alive876___hi newbie question...  in ubuntu linux i have a file with this #include <dlib/image_processing.h> when i  compile g++ file.cpp it comes back no such file found,although there is the specified file in dlib, don't have any c++ environmental variables set, thanks!00:21
ouroumov_alive876___, not even LD_LIBRARY_PATH?00:33
dillon_is there any reason to ever "clean" out linux's system?00:34
ouroumov_dillon_, what do you mean?00:34
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lgc Hi. Is there a way to install Ubuntu on a tablet?00:35
alive876___<ouroumov_> no, do i need it?00:36
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dillon_temp files, system error files, and stuff like that? like you have to do with windows00:36
ouroumov_alive876___, it usually is used by the compiler to locate shared libraries00:38
ouroumov_alive876___, static libraries have to be passed on the compile command line iirc00:39
ouroumov_dillon_, if you're running Ubuntu you might have crash reports in /var/crash that you wanna clean up if they keep poping up on startup. Temp files are generated by many applications but aren't usually a problem00:40
dillon_ouroumov so basically just leave it alone00:41
ouroumov_That's what I've always done for the five years I've used Ubuntu00:41
stratumouroumov_, goldeneye?00:42
ouroumov_stratum, yes00:42
stratumjust clicked00:42
dillon_ouroumov , ok thanks so far I like this a whole lot better than windows with one exception which would the variety of software and how hard it is to install but other then that I like it a whole lot better00:43
ouroumov_dillon_, hopefully that software shortage situation will gradually get better00:44
ouroumov_Also note that you can actually install a lot of programs when you've been familiarized enough with the environment00:45
Bashing-omdillon_: General house keeping ' sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo dpkg -C '. All I have ever had to do .00:45
dillon_ouroumov I would love to see Linux become a heavy hitter, like OS and OSX, within 5 years.  However with the software shortage it's not necessarily that it's more of just installing it more so00:46
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lgc Hi. Is there a way to install Ubuntu on a tablet?01:03
k1l_lgc: ubuntu desktop or the ubuntu-touch? and what tablet?01:04
cherry_link1l_: I've created /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades.d/unauth.cfg and filled it with [Distro]\n AllowUnauthenticated=yes01:06
cherry_linsolved the problem01:06
k1l_cherry_lin: ah ok. could be the issue because its still in development01:06
cherry_linwhat should I do about it01:07
cherry_linhow do I report this bug01:07
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:07
k1l_file it against update-manager01:07
lgc Hi. Is there a way to install Ubuntu on a tablet?01:08
k1l_<k1l_> lgc: ubuntu desktop or the ubuntu-touch? and what tablet?01:08
lgckil_, it's an Nvidia Shield. With a Tegra K1 processor.01:09
cherry_linis it possible to shrink ext3 online?01:10
k1l_cherry_lin: dont shrink mounted partitions01:11
xangualgc: the answer is probably no, but there's an Ubuntu (touch) tablet already01:11
cherry_linsadly I have no choice01:11
lgck1l_: , it's an Nvidia Shield. With a Tegra K1 processor.01:11
lgcxangua: thanks, but I'd like to keep my tablet.01:12
k1l_lgc: http://forum.xda-developers.com/shield-tablet/help/qa-running-ubuntu-natively-shield-tablet-t298808401:12
k1l_lgc: see that thread for the ubuntu desktop version.01:12
lgck1l_: thanks!01:12
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dumle29So I'm cloning an old 2TB drive to a new 3TB drive with dd, and I'm wondering why dd is saying "59616+1 records in" and there's seemingly no writing going on looking at ioctl01:26
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Fudgeanyway to get the persistent-net-generator used for udev 70 persistent network devices to work on later ubuntu versions01:50
Kang0Have you came across any chat network which are not similar to irc; i mean if i float a query or discussion it will automatically pick up relevant channels and connect to those channels in back ground and i got replies as soon as someone ping back on that topic ; is it possible?  ; can it possible be with irc?01:51
monsterjampIs there a way to change how nautilus unmounts mounts when I click on the unmount button01:51
monsterjampKang0 That sounds like it would take up a lot of compute time on a server, but maybe it's been done before01:53
Kang0As ultimately people dont worry about machine but they think only about their convenient01:54
EriC^monsterjamp: the disks program maybe01:55
monsterjampI meant unmounting samba shares fomr within nautilus01:56
monsterjampThe way nautilus is unmounting shares gives me an error, but if I unmount it from the terminal I get no issues01:57
toxiicmiseryThis is different..02:02
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram02:09
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pcwizive checked in the mate room and they referred me here02:10
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram02:14
EriC^pcwiz: did you check dmesg?02:14
pcwizwhats dmesg?02:15
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pbxi'm trying to get into rescue mode for my 14.04 install.  hitting esc on boot loads grub... but it's a grub prompt, whereas everything i read on the web refers to a grub menu. what?02:17
pbxis there a way to get from the prompt to the menu?02:17
pbxgrub 2 FWIW02:18
pbxi just need to get in there as root to fix something i stupidly broke today (ownership of /usr/bin/sudo ironically)02:19
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram02:19
SchrodingersScatpbx: is it holding shift to just show the menu?02:19
yeatspbx: I would try a live CD/USB if you're unable to boot into recovery mode02:20
pbxSchrodingersScat - shift doesn't do it. apparently it's esc on some newer machines. like mine.  but like i said i don't get the menu, i get a grub prompt02:20
pbxSchrodingersScat - i don't have a live cd and don't believe i can create one without sudo02:20
pbxmaybe what i need to learn is how to mount the drive at that prompt, then go from there02:21
SchrodingersScatthought you were trying to go through single user mode, or whatever it's called.02:22
pbxSchrodingersScat - i am02:23
pbxSchrodingersScat - i'm gonna reboot and hack at the grub prompt a bit. thanks.  probably will be back soon.02:24
derfohpcwiz I had to abandon my full install of ubuntu that was running on a 3.0 flash drive because of the same problems. :L02:35
Kang0Are there any software which uses udp for file transfer?02:36
derfohunless I'm mistaken proxy services use UDP02:37
derfohalso i believe VOIP does too02:37
derfohI guess it's important to be specific about what kind of data you're transferring. Things like documents, music, pictures, etc. are usually transferred via TCP to ensure that every packet is received. Other data though such as video streaming, and voip where some lossy is expected and accepted UDP is used. The major difference between the protocols are how bad packets are handled. TCP will request the packet is resent, UDP will just drop it.02:45
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram02:54
CbaxFace Book Hacker03:01
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram03:02
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pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram03:06
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram03:08
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram03:13
pcwizcan someone please help me understad why ubuntu mate 15.10 keeps freezing and crashing COMPLETELY i am using a 32GB flash drive and i have verified the md5 and my pc specs are quad core x2 @ 2.4 GHz 8 GB ram03:14
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Guest41223so i'm having trouble disabling ipv6, not super good with terminal so bare with me04:00
Guest41223can anyone help?04:01
Ben64why would you want to disable ipv604:01
Guest41223well the vpn service i've signed up with apparently doesn't work with it enabled for whatever reason, i figured id give it a shot to disable and if i don't like it, then i can get a full refund in the first 30 days04:02
Ben64i don't see why you'd have to globally disable ipv6 because of that04:03
Guest41223that's just what the support guy said04:03
Guest41223i figured i'd take his word for it04:03
Ben64seems like a cop out answer04:03
Guest41223unless you have another suggestion lol i more than willing to take tips04:03
Guest41223lol it definetly could be04:04
Guest41223does anyone have a suggestion for a good vpn service?04:06
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squinty_might want to check https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-anonymous-review-160220/04:07
Guest41223that's actually where i found my last 2, first one ended up not having enough servers and now i'm dealing with crappy cx support with this one04:09
NwSGuys one quick Q. Is it normal to stop a service but even then the service is using some files?04:10
NwSis = keep04:10
Guest96078hello all04:12
Guest96078sound problem: only HDMI output are listed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15212438/04:13
crowtow67hi s there a tool for linux where I can copy an unicode character from a website and it'll tell me its code or a way or any other way to know what code does a character have?04:21
Bashing-omcrowtow67: http://unicode-table.com/en/#0168 .04:26
trismcrowtow67: I usually open up python in the terminal and type, say, u"漫", and it will give you u'\u6f2b', there's probably better ways04:26
crowtow67Bashing-om: thanks a lot! that's exactly what i was looking for04:27
crowtow67trism: i thought about that but i'm too lazy heh04:28
Bashing-omcrowtow67: Hope it works for ya .04:28
crowtow67since it's friday night and we're chatting on IRC, thanks to Bashing-om's website today i've learnt about this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfwidth_and_fullwidth_forms04:29
crowtow67sometimes i listen to a bit of hipser music that happens to be japanese and it's been rustling my jimmies that if a song contained a number it would seemed bigger and wider for japanese artists in my foobar200004:30
crowtow67example U+FF1804:30
Bashing-omcrowtow67: Now, I gotta look !04:31
crowtow67Bashing-om: thank you now i finally know what's going on, i thougt it was my monitor or a bug in the font file idk, it was so annyoing that sometimes a number would look fatter hehehe04:31
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crowtow67fat number eight: U+FF18, normal looking latin number eight: U+003804:32
crowtow67just to give an example04:32
bigsaharhello  any one here?04:37
DarmaniHi there! Quick question, how do I zoom out of an application?04:37
bigsaharwhat kind of aplication?04:37
adrian_1908Darmani: what application, could you give any example?04:37
Darmaniyeah it's just a text editor for coding. Sublime.04:37
adrian_1908Darmani: CTRL + Mousewheel is a common pattern04:37
Darmaniah there it goes!04:38
adrian_1908CTRL + "+" and CTRL + "-" too04:38
bigsaharwhat do you want to zoom? the text or the view?04:38
Darmaniadrian_1908: I'm new to this OS. But I am forever in your debt.04:38
adrian_1908and CTRL + "0" is often used to reset zoom level04:38
DarmaniNo it had zoomed in and I wasn't sure why.04:38
bigsahardou you using ubuntu?04:39
PcChipHello, what is the difference between Xubuntu Beta 1, and Xubuntu daily builds ?04:41
adrian_1908PcChip: Daily builds are always new, hence daily. The Betas are frozen states, milestones along the way if you will.04:43
PcChipso as of today, Xubuntu Beta1 is almost exactly the same as Xubuntu Daily ?04:44
parsecCharhttps://gist.github.com/anonymous/563acff5c9b332d43c49 <-- WTF -- what is wrong? (trying to install Haskell/Stack)04:44
PcChipalso if I do apt-get dist-upgrade will that make my old "daily" install the same as downloading the latest "daily" ISO ?04:44
adrian_1908PcChip: yeah, looks like the Beta was released 2 days ago. Not sure about your section question, but I imagine it's the same content.04:46
PcChipthank you Adrian04:46
Bashing-omcroop: And looky what else I ran across : https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/UTF-8 .04:47
adrian_1908PcChip: I reckon both will get you the same end result if you keep pulling updates, at least that's how I understand it. Fixed betas can also be shared via bittorrent for longer times, whereas a new ISO every day would split seeds.04:48
rahul_hari_kumarIs Ubuntu-Mate associated with Ubuntu ?:04:58
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Rohan_KumarHi, i'm not able to play .mkv vids on lubuntu05:16
LibertyWeNeedHow do I setup my own mail server?05:17
xissburghow do you copy to the clipboard in the terminal?05:19
xissburgI'm on a VPS without GUI05:19
Cipher_ShortRohan_Kumar, I don't think ubuntu has support for H.265 yet. Im sure theres a PPA somewhere that offers support for it05:19
xissburgwhy does this have to be so hard? lol05:19
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adrian_1908maybe the idea of a clipboard was not a concept in non-gui interfaces? I don't know :)05:26
xissburgthen how are you supposed to copy/paste things?05:27
xissburgI am also impressed by how all OSes I've seen only have *one* clipboard05:27
Ghaleonhello everyone.  sorry for the noob question, but I am looking for help regarding a specific problem with ubunto studio.  can someone point me in the right direction?05:28
xissburgThey never evolve beyond that05:28
adrian_1908Ghaleon: the chat is very inactive right now, so just share the problem and maybe someone is able to help. you're not interrupting more important matters :P05:31
Ghaleonthanks, adrian_1908.  I'm trying to get my rocksmith usb cable to register with guitarix05:33
GhaleonI've followed the following tutorial up to a point but got stuck after configuring the input in qjackctl05:35
adrian_1908that's out of my area of knowledge, I hope you find an answer. Also ask in #ubuntustudio if you haven't already. good luck!05:37
LibertyWeNeedHow do I setup my own mail server?05:41
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consolejazzdepends.. are you looking for the server to simply send system messages on your behalf or do you want to use it regularly to send/receive msgs from other internet users?05:49
voldymanhey guys i am getting a weird issue on 14.04, my touchpad is not working, kindof, it was working before, now i can see data coming into /dev/input/mouse0 when use it but the cursor doesn't actually move05:53
consolejazzcheck out smtp relay like the free mailgun.com, then install/config mail transfer agent (MTA) postfix to use it.05:54
consolejazzthis should get you going: http://techarena51.com/index.php/configure-secure-postfix-email-server/05:54
hiexpohi all05:56
consolejazzvoldyman: what have you tried so far to fix it; what exactly isn't working with it05:56
consolejazzsee if your problems fits one of these scenarioes, and walk through the steps outlined if sohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/simar/Touchpad#In_case_your_touchpad_features_like_scrolling.2C_tapping.2C_etc_does_not_work_at_all.05:58
consolejazz* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/simar/Touchpad#In_case_your_touchpad_features_like_scrolling.2C_tapping.2C_etc_does_not_work_at_all.05:58
voldymanconsolejazz: https://gist.github.com/voldyman/bbeaaf226061a6fd6e4206:03
haasnWhen installing ubuntu, can I choose to install to an existing filesystem instead of partitioning a new one? I want to install it to a subvolume of an existing btrfs array that I have06:04
consolejazzvoldyman: that personally doesn't help me much. not going to read through nearly 1000 lines of output06:06
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consolejazzreview the link i posted and see if any of what's described there matches your issue (which you've as yet to outline)06:06
voldymanconsolejazz: so i grepped for the relavent info  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/6zxiTDMd/06:09
voldymanand the wiki didn't help06:10
consolejazzvoldyman: so your touchpad is being recognized, you just can't click or do anything with it? there's not some kind of hardware or software lock involved possibly?06:13
consolejazzwhat have you tried so far to troubleshoot?06:14
voldymani ran xev to see if events were being recogonized, they were not, installed touchegg which detects some gestures but the i can't move the pointer06:15
voldymanwhen i run touchegg i can do two finger scroll06:15
voldymanwhile touchegg is running i can even do taps, two finger tap  opens the context menu but when i kill touchegg it stops working again06:16
voldymanit feels like some program is taking control06:18
consolejazzwhat laptop hardware?06:20
voldymanit's a dell laptop06:20
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consolejazzhow recently have you updated or rebooted the system? considered powering off and removing battery for few minutes too...06:24
OneruHHi! I have that network config: http://pastebin.com/0VytPg70. Why I don't see at 'ifconfig' third ipv6 (...d005) address?06:25
FuogoI am new here - first time06:25
voldymani usually leave the system on suspend, the issue started when i rebooted, then it tried a few things and then rebooted, it didn't help06:25
Fuogoneed some help. Should I just ask the question here?06:25
consolejazzrecommend trying a complete poweroff, removing battery for few minutes.06:26
consolejazzif after booting still no luck try xswipe maybe? https://github.com/intersimone999/xSwipe06:26
consolejazzarch wiki actually has bunch of info that could be of use too https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics#Troubleshooting06:27
consolejazzFuogo: yes06:27
FuogoI had ubuntu 14 LTS installed and I did an upgrade to 1506:28
FuogoNow my laptop boots up to a command prompt login and is stuck06:28
FuogoI cannot type my username. the system does not respond06:29
FuogoI used a previous version installation CD and selected "try ubuntu"06:29
Fuogoso now I can connect to internet, but I see that my files are in a different disk/partition and not all files are accessible06:31
Fuogomy intention was to copy all files and then do a complete format and reinstall, but without being able to copy the files, I cannot do that06:31
