetproKilos, want to know how IPv4 subnetting works? 16:31
Kilosohi superfly 16:31
IqbalHow do I save the broadcom wireless driver and re-install it, if necessary?16:32
Kilosyou will have the package16:32
Kilosin /var/cache/apt/archives/16:32
Kilosyou can save all downloaded and installed packages to media16:33
Kiloshave you got a flash disk spare16:33
Kilosone easy command can save it all for you16:33
IqbalSorry, I'm not clued up? I mean, how do I save it to a flash drive?16:33
Kilosok you plug flash in16:34
inetproIqbal: do you have lots of data available to download stuff? 16:34
Kilosbetter if you can format it with an easy name16:34
Kilosoh ya take over inetpro 16:35
* inetpro prefers LTS versions 16:35
Kiloscloud stuff there too16:35
IqbalSorry, have to go, be back in a while. Thanks16:35
inetproKilos: no, no 16:35
inetproothers here are already on the alpha version of 16.0416:36
Kilosyes ut he is new16:36
Kilosso need to learn more before jumping in like that16:36
Kilosand alpha and beta is never same as the release16:37
inetproif data is available, I always advise newbies to download multiple versions 16:37
inetproplay with it 16:37
inetproin fact install fedora, install Debian, install all kinds of different distributions 16:38
inetprosee for yourself 16:39
inetproinstall them all 😊16:43
* inetpro can't wait to see a stable converged Ubuntu 16:46
Kilosno man16:46
inetprowhat? 16:46
Kilosinstall ubuntu or even better kubuntu16:47
Kilosand he has a funny laptop i think16:47
inetprothat's for me and you Kilos 16:47
Kiloswas a prob just to get it to see the dvd16:48
inetprothe young ones must learn it all 16:48
Kilosthey can learn from ubuntu then change if they like16:48
Kilosthey need a good basic where help is available anf then change once they are comfy with linux16:49
inetproai! 16:50
Kiloswhat ai!16:50
inetprothere's no single strategy to keep them here 16:50
Kiloslike try telling oom jan to try fedora16:50
inetprooom Jan knows more than you think 16:52
inetprodon't underestimate him16:52
inetprobut I agree with you 16:53
inetprojust tough to decide what to install just before a new release 16:54
inetproguess it's always best to install the tried and tested 16:55
Kilosoh he knows lots more than me already, i see him doing stuff when helped on the list16:55
Kilosbut he wont try another linux16:55
Kilosim sure16:56
Kilosand im sure unity will keep getting better16:56
Kilosif data int a prob doing running releases might be the way to go16:57
Kilosif it want for data id still be moving every 6 months16:57
Kilosbut now im happy on kde so anything else will be just for playing with17:01
inetproat the office I still run on 12.0417:04
Kilos12.04 was a good release17:04
Kilosi have it in unity on old p417:04
Kilosbut bento 14.04 is quicker than unity 12.0417:05
squish102why is mint #1 on that list?17:06
Kilosunity chased many17:07
Kilosmate in ubuntu is similar i think17:07
squish102anyone have tips on the best way to share some tv shows I have with family? 17:09
squish102they could stream with plex, but i was thinking of putting it somewhere for them to download17:09
squish102what ever happened to that open ftp server in za17:09
fusionsparcDamn, mint has highest rank atm..17:18
=== qwebirc52009 is now known as Iqbal
Kiloswb Iqbal 17:34
Kilosok lets see how far you have got with 12.0417:34
Kiloshave you done your pdatesd and upgrades17:35
IqbalI have not done anything, too scared to stuff it up.17:36
Kiloslol ok ill help you17:36
Kilosonce it is updated it will run better17:37
IqbalI have been going through my stuff.. I have a micro SD card with an adapter, I think I downloaded 14.04 on it17:37
Kilosyou know how to find and use a terminal17:37
IqbalSome time ago. How do I check?17:38
Kiloshow do  you check what?17:38
IqbalYes, know how to find terminal17:38
IqbalIf it is Ubuntu 1417:38
Kilosoh that you will need to boot from i think17:39
Kilosyou have the iso on that card, bootable?17:40
IqbalI am sceptical about trying to boot, as I couldn't get past the bios password. I still don't know how come the Ubuntu CD started17:41
Kilosyour bios must be set to boot from cd17:41
Kilosso dont worry17:41
IqbalHow do I save the broadcom wireless driver?17:41
Kilostap the home icon on the left17:42
Kilosthen at the top you will see home and to the left a bit a drive17:43
Kilostick there and you should see a /17:43
Kiloschoose that17:43
Kilosthat is your root folder17:44
Kilosin there you double click var17:44
IqbalSorry I don't see it17:44
Kilosok what do you see17:45
Kilosdo you see the word home17:45
IqbalA search bar and below it, recent apps17:45
Kiloswhich icon on the left did you tick17:46
Kilosthe second one from the top is your home17:46
Kilosmight be called files i think17:46
IqbalThe circle17:46
IqbalDash home17:47
Kilosthe top is dash for opening installed apps17:47
Kilosok you see the word home at the top left17:48
Kilosjust left of it will be some small character or a drive17:48
IqbalSorry, when I click on the dash home, I don't see any other home17:49
Kiloswsait im booting 12.0417:51
Kilosthe icon below dash is what?17:51
IqbalHome folder17:51
Kilosthats the one you want17:52
Kilosat the top left you see home17:53
Kiloswith a tiny mark to the left of it17:54
Kilostick that mark17:54
Kilosthen you should see a drive and home and home17:54
Kilostick the drive17:54
IqbalShows another home17:54
Kiloswhat is to the left of the 2 homes17:55
IqbalOpens number of folders17:55
Kilosyou see bin boot and more17:55
Kilosgo down to var and double click it17:56
