OvenWerksto the right of that there is a v and a >00:00
OvenWerksclick on the > and you should get a list that includes HDA probably.00:00
OvenWerkshw:PCH on mine00:01
lucas__its set to default00:01
lucas__should i change to hw:q2500:01
OvenWerksclick on the > beside the box for a list00:02
lucas__that box is open00:03
lucas__we are on output device correct?00:03
OvenWerksAssuming an Intel board the audio is probably some kind of HDA, but in my case that is hw:PCH, click on thethat00:03
OvenWerksno it is best to leave inout and ouytput device set to (default)00:04
OvenWerksjust use Interface above that which sets both the same00:04
lucas__for interface options i have hw:sb and hw:sb, 000:05
OvenWerksThe first will do.00:06
lucas__ok - switched00:06
OvenWerksThe rest of the defaults are probably fine so click OK00:07
lucas__ok done, now restart jack?00:07
OvenWerksThe start button is on the top left :)00:07
lucas__haha there it is!00:08
lucas__ok jack is restarted00:08
lucas__interface is set at hw:sb00:08
OvenWerksok one more small step from the command line (terminal)00:08
OvenWerksa2j_control ehw start00:09
lucas__k done00:09
lucas__a2j_control ehw start00:09
lucas__--- enable export of hardware ports00:09
lucas__--- start00:10
OvenWerks(after it is running at least once this can be added to qjackctl config)00:10
OvenWerksyes that looks good.00:10
OvenWerksin qjackctl there is a connect button00:10
lucas__i see it00:10
OvenWerksit opens a window that shows audio and midi00:10
lucas__connections are open00:10
OvenWerksif you click the MIDI tab you should see a2j00:11
lucas__yup, i see it00:11
OvenWerksif you click on expand at the bottom you should see your kb00:11
lucas__yup, there it is00:12
OvenWerksCool, now we can start ardour.00:12
lucas__ardour up and running00:13
OvenWerkschange the type to midi00:14
OvenWerks and ok00:14
OvenWerksnow you need to do two things00:14
lucas__track added00:15
OvenWerksconnect your keyboard and select a softsynth00:15
lucas__is that a sep. app from the start menu or is that in ardour?00:16
OvenWerksView->show editor mixer00:16
lucas__k open00:16
OvenWerksit probably show master, you want to switch it to midi00:16
OvenWerksalt/down arrow will switch it00:17
lucas__i have a track above that says master and one below that says midi 100:17
OvenWerksI mean in the mixer strip00:17
lucas__in the mixer strip it is showing midi 100:18
OvenWerksdoes it have master on top of that00:18
OvenWerksSorry, trying to rememebr what it looks like :)00:19
lucas__no, does it need to?  i can change with the alt command you told me00:19
lucas__your doing this from memory?  your a rockstar00:19
lucas__ok the mixer strip does not say master above midi 100:20
OvenWerksit should have the top part with the X in the corner then MIDI 1 right under and the box/button under that may be blank00:20
OvenWerksclick on that box under MIDI 100:20
lucas__ok - that one saus a2j00:21
OvenWerksIt should show two lines one for through and one for your kb.00:21
OvenWerks(pick your kb of course)00:22
lucas__ok i think i got it00:23
lucas__a green dot?00:23
lucas__no way to send screen shots on IRC i assume ha00:23
OvenWerkslet me look.00:24
lucas__ok - i have green dots on both midi thu and the q25 keyboard00:26
OvenWerksgoing down you should see a dark area with reasonable synth and fader00:26
lucas__ok i see them00:26
OvenWerksIf you play the kb do you get any activity?00:26
OvenWerksSound too?00:27
OvenWerksShould be pianoish00:27
lucas__yup i am getting both :)00:27
OvenWerksOK, what you are hearing is reasonable synth which is a very basic synth with just the one sound00:28
OvenWerksIt is there just so that there is some sound.00:28
lucas__ok cool, i am getting input though that is great00:28
OvenWerksIt is the box just above Fader00:28
OvenWerksyou can replace that with another plugin that has more options :)00:29
lucas__nice.  so i can have a ton of different sounds hypothetically00:30