Fuogois there any way I can roll back to 14 LTS without losing my files?06:32
consolejazzso the inaccessible files are in another home (`~`) directory on a different partition?06:33
consolejazzFuogo: i don't know about rolling back from where you're at now. things are obviously getting messy quick here06:34
Fuogo:( yes i see a partition like 469 GB file system and within that there are folders - bin, home etc.06:35
cspackFuogo: if you're using a live session it's possible the partitions you need are not  mounted06:35
kamwhats going on06:36
Fuogopartition gets mounted and i am able to see and copy some files, but others are locked (has a small lock icon at the bottom)06:36
consolejazzand you're accessing everything as ubuntu 15 instance? you're not booted to a live cd or anything or are you?06:37
FuogoI have booted from a live cd06:37
Fuogocannot login to the laptop directly. it gets stuck at login prompt (console). The GUI does not even come up06:38
consolejazzactually, i think you can reinstall ubuntu 14 (downgrading from 15) and that should return your file permissions to the way they were06:38
Fuogook, but would that overwrite my existing files?06:39
Fuogoor delete06:39
consolejazzit shouldn't overwrite your ~ home directory06:39
consolejazzi'd try opening a terminal from the live cd and accessing those home files on the mounted partition. copying over to another backup medium06:40
consolejazzLambdaComplex: beat me to the punch :)06:40
Fuogoi tried that, but like i said some files are not accessible.06:41
Fuogothey simply dont get copied, and i can see a small lock icon on those files06:41
consolejazzeven after accessing as root? `su -` ?06:41
Fuogosorry, how do I do that?06:42
LambdaComplexwhy would you not have access to files in your home folder?06:42
Gallomimiasounds like you have to fix some permissions06:42
cspackhe's running from a live CD06:42
Gallomimiaoh. uid mismatch06:42
Fuogocspack: yes, thank you06:42
GallomimialiveCD/etc/passwd != installed/ect/passwd06:43
cspackcan you launch your file manager as root?06:44
consolejazzFuogo: try Alt+F2,`gksudo nautilus`06:44
consolejazzto get at the files06:44
pi1hi all06:44
consolejazztype that in the commandline06:45
Fuogoconsole: trying that06:45
Fuogoit works!!!06:46
Gallomimiahey uh... be careful what you do with that window06:46
Gallomimiayou've got ultimate permissions. you can muck things up easily06:46
FuogoI will copy the files and then do a fresh install of 14 LTS06:47
consolejazzFuogo: yes, do be careful. now copy over your `~/` (home) folder somewhere for safekeeping. verify its all there and accessible06:47
consolejazzthen proceed to reinstall06:47
Gallomimiathen there's not much dangerous you can do if you're about to nuke everything anyway06:47
consolejazzrsync would be good for this06:48
Gallomimiamaybe we should get us a good and easy to use "hey save all my files before i reinstall" utility installed by default?06:49
consolejazzFuogo: for reference, if you want to stick with commandline (which is easiest to guide you through as well), https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync#Perform_a_Simple_Backup06:50
consolejazzyou can try Grsync, a GUI frontend for rsync copy utility, as well (as mentioned in linked guide)06:50
Fuogothank you consolejazz and others.06:54
Fuogowill come back if I have more questions06:55
consolejazzyou're welcome Fuogo06:57
consolejazzah, he's gone06:57
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CacheMoneyany have experience with openvpn CLI?07:20
haasnCacheMoney: some, but usually you'd just specify openvpn options in an options file07:27
CacheMoneyhaasn: well my problem is, the tap adapter isn't creatin07:29
=== ujjwalkanth1 is now known as pers3us
haasnHow are you running openvpn? Any output?07:32
TTTASo a few days ago, my UBUNTU version stopped working. Today I just deleted the whole partition...But now I can't even load into Windows07:45
TTTAI try to boot from my Windows drive, but u get a "No such device <long hex>, entering review mouse...grub rescue"07:47
TTTA*entering rescue mode07:48
TTTACan anyone help me regain access to my computer?07:48
cspackyou probably need to boot from windows install media and do a repair installation07:50
FudgeTTTA:  there are boot rescue cd's that will assist you to restore your windows boot loader, there are some key words for you to Google, hope that helps07:53
Fudgeif hopefully you have another computer or an ubuntu cd07:53
lotuspsychjegood morning to all07:53
TTTAI had an UBUNTU USB I was trying to reinstall from07:54
TTTAOddly enough, I just fixed it by installing from a USB 2.0 port instead of a 3.0 port07:54
Tex_NickTTTA: sounds like you had a dual boot lin/win install on the same drive, if so & grub was your bootloader & you only deleted the linux partition, then you might be able to use the windows install disk to reinstall the MBR ... you need to be more specific though :)07:55
cwiggsI'm trying to do a update-manager -d to go from xubuntu 14.04 to xubuntu 16.04 beta but I'm getting an errror "module-init-tools" says it was not able to authenticate.07:56
TTTAThey were on different drives, I believe07:56
lotuspsychjecwiggs: not a good idea07:56
lotuspsychjecwiggs: xenial is not final yet, clean install a daily iso of 16.0407:57
lotuspsychjecwiggs: see #ubuntu+1 for details07:57
TTTATex_Nick: I don't have an optical drive on this computer07:58
_teo1does anyone has experience with open source ati radeon driver? need to set low power profile to a graphics card (RADEON hd 4870)08:00
TTTAHonestly, now I just need a quick walkthrough of the installation process08:01
TTTAI chose the 'preview without installing' option08:02
TAFBcan anyone help me get vnc working on my ubuntu vps?08:02
lotuspsychjeTAFB: vnc is a security flaw, be carefull with it08:02
lotuspsychje!vnc | TAFB08:02
ubottuTAFB: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:02
TTTABut I'm getting the infamous old Windows frame dragging whenever I move anything r08:02
TAFBis there a way to do it NOT security?08:03
cspackTTTA: what is it you want to do? you said you wanted to boot into windows after deleting your linux partition, right?08:05
lotuspsychjeTAFB: you can try to get your work done remotly by ssh perhaps?08:06
TAFBlotuspsychje: I want to run Tixati on my VPS, as far as I know it's a desktop application08:07
TTTAI came in wanting to replace my old Linux with a fresh install08:07
TTTAI'm most of the way through that, now I'm at the part where it wants me to chose an installation partition08:07
cspackTTTA: ok that's different.08:07
TTTAYeah, it's been a strange night, sorry about the confusion08:08
TTTASo I have a 70GB partition on one HDD that's completely unformatted08:09
TTTALast time I tried doing this, I ended up accidentally reformatting the entire HDD08:09
TTTAsomeone on this IRC told me to run through the process again, but go through the 'try UBUNTU without installing it08:10
cspackTTTA: run the install tell it you want to customize your disk layout instead of use the full disk.08:10
Jordan_U!screenshot | TTTA08:12
ubottuTTTA: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.08:12
TTTA_alright, logging in from my computer, was on my cell phone before08:13
TTTA_the print screen button...didn't work quite right08:14
mrm1st3rHi, I'm looking for a tool to monitor various sensors on my computer08:17
mrm1st3rlm-sensors is only giving me CPU temps08:17
cspackTTTA: did you start the installer?08:17
cspackmrm1st3r: did you run 'sudo sensors-detect'?08:18
TTTA_I'm at the point where I can choose installation type.08:18
mrm1st3ryes, but that didn't detect really anything08:18
TTTA_I chose a drive, hit the "Change..." button, the "Edit partition" window popped up08:19
Jordan_UTTTA_: What is the exact text of the options you're given?08:19
TTTA_"Erase disk and install UBUNTU" (clearly not the right option); "Something Else"08:20
TTTA_I selected "Something Else"08:20
Jordan_UTTTA_: Wait.08:20
Jordan_UTTTA_: Please open a terminal, run "sudo parted -l", and pastebin the output.08:21
TTTA_thank you for your help, btw08:24
Jordan_U!bootinfo | TTTA_08:28
ubottuTTTA_: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.08:28
TTTA_dammit, ignore that08:32
Jordan_UTTTA_: Part of your problem (though not all of it) is that you left a partition unformatted. If you just delete the partition instead, then Ubuntu's installer will be able to make use of the free space appropriately for you automatically.08:33
_teohas anyone had any experience with power profiling on ATI RADEON gpu? I need to set low profile on an older card. I try to use ''echo low > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile" with sudo, but it always gives permission denied08:34
DeafMints|2ok yumi isn't selecting me select the iso for ubuntu08:35
TAFBcan anyone help me get vnc working on my ubuntu vps without using a SSH tunnel?08:35
TTTA_I am so lost08:35
TTTA_I don't even know how to delete that partition from my current situation08:36
_teois this the right channel to ask about gpu?08:36
Jordan_U_teo: When you use ">" you're telling the *shell* to take the output of the previous command, and write it to a file. That means that the *shell* needs permission to write to the file, not the command. If you want to write to a file as root you can use "echo foo | sudo tee /path/to/file". That runs the "echo foo" as your user and writes to the file, using the tee command, as root.08:36
DeafMints|2Do i just install ubuntu 15.04 on my pc via a usb boot drive and it will automatically do the dual boot for me?08:37
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Jordan_UTTTA_: You can close Ubuntu's installer, use GParted to delete the partition (*carefully* if you accidentally delte the wrong partition, that's on you. I also hope that, as always, you have backups of any important data).08:38
* DeafMints|2 is confused08:38
_teoi tried that also but i get "low tee: /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile: Invalid argument"08:38
_teothe power_profile always has default inside08:39
Jordan_UTTTA_: You can also delete the partition within Ubuntu's "something else" option, but that might lead you to want to do other manual partitioning afterward, and I personally recommend that you just let the installer create the appropriate partitions for you (by starting the Installer from the beginning again after deleting the empty partition).08:40
asdai got issues with installing ubuntu on my new skylake machine08:41
mahdihi all08:41
mahdii have two computer with ubuntu 140.4 one server and another desktop08:42
DeafMints|2If i can get an answer before i reboot my pc08:42
ouroumov_DeafMints|2, you should use 15.10 instead of .0408:43
mahdifrom server i can connect to desktop of the desktop computer but from desktop i  can not connect to the server computer08:43
DeafMints|2Yes i have that version downloaded ouroumov_08:43
TTTA_I fiddles around and googled a bunch08:43
DeafMints|2Do i just get it onto a usb then load the usb ubuntu and install it as normal ouroumov_?08:43
TTTA_and I think I got it worked out08:44
TTTA_but thank you for spending time with me, Jordan_U08:44
ouroumov_I'm not a dual boot expert DeafMints|208:44
Jordan_UTTTA_: You're welcome.08:44
TAFBcan anyone help me with vnc? I can't go to bed tonight until I get it working :(08:45
TAFBalmost 4am here08:45
ouroumov_But usually you gotta first clear some space on one of your used partitions, then install into that space, then fix eventual dual boot issues DeafMints|208:45
DeafMints|2I've already got the space08:45
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TTTA_yeah, it's installing now, and I'm 95% sure I didn't just repartition an entire TB08:47
TTTA_like I did last time08:47
TTTAFuck me sideways, I'm still getting the grub error on startup08:52
Jordan_UTTTA_: Please watch your language.08:53
TTTAI'm sorry08:53
Jordan_UTTTA_: What grub error are you getting exactly?08:53
TTTAI just want to shoot a computer08:53
TTTANow I'm getting BOOTMGT is missing, press ctrl+alt+del to restart08:54
Jordan_UTTTA: So one boot you got a grub error and another boot you got a bootmgr (Windows bootloader) error?08:55
thekiddodude jordan ttta timed out08:55
deafmintsok. I'm on ubuntu08:55
TTTAYeah, depending on which hard drive I'm boring from08:55
Jordan_Uthekiddo: No, TTTA_ timed out.08:55
ouroumov_deafmints, did you see the windows option on startup?08:56
Jordan_UTTTA: OK. Lets stick to booting from the drive that grub was installed to.08:56
Jordan_U!bootinfo | TTTA08:56
ubottuTTTA: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.08:56
deafmintsouroumov_: im on ubuntu now. Im working on the installation also my mouse is moving too fast!08:56
TTTATTTA is still me, TTTA_ was me through my computer, on cell phone now08:56
deafmintsOk. I need to determine my partition now.08:57
deafmintshow do i tweak the mouse movement speed on herE?08:57
ouroumov_deafmints, I don't think you can during the install procedure08:58
deafmintsThere, tweaked it08:58
deafmintsIm on the try ubuntu thing08:58
TTTAOk, so if I try to boot from the drive Windows was installed on, I get "error: no such device: a7878760-f7f1-46d2-bc09-930335d65c1b. Entering rescue mode...    grub rescue>_"08:58
deafmintsSo what partitions do i need to do a sucessful ubuntu08:59
deafmintsI know i need a swap08:59
Jordan_UTTTA: OK, that means that grub's boot sector was installed to your Windows drive's MBR (which is probably not what you wanted) and for some reason can't access the drive that contains Ubuntu. What devices are listed if you run "ls" at the grub rescue shell?09:00
Jordan_Udeafmints: I recommend letting Ubuntu's installer create the needed partitions for you, but for any installation you'll need a root filesystem. You will probably also want a swap paritition, especially if you ever plan to hibernate. If your machine uses UEFI then you will need a UEFI System Partition, if your machine boots via BIOS but on a GPT partitioned drive then you will need a BIOS Boot Partition.09:02
deafmintsJordan_U: I have a SDD which is my main windows and a HDD which has everything else on, and im planning to put ubuntu on the HDD09:03
deafmintsI have 175gb free space for ubuntu09:03
deafmintsSo i cant really do the automatic Jordan_U09:04
TTTA(hd0) (hd1) (hd1,gpt3) (hd1,gpt2 (hd1,gpt1) (hd2) (hd2,gpt2) (hd2,gpt1) (hd3) (hd4)09:05
deafmints... I'm googling information but they aren't giving me any extact information on what i need or how bigg09:07
k1l_deafmints: how much ram you got and do you want to use hibernation?09:09
Jordan_UTTTA: OK, which disk (from the output you provided here: http://termbin.com/yns9 ) did you install Ubuntu to?09:09
deafmintsNo hiberination and i have 16gb of ram k1l_09:10
deafmintsI have 120032mb of free space to work with09:10
k1l_deafmints: so you dont need a swapif you will not use all that ram (like running 10 of vm or such)09:11
TTTAJordan, the first time or second time I installed UBUNTU?09:12
k1l_deafmints: 15GB for /, th rest for /home partition. both ext409:12
TTTAThe first time, it was to the 1TB ATA09:12
deafmintsok thanks k109:12
Jordan_UTTTA: The second.09:12
TTTAsecond time (a few minutes ago), it was to the 850 EVO09:12
deafmintsOk, appearently i didn't partition correctly in windows09:15
deafmintsBrb going back to windows09:15
Jordan_UTTTA: I need to leave. If you run boot info script from a LiveCD/USB as I asked earlier I can probably walk you through fixing all this relatively quickly some time tomorrow, if someone else can't help you tonight. You can also probably boot Windows or Ubuntu with Super GRUB2 Disk: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/ or get just Windows working again with a FixMBR on that disk. For getting Ubun09:18
Jordan_Utu's grub installed to the correct place you can follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot and instead of running grub-install run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc --frontend=text" to select which drive grub's boot sector should be installed to (Do *not* select any partition, like sda1).09:18
deniz946Hello, I've a Trust USB Webcam and my computer doesn't detect it, can someone give me a help please?09:18
deniz946Well, I'can see the webcam typing 'lsusb'09:19
deafmints_For some reason i cant boot back into windows09:20
deafmints_k1l_: You still here?09:20
ouroumov_deafmints_, you gotta pick your SSD in the computer's boot menu09:20
deafmints_I did.09:21
ouroumov_Or unplug the USB stick09:21
deafmints_Says error no such device09:21
asdahey i need install ubuntu but it wont allow it09:21
ouroumov_deafmints_, but I though you hadn't installed anything yet?09:21
deafmints_ouroumov_: i didnt install anything yet.09:21
deafmints_i can still access my computer's device09:21
deafmints_I can see all the data there09:21
deafmints_Should i just try unplugging the usb then09:22
deafmints_i did the f12 boot menu09:22
deafmints_ill be back to see what happens when i unplug the usb09:22
ouroumov_Sure, try. I assume you've got a backup of your stuff?09:22
deafmints_ouroumov_: all my important stuff are not in my ssd09:23
deafmints_Like my main downloads and games and etec09:23
DeafMintsOk now its partitioning09:25
asdai need assisntace with my ubuntu install, cant get it installd in my skylake09:32
BikerMikeHello again to #ubuntu :)09:35
ouroumov_asda, hi. Are you trying to dual boot with windows?09:36
BikerMikeWith yesterday's advice about using the 64bit installer, I tried uninstalling the 32bit and it gave me a bit of a scare as I can no longer boot thru Windows :(09:39
ouroumov_BikerMike, you've reinstalled the 64Bits version already?09:40
asdai wanna be seems like my hardware does not support ubuntu09:45
asdalets me boot the usb stick but says kernel channel cant be created09:45
asdaso whats up with that?09:47
BikerMikeouroumov not yet, still downloading the iso09:48
BikerMikewhat i did was uninstalled the existing 32bit via windows add/remove programs09:49
BikerMikeand then when i restarted, it gave me an error "GRUB Recovery" something09:49
BikerMikeoh by the way before that error i was still able to boot, but was curious why Ubuntu didn't get uninstalled09:50
BikerMikeso I deleted the ext4 partitions, and I guess that's why the error came up09:50