Kilosthen do the same with cache17:56
Kilosthen apt17:56
Kilosthen archives17:56
Kilosok that folder has all you packages in17:57
Kilosthey go away if not set to stay there17:57
IqbalCan I save it to a DVD?17:58
Kilosbut if you scroll through there you will see the driver you downloaded17:58
Kilosyou can save that whole archives folder yes17:59
Kilosyou can also jst drag and drop it on your desktop or onto a flash that you have opened first18:00
Kilosbut you will find everything works faster once you have got updates18:02
IqbalI clicked on Send to my flash drive. When I open the flash drive, it shows the archives and partial folder but the partial folder is blank18:03
Kilosdont worry about the partial18:04
Kilosthings only show once updated18:04
IqbalSorry the archives folder doesn't show the driver18:05
Kilosnow you need to decide if you want to get 12.04 running properly first or if you want to install 14.04 and take the chance that the driver you have doesnt work in 14.0418:06
Kiloswhere  did you get the driver18:06
Kilosopen home folder and look in downloads18:06
IqbalI connected to a friend's physical Internet connection and downloaded the driver18:07
Kiloscheck in downloads18:07
Kilosor in you browsers downloads folder18:07
IqbalI copied and pasted the driver now to my flash drive18:08
Kiloshave you got it working yet18:08
Kilos12.04 i mean18:08
Kiloswith wifi18:09
IqbalSorry, when I connected to the physical Internet connection, I used the update manager to download the driver18:09
IqbalYes, the wireless is working18:09
Kilosare you online with the lappy now18:09
IqbalI am typing to you via my tablet, and have laptop on my lap18:10
Kiloscan you get the laptop online'18:10
IqbalI can connect to internet via laptop18:11
Kilosok so18:11
Kiloslets get an irc client first18:11
Kilosthen you can chat here with that18:11
Kilostablets frighten me18:12
Kiloson lappy do ctrl+alt+t18:12
IqbalI use them a lot, hardly use laptop18:12
Kilosa terminal should open18:12
Kilostype in18:13
Kilossudo apt-get install hexchat18:13
IqbalIt does something, then E: unable to locate package hexchat18:15
Kilosdo sudo apt-get update18:16
Kilosnow do sudo apt-get install hexchat synaptic18:18
IqbalPackage not available18:19
Kiloswhich one18:19
IqbalE: unable to locate package hexchat. Next line. E: package synaptic has no installation candidate18:20
Kilosare you sureyou are online18:21
IqbalI am trying to connect on irc channel via Mozilla Firefox18:22
Kilosjust see if you can google anything18:23
IqbalYes I can18:23
Kilossoftware centre18:24
Kilostype at the top synaptic18:26
IqbalSynaptic package manager and muon package manager18:27
Kilosinstall synaptic18:28
Kilosim just trying to get my 12.04 to connect18:28
Kilosill go there18:29
Kilos-Iqbal is synaptic installed?18:30
IqbalI don't know if it installed18:30
Kilos-is there no feedback18:30
Kilos-cant the irc thing work in the fox18:31
IqbalI clicked on "use this source", then didn't notice anything happen18:31
Kilos-is there no install button somewhere18:32
IqbalThe irc channel verification is screwed up18:33
Kilos-try go to the site and come from there18:33
IqbalOn the software centre, the synaptic package manager has a line that reads available from the "universe" source. Then it has a button that reads use this source, which I clicked on18:36
Kilos-ok lets try something else18:36
IqbalThe software centre shows 1 in progress18:37
Kilos-in the dash ap the top type in update18:37
Kilos-you should see update manager18:38
IqbalIt shows update manager and gwibber social client18:38
Kilos-but it might not work with software centre open18:38
IqbalUpdate manager shows Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS available18:39
Kilos-ignore that for now18:40
Kilos-im not sure the wireless driver will be same18:40
IqbalUpdating cache18:40
Kilos-once that is done tick install updates18:42
IqbalIt seems it's stuck "waiting"18:42
IqbalThe software centre is also the same thing18:43
Kiloscant be connecting18:43
Kilosshould be seeing lots of stuff18:44
Kilosclose both18:44
IqbalNo, nothing18:44
Kilosno internet connection18:44
Kilosdo you see the network manager icon top right18:45
IqbalI'm able to open my Gmail18:45
Kilos-about 4th from the right18:45
IqbalI'm connected to my phone WiFi18:46
Kilos-lets use terminal18:46
Kilos-sudo apt-get update18:46
Kilos-what does it show18:46
IqbalInternet is slow18:46
Kilos-slow or dead?18:48
Iqbal: unable to lock the administration directory (var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:49
Kilos-software centre hanging on18:49
Kilos-or update manager18:49
Kilos-type in sudo reboot18:50
IqbalSoftware centre still shows 1 in progress18:50
Kilos-it will try till it gets the package18:51
Kilos-but synaptic isnt a massive package18:51
Kilos-should be done already18:51
IqbalReboot almost done18:52
Kilos-ok terminal18:54
Kilossudo apt-get update18:54
IqbalDone. Software centre still busy 18:54
Kiloseven after a reboot18:55
IqbalHave to go now. Thanks again18:55
Kilosnpnp ill be here tomorrow18:56
Kiloshave a good night'18:56
IqbalThanks you too. I'll leave the laptop on and connected18:57
Kilosif it gets synaptic we are smiling18:57
Kilosinetpro thats lots of reading man18:58
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:20
KilosMaaz night19:20
MaazCheers Kilos19:20
magespawngood night20:13
PrivateUserwhat is freenode doing now?22:18
PrivateUsernet splits and ping timeouts every where22:19
=== PrivateUser is now known as Private_User

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