OvenWerksThe calf Fluid synth would work for example (If its there 14.04 is two years old now)00:30
OvenWerksThere are quite a few.00:30
lucas__i think what i will do is update the os to the latest version so i am on top of the game00:30
OvenWerksEnd of april 16.04 will be coming out.00:31
lucas__very cool00:32
lucas__i really appreciate the help00:32
lucas__some of the keys arent working consistently but this is a good start00:32
OvenWerksI do use 14.04 here but as I do some work on Ardour I self build latest from the ardour site.00:32
OvenWerksSo I have ardour 4.7.*00:33
lucas__so once i get my mixer back, i can add instruments via a microphone into ardour i assume?00:33
OvenWerksWith audio tracks00:33
OvenWerksYou would plug in your other audio interface and setup qjackctl to use that00:34
lucas__ok.  damn I wish i had that here now, i could play around with this all night00:35
lucas__this is gonna be a fun hobby :)00:35
OvenWerksEnjoy, if you have more questions, ask. you may have to wait a while for someone to answer as lots of us just leave IRC on if we are here or not00:38
OvenWerksso your answer may come soon or later.00:38
lucas__ok man sounds good.  again, thank you and have a good weekend!  Im sure ill be on here asking more questions as I delv deeper down the rabbit hole00:38
OvenWerkslucas__: Not finding anything nice about the tascam us1800 and Linux.00:48
lucas__that aint good ha00:48
lucas__any suggestions on a small interface?00:49
OvenWerksThe thing that tipped me off is that OSx needs drivers.00:49
lucas__yeah, my buddy uses pro logic when we record live00:50
lucas__im sure he had to d/l some drivers to make it work00:50
lucas__i need to find just a small 2 or 4 input interface for dinking around at home00:50
lucas__ill have to do some research00:51
OvenWerksYa, anything that just work with OSx should work with linux.00:51
OvenWerksThey are called "class compliant"00:51
OvenWerksI notice the Tascam site says this is discontinued.00:52
lucas__ok sounds good.  shouldnt be too had to fine00:52
lucas__im pretty exited that i am able to revice an older tower and do some basic stuff at home without having to spend an arm and a leg00:53
lucas__fun little project00:53
lucas__ill prob throw some more ram at this pc to get it as a fun idea pad00:54
OvenWerksIf it has an actual sound card in it the line in might be ok with some small mixer or preamp. But two input mic/line/instrument USB interfaces are pretty easy to find.00:54
lucas__that would probably be the route i would take.  then i would have everything I need in the one box00:55
lucas__what do  you use?00:55
OvenWerksI have an older m-audio delta6600:56
OvenWerksIt requires a PCI slot :)00:56
OvenWerksI use a 199* Mackie CR1604 mixer for mic preamps. From back when Mackie had nice pre00:57
lucas__very cool00:58
OvenWerksThere aren't pci interfaces any more though you may find some 1010LT around. PCIe interfaces cost too much, so USB is it00:58
OvenWerksfocusrite and presonus seem to be what people get.00:59
lucas__yeah, i mean for what i want to do i think that is the way to go00:59
lucas__presonus i was actually looking at01:00
lucas__failing that, I have one of my dads old sony reel to reels.  but its literally 75 lbs haha01:00
OvenWerksI use this for my wife's machine: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/615405-REG/ART_USBDUALPREPS_USB_Dual_Pre.html01:00
lucas__oh man that may be perfect01:01
lucas__with phantom power01:01
OvenWerksIt sounds pretty good so long as the gain is kept below the last notch01:01
lucas__and the price is right - very cool01:01
OvenWerksThe last notch seems to add a lot of noise.01:02
OvenWerkswith anything that costs less there are things to watch out for. We run with a little less gain and it sounds good. Can always boost the level in the DAW anyway.01:04
lucas__yeah, as long as you can boost it in post then it should be all good01:06
OvenWerksI got one of these when they were still around: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/art-usb-dual-tube-pre01:06