BikerMikenow I had to reinstall the 32bit just to get my windows running and now i'm back in this room :/09:51
GioraHow do I change the default scaling governor?09:51
von_Need help09:58
hilvon_, just ask your Q and wait for response09:59
von_Using ubuntu, In Win10 battery last 5hrs but in ubuntu it lasts 3hrs    what to do to optimize it10:01
roryvon_: You can install the "powertop" application from the repositories, and run it in a terminal to see which processes consume the most power10:02
roryvon_: See also this link, which has some useful answers https://askubuntu.com/questions/400/tips-to-extend-battery-life-for-laptops-and-notebooks10:03
von_ok i will thnx10:03
Abe_how can I remove lvm encryption so I don't have to type in the password to boot up? i still know my pw so don't worry10:12
BikerMikeso here's what my partitions look like now http://i.imgur.com/iQ7PzYx.png10:16
Abe_I need to remove the enryption pw I know i did that in the past too10:17
Abe_but i forgot how to do it10:17
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Abe_is that the correct way of doing it?10:20
ouroumovAbe_, I doubt it. This encryption method does not ask for a password at boot time.10:22
ouroumovI think you've set up Full Disk Encryption by checking "encrypt this installation" when you installed Abe_10:23
Abe_yes that's what i am thinking too10:23
mohammadhello every body10:23
=== mohammad is now known as Guest45895
Abe_it's probably hard to get rid of it after you have it10:24
ouroumovI don't think there's an easy way to revert that decision though. You should backup to external drive then do a reinstall of your system Abe_.10:24
Abe_yes i know but it takes hours for me to back everything up :/10:24
Abe_I want to make a little windows partition like 80 gigs is it possible to do it on an encrypted hdd?10:26
Abe_cuz I can't split the partition somehow10:26
ouroumovI have no idea Abe_, maybe someone else will10:27
Abe_hmmI can't think of anything but erasing everything :/ I could back everything up but then I also have to reinstall ubuntu10:28
willanybody here??10:33
willi need help asap ?10:33
ouroumov!ask | will10:33
ubottuwill: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:33
hilAbe_, not sure if that helps, but take a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions10:34
willaccidentally i removed python from ubuntu 14.04 and have tried all the solution on stackoverflow etc10:34
Abe_ok i look at it thx10:34
willnow nothing is working10:34
willgetting errors like python-minimal not configured and etc anybody ?10:35
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willaccidentally i removed python from ubuntu 14.04 and have tried all the solution on stackoverflow etc  now nothing is working getting errors like python-minimal not configured and etc anybody ?10:38
cfhowlett!patience | will10:38
ubottuwill: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:38
ren0v0why when i search for ubuntu 16.04 beta do i only get a link for MATE?10:38
ren0v0where is the official place to download standard beta?10:39
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | ren0v010:39
ubotturen0v0: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:39
Flannelwill: `sudo apt-get install python` should fix that.10:41
Abe_ok so I could boot up from ubuntu-cd load this cryptsetup and remove it and resize the partition. but I see that you have to resize the partition with terminal and then it's probably easier to copy everything somewhere else10:41
Abe_because nahh that looks too risky10:42
willFlannel: producing an error "error encountered while processing: Python-minimal and python " /usr/bin/dpkg returned error code (1) "10:43
Flannelwill: What sorts of things were you trying from stackoverflow?10:43
hilAbe_, that sounds right :) take the slow and easy way, if you are unsure10:44
willFlannel: it there any way to go to previous state using live ubuntu usb10:45
Abe_but wait I can Get the live CD to recognize (activate) your LVM.*10:45
Abe_You can now manage your encrypted partitions, mount them, copy them, or perform maintenance (fsck, backup, resize).10:45
Abe_Resizing needs to be done via terminal. but isn't it possible to manage them in gparted?10:46
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slappymcfryHi, guys. How does one search through code for a project on launchpad without having to download it. I'm just looking to see if a variable is present.10:46
Flannelwill: Can you please pastebin the error that it gave you?10:47
Abe_No I think i would have to back everything up10:47
madjoeHi guys! Could someone help  me with this issue, please? http://askubuntu.com/questions/739592/issue-related-with-unmet-dependencies-after-installing-new-libraries10:47
willcan't do that nothing is working on that system using ctrl+alt+f1 terminal10:48
Flannelwill: fair enough.  Ok, try this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install python10:48
xJeremyCxhey guys. I want to write a c++ app that can be ran on both windows and ubuntu(without changing lot of code). Should I use MinGW or Cygwin?10:50
willFlannel: trying10:50
cfhowlettxJeremyCx, ask #programming10:50
xJeremyCxokay, thanks10:50
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Abe_madjoe: do you really need those experimental lib files?10:53
ubuntu-mate_hi:) im trying to install ubuntu along side windows but im having trouble with the partitioning.. it only shows ~30 gb for files and the other ~6gb for ubuntu. however i have about 130 gb free space on my hard drive?10:54
willubuntu-mate_ : run ubuntu live and open gaprted then look at your partitions10:55
madjoeAbe_: Well, I don't think so... but without those experimental files, my Simple Scan and Xsane don't detect my scanner. Anyway, I could live without my scanner.10:56
ubuntu-mate_thanks ill take a look10:56
madjoeAbe_: How could I revert those libs to default 15.10?10:56
Abe_I installed a printer once and you can get it to work over ubuntu system settings somewhere, but i don't use unity anymore10:57
anziihey everyone - anyone have any experience in running WoW in Wine in Ubuntu 15.10?10:57
Abe_there was even a gui for it10:57
cfhowlettanzii, don't ask "does anyone ..." question.  ask the question that matters.10:57
madjoeAbe_: There's an issue with current version of saned, that's why I had to install those experimental libraries...10:58
willFlannel: i got error again :( "error processing package python (--configure): dependency problem leaving unconfigured . Errors were encountered while processing /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1) "10:58
Flannelwill: What is the dependency problem?10:59
=== alexander is now known as Guest20240
willFlannel: python-minimal10:59
anziiok, I'm trying to optimize it, I've set the OpenGL values in the wine regedit - tried optimizing so my dps would get better - are there any tweaks in ubuntu in regards of running games like this better?10:59
Flannelwill: and any more details? (should be version info)10:59
Abe_madjoe: If you are able to remove those i would follow this instruction propably http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147533611:00
willFlannel: wait i am going to write full error description11:00
Flannelwill: like "wants version X, but version Y is to be installed"11:00
cfhowlettanzii, #winehq might have that info11:01
willFlannel: python depends on python-minimal = (2.7.5-5ubuntu3); however: package python-minimal is not configured yet11:01
anziiok, my thought was that ubuntu users and developers might have more insight into this, since wine has general knowledge, maybe not specific for ubuntu. But I'll check that out :)11:02
madjoeAbe_: Ok, I'll try it.11:02
Flannelwill: ok.  Try `sudo apt-get install python-minimal`  (it will error, this is expected, but we'll get info from the error.  We're trying to peel away the errors to figre out what the *actual* root problem is)11:02
akishi all. i asked already in #xubuntu. i copied and pasted from libreoffice a password to mozilla and before i saved it in libreoffice file i closed the application. now i am out of website so i cannot change the password and i haven't save it too. Right click gives a gray "paste". i tried to paste it in other applications like mousepad or gimp but i wasn't lucky. i read a lot of documentation about and there is a bid discussion about this. is the11:05
akisre any chance to restore the clipboard content or is is definitely gone for ever? is there any chance to retrieve the information form a cache file or maybe from ...ram? i am under 14.04.1 without any clipboard manager installed. any tip or help please?11:05
willFlannel:No module named _struct , nd then same as previous error11:05
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cfhowlettakis, he's gone, Jim.11:06
Flannelwill: That's odd.  Ok.  Did you install any version of python manually or anything funky like that?11:07
willyup :p i was trying to upgrade it to 2.7.1111:08
Flannelwill: and how were you going about doing that?11:08
willmanually trying to build using source11:09
willFlannel: nd i tried to purge the older version of python11:09
willFlannel: then evrything went to shit11:09
akiscfhowlett: this is unfortunately what i don't want to believe! what is the writing mechanism on clipboard that cannot be recalled or restored? i read that it works through X system but isn't any possibility to search anything? or maybe mozilla stores temporally  this inf?11:10
Flannelwill: right.  You effectively told your system "remove python, I don't want it anymore", and then everything that uses python said "well, I guess I might as well go away too, since we don't have python"11:10
cfhowlettmozilla would the first to insist they don't store it.11:10
willFlannel: yeah same thing happened11:11
Flannelwill: Ok.  Um.  I can only assume that your manually installed version of python is screwing up this package's installation somehow (by being the python called by the scripts, but not being the 'right' python).11:11
willFlannel: python is still installed on system11:12
willonly some of confiurations are messed up11:12
willi think11:12
Flannelwill: So, I guess my recommendation is to remove the python you manually installed, then try the above command again. And then once you've got that working, install python, then ubuntu-desktop, and you should be back to normal.11:12
akiscfhowlett: is any chance that libreoffice stored a cache file with the updated information which finally i didn't save by mistake?11:12
Flannelwill: Well, if you can simply "sort out" the configurations, that's sufficient as well.11:12
willFlannel: i have tried almost every solution still no success it there any way to recover using live cd11:13
Flannelwill: The LiveCD can't do anything more than we can do.  (Well, other than reinstall, which I suppose does count as 'some way'.)11:14
cfhowlettakis, *posssibly* in .tmp according to paths used by Libreoffice11:15
cfhowlettor .config/libreoffice/4/user11:15
willFlannel: yup , if nothing works out then i have to again setup my system . nd it is the worst thing that can happen to me today :(11:16
Flannelwill: Trying to do something, breaking it horribly, trying to fix, and then giving up and reinstalling is the best way to learn about your system.11:17
Flannelwill: But like I said, it's a python versioning issue, so if you can sort it out (see the error message before the dpkg error, it's a python runtime error having to do with the wrong path, you may be able to figure it out)11:17
Abe_madjoe: you need alls those use the once from 14.04 + the extra 64 bit package apt-get install lib32stdc++6 if you have an 64 bit system "probably*"  try to get a .deb driver from here http://support-au.canon.com.au/  then force the architechture: sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture *.deb .11:18
Flannelwill: Actually, lets try this.  Try `sudo apt-get purge libpython2.7-minimal` and then `sudo apt-get install libpython2.7-minimal`11:19
Flannelwill: (and then try installing python2.7-minimal again)11:19
akiscfhowlett: in /home?11:19
willFlannel: yeah i think i have python, python2,2.7,2.7-config,3,3.4,3.4m,3m omg on my system .11:19
willFlannel: ok11:19
Abe_madjoe: idk I read that here https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Canon-Drucker/&prev=search i can read it so doesn't really help you tho11:20
cfhowlettakis look at libreoffice > tools > options > libreoffice > paths.  see:  Backups & Temporary Files11:21
Abe_madjoe: That's the driver https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Canon-Drucker/&prev=search11:21
Abe_no wait11:21
Abe_here http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100272302.html11:22
soul_Hello guys. Do you know how to convert a mkv  video into mp4?11:23
cfhowlettsoul_, avconv -u foo.mkv foo.mp411:24
sysop-rickIf i installed the package lxde.core in ubuntu 12.04 and i want to switch to this as default desktop environment, how would i define user-session= in file /usr/share/lightdm.conf ?11:24
sysop-rickuser-session=lxde  or user-session=lubuntu ?11:24
akiscfhowlett: i did it already. temporary files are stored in /tmp but nothing useful is there and backfiles are stored in /home/user/.config/libreoffice/4/backup which is empty :-(. any other possibility to retrieve the lost data?11:24
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cfhowlettsorry, akis .  bear in mind also that all memory actions effecting ram mean whatever might have been there is being increasingly fragmented.11:25
willFlannel: no success still the same error :(   life sucks11:26
soul_chachasmooth: -u or -i?11:26
sysop-rickIf i installed the package lxde.core in ubuntu 12.04 and i want to switch to this as default desktop environment, how would i define user-session= in file /usr/share/lightdm.conf ? user-session=lxde  or user-session=lubuntu ?11:27
madjoeAbe_: Thanks man, I've found a way to get around this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/739592/issue-related-with-unmet-dependencies-after-installing-new-libraries/739715#73971511:27
cfhowlett!patience | sysop-rick,11:27
ubottusysop-rick,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:27
soul_cfhowlett: -u doesn't exist and using -i turns into an empty file11:28
akiscfhowlett: ram is the only chance for me, but what do you exactly mean?11:28
Abe_good does you printer work or do you need the driver ?11:28
Abe_madjoe: good does you printer work or do you need the driver ?11:28
cfhowlettsoul_, dpkg -r | grep libav-tools            returns what ?11:29
Abe_MX870 series IJ Printer Driver Ver. 3.30 for Linux (debian Packagearchive) - http://support-asia.canon-asia.com/contents/ASIA/EN/0100272302.html11:29
cfhowlettakis, I mean that IF there was any remnant in ram, it has been degraded by all the ram reads/writes since it first entered ram.  I stress IF11:30
soul_cfhowlett: I already installed libab-tools11:30
cfhowlettsoul_, avconv -i  | pastebinit11:30
uhu1bonjour - guten Tag - new to Mint (16 actually which otherwise worked fine) - 2cd time out in chatrooms - I'm using Firefox on Vancouver is great, right - an Acer laptop with an i3 370M series chip - - -> GOOGLE and YAHOO not loading image functionality, only a ffew pictures and nothing opens - gmail also inaccessible - this suddenly started a week before Valentines - I did a re-install of Mint about the 22cd - I have a syslog file of events -11:32
uhu1any suggestions ? Yes Javascript reads enabled11:32
hilsysop-rick, should be user-session=Lubuntu11:32
cfhowlettuhu1, mint is not ubuntu.  not supported by ubuntu.  wrong channel11:32
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:32
MagentiumHowdy everyone :D Just wondering if anyone has noticed issues on 15.10 whereby the wifi wont scan after coming out of sleep mode?11:33
MagentiumCan provide lspci etc if required.11:33
uhu1ubottu thanx a bunch11:33
ubottuuhu1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:33
akiscfhowlett: sure IF this was possible it is already almost 5 hours i lost the data and i am looking for a way to restore it without the mean time shutdown the system, but as there is a lot of ram unused maybe is not overwritten. but this is just a possibility...i know that. i am afraid today i faced this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/11334 although i am always very very careful.11:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 11334 in GTK+ "MASTER Copy-Paste doesn't work if the source is closed before the paste" [Medium,Confirmed]11:35
cfhowlettsoul_, try this:  avconv -i foo.mkv -c:v copy -c:a copy -sn foo.mp411:36
hilMagentium, try this method with your wifi module: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200469011:37
soul_chachasmooth: Thanks for the work. At the end I installed VLC and allowed it to convert the video for me. None of the commands I found worked :/11:41
Magentiumhil, thanks! Sorry for late reply, net went nuts here lol11:44
belgianguyDoes anyone know if 16.04 takes steps wrt user privacy? As it seems that 'other' OS'es don't take that approach11:45
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | belgianguy11:45
ubottubelgianguy: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+111:45
Magentiumhil, that is exactly the same adapter as mine! You are a mind reader! Teach me oh master!11:45
belgianguyah, I'm sorry cfhowlett, I'll go and check it out :)11:45
cfhowlettbelgianguy, no apology needed, happy2help!11:46
aegisdo you prefer vim or nano or emacs?11:46
Magentiumnano = god11:46
hil... \o/11:46
cfhowlettaegis, please do not poll in this channel.  try #ubuntu-offtopic.  thanks11:46
MagentiumQuestion, 14.04.X LTS is being replaced soon by another LTS right?Is that 16.04 that is replacing it?11:47
MagentiumToo easy, shall stick to 15.10 for a few months until its released :D11:48
cfhowlettMagentium, I would not say "replacing" but 16.04 is the next LTS.11:48
Magentiumcfhowlett, yeah my bad, i hate that word. I thought that 17.04 was the next LTS release and was going to "downgrade" my server to 14.04.(3?) and go from there, but will just wait :D11:48
madjoeThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:  argyll argyll-ref gnome-control-center-data gnome-settings-daemon libcolord-gtk1 libgoa-backend-1.0-111:49
madjoeI is safe to remove those packages?11:49
madjoeIs it safe to remove those packages?11:49
MagentiumI would just run apt-get autoremove11:50
Magentiumand let APT figure out what is needed and what isn't11:50
madjoeMagentium: this is the output of autoremove11:50
Magentiummadjoe, that should be fine then :D11:50
madjoeOk :)11:50
Magentiummadjoe, that means that no other packages installed have declared that those packages are dependencies. You can leave them, or remove them.11:51
MagentiumArAAn, hello :D11:51
madjoeMagentium: if any other app will need them, they will install them, right?11:51
=== vox_ is now known as vox
Magentiummadjoe, pending that the application is developed well yes :)11:52
madjoenice! :)11:52
Magentiummadjoe, but it also depends. If its in the canonical repo's it should pull those files, if its in it's own repo the dev may have their own version of the package set for install, either way, i live by autoremove and so far (touch wood) have had no issues in years of using it11:52
=== EREVAN_ is now known as EREVAN
madjoeMagentium: good to know11:53
=== EREVAN is now known as Guest21925
* madjoe knocks on wood.11:53
mike___what's the most appropriate channel for discussing ubuntu's wacom input drivers?11:54
cfhowlettmike___, such discussions are rare indeed.  more productive to use the forums11:56
Magentiummike___, depending on your issue we MAY be able to help here? I have a Wacom Tablet, perhaps I've had the issue you're experiencing?11:57
_SLM_Hi - I cannot run any more updates because apparently my /boot is full. I ran BleachBit, as was recommended here, but it didn't solve it.12:07
cfhowletthttp://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/ _SLM_12:09
_SLM_That link redirects me to unixmen.com12:10
_SLM_and their search option is broken12:10
belgianguywould autoremove clean older kernels up?12:11
_SLM_Using https://web.archive.org/web/20150703110343/http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu now12:11
BluesKajHey all12:12
_SLM_After following the steps on that page at the bottom of the page I suddenly see:12:16
_SLM_"Important : Do not uninstall the linux-image-generic as it is necessary to receive updates of the kernel."12:16
_SLM_Little late. After even providing the example: "sudo apt-get purge linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic"12:16
_SLM_Already deleted 2 generic ones12:17
_SLM_Messy tutorial... did I cause a problem now? :(12:17
_SLM_Why say: "Now for example try to delete the oldest one (change oldest kernel with your oldest one) :$ sudo apt-get purge oldest-kernel In my case :$ sudo apt-get purge linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic" and then below that "Important : Do not uninstall the linux-image-generic as it is necessary to receive updates of the kernel."12:18
_SLM_That is very messy :(12:18
cfhowlett_SLM_, you know what you removed.  sudo apt install it to get it back12:18
hil_SLM_, just the linux-image-generic and the latest kernel must remain12:19
_SLM_Ok, thanks cfhowlett12:19
_SLM_And ok hil, I'll do what cfhowlett suggested12:19
_SLM_Oh... wait. Did that tutorial maybe mean: linux-image-generic-lts-vividinstall ?12:21
_SLM_I suddenly see that at the bottom of $ dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image12:21
_SLM_Sorry, totally new at this12:21
_SLM_Very confused12:21
Team24Northhi guys12:21
Team24Northhow can i delete the thunderbird tray icon ?12:22
pers3usTeam24North: by uninstalling it?12:23
Team24Northi'll try12:23
hil_SLM_, the linux-image-generic (without a number) must remain. And the linux-image with the last version number.12:23
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
_SLM_Ah I see now, thanks hil12:23
=== dave4925_ is now known as dave4925
_SLM_I dont see a linux-image-generic12:24
linuxlovei am using ubuntu 15.10 i need to connect SMS panel to my sql database how can i do that on ubuntu?12:24
hil_SLM_, yah, keep that one12:24
_SLM_Ah okay12:24
_SLM_will do, thanks12:24
Team24Norththe icon is still there12:24
linuxlovedoes exist a program for that ?12:24
belgianguyTeam24North: the top system tray? in Unity?12:25
linuxlovei am using ubuntu 15.10 i need to connect SMS panel to my sql database how can i do that on ubuntu?12:26
linuxlovei am using ubuntu 15.10 i need to connect SMS panel to my sql database how can i do that on ubuntu?12:26
BluesKajlinuxlove, sms-tools?12:26
pers3usTeam24North: Restart machine or restart x1112:27
Team24Northok brb12:27
linuxloveBluesKaj, does exist a way on ubuntu to do that?12:28
BluesKajsms-tools , is all I can suggest , that's all I kinow, linuxlove12:29
_SLM_That solved the update problem. Thanks cfhowlett and hil12:29
belgianguy_SLM_: you might also want to look into what "autoremove" does, it might be of use :)12:30
Team24Northok it works. thx for your help12:30
_SLM_I'll have a look belgianguy, thanks for the tip12:31
linuxloveBluesKaj, i have a website that my customers need to send message to my sms center and get a verify code12:31
linuxloveBluesKaj, what is sms-tools?12:31
linuxloveBluesKaj, is it a program in ubuntu?12:31
BluesKajyes it is in the package manager, linuxlove12:32
xubuntu787is it possible to split the system partition as i haven't created any while installation?12:32
linuxloveBluesKaj, i see just SMS in package manager12:32
pers3usBluesKaj: Is it like some uptime info? What is this sms thing used for?12:32
hilsms-tools is a sound/music program12:33
pers3usBluesKaj, hil huh? what is this SMS panel linuxlove is talking about? :)12:33
hilpers3us, i have no udea12:34
hil idea12:34
pers3ussame here. I am absolutely confused.12:34
xubuntu_userafter updating ubuntu 14.04 it use wrong screen resolution, i cant set resolution to 1440 x 90012:34
belgianguyI guess something to do with phone interaction12:35
belgianguysending/receiving texts12:35
belgianguylike http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16253033/how-to-use-phone-modem-with-smstools3-on-ubuntu-12-0412:35
pers3usBut what could be the purpose? linuxlove do you want to send message to some phone?12:35
hilsmstools3 is messaging server i guess12:35
linuxlovepers3us, no12:35
pers3usoh ..12:35
belgianguylinuxlove: what info do you want to store in SQL db?12:36
gertSxubuntu_user: You mean in graphical tools, right?12:37
gertSDid you edit your Xconfig, or use non-free graphical drivers?12:37
linuxlovebelgianguy, the code that customer send by phone need to store in database12:37
xubuntu_useri reinstalled video driver12:37
xubuntu_userand 1440 900 is missing12:37
bekksxubuntu_user: And whichh video driver is it and how did you install it?12:38
linuxlovebelgianguy, and i need to retrive data from database in my php code12:38
pers3uslinuxlove: Basically you need SMS gateway to recieve the messages?12:38
xubuntu_usernvidia 30412:38
linuxlovepers3us, yes12:38
xubuntu_userfrom settings aditional drivers12:38
belgianguylinuxlove: I'd think you'd need either expore if there is an API/event handler you can hook into12:38
linuxlovepers3us, i dunno how can i configure a sms gateway on ubuntu12:38
belgianguyeg something like 'onMessageReceived' -> execute this code (script that writes to db)12:39
pers3uslinuxlove: check out the link hil shared. It is what you are looking for.12:39
CoolRabbitdo we have any known problems with Unity-tweaks hotcorners?12:40
gertSxubuntu_user: sorry, I use AMD.12:41
gertSDrivers can be a bitch, though. Maybe you have more luck setting your res with the tool Xrandr, if you don't use it already?12:41
belgianguylinuxlove: http://smstools3.kekekasvi.com/index.php?p=configure -> look for "eventhandler = filename"12:41
belgianguySpecifies an external program or script that will execute whenever a message was sent, received or failed.12:41
gertSAlternatively, for GUI: ARandR.12:42
linuxlovebelgianguy, do i need a modem for that?12:43
belgianguylinuxlove: yeah, I think so, how would you connect to the cellphone network otherwhise?12:44
bekkslinuxlove: Depends on how you want to connect your phone.12:44
bekksbelgianguy: by using a phone :)12:44
tete_hi, is this also the channel for 16.04 or is there an alpha channel?12:44
belgianguybekks: yeah, but he wants to receive texts from phones12:44
linuxlovebelgianguy, i live at iran is this service available here12:44
bekksbelgianguy: Then he needs a phone.12:44
bekksbelgianguy: a modem cant receive texts.12:45
bekkslinuxlove: you need a cellphone connected to your computer.12:45
tete_i copied the mini.iso for 16.04 to a usb stick with dd, but when i select the usb stick for booting being an uefi device, it looks like as if the loader would work but then the selection screen comes back again12:46
tete_like if something would block the boot process?12:46
ed_1can someone help please? i recently changed the pci wifi card on my laptop and now all my pci networks disappear after standby or reboot. they return after power out/battery out....5min...reboot. etc/network/interfaces has just # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) .auto lo.iface lo inet loopback.  the wifi card shows under nm but with hardware switch is OFF (its not) and 3g card is absent. i looked up similar problems and solutions but no good so f12:46
belgianguybekks: ah, I see, I just thought of connecting to the cellphone network (2G?)12:46
pers3usbekks: belgianguy linuxlove, the best way to go about is to integrate with some service provider. It is the easiest thing to do.12:46
bekksbelgianguy: Which you need a cellphone for. :)12:46
belgianguybekks: true :p12:46
bekkspers3us: integrating with a cellphone provide means: you need a phone.12:46
belgianguypers3us: so a dongle with a SIM card would not fly?12:47
pers3usbekks: Actually the phone part is taken care by some provider. They will expose some api that you can access to get the updates on the messages recieved12:47
bekkspers3us: which you need a phone for.12:47
pers3usbelgianguy: I am not sure how much configuration is required for that.12:48
bekkspers3us: I've done that ages ago with a Nokia.12:48
bekkspers3us: No provider integration needed at all, just a phone.12:48
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
pers3usI had done something similar long time ago. bekks, what you are talking about works alright, but probably is not a good option for some vendor12:48
linuxlovei dunno what do i need now12:48
pers3usor some website.12:48
bekkslinuxlove: You need to clear up what you are actually wanting to do.12:49
bekkslinuxlove: whats the big picture behind using smstools3?12:49
pers3uslinuxlove: bekks is right. you need to elaborate a bit. If this is some development that you are doing, and there is some website, using a third party sms gateway provider is better than setting up your own infrastructure.12:50
linuxlovebekks, when my customer put a case for sale on my website he gets a code from me he should message that code to my sms center12:50
pers3usand if it is a hobby, go ahead and route messages from phone to your database. it isn't complicated enough.12:50
pers3uslinuxlove: It would be better if you used some third party gateway provider. It is easier that way.12:51
bekkslinuxlove: at that point, pers3us is right.12:51
linuxlovei need to save phone number and code on database12:51
pers3usSo these gateway providers will give you apis which you can call, which will return the phone number and the code that was sent to these gateways.12:52
linuxloveas i have protocol with phone companies the pay of the money is just with phone credit12:53
linuxloveand when a customer send that code he pay with phone credit for advertsment12:54
linuxlovepers3us, i dunno how can i configure what you say12:54
bekksThen you need to integrate with a 3rd party gateway provider. You dont need to providde the messaging hardware for your customers.12:55
ed_1bump: can someone help please? i recently changed the pci wifi card on my laptop and now all my pci networks disappear after standby or reboot. they return after power out/battery out....5min...reboot. etc/network/interfaces has just # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) .auto lo.iface lo inet loopback.  the wifi card shows under nm but with hardware switch is OFF (its not) and 3g card is absent. i looked up similar problems and solutions but no goo12:56
ed_1d so far.12:56
bekkslinuxlove: there is no need for messaging me in private, please keeo it in the channel. thank you.12:56
pers3usI don't know any provider in Iran so I can't help with actual documentation, here is a global one https://www.twilio.com/sms12:56
belgianguyed_1: do you have any specs to share12:56
cronded_1, what kind of card is it?12:57
belgianguyed_1: card brand/model number/OS version/12:57
linuxlovepers3us, we have irancell here12:57
linuxloveirancell provider12:58
bekkslinuxlove: So talk to twilio.com wether you can use their service in Iran, too.12:58
ed_1hi guys, i upgraded from intel stock abg to abgn also intel, shall i pastie dmesg or what? thanks12:58
pers3uslinuxlove: talk to irancell then. Their support will help you better than us.12:58
linuxlovebekks, you mean i dont need any hardware?12:58
bekkslinuxlove: No, using twilio.com you dont need any hardware. Talk to them, and talk to Irancell, too.12:59
ed_1just checking card model12:59
linuxlovei get access denid from https://www.twilio.com/sms12:59
belgianguylinuxlove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiqupYG8ZqU here they use an USB dongle to send texts13:00
cronded_1, try lspci | grep Network13:00
pers3usbelgianguy: I don't think that should be the approach. He is running a website after all.13:00
bekkslinuxlove: then yiu need to talk to Irancell.13:01
ed_1product: PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection13:01
pers3uslinuxlove: How are you sending message in the first place?13:01
belgianguypers3us: ah, if he has no access to hardware, he needs to use 3rd party services indeed13:01
linuxlovepers3us, what do you mean?13:01
ed_10b:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)13:01
pers3uslinuxlove: You have to send some message which the customer needs to send back to a certain number right?13:02
linuxlovepers3us, yes13:02
ed_13945 was the old card13:02
pers3uslinuxlove: So how are you sending the message to customer?13:02
xubuntu_usercan anyone help me ? how can i set custom resolution in xubuntu?13:02
pers3usxubuntu_user: There was a simple option in xfce iirc.13:03
ed_1Bus 003 Device 013: ID 1199:6855 Sierra Wireless, Inc.  also missing13:03
cronded_1, try sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi and then sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=113:03
crondsee if that helps13:03
linuxlovepers3us, no , he see from website that he should send message to the number that he see for example number 20000010 and code=124513:04
xubuntu_useri want to chane screen resolution to 1440x900 and this res. is missing from list13:04
bekksxubuntu_user: Does your screen even support that resolution?13:04
linuxlovepers3us, he should send code=1245 to number 20000010 by phone13:04
cronded_1, if it does, add options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 to /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf , but do it manually first to see if that fixes the issue13:04
ed_1rmmod: ERROR: missing module name.13:05
ed_1modprobe: FATAL: Error running remove command for iwlwifi13:05
linuxlovepers3us, he see this in website when he fill form for sale a case13:05
bekksed_1: sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi13:06
xubuntu_userafter update res changed to 1150 86013:06
bekksed_1: that will remove that module.13:06
gertSubuntu_user: Try the following in a command line: xrandr13:06
linuxlovepers3us, i just need to match phone number and code from database13:06
ed_1oops, im stupid, cut and paste too much13:06
gertSIt will all avaiable display resolutions.13:06
bekkslinuxlove: you need to talk to Irancell.13:07
linuxlovepers3us, did you get it?13:07
pers3uslinuxlove: That is fine, what I want to know is, how are u sending the message? Are you calling some API13:07
bekkspers3us: Yes, since he needs to send the message to the customer, by cellphone. Irancell issue.13:07
ed_1rmmod: ERROR: missing module name.13:07
ed_1modprobe: FATAL: Error running remove command for iwlwifi13:07
linuxlovebekks, i dont need to send message i just need to recieve message13:08
crondyou may be using iwl4965 then, but I am not sure of a fix for that13:08
gertSubuntu_user: Look if 1440x980 or whatever even shows as supported.13:08
bekkslinuxlove: which is the same technically, you need to use some API.13:08
linuxlovejust customer send code to my sms center13:08
bekkslinuxlove: And this API can be provided by Irancell, e.g.13:09
pers3uslinuxlove: oh, alright. You need to get in touch with Irancell to do that.13:09
pers3usbekks is right, just talk to their support. They will explain everything.13:09
linuxlovefor last question13:09
hicoleriHow do I make an application restart even after it closes unexpectedly (like after an error)? I'm trying to do this with redshift.13:10
linuxlovei dont need to hardware then?13:10
bekkslinuxlove: You asked that three times now, and your question was already answered.13:10
linuxlovebekks, okay13:11
pers3usbekks:  :D13:11
linuxlovethanks guys13:11
pers3ushicoleri: upstart?13:12
pers3ushicoleri: This is a good guide. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-a-linux-service-to-start-automatically-after-a-crash-or-reboot-part-1-practical-examples13:15
pers3ushicoleri: basically you need to configure upstart script, i.e. make it a service, then have "respawn" in your config. You can set respawn parameters like "respawn limit 2 5". This tells how many retries it has to do.13:17
gertSxubuntu_user: a good guide would be wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/xrandr Maybe, just your systems' screen autodetection got defunct.13:18
pers3ushicoleri: Check this one, it is without digitalocean's droplets. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-a-linux-service-to-start-automatically-after-a-crash-or-reboot-part-2-reference13:19
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CoolRabbitanyone know how to make a boot_grub partition so my Mac continues to boot my Ubuntu after I reshaped my partitions?13:24
CoolRabbit2 - can I resize my / partition while using Ubuntu or would it be better to boot a rescue DVD?13:25
linuxlovehey pers3us did you watch that video?13:25
pers3uslinuxlove: Nope.13:25