OvenWerksIt sounds nicer (and cost more) even at higher gain.01:06
pilneis there still a market for basic all tube preamps?01:08
lucas__i like the tubes.  something about them that i feel cant be reproduced.01:09
pilnehrm... i've always liked them too, but unless they are kept in a studio nobody seems to really want to use them01:09
OvenWerksThe one they replaced it with is a single channel.01:10
lucas__i kinda like the color of this one.  any thoughts?01:12
OvenWerksDon't know from experience01:14
OvenWerksI normally take a laptop to the music store and test them before I buy01:15
lucas__do you run linux on all your machines?01:15
OvenWerkssince about 199501:15
OvenWerksI have used DRdos, OS/2 and then Linux01:16
lucas__im learning as i go, grew up on windows machines mostly but learning the ins and outs of open source and command line is a great brain builder01:20
OvenWerksI started MIDI on an Atari ST. One of the best computers for sequencing at the time.01:30
pilnewhat do y'all do when you encounter a midi controller with windoze propritary software?01:34
OvenWerkspilne: look at the OSx spec. If it doesn't need a driver it is not a problem.01:35
OvenWerkspilne: there is lots of equipment out there it is not that hard to just pass over something that will not work.01:36
pilnei mean, like... the alphasphere's control software, that controller has really caught my eye as a mostly-failed drummer and habitual tapper01:36
OvenWerkspilne: the SW might not work, but in the end it is a MIDI controler and MIDI is MIDI. There are some interesting things that can be with PD and midi for example.01:38
OvenWerksbut the alphasphere would likely work ok with hydrogen, drumgizmo, etc.01:39
pilnei'd just have to put a bit more brain-grease into getting it to switch pad profiles or something?01:39
OvenWerksNot sure. maybe a midirouter in between01:40
pilneand must say, ubuntu studio makes for a nice daily driver distro too, but that might be because i can pull all my normal ubuntu tricks over lol01:40
OvenWerkspilne: studio is built on xubuntu for a lot of things01:41
OvenWerksStudio has a lowlatency kernel and some other system tweaks as well as lots of software.01:42
pilnethe kmi controllers are also looking tempting (qunexus and queno)01:42
OvenWerksUSB,MIDI OSC or CV.01:43
pilnefor the moment usb until i get the desktop built with the tax refund01:44
OvenWerksLots of choices. It doesn't say how it does OSC, so I assume over USB as well.01:45
OvenWerksOSC is normally network.01:46
pilnecool, i have tons to learn about digital music, i'm getting into it mostly to be able to create the compositions i hear in my head without having to find 2 or more similarly crazy "musicians" (i don't consier myself a musician... but i try! lol)01:48
OvenWerksI think music is a natural part of being human... even for the tone deaf.01:49
pilneit could arguably be a more universal language than numbers due to the wide variety of emotions it can express01:49
OvenWerksanyway, I need to go do some life  :)  Back later01:51
lucas__hasta luego - thanks again for the help.  ill be back im sure for more input :)01:53
GhaleonHello all.05:06
GhaleonI don't know what the fuck I'm doing.  sorry.05:06
Ghaleontrying to get a rocksmith cable to work with guitarix05:07
GhaleonI've tried the following tutorial with no luc.k05:07
Ghaleonany help would be greatly appreciated05:07
GhaleonHello all.05:29
GhaleonI am new to ubuntu studio and linux in general05:30
GhaleonI am having problems connecting my rocksmith player to guitarix.   do any of you have the time to help me?05:30
Ghaleonanyone here?06:03
Ghaleonif I'm asking this question in the wrong place, please tell me06:04
golos81Hi Guest11:24
ChromeSi1verhi all13:17
ChromeSi1verjust installed ubuntu studio 14.04.4 andJACK audio server is not starting13:17
ChromeSi1verusing qjackctl13:17
ChromeSi1veron my ThinkPad W51013:19
ChromeSi1verany ideas why?13:20
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