crondCoolRabbit, you can't resize a partition that is in use.  You'd have to unmount it.13:25
belgianguyCoolRabbit: making a backup can save you much headaches13:25
linuxlovepers3us, is not useful for me?13:26
CoolRabbitcrond ... thx ...13:26
linuxlovepers3us, they use from a usb13:26
CoolRabbitcrond do you know how to flag a partition to grub_boot from the 14.04 install media?13:27
linuxlovepers3us, could you take  look at it?13:27
pers3uslinuxlove: I didn't watch the video so can't comment on that. But as far as I understand, if you have a wesbite running, and it is hosted somewhere which most probably is not your own premise, any sort of hardware access won't work13:27
linuxloveit is on my own13:27
linuxlovemy server is this ubuntu that i am running13:28
pers3uslinuxlove: That is not a good idea either.13:28
CoolRabbitbelgianguy, my /home is in a separate partition ... my stuff are safe13:28
linuxlovepers3us, why ?13:28
linuxlovepers3us, my server is this system at the moment13:28
linuxlovepers3us, but i cant understand how they use usb for that13:29
pers3uslinuxlove: Can you guarantee uptime or power outage etc? Can you handle the traffic when there are open connections?13:29
crondCoolRabbit, I do not, sorry.  I'd have to google it.13:29
pers3uslinuxlove: I am not sure about that. I have never done anything of that sort.13:29
CoolRabbitthx Ill google by myself ;)13:29
pers3usCoolRabbit: Don't you have to use some other bootloader for mac?13:30
crondCoolRabbit, sounds like a plan :)13:30
linuxlovepers3us, it is my website for test now13:30
pers3usCoolRabbit: I thought it was chameleon13:30
linuxlovei am testing all thing on it13:30
pers3uslinuxlove: Doesn't matter, when it goes live, how will you ensure that you have physical access, i.e. you are able to plug your usb dongle there.13:31
linuxlovepers3us, i am in doubt13:32
linuxlovepers3us, but i cant cost at the moment13:33
tete_i downloaded now 16.04 alpha2 iso and booted from that, uefi setup works but: where is the advanced installer?! i would like to use the ncurses based advanced installer (which worked like a charm in the mini.iso) - where is it?13:33
CoolRabbitpers3us, I use the EFInt and it works fine ... In newer Macs it seems Grub will suffice though ... I ave a old (2008) macbook and rEFind works marvelous13:33
CoolRabbit. I use rEFind ... sorry13:33
pers3usoh ya sorry rEFind .. not chameleon.13:33
pers3uschameleon is for hackintosh.13:33
crondtete_, try #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 stuff13:34
DzAirmaXhi guyz!13:34
linuxlovepers3us, what is a usb dongle13:34
pers3uslinuxlove: It's basically a GSM modem.13:35
DzAirmaXone simple question, I have a nano process running and I ant to go back into it, how can I do ?13:35
linuxlovepers3us, for begining of my website in your opinion is it useful for me to buy a usb dongle13:36
linuxlovepers3us, or use from API from now13:37
DzAirmaXthats the command kill -CONT13:37
DzAirmaXfound it take care guyz, have a nice one xD13:37
pers3uslinuxlove: At this point, I don't know if you understand the problem. Service providers generally provide some free API calls for testing and integration. You should get in touch with them. As far as USB dongle is concerned, you need to think about what you are building than asking here.13:38
linuxlovepers3us, thanks13:39
quadrupelhi, I have an ubuntu vm using VMware workstation 12 inside an ubuntu 15.10 host and after switching between vm and host sometimes the mouse cursor does not match with real position inside vm13:44
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quadrupelafter resizing the window it is working again13:49
belgianguylinuxlove: I'd write down what you want to do, clearly laying out the different interacting components13:52
belgianguyand seeing where you need what knowledge13:52
maqboolHow to guys understand large codebase?13:52
bekksmaqbool: That question doesnt make much sense.13:53
belgianguymaqbool: documentation, interfaces, knowledge of the topic at hand13:53
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belgianguymaqbool: and time, lots of time13:54
quadrupelhi, I have an ubuntu vm using VMware workstation 12 inside an ubuntu 15.10 host and after switching between vm and host sometimes the mouse cursor does not match with real position inside vm. after resizing host window it is working again but it is rly annoying that I have to do that. can u help me?13:54
quadrupel*not the host window. lol13:55
imthenachomanhello guys. i've got a fresh install of ubuntu. there is a command that configures apt-get upgrade so that when there are readme files it will "more" or "less" them so the user can read the details. so when they do apt-get upgrade they will see the contents of the file and have to q to quit the more for that file so it can continue the upgrade. anyone know the command?13:55
belgianguyquadrupel: I'd gather that's due to your virtualisation, not Ubuntu per se13:55
quadrupelbelgianguy, what can I do to solve that issue or to find out what the problem is?13:56
bekksquadrupel: update the guest additions, possibly.13:57
bekksquadrupel: If thath doesnt help, the next step would be the VMware Knowledgebase.13:57
quadrupelok. thanks13:58
codemagicianDoes anyone know how to remedy a hung mouse pointer in Unity desktop - it's stuck as a hand icon (15.10)?14:01
drspasticPlease help get my wifi back14:02
drspasticIt disappeared after restart or standby14:02
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eversonHi. I use a laptop with a docking station. I also use multiple Workspaces on my Ubuntu desktop which I use to categorise open windows (ie: Workspace 1 for IDE, 2 for browser, 3 for documents, etc.). When I dock / undock my laptop, my workspace windows get jumbled up and I have to resort them. Is this a known issue? Is there a work-around? Thanks.14:20
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ed_1hi, im back again. still trying to fix this wifi, every time i standby or boot i lose the intel 4965 pci card, ubuntu tells disabled y swithch. battery out for 5 mins and boots up fine.14:27
ed_1i need to find out why and fix permenant or will need to downgrade to old wifi card14:28
belgianguyed_1: any fixes you already tried? What Ubuntu version are you on?14:29
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ed_13.13.0-44-generic #73-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 16 00:23:46 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux14:31
belgianguyed_1: that's the lernel version I assume, what Ubuntu are you running?14:32
ed_1tried rfkill unblock modules and other things i dont understand14:32
MonkeyDustdon't paste random lines ... xhzt's the output of   cat /etc/issue14:32
ed_1think its 140414:32
MonkeyDusted_1  cat /etc/issue    what's the outcome14:33
venom_any one here from Egypt14:34
belgianguyed_1: "lsb_release -a" is the command to show what version you have (in a terminal, without quotes)14:35
ed_1Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l14:35
MonkeyDustvenom_  we're all from the same planet, this is ubuntu support14:35
ev0lv3can someone tell me a vnc client for ubuntu?14:35
MonkeyDust!vnc| ev0lv3 start here14:36
ubottuev0lv3 start here: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX14:36
ed_1LSB Version:core-2.0-ia32:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-ia32:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-ia32:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch:core-4.1-ia32:core-4.1-noarch:security-4.0-ia32:security-4.0-noarch:security-4.1-ia32:security-4.1-noarch14:36
ed_1Distributor ID:Ubuntu14:36
ed_1Description:Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS14:36
venom_i mean near to me more if i need some help :D14:36
MonkeyDusted_1  http://paste.ubuntu.com/    use this for multiple lines14:36
venom_i have small problem i brought  a USB wifi card totlink N150UA14:37
venom_and i work only without monitor mod14:37
venom_is there any help14:37
jophishI'm running into an issue exactly as described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/726052/ubuntu-booting-in-insecure-mode-with-secureboot-enabled14:37
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Guest89976my computer reports that it's booting in insecure mode even when that's enabled in the bios14:38
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jophish____I've tried switching it off and on again in the bios to no avail14:38
ed_1<belgianguy>  is there a way to check whats going on after it fails?14:38
Nileshcan anyone help with dpkg: error processing package runit (--configure): problem?14:40
StephenSI have an issue with setting wallpaper14:41
StephenSits set rotated for 18014:41
StephenSI dont know, but its upside down, I opened it in image viewer and it was straight, but when I set it as background, its rotated... ?14:41
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belgianguyStephenS: was this a picture taken with a mobile phone?15:00
belgianguymaybe it contains orientation data of some sort that gets read15:00
StephenSbelgianguy, yes15:13
ign0shi there15:13
StephenSits a taken by phone15:13
StephenSand orientation is screwed15:13
StephenSI can see with ffmpeg that metadata for rotate is 18015:13
ign0swow  a lot of ppl no op15:13
StephenSits because portrait and landscape on android15:13
belgianguyStephenS: can you remove that ? :)15:13
StephenSbut now I need a way to rotate it on ubuntu15:13
StephenSI could remove that, but it requires decoding and encoding for each pic15:14
StephenSI want a simpler method :)15:14
NegativeFlareWow, the wiki is down15:14
belgianguyStephenS: the code for setting backgrounds takes it into account15:14
belgianguyso I'm afraid that's the only way, strip the rotation info by script?15:15
belgianguyStephenS: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2654281/how-to-remove-exif-data-without-recompressing-the-jpeg15:15
belgianguywould that work?15:15
StephenSInput #0, image2, from 'x.jpg':15:16
StephenS  Duration: 00:00:00.04, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 150848 kb/s15:16
StephenS    Stream #0:0: Video: mjpeg, yuvj420p(pc, bt470bg/unknown/unknown), 1920x1080, 25 tbr, 25 tbn, 25 tbc15:16
StephenSno rotation metatag, hmm I assumed it was there by default15:16
belgianguyStephenS: best to use pastebin for multi-line things15:16
belgianguyStephenS: maybe try the tool, see if it works?15:17
grig_Can anyone? I am try andriod development on xubuntu 32 bit i686 and having problems15:17
MonkeyDustgrig_  that's for the android channel, then15:19
belgianguygrig_:  #android-dev15:19
StephenSbelgianguy, that tool rotates my pic15:19
StephenSbut when I set it as wallpaper, I still get it rotated15:19
StephenSI dont get it15:19
belgianguyStephenS: then I don't know what's causing it. I'd load it into GIMP and save it as a PNG to be sure it's not the EXIF data15:20
belgianguyor cursed15:20
StephenSbelgianguy, thanks!15:21
StephenSgimp thing worked15:21
belgianguyStephenS: happy to help :)15:21
grig_@belgianguy: There's noone there15:23
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=== SAMUT is now known as StephenS
bekksgrig_: There are 398 people in that room.15:24
belgianguygrig_: I come there quite often, but join ubuntu-offtopic for non-ubuntu chats15:25
belgianguythere they might be more lenient towards such topics15:25
belgianguygrig_: or PM me your general issue, I use Android Studio under Ubuntu 1515:26
TheEagerPadawan trying to backup .mozilla with a live cd, system reports that i don't have permission15:31
bekksThen you dont have permissions. Did you check the permissions?15:33
consolejazzTheEagerPadawan: able to access the desktop? get to the command line with Alt+F2, then enter `gksudo nautilus`15:34
consolejazzsee if you can navigate to the desired directory15:34
errhello everybody. Can somebody help me with vpn15:35
SchrodingersScat!vpn | err15:35
ubottuerr: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN15:35
consolejazzyou guys and your fancy bots :>15:35
statusfailedHow do I turn on ipv6 on 15.10 ?15:36
statusfailedI get "network unreachable" when I try to ping6 ipv6.google.com15:36
bekksstatusfailed: does your ISP support IPv6?15:37
irawansyahbefore my genymotion run verywell but now cant run any error messsage unable to load virtualbox engine, make surrre that it is properly installed before start genymotio15:37
errwiki is not enough for me. I would like to use softether with a 3 hubs and 3 sites15:37
statusfailedbekks: Yes15:38
bekksirawansyah: So did you make sure it is properly installed?15:38
statusfailedIt used to work fine on Arch Linux15:38
SchrodingersScat!ask | err15:38
ubottuerr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:38
bekkserr: What is "softether"?15:38
errvpn software15:39
irawansyahya, before virtualbox properly installed15:39
MonkeyDusterr  start from the beginning, what are you doing, what brings you here15:39
bekksirawansyah: And now, is it properly installed?15:39
erravaileabel for linux, mac, win, with a useable gui15:39
irawansyahi can run virtualbox15:40
errMonkeydust: I would like to build a vpn with 3 sites. I have a connection to the vpn server but i cant reach pcs from one subnet to another. That is my problem15:41
TheEagerPadawanbekks: seems like the folder was created by root15:41
TheEagerPadawanconsolejazz: seems like the file was created by root15:42
bekksTheEagerPadawan: While folder/file?15:42
errI tried a lot of settings but I cant get along with it so thatswhy I would like to get som help15:42
irawansyahbekks: how to fix it15:42
bekksirawansyah: Can you pastebin the exact error message pleasE?15:43
consolejazzirawansyah: you may wish to also try asking in ##networking15:43
bekkserr: So establish three vpn between these sites.15:43
consolejazzfor another perspective15:43
consolejazzTheEagerPadawan: so you don't have admin access? are you able to access the `.mozilla` folder now or not?15:44
bekksconsolejazz: he is on a livecd.15:44
consolejazzTheEagerPadawan: you ran `gksudo nautilus` at the commandline right15:44
consolejazzbekks: ah, thanks15:45
bekkserr: No need for an unasked query, keep it in the channel please.15:46
TheEagerPadawanlet me try the gksudo trick15:46
errSo, 1 site is a server s site, and I have 2 other sites which are connected to the server.15:48
bekkserr: Then you need to setup a VPN dialin, and just connect your sites to your server.15:48
errI already have the connection.15:49
err3 sites has 3 different subnets. but I do not know where and how to set the gateways.15:50
TheEagerPadawanconsolejazz: gksudo nautilus - program gksudi is curren'tly not installed15:50
bekksTheEagerPadawan: gksudo isnt gksu15:50
TheEagerPadawancome again?15:53
poweruphola hello15:53
erreach site need to run vpnserver or vpnbridge. the vpnserver and vpn bridge has a virtual hub in it. When You want to connect the physical lan, You have to make a localbridge to the lan.15:53
belgianguyerr:  that's #networking IMO15:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:53
MonkeyDust##networking, dounle #15:54
belgianguyMonkeyDust: ah, oops15:54
vijuHi, how do I know what firewall is being used in ubuntu 12.04?15:54
errI know it is networking. I also know I have to set some static route.15:55
MonkeyDustviju  iptables15:55
errI need some help in it15:56
vijuMonkeyDust, how do I check for the status?15:56
MonkeyDustviju  sudo ufw status15:57
MonkeyDustviju  ufw = uncomplicated firewall15:57
vijuMonkeyDust,  ufw is inactive15:57
MonkeyDustviju  sudo ufw enable15:57
vijuIs it a front end to iptables?15:58
errI am fighting with this problem for a while so Please Just give me a guide than I figure out how to do15:58
MonkeyDustviju  gufw or fwbuilder15:58
vijuDon't know why I turned it off.15:58
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belgianguylocked myself out of my VPS once, good times15:59
MonkeyDustviju  there's also fail2ban16:03
silkeyhello people16:04
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TheEagerPadawanand got access to root16:11
TheEagerPadawancase closed ;)16:12
ulrike_my dvd-rw drive is not recognised I think (when I check the kernel messsages with "tail -f | dmesg" it doesn't show anything if a CD is entered). The drive makes noise though16:12
ulrike_where do I start when I want to get it working?16:13
daftykinsdrive firmware tells it to spin up media and begin to read even if the OS isn't really communicating with it16:13
daftykinsi think you have your command backwards, but see if your brand of drive comes up in dmesg at all - otherwise check the connections16:14
ulrike_is a cd drive usually listed in lspci?16:14
ulrike_I can't locate mine in the results16:14
daftykinsno because it's not a PCI device16:14
daftykinscheck it's detected in your BIOS16:15
ulrike_will do, thx brb16:15
daftykinsif it's modern enough to be SATA and it's definitely connected ok, it should be there - if it's PATA, check the jumper configuration on the back of the drive16:15
ulrike_it's a notebook so I guess it is SATA, the notebook got shipped with windows vista16:16
ulrike_guess it is sata16:16
ulrike_brb rebooting16:16
daftykinsah ok16:16
ulrike_daftykins: I think it is recognised now16:20
daftykinswhat did you change?16:20
ulrike_i saw it in the bios and now there is an "Audio CD" icon on the desktop16:20
ulrike_nothing, but I did install a lot of updates before I entered the cd16:21
ulrike_maybe something had to do with the drive16:21
ulrike_all the 14.04.416:21
ulrike_i didnt update the system for a few weeks16:21
docmurI'm trying to make a custom live DVD and when I try to copy /usr/lib/syslinux/isolinux.bin, Im getting "No such file or directory", but I installed syslinux-common and utils16:25
MeatHammerhey all, how do I return the PID of a network namespace?16:31
MonkeyDustMeatHammer  is this useful http://www.haifux.org/lectures/299/netLec7.pdf16:34
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holdsworthhow can I switch to already running process that is in the background?16:43
ouroumovholdsworth, "fg" command16:45
ed_1back for more... losing wifi card after standby/reboot. heres some huge pastie if anyone can help diagnose please. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15216474/16:47
NukienWhat's the fastest way to copy a 2TB file from one sata3 disk to another both on xfs ? I'm using rsync now but only getting 50MB/s16:47
cilly_Hello ppl.I am having wi-fi issue in a Dell M1330 with an Dell 1505 .I have tried ndiswrapper and wicd.Sometimes I get to see my wi-fi network,can connect to it,but not being able to receive any kind of data.16:48
Nukien50MB/s is piss-poor16:48
compdocboth drives in the same PC and copy16:48
NukienThey're both local16:48
compdocyou mean net16:49
NukienNo - both in same system16:49
compdocwow. slow drives16:49
compdocor one is16:49
Nukienshouldn't be - toshiba 3tb sata3 7200rpm16:49
compdocI would think 100-120MB/s16:50
compdocrsync does a lot of checking, but I only use it for net transfers16:50
NukienTHey're even on separate asmedia pcie sata cards16:51
compdocyou ever benchmark them? the disk utility can test their speeds16:51
compdocI suppose if the cards are sharing IRQs, it might make it slow16:52
Nukienserver - shell only16:52
NukienHrm - sudo ioping -s 128M -S 256M 3.0TB-B16:53
Nukien134217728 bytes from 3.0TB-B (xfs /dev/sdk1): request=1 time=686.2 ms16:53
Nukienother drive is similar16:53
NukienI want to duplicate one drive to the other completely, maybe use dd and change the uuid after ?16:54
tarvidtrying to install Ubuntu desktop on a Dell XPS with an Nvidia GTK 960. I can make it through the install if I add nomodeset to the boot parameters but eventually the box will choose an unworkable display mode which locks up the machine16:54
ChibaPetHey all. Reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages there isn't a mention of Unity. Does the gnome-desktop-environment metapackage install Unity or Gnome Shell? What's the correct metapackage for a stock Unity environment?16:55
NukienAs in dd if=/dev/sdj of=/dev/sdk bs=409616:55
compdocNukien, possibly. I dont use dd, but others here are expert16:55
ChibaPetNukien: What's the question?16:55
NukienFastest way to copy a 3tb drive to another16:55
NukienContains a couple of *huge* files, one is 2.3tb16:56
Nukienrsync only getting 50MB/s16:56
compdocNukien, btw, you can boot a live cd/usb of ubuntu desktop and run the benchmarks if you ever get curious16:56
ChibaPetNukien: Someone once noted that cp is faster than dd.16:56
ChibaPetNukien: That said, if it were me, I'd rsync and let it take the day. 50MB/s sounds not far from disk cap.16:56
NukienNah - should be getting way more than that I would think16:57
Nukienboth sata316:57
ChibaPetNukien: Spinning rust can't get anywhere near sata3's cap.16:57
ChibaPetSpinning rust can't, IIRC, hit sata2's cap.16:57
ChibaPetEven drives rated for sata3.16:57
Nukientrue, but should be better than 50MB/s16:58
ChibaPetWhen I'm scrubbing a pool, I tend not to expect much better than 50-60M/s, and that's pretty near ideal for speed.16:58
NukienWow - my media box gets 200MB/s on one pool and over 400MB/s on the other16:59
Nukienfor a scrub16:59
ChibaPetHrm. I'm envious. :P16:59
Nukien5x 3tb drives per pool16:59
ChibaPetraidz? I just use mirrors here.17:00
Nukienyup raidz17:00
ChibaPetI'd imagine raidz can hit all the components at once when scrubbing. Unsure.17:00
ChibaPetI think what I'm seeing is much closer to normal single-disk performance.17:00
Nukiencp doesn't have a progress meter to see how fast it's going - any other suggestions ?17:01
MonkeyDustNukien  rsync --progress17:01
BluesKajtarvid, if you can get to the VT/TTY, sudo apt install nvidia-36117:01
NukienMonkeyDust, That's what's giving 50MB/s17:01
ChibaPetIf it were me I'd just stick with dd or rsync, even if they're not wicked fast. Assuming you're moving *onto* ZFS it'll be a one-time problem.17:01
NukienThis is a snapraid parity disk until I convert that backup box to full zfs17:02
NukienHeh probably lost any potential speedup from an alternative method just with the bitching about it in here17:02
SchrodingersScatthink of the future though17:03
ChibaPetIn the future he'll be doing it with zfs send/receive :P17:03
Nukienaye for zfs :)17:04
NukienHrm - I suppose I could just let snapraid re-create the parity file on the next sync17:04
ChibaPetSo, would I be correct in positing that I don't install any of the desktop environment metapackages, but just the unity package? Or is there a Unity desktop metapackage I'm missing?17:04
tarvidThanks but once the display switches the machine freezes -17:05
explaymantFatal IO error 22 (Das Argument ist ungültig) on X server :0.0.17:05
explaymantwas heißt das17:06
NukienI gotta say, for a bunch of random disks, snapraid is great17:06
daftykinsyou only know how good a RAID setup is once disks start dying.17:07
NukienTested once so far, worked fine. This is a backup box for the main media (zfs) box, so not *too* worried17:08
daftykinsthen you can judge it :) though here's a fun fact - making rational decisions to repair RAID volumes is so much easier when it's not your personal data :)17:08
NukienPlus critical stuff is up in crashplan, so 3x copies17:08
ChibaPetCrashplan is painful if you ever need to restore from bare metal.17:09
ChibaPetI'm a fan of SATA enclosures and a $25 safe deposit box at a bank, swapped weekly.17:10
daftykinswe're going a bit off topic now - but i seem to recall reading some service similar to that will ship out a disk if you want to restore17:10
Nukiendaftykins, that's backblaze17:10
daftykinsi'm sure it's more than just them.17:10
NukienAnd Amazon S3 I think17:10
ChibaPetSo, my plan - someone please shoot it down if I'm confused - is to install ubuntu-desktop (which says it installs gnome on that meta package) and end up with a default Unity install.17:10
ChibaPets/package/& page/17:11
BluesKajtarvid, is this a laptop with hybrid graphics AKA Optimus?17:11
NukienChibaPet, Crashplan is good - I can spin up an ubuntu server with it installed in no time, or install on a spare win7 box17:11
daftykinsChibaPet: not gnome but unity, which is technically a gnome mod/theme type thing17:11
ChibaPetdaftykins: That makes it make sense then.17:11
Nukienmediabox has main account, other local systems back up to mediabox17:11
ChibaPetI'm doing a server install for a friend so he can have the RAID/LUKS he's used to, but then he needs an environment on it and I don't want to saddle him with Gnome Shell.17:12
daftykinsso it's already an abortion of a server ;)17:12
ChibaPetAnd he'd shoot himself if I gave him i3 or what I use.17:12
Nukieni3 ?17:12
daftykinshell i'd shoot you too.17:12
roryChibaPet: try lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop they might be a bit lighter?17:12
roryChibaPet: for remote stuff17:12
daftykinsNukien: the flavour of the week for the Linux youth ;)17:12
ChibaPetrory: It's not a server. You just can't do RAID and LUKS with the desktop installer.17:13
daftykinsyes you can17:13
NukienChibaPet, Got my root on zfs (on luks) script working nicely now17:13
NukienIt's 14.04 though17:13
ChibaPetdaftykins: Nah, this is well covered. You can if you do a hand install with debootstrap in a shell. I'm not interested.17:13
daftykinsChibaPet: no it's not that involved either17:14
ChibaPetNukien: That works. The DKMS hosed me once, which is why I'm focussing on Xenial lately.17:14
daftykinsi think you might want to do more reading :)17:14
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Nukiengotta go change brake pads on wife car - later17:14
ChibaPetdaftykins: Nah, I actually know how it works. But for kicks, what's your recommendation to get MD-RAID and LUKS out of the desktop installer?17:14
daftykinsplease bear in mind if you're doing things with xenial, you should be over in #ubuntu+1 until it's released (just checking)17:14
ChibaPetdaftykins: My question about metapackages was more general. Let's pretend that question was for Trusty.17:15
daftykinsno you're missing my point, we don't need to pretend anything - just bear in mind if anything is xenial specific - that's the place to go - call it a friendly reminder.17:15
ChibaPetThen call this a friendly note of thanks.17:16
daftykinswell i don't do encryption so i can't comment on that - but you definitely can boot desktop, install mdadm, then partition and install to prepared RAID mount points17:16
linociscohi all, how can I check my ubuntu version?17:16
ChibaPetdaftykins: Right, or you can use the server installer and have it done cleanly and easily for you. :P17:16
daftykinslinocisco: cat /etc/issue17:16
daftykinsor lsb_release -d17:16
daftykinsChibaPet: horses for courses, we don't all use hand-holding methods since we might want something different17:17
daftykinshowever i'm too sane to put an OS inside the same RAID as i use for storage ;)17:17
dretnxanyone uses Xara Xtreme?17:17
ChibaPetdaftykins: Ah, the RAID in my case is just for the OS. Storage goes on ZFS.17:18
daftykinsdretnx: never heard of it17:18
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dretnxdaftykins:  it is opensourced vector drawing app17:19
dretnxavaiable for linux:  http://www.xaraxtreme.org/17:19
daftykinsdretnx: so what's the question? trouble installing?17:19
dretnxno, I just wanted to hear opinion about it, how it compares with inkscape17:20
daftykinstry the website alternativeto.net17:20
ChibaPetLater, all.17:20
daftykinsno deb packages is a downer for sure17:20
tarvidBluesKaj, Can't get from F6 nomodeset to boot17:21
KiloJulietI love ZFS and Ubuntu and I see that in 16.04 is going to have it officially available. When I was running it on 14.04 it had a bit of instability on one of my machines and ate loads of ram in order to be happy. Is that still going to be the case when we start to roll out 16.04 test machines?17:22
KiloJulietI've only had luck with ZFS on SmartOS so far but I'm trying to keep my systems on ubuntu since it supports awesome features like pci-passthrough and its quite a bit more familiar to me17:23
xangua! 16.04 | KiloJuliet17:23
ubottuKiloJuliet: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+117:23
daftykinsKiloJuliet: yeah as above, xenial questions in the right channel please :)17:23
milanhow can i access phpmyadmin after installing it in ubuntu?17:25
milanhere is what i did: http://goo.gl/b4Wvoe17:25
BluesKajtarvid, use the left shift key right after the postpage17:26
daftykinsmilan: it should be available at localhost, depends where you're running a browser to test17:26
daftykinsyou might need to learn a bit about how apache works to get further :)17:26
milandaftykins: did you see my link?17:27
milandaftykins: whats left there?17:27
daftykinsi didn't read it all, no17:28
daftykinsmilan: so did you reconfigure phpmyadmin as suggested?17:29
daftykinsto be honest the use of phpmyadmin always points to a new user who should learn things the right way before trying to use such tools of convenience, in my personal opinion.17:29
tarvidI do that, get the mini logo, space, select F6, select no9modeset, then what?17:29
milandaftykins: of course17:29
daftykinsmilan: right, only you haven't stated what resulted from that17:30
milandaftykins: sure, let me do it for you17:30
daftykinswell, you're doing it for you ;)17:30
=== daniel331_ is now known as daniel331__
milandaftykins: it worked just now17:33
milandaftykins: dont know why too17:33
milandaftykins: this is damn confusing since i did i am told17:34
daftykinslearning web admin is something that should be done from the ground up really17:34
daftykinsit doesn't help that apache configuration has become much more complex and spread across multiple files, in 14.04 and up17:35
milandaftykins: yeah, you are right17:35
milandaftykins: i am just gonna make some database server to make a real website implementation17:35
milandaftykins: wait, what is the username and password? is there any default username?17:36
milandaftykins: lol i got it17:36
daftykinsshould be your normal user i think, but i don't use it17:36
daftykinsor perhaps it's root + your user's password17:37
milandaftykins: sorry to bother asking questions ahaha17:37
milandaftykins: yes it is root17:37
milandaftykins: are you here often>17:37
daftykinsnot as much as i used to be. there are many volunteers to speak to17:38
mljmacI have fixed the Unity desktop in 14.04, I did download Gnome and now use Gnome Compiz17:41
sandahhowdy. I was able to install xenial desktop on a n3000 nuc (which requires pretty new kernel drivers) but I can't get the 16.04 server install to detect anything. Is there a trick with the server install, or in this case should I do a custom install using the desktop installer?18:02
daftykins#ubuntu+1 for xenial please. it's not out yet.18:02
sandahWill do thanks daftykins18:03
AcidRainhello, ubuntu 14 is missing hte KDE gear icon at login, how can i fix this?18:08
Windows3Did you try a restart?18:08
AcidRainyes sir18:08
daftykinsdo you mean via the session chooser?18:10
Windows3try running gnome-control-center in terminal, hope that helps18:10
AcidRaindaftykins, yes18:10
AcidRainWindows3, no it doesnt18:10
daftykinsso this is Kubuntu - or did you install ubuntu then try adding KDE?18:11
AcidRaini installed ubuntu, then added KDE18:11
daftykinsok via what package?18:11
AcidRainive done this 100s of times on previous ubuntu installs18:11
AcidRainer... hang on18:11
daftykinshistory | grep install18:11
AcidRainturns out there is a plasma-desktop18:12
AcidRainlet me blindly try that as well18:12
daftykinstypically KDE uses a different DM i think - but you could have a read on - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM18:13
reisioAcidRain: if you're switching, there's a little more involved to do it cleanly than just installing the -desktop set18:16
reisiohistorically, stuff like http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekubuntu18:16
AcidRainand that is?18:16
reisioAcidRain: too slow! :D18:16
Windows3I'd google a little more and try just a few more terminal commands, and if software is fixing it, I think it may be a hardware problem18:18
reisioWindows3: ?18:19
Windows3to acidrain18:22
dynamicsamuraiHi, has anyone else had a problem with the latest update to linux-lowlatency? I'm on 15.10, so the version I have is 4.2.0-30.36, basically Xorg crashes with a segfault during boot. If I boot up with 4.2.0-30 generic, it is fine18:23
dynamicsamuraiI'm running the default radeon driver18:23
dynamicsamurai(ie not fglrx)18:23
daftykinsdynamicsamurai: there's a security advisory about X being killed by certain kernels of late, if you update again you might get a fixed release18:24
dynamicsamuraiI did a fresh install today18:24
daftykinsso is it updated or not18:24
dynamicsamurailet me double check software updater18:25
dynamicsamurai"the software on this computer is up to date"18:25
dynamicsamuraiwhich makes sense. 4.2.0-30.36 came out yesterday18:25
daftykinsmmm, well if one works over another you could just change your default until it's resolved :)18:26
vahidturkeIm irani18:28
vahidturkekasi inja farsi balade?18:28
dynamicsamuraidaftykins: indeed, that is what I'll do. Its an audio machine though, so slightly frustrating. Looks like an update is in the works thought, 4.2.0-32.3718:32
dynamicsamuraidaftykins: thanks for your help18:32
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pi_Hey what is this for a platform?18:35
daftykinsyour question isn't very clear, can you rephrase?18:35
daftykinsare you referring to what Ubuntu Linux is, or what this IRC support channel for it is?18:36
pi_for what is this chat?18:36
daftykinsyeah, read the topic :) the first 4 words sum it up18:36
Guest95725how can you patch linux kernel18:37
daftykinsgive more detail... have you found a patch or do you mean general security updates?18:38
reisioGuest95725: /nick patchadams18:38
reisiopi_: /topic18:38
hisforeverI have an Epson wf2540 printer that I downloaded the driver for. How do I get it installed? I'm using zxorin 918:44
daftykinshisforever: we don't support zorin here, as it's not ubuntu18:44
daftykinstypically downloading a driver may not necessarily be relevant anyway - you should plug it in (if using via USB) and check the CUPS page.18:45
hisforeverok thanks sorry18:45
docmurI made a launcher in gnome which runs Exec: sudo mono /home/user/app.exe.  If I double click it, I get a spinner and nothing happens.  If I go to xterm and do sudo mono /home/user/app.exe, it loads fine, how can I debug the launcher?18:46
Amm0ndocmur, try gksu mono /home/user/app.exe18:49
docmurgksudo mono /home/user/app.exe, wanted my password but did load18:50
docmurGot it! had to switch to gksudo18:51
salamanderrakehow do I get ubuntu to stop using the windows key for anything?18:51
daftykinssalamanderrake: what's wrong?18:52
craigbass76I can fire up a javaws app as one user, but not another.  The one that can't is the one that can sudo.  Weird.  Any ideas?18:53
daftykinsany other group differences?18:53
daftykinsperms and ownership otherwise, could be worth a check18:53
salamanderrakedaftykins: I use that key for audio on mumble, but when I use it and the mouse I end up moving the window or 'zoom out'18:54
daftykinsok, sounds like you either need to choose a new push to talk combo (which makes most sense) or install the compiz config tweaker utility and disable any combos, if that's a thing (just a hunch)18:54
batsonam new to ubuntu18:57
daftykinscool, support questions in here and chat in #ubuntu-offtopic then :)18:58
daftykinsor quit o018:58
vnullHello anyone knows How to Install NGINX / PHP7 / HHVM / Redis on Ubuntu 14 ?19:08
reisiovnull: sounds like you want Ubuntu 16.0419:09
vnullreisio lol19:10
daftykinsnot lol, sounds good to me19:10
vnullSeems no one knows :D19:13
reisiovnull: interesting form of deafness you have there :D19:14
daftykinsvnull: if it's not in the repos, you have to look for PPAs... or, you follow the proper advice which has already been offered :)19:14
daftykinsnewest software on older LTS = not gonna happen19:14
wesleyotugoubuntu hardy repo are they sttill active ?19:14
daftykinsno way19:14
vnulldaftykins, I've PPA's but configration sucks...19:14
reisionot gonna happen without a lot more work than using 16, anyway19:14
vnullI'm new to linux19:14
vnullso.. something i really don't get19:15
linuxlovecan i use my android phone a a GSM modem on ubuntu?19:15
daftykinswesleyotugo: you can find them at oldreleases.ubuntu.com though i think the URL is19:15
reisiovnull: maybe you should take people's advice, then19:15
reisiolinuxlove: probably19:15
MeatHammeranyone familiar with network namespaces, ie. ip-netns19:15
daftykinslinuxlove: wouldn't data tethering be better? :)19:15
vnullreisio What that should mean?19:15
daftykinsMeatHammer: ##networking may help, it's unclear what you're after19:15
linuxlovedaftykins, with wireless19:15
daftykinswhy wireless?19:16
linuxlovedaftykins, with cable?19:16
wesleyotugodaftykins: not the iso files but the repos, i heard when a LTS or release is old the repos get deleted ?19:16
wesleyotugodaftykins: i want to run ubntu hardy in a old laptop19:16
linuxlovedaftykins, is it possible to configure on smstools in ubuntu ?19:17
daftykinswesleyotugo: running LTS is very, very unwise - just try a supported release of lubuntu, it's more lightweight19:17
daftykinssorry not LTS, LTS is great! EOL is what i meant19:17
daftykinslinuxlove: what are you trying to achieve? internet access via your mobile phone, or something else?19:18
reisiovnull: see you've forgotten the advice I gave you already :p19:18
MeatHammerty daftykins19:19
MeatHammerdaftykins: im having some difficulty working with network namespaces. documentation for ip-netns is pretty poor, even man pages. I am trying to return the PID of an exisiting namespace with "sudo ip netns pids jail" (jail being the name of an existing namespace). The command returns nothing, no error, just back to prompt. What am I doing wrong?19:20
daftykinsMeatHammer: my advice was to ask over in the channel ##networking19:20
BluesKajwesleyotugo, better off running a lightweight latest ubuntu like xfce19:20
=== mohammad is now known as Guest82595
MeatHammeroh im definately in there and asking but this namespaces thing is like some linux blackhole nobody ever bothered to document.19:21
daftykinslubuntu is even lighter still, so they tell us :)19:21
daftykinsMeatHammer: what are you actually trying to achieve? conceptually, not with that specific technology.19:22
=== Guest82595 is now known as linuxlove
linuxlovedaftykins, i need to recieve message on my laptop and store them to sql19:22
linuxlovemy sql19:22
MeatHammerdaftykins: I'm interested in the use of namespaces over virtualization tech, so trying out network namespaces as a way to sandbox apps and scripts under linux. Yes, I know about iptables.19:22
daftykinslinuxlove: really? why19:23
daftykinsMeatHammer: sandboxing to me seems more like containerisation, not virt19:24
linuxlovedaftykins, i am using my ubuntu as a server now and i configured apache and website on this system customers on my website need to send me message to verify a code for put their case for sale19:25
wesleyotugodaftykins: my problem is graphic drivers, i use ATI x700 which fall under kernel 2.6 or thereabout. When i use lubuntu the graphic is patchy19:25
daftykinslinuxlove: i don't think connecting a phone directly is the way people achieve that - i would imagine there are services to provide it19:26
niaoI still didnt upgrade my 15.04 ubuntu , i am noticing some bugs and some programs ceased to work !!19:26
wesleyotugoBluesKaj: my problem is not variation but a graphic driver that is only available for ubuntu hardy19:26
daftykinswesleyotugo: it should be using the radeon driver only - so open source, what did you try? 12.04 or 14.04 lubuntu would be worth a go.19:26
linuxlovedaftykins, as i am in begin of my website i need to test my method19:26
linuxlovedaftykins, i cant cost much at moment19:27
daftykinslinuxlove: good luck then - but i think that's a mistake.19:27
daftykinswesleyotugo: don't try and install fglrx on such an old card, that'd be a waste of time19:27
linuxlovedaftykins, do you know about costs that providers offer for this?19:27
Jordan_Uniao: That's yet another reason to upgrade. You should upgrade. Using EOL releases is asking for trouble.19:28
BluesKajwesleyotugo, which gpu ?19:29
niaoJordan_U ; please give me the command to run the upgrade from terminal !19:29
wesleyotugodaftykins: not a recent fglr but a old version that works on ubuntu hardy, when i install fglr on hardy i want to know whether apps will work when downloaded and things like that ?19:29
daftykinswesleyotugo: no, as i've said using an old EOL release is not the answer - they are all insecure now19:29
wesleyotugoBluesKaj: ATI x70019:29
niaoJordan_U  ; I still receive updates though !19:29
daftykinswesleyotugo: so if you have not tried lubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 - please do.19:30
daftykinsalso it's not fruitful to ask two of us in parallel ;)19:30
wesleyotugodaftykins: i have tried all variations of ubuntu both at 12.04 level and 14.04 level but the opengl is still patchy19:30
daftykinslinuxlove: no, you will need to do some research on this19:31
daftykinswesleyotugo: ok, but you need one of these installed for us to help - using an EOL version is not supported and we will not help with that - it's not the answer.19:31
Jordan_Uniao: I believe that "sudo do-release-upgrade" will do it.19:31
daftykinsmuch the same as any sane person would not install windows 98 for someone with an old computer ;)19:31
BluesKajwesleyotugo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver , hardy is NOT your only choice19:32
Jordan_Uwesleyotugo: I recommend installing Ubuntu 14.04 and coming back as it will be supported much longer than 12.04.19:32
wesleyotugodaftykins: well i know, was just curious. okay is there any way fglrx or and river open or closed source could work on my card ? and defintely not Gallium19:32
niaoJordan_U ; are you sure ? I dont want to mess my installation in this old desktop am using !19:33
wesleyotugoBluesKaj: it doesnt aid my orib but thanks19:33
=== athairuzzz is now known as athairus
daftykinswesleyotugo: i've already said about 3 times that the open radeon driver is your only option, so if you install a supported release and fully update it... maybe we can help from there19:34
wesleyotugoJordan_U: supported ubuntu or does 14.04 support kernel 2.6.x19:34
daftykinseither 12.04.5 or 14.04.3 (or newer)19:34
daftykinsyou do not install 2.6.x kernels on supported releases19:34
daftykinsi'm trying to helpfully suggest you stop thinking down those lines :)19:34
niaoJordan_U ; do i need to stop browsing while upgrading ?19:35
BluesKajdaftykins, you can lead a horse to water..........  ;/19:35
daftykinsBluesKaj: :D19:35
Jordan_Uniao: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WilyUpgrades19:35
wesleyotugodaftykins: i have a fully updated ubuntu mate 15.10 partition and ubuntu gnome 14.04 if that is okay ?19:35
daftykinsBluesKaj: methinks the glue factory would be best now19:35
BluesKajdaftykins, yeah , seems so ;-)19:35
daftykinswesleyotugo: no, neither release is appropriate for that age system19:35
Ben64what? 14.04 is fine19:36
daftykinsBen64: not gnome on an unsupported card19:36
Ben64the radeon driver supports the x70019:36
daftykinsBen64: right, but not well with a graphical DE is the impression i'm getting from this user19:37
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wesleyotugodaftykins: i know, most apps wont work due to the fact they rely on recent kernel.. but it is possible if i downgrade all app to the 2.6.x supported version but meh19:37
Guest13246Do your speek russioa19:37
Ben64wesleyotugo: no. that is not a solution19:37
wesleyotugoBen64: what driver is that19:37
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:37
daftykinswesleyotugo: no that is not a solution - please stop repeating what i've already said is a no-go.19:37
Ben64wesleyotugo: its called "radeon"19:37
daftykinsquite honestly that system sounds like it should be retired, or if it's a desktop, just swap out the card and be done with it19:37
daftykins*or* just get it working with lubuntu 14.04 as has been suggested 6+ times now :)19:38
Jordan_Uniao: You might run into issues once your browser itself gets upgraded. Also note that there are no guarantees with upgrades (but that does *not* mean you should just stick with an insecure OS forever).19:38
amazoniantoadWhat is Unity Next?19:38
wesleyotugodaftykins: I am complaining about being able to use 3D apps like sweet home 3D that looks patchy and scrabby19:38
daftykinswesleyotugo: yeah so that's not going to happen on either release you have installed right now - so Lubuntu 14.04.3 or change the card.19:39
daftykinswesleyotugo: i'm going to stop replying now until this action has been taken19:39
helpmemounthey I'm trying to mount an unraid smb, but it's failing. I'm adding the following line to fstab: // /media/myfiles cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  019:39
niaoJordan_U ; I see, thanks !!19:39
helpmemountBut I get mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error19:40
Jordan_Uniao: You're welcome.19:40
daftykinshelpmemount: mixing uid and just "guest" doesn't sound right at all.19:40
Ben64helpmemount: "guest" isn't an option i'm fairly sure19:40
wesleyotugodaftykins: its my father old laptop it runs windows 8.1 with Oblivion games at 30fps, it does pack a really lean muscle. I am a 3D artist and i want to use it for basic 3D modelling19:41
helpmemountHi Ben, that part was taken straight from the wiki here19:41
daftykinswesleyotugo: then Linux isn't the answer on that system19:41
helpmemountAs I couldn't find one for SMB shares19:41
Ben64well its wrong19:41
helpmemountwhat should I put in place please?19:42
daftykinsusername=guest maybe, but not just 'guest'19:42
daftykinsor configure an actual user19:42
Ben64try mounting it manually before putting it in fstab19:42
helpmemountgood shout19:42
charlie__2hello guys, is there any distro that would fit on a CD?19:42
helpmemountlet me try mounting it manually first19:42
charlie__2from the Ubuntu family19:42
Ben64or maybe you don't have cifs installed19:42
Team24Northhi guys19:43
daftykinslubuntu still fits on large CD-Rs with overburn, but really you should just give up if USB is an option19:43
daftykinsif you don't have a USB flash drive, get one19:43
charlie__2I can't boot from USB19:43
helpmemountI haven't installed cifs19:43
helpmemountthat part I didn't understand19:43
daftykinscharlie__2: due to BIOS support? look into plop to chainload USB from CD-R19:43
helpmemountwould an apt-get install cifs do the trick?19:43
wesleyotugodaftykins: Does lubuntu fix kernel problem. Lubuntu fixes basic memory usage problem and it is not even more memory efficient like ubuntu mate. i had lubuntu 14.04 installed it, at first it was smooth then it got patchy and scrabby19:43
Ben64read the wiki you posted helpmemount19:43
daftykinshelpmemount: no, you're just making up packages19:43
helpmemountI will reread19:44
daftykinswesleyotugo: 'patchy and scrabby' are not technical terms for me to understand what you're talking about.19:44
mcphailcharlie__2: does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD help?19:44
charlie__2daftykins: I have a spare SATA dvd reader that could come in handy with an USB adapter. I'll try that way. Otherwise is plop really the only solution? No distro fit on a CD anymore?19:44
daftykinswesleyotugo: i really don't think Linux is right for this system, perhaps give us the full make and model or a link to it.19:44
charlie__2mcphail: I guess it's what I'm after! Is there a MinimalCD for Lubuntu?19:45
daftykinscharlie__2: or you can install from the mini.iso if this system has working wired networking out of the box19:45
Ben64note - minimal cd isn't a live cd19:45
helpmemountNot trying to be difficult @Ben64, but what part? It has the guest option that I mentioned, you told me it was wrong  a minute ago19:45
mcphailcharlie__2: not sure. You might be able to select lubuntu-desktop from that installer. I have never used it19:45
Ben64helpmemount: the part where it tells you what to install to make it work19:45
helpmemountoh for the cifs install19:45
charlie__2is the mini.iso an official installation method?19:46
charlie__2nice, I'm looking for it19:46
charlie__2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall this must be the page :)19:47
helpmemountSo after install cifs tools, that's working exactly as I had it. Thank you for your help Ben6419:47
Ben64helpmemount: cool19:48
charlie__2Lubuntu Alternate fits on a CD, but I'm curious about that mini.iso :)19:49
wesleyotugodaftkins: http://imgur.com/qrGNanc That a screenshot of my problem19:49
charlie__2thanks guys19:49
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mcphailcharlie__2: if you're likely to be doing a few installs, the alternate CD would be better than the mini iso, as you wouldn't have to keep pulling all the files from the server. But for a single install, the mini iso would be fine, I'm sure19:52
daftykinswesleyotugo: in my opinion that computer is a bad fit for the software you want to use.19:52
daftykinswesleyotugo: as i said, and please pay attention this time - either run a supported release and we can investigate further... or replace the card. i will not reply again.19:53
charlie__2mcphail: thank you very much :) I'm going to do only one install and the full alternate iso will do. I hope it will support this VERY old hardware19:53
reisioahmet_: heyo19:53
ahmet_do you speak Turksh19:54
daftykinsmcphail: alternate hasn't existed for a long time19:54
Jordan_Uwesleyotugo: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg" and the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log after seeing such corrupted images.19:55
daftykinsJordan_U: not much point since the wrong releases for such hardware are being used :)19:55
charlie__2is this the right place to ask about Lubuntu?19:56
daftykinsi mean, knock yourself out... but i think it's giving false hope and wasting time19:56
Jordan_Udaftykins: I thought that screenshot was from a supported release.19:56
daftykinssupported, but not appropriate for old hardware19:56
hep7my ubuntu mate doesn't boot properly i believe this happened after update?19:56
hep7dual boot with win1019:57
Jordan_Ucharlie__2: Here and #lubuntu are both fine. #lubuntu might have more people familiar with LXDE.19:57
charlie__2Jordan_U: thanks :) I'm wondering whether old serial ports are supported by current Lubuntu19:57
ahmet_hep7_ how19:58
hep7it eather boots to terminal or doesn't boot at all sometimes, (have to reboot few times)19:58
mcphaildaftykins: there's alternate cd's listed for lubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Alternate_ISO19:58
ahmet_ı win 7 with ubuntu making19:59
Jordan_Ucharlie__2: I would expect serial ports to work. What are you planning to use them for/with?19:59
ahmet_English dont good19:59
charlie__2Jordan_U to revive an old but still working printer19:59
daftykinsmcphail: ah community only and lubuntu only, news to me - very niche though.19:59
mcphaildaftykins: yes - I thought alternate had died as well20:00
hep7ahmet_ it is ok, you don't have to answer, thanks.20:00
charlie__2Jordan_U: it's paired with this OLD computer20:00
Jordan_Ucharlie__2: It's worth a try. You can test it from a LiveCD/USB before installing if you want.20:00
charlie__2I'm not even sure how they're going to find cartridges20:01
charlie__2Jordan_U: that's my roadmap :P20:01
daftykinsmcphail: i think it still has, maybe that's just some old community attempts20:01
ahmet_hep7_:ı can tell you20:02
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Jordan_Uwesleyotugo: Assuming that screenshot was from a supported release of Ubuntu, preferably Ubuntu 14.04 or 15.10, Please pastebin the output of "dmesg" and the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log after seeing such corrupted images.20:07
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SumTingWongis this working?20:09
Guest77091hello SumTingWong!20:09
SumTingWongHello :)20:09
SumTingWongAnybody know how to host your own IRC server?20:10
SumTingWongI could ofc google it...20:10
* reisio headdesks20:10
SumTingWongwut? O.o20:10
daftykinsresearch before coming here for non-OS support questions, tends to be good20:11
SumTingWongSo I cant be here if im using openbox?20:11
daftykinsopenbox is a DE/WM last i checked20:12
reisioSumTingWong: is that question related to the preceding?20:12
=== imrekt is now known as iequals1
reisionot quite appropriate use of 'So ', then? :p20:16
meurthHello, my keyboard has a third, Fn option for some keys, and I want to assign pi as one of these, but where are these in the keymap for English (US):  /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us20:17
wesleyotugodaftykins: thats was a recent linux mint new install after i had tried all ubuntu variation. i have ran a supported release of lubuntu 14.04, 15.04,15.10 and the problem persist. what should i do , this same program works fine in windows ?20:18
reisiomeurth: these what?20:18
daftykinswesleyotugo: so now you tell us Mint - we don't support Mint here.20:18
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:18
meurthreisio, as a third option for a key accessed by holding the Fn key.20:18
daftykinswesleyotugo: i've already said to install lubuntu 14.04 and come back so i will not be able to assist you until this is done.20:19
reisiomeurth: that might be hardcoded in your hardware's circuitry20:19
Jordan_Uwesleyotugo: I'm still waiting for information I've requested twice now. Are you having trouble getting it?20:19
reisiomeurth: if 'xev' doesn't recognize it, for example, you will probably have to act on what Fn+other_key says, instead of Fn directly20:19
RicardusI just had something happen that I dont think ever happened before20:20
RicardusI currently have my laptop set to require your password to login after it comes out of screensaver mode20:20
RicardusI must have intended to log in earlier, before I left the house, and typed in the password20:21
Ricardusand when I got back a few hours later the password was still there, and hitting enter allowed me in20:21
meurthreisio, reisio,I think you're right.  All the Fn outputs are redundant.20:22
Jordan_URicardus: Please type out your whole question in one line and post it when you're done.20:22
RicardusWhy not set it up so if youve typed your password, and you dont log in, that the next time it comes out of screensaver mode, the password is cleared?20:22
daftykinsi'm pretty sure there's a timeout where it blanks again20:23
daftykinsRicardus: if you walked away from your computer having typed in the password but not hit enter, i think you're asking for surprises20:23
Ricardusdaftykins, it didnt for me.20:23
reisiothat's an okay suggestion, but20:23
reisioit's quite impossible to prevent silly users from making their own lives hard20:23
reisioand the more complicated you make xscreensaver, the greater the chance it can be exploited20:24
daftykinsRicardus: maybe don't type your password in and walk away then :)20:24
Ricardusdaftykins, maybe, but why WOULDNT the password be cleared the next time it came out of screensaver mode. Just seems like an obvious and easy security fix20:24
reisios/xscreensaver/locker of your choice here/20:24
wesleyotugojaordan_U: Pardon me, it was not intentional. Here is the output of dmesg http://pastebin.com/5JD72gNz20:24
daftykinsi agree it's not ideal, but i also think it's an irresponsible action20:24
reisiosecond guessing the end user is really annoying20:24
wesleyotugo jordan_U: Pardon me, it was not intentional. Here is the output of dmesg http://pastebin.com/5JD72gNz20:24
daftykinsRicardus: i came home and i put my keys in the door, then i walked away to the coffee shop - how dare my house not push the keys out and into my pocket?!20:24
reisioas a pref it'd be fine, but it'd necessarily complicate the software20:25
daftykinssame stuff to my mind :)20:25
Ricardusdaftykins, this is the first time ive ever done it. But I cant be the first and only person to ever do it.20:25
RicardusDo you guys read Schneier on security? I mean seriously. He would describe that as BRITTLE20:25
zh1wanna install flash on ubuntu gnome, what command does it on terminal?20:26
daftykinsi can't type here how i'd describe that20:26
RicardusPeople are going to be people. We're human. We occasionally make mistakes. This is an easy (and as I said before) obvious flaw that should be corrected.20:26
RicardusIve been running Ubuntu for years, and this is the first time I've ever commented in here.20:26
daftykinsyou might want to pursue finding/creating a bug if you care about this one20:27
Jordan_URicardus: The code is available if you want to provide a patch implementing this or you could pay someone else to write said patch. You can also file a bug report/feature request but I don't expect that anyone else will want to add that feature in their spare time (I may be wrong though).20:27
daftykinsbut you have to accept the edge case nature of what you've presented20:27
RicardusAnd if I knew a good suggestion was going to met with silly wisecracks I wouldnt have bothered.20:27
RicardusI dont think anyone in the security business would call this an "edge case"20:28
Ricardusits a flaw20:28
Kang0Hi all20:28
Ricardusanyway. Good day to you all20:28
Jordan_URicardus: Then file a bug report please.20:28
daftykinsi would like to point out that you pursue the correct bug processes rather than complaining about it with no productivity, Ricardus20:28
Kang0Need help to configure ssh server and client on same phone20:28
=== [1]m0nster is now known as m0nster
daftykinsKang0: what kind of phone? this channel is for ubuntu support20:29
daftykinsKang0: so unless you're connecting to an ubuntu host, this channel isn't relevant to that20:29
Kang0I thought people may use android phone on thus channel20:30
Jordan_Uwesleyotugo: What version of Ubuntu is that from? (If not 14.04 or 15.10 then I don't care to see it). That's also not the complete output. I'm also still waiting for the Xorg.0.log I requested (again though, if not from X/Lubuntu 14.04/15.10 I don't care).20:32
Jordan_UKang0: This is #ubuntu, not #android. We only support Ubuntu here.20:33
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menaceis there for standard ubuntu 16.04 a beta for download? i only see the offsprings like xubuntu or lubuntu21:02
jushurmenace: look under daily-builds21:02
creephi peps, where is the difference between ubuntu and ubuntu mate? because I could install ubuntu and after that i could install the mate surface? so where is the effort of ubuntu mate ?21:05
jushurcreep: the difference is the ubuntu default has unity, and ubuntu mate has mate as a default. and the major difference is the mate edition does not have unity installed by default?21:08
zh1creep, MATE (software), a fork of GNOME 2 Desktop Environment (computer software)21:10
Kang0I m on terminal now does it fall under ubuntu discussion21:14
reisiodid it not before?21:14
Gallomimia!ot| Kang021:14
ubottuKang0: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:14
Revian1Kang0: You're asking for help to configure ssh server and client on an Android phone. Regardless of the app you use, your request is off-topic.21:18
Kang0That request is closed Revian121:23
Kang0Now after connection is established i would like some suggestion for commands on terminal as i m noob21:24
flexobotoKang0: ls for example21:25
mcphailKang0: "ls" is a good one. "cp" is excellent. Or perhaps you have a specific Ubuntu support question? You can look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal for inspiration21:26
Kang0Thanks mcphail flexoboto i want to copy and paste files21:26
Revian1Kang0: Running a terminal on an Android phone does not bring your issue into the realm of Ubuntu support.21:27
k1l!shell | Kang021:27
ubottuKang0: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal21:27
Nino_Some gif creator for ubuntu 12.04?please21:29
Revian1k1l: I believe the !shell trigger for ubottu needs to be update for the Unity environment when someone has a chance.21:29
Kang0Thanks for clarifying Revian121:30
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal21:30
flexobotonice :D21:30
SchrodingersScat!info ffmpeg | Nino_21:31
ubottuNino_: ffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.7.6-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 (wily), package size 1198 kB, installed size 1814 kB21:31
flexobotoKang0: why you want to use a shell for copy your files on your smartphone ?!?!21:32
Kang0Just learning flexoboto21:33
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jamie2or well better said, how do i revert from make 4.0 to make 3.8221:53
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squinty_well isn't this special?21:54
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jamie2getting flooded21:54
=== jinie_ is now known as jinie
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit21:54
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bryan2_Hey guys, I just installed the 16.04 daily. It went well, however I can't seem to boot into my windows installation(on another HD) anymore. It doesn't show up in the grub list like it used to. Here is my boot info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15221497/21:54
jamie2I cant seem to find it on duckduckgo...21:54
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bekksjamie2: So use a real search engine :)21:54
jamie2bekks: duckduckgo is a real search engine, i also checked google who cant find it either21:54
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jamie2i have googled it 20 different ways and still cant find how to revert from make 4.0 to make 3.82 or 3.8122:03
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geirhajamie2: what does this output?  apt-cache policy make22:12
jamie2geirha: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/886155622:13
JackDawsonhi all!22:13
geirha!ubuntu+1 | bryan2_22:14
ubottubryan2_: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+122:14
JackDawsonDoes anyone can help with a DNS problem?22:14
Bray90820__Is my test going through22:14
jamie2Bray90820__: yes22:14
loveheartjoyloveI probably can22:14
loveheartjoylovewhat's the problem?22:14
Bray90820__That's odd because I can't send to any other chnnel22:15
jamie2Bray90820__: i was having issues earlier even connecting to freenode22:15
Revian1Freenode is experiencing issues atm22:15
Bray90820__jamie2: I can't identify with the servers22:15
geirhajamie2: Ok, so that's the version in wily. There's no supported way of downgrading a package22:15
Jklk32Hi everyone! Does anyone can help me with a DNS problem?22:16
scaldwel_Sorry about that Bekks,  I meant TOR not TORRENT.  Damned autocorrect!!!!!22:17
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jamie2geirha: so you are saying i cant build android on willy at all?22:19
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stacks88so in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades  i set Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "true"; and Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot-Time "06:00"; -- but now while logged in i keep seeing stuff like The system is going down for reboot in 1260 minutes! and The system is going down for reboot in 1200 minutes!  its like every hour, The system is going down for reboot in 900 minutes! ..22:21
stacks88how can i disable these broadcast messages ?22:21
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deadmundIs there anyway that I can get a log / error messages from when I log into KDE?  My system hangs for like 15 - 20 seconds when I log in after the KDE progress bar is full.  it didn't used to do this before I upgraded22:22
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jamie2geirha: are those the proper ones for linux and for ubuntu?22:41
=== KingPin1 is now known as Guest15438
Gallomimiadeadmund: the answer is yes but the bot isn't happy either22:43
jamie2geirha: found it http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/make/download22:43
thezugswanghi folks, just installed fresh version of ubuntu 15.10 (previously on mint 17.1) and I'm getting a black screen on boot (not even reaching disk encryption password). I can log in via recovery mode, and I've tried 2 different nvidia drivers, but same result both times22:45
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Jordan_U_thezugswang: Do you have this problem when using nouveau?22:47
thezugswangJordan_U_, It was originally on that, but I was getting weird font issues (like missing characters)22:48
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geirhajamie2: Those are the vanilla sources of GNU make22:48
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
thezugswangJordan_U, I will try it again now...22:48
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Jordan_Uthezugswang: Missing characters within X or at a text tty?22:48
jamie2geirha: i used that link i threw up and did dpkg --force-all -i '/home/jamie/Downloads/make_3.81-8.2ubuntu3_amd64.deb'22:49
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thezugswangJordan_U, I can log in fine using Neuveau, but the fonts are messed up. I think that I need the propietray drivers anyway, since I play games on this PC22:51
thezugswangJordan_U, looks like this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/584922/how-do-i-fix-fonts-not-rendering-and-missing-letters22:51
geirhajamie2: That may break a lot22:52
geirha(which is why it's unsupported)22:52
jamie2geirha: if it does i redo make22:53
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myessailI just installed 15.10 on my macbook, and it is running very hot. I've been through all the suggestions on google with no luck (and most of them are pretty old too). is there anything else I can try?22:57
benfitzpatrickhi everyone well im a virgin noob to linux and ubuntu and computers period and i have no idea how to install a OS or anything period on a pc. So i felt i come in this chat and see if someone can help me install Ubuntu on my laptop?23:00
benfitzpatricksee, i had someone install my windows OS and i havent even heard of linux period23:01
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rypervenchebenfitzpatrick: That is a lie. I have helped you install Gentoo on your machine multiple times and you keep distro hopping. Stop asking people to walk you through Linux installations.23:02
Jordan_Uthezugswang: I would be very surprised if that font problem is related to graphics drivers.23:03
benfitzpatrickrypervenche: ryper, if you seriously think i will ever do linux on my own, your only lying to yourself man23:03
benfitzpatrickthat is a false hope that will never become reality23:04
k1lbenfitzpatrick: rypervenche no need for personal attacks in here. benfitzpatrick we dont support handholding, we try to get you to learn to manage your OS yourself. so what is the real issue?23:04
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squarecircleohai, having trouble with pairing my bluetooth devices under debian and gnome. are there related problems under ubuntu?23:05
benfitzpatrickwell im sorry kil, that IS the real issue23:05
squarecircleI would eventually change back to ubuntu, if its supporting my Hardware better ;)23:05
benfitzpatricki have issues running it alone23:05
benfitzpatricki really have no way to23:06
k1lsquarecircle: depends. at least "it works for me" :)  you can try a live usb and test it23:06
squarecirclek1l: I fear that it might work23:07
squarecirclek1l: I just spend the time to configure my freshly installed system :D23:07
=== sins-_w is now known as sins-
k1lsquarecircle: your choice :)23:07
rypervenchek1l: I just wanted people to be aware that that was a straight-up lie and he just admitted it. Feel free to help him if you wish.23:07
benfitzpatrickrypervenche: its NOT a lie ryper, you know i dont know Linux. if you think i do, your seriously wrong man23:08
rypervencheI'll leave this alone now. Not the place for this conversation.23:08
squarecirclerypervenche: want to help medebugging my buggy bluetooth?23:09
k1lbenfitzpatrick: start a live usb with ubuntu on it and start the installer. i am sure you will manage to install it.23:09
k1lrypervenche: thanks23:09
benfitzpatrickkil i did already try to boot a CD or usb of ubuntu i didnt23:09
benfitzpatricki was flat out lost23:09
k1lbenfitzpatrick: where exactly?23:09
benfitzpatrickkil i loaded it up and was freaked out and shut off the machine and was about ready to throw the PC out the window23:10
rypervenchesquarecircle: First thing first we would need to see what wireless card you are using. lspci -nn | grep Network23:10
k1lbenfitzpatrick: you keep saying: "i couldnt run the car, i couldnt run the car" but you are not saying what exactly didnt work.23:10
benfitzpatricki mean i didnt know how to navigate the OS i didnt know where anything was, it was like learning asian23:11
benfitzpatrickit was like i was in japan23:11
benfitzpatrickand couldnt do anything23:11
k1lbenfitzpatrick: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop23:12
benfitzpatricki was sitting there with a blank face and a dead stare23:12
k1lwork with that.23:12
benfitzpatrickwell i did look at that and got the same reaction23:12
benfitzpatrickit freaked me out23:12
k1lbenfitzpatrick: stop trolling.23:12
benfitzpatrickwell, im being 100 percent truthful to you23:13
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: why are you trying to install ubuntu?23:13
benfitzpatrickbecause windows is not the OS i want and, it breaks all the time23:13
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tgm4883benfitzpatrick: With the questions you are asking, Ubuntu isn't for you23:13
=== NickG365_ is now known as NickG365
k1lbenfitzpatrick: use the howto i just linked you. that works 100%. just follow the steps23:14
benfitzpatrickwell the problem being kil, my parents demanded i use linux and i get someone to help me23:14
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: a couple things23:14
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: 1) his name is k1l. The number 1, not the letter i23:15
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: 2) I doubt your parents said that, but it is comical that you tried to claim that23:15
benfitzpatrickwell they really have23:15
squarecirclerypervenche: Product: Broadcom Bluetooth Device23:15
benfitzpatrickthey're watching me over my shoulder as i talk to you23:15
rypervenchesquarecircle: We will need the exact output of that command. Can you pastebin it? Also, what sort of problems are you having with pairing?23:16
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: no they didn't and no they aren't. First, they would have to know what linux is, which in all likelyhood they don't. Even if they do, they wouldn't "demand that you use it and ask someone else for help"23:16
benfitzpatrickwell my dad just for real said it23:17
tgm4883benfitzpatrick: tell him to piss off23:17
squarecirclerypervenche: I click on "connect" the gui seems to click, but in sthe second the lcick animation is done it swichtes back23:17
benfitzpatrickwell he said if they cuss at you, we will ground you and take away your laptop23:17
Jordan_Utgm4883: That's not helpful, please stay civil.23:17
Jordan_Ubenfitzpatrick: It's clear that you're not interested in actually getting support. Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss your mute.23:18
tgm4883Jordan_U: you're probably right, I shouldn't feed the trolls23:18
Estheliel-That kind of trolling was very weak. He could've done better.23:20
CoolRabbithello all23:20
CoolRabbitjust got back from reinstalling 14.04 on a old (to Apple - 2008) mac ... would like to know any known issues with unity-tweaks ?23:21
squarecirclerypervenche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15222984/23:21
squarecirclerypervenche: and this is my lsusb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15222993/23:22
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rypervenchesquarecircle: Hmmm, yeah I don't think I'll be much help. I don't have too much experience with Bluetooth, especially on Ubuntu. But that is some of the information that someone else will need to be able to help you.23:23
squarecirclerypervenche: anyway, a lot of thanks :)23:24
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ubuntu725Im having a issue booting ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64. I'm running from a dell E521 with windows 7 amd Athlon 64 X2 dual core. I hit f12 then choose USB.zip and i go directly to a black screen with flashing cursor?23:47
k1lubuntu725: usb.zip?23:48
k1lubuntu725: how did you make that ubuntu usb?23:48
=== chu_ is now known as chu
Gallomimiasounds like your usb wasn't flashed properly23:55
webigoris it official channel?23:55
Gallomimiaubuntu725: still there?23:55
webigorI just entered23:56
=== Niv_ is now known as NivFreak
reisiowebigor: yes23:56
rem505hello I'm trying out the live dvd for 14.04.4 LTS and while it starts to boot it get stuck on a brown screen with a (picture of something = happy star person) @ the bottom23:57
webigorDid you choosen correct architecture?23:58

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