bluesabreknome: confirmed00:16
bluesabreknome: but I think that's related to how planet is configured00:17
bluesabreknome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu#Adding_Your_Blog00:18
knomebluesabre, but the link points to the xubuntu site, and it has worked before00:19
* bluesabre shrugs00:19
bluesabrejust a thought, nothing more00:20
knomesee what happens when you access that url.00:21
bluesabreknome: looks fine to me00:27
knomesee the location00:27
bluesabreI see....00:28
knomepointed this out to the IS00:28
knomeand i got the http request to work00:28
bluesabrerelease-blog goes to xubuntu.org00:28
knomethe IS vanguard is working on it :)00:28
bluesabregoing out to get some food, bbabl00:29
knomebon appetit00:30
knomelaunchpad isn't giving us etag results for the stuff we're requesting in the http headers00:42
knomeonly in the json00:43
knomethat's why they never match00:43
sidiHaving some fun with Firejail. http://sidi.mupuf.org/files/xfce-workspace-sandbox.ogv04:32
sidiThere's a Wily/Vivid PPA for the curious ones among you at https://code.launchpad.net/~ucl-cs-study-devs/+archive/ubuntu/multitasking-study. Needless to say, use at your own risk.04:32
sidihttp://i.imgur.com/YfZS9SC.png is the list of options :]04:32
sidiFeedback is welcome, though at this stage this is alpha, and I will not attempt to merge it into any project whatsoever.04:33
bluesabresidi: neat!04:40
flocculant!team | anyone awake? 09:51
ubottuanyone awake?: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit19309:51
dkesselhey flocculant !10:00
flocculantdkessel: morning - you're just the man :)10:00
flocculantyou got a minute to read a short draft for me? 10:01
dkesselflocculant: sure10:01
flocculantdk@ubuntu.com? 10:02
flocculantdkessel: ^^ 10:02
flocculantsent to what I assume is your ubuntu address10:04
dkesselI think it is good. It emphasizes exactly what is needed10:11
flocculantcheers Daniel - I'll send it now then :)10:11
dkesselnp :)10:21
flocculantthis is going to be painful ... 10:39
dkesselhello bluesabre :)11:56
Nairwolfhi flocculant, I've read your mail. I should able to make the two tests for amd64 with hardware12:19
flocculanthi bluesabre :)12:28
flocculantNairwolf: thanks :)12:29
bluesabrehey flocculant , dkessel, Nairwolf12:29
flocculantbluesabre: how's Saturday - I guess really early :p12:33
bluesabreflocculant: very early indeed12:34
flocculantoh good lord :|12:34
bluesabremy first "morning" was immediately followed by being dragged back to bed because it was too early12:34
flocculantdownloaded what I thought was 14.04.4 - seems I need 400Mb of updates :(12:35
flocculantbluesabre: ha ha 12:35
NairwolfI have on my working computer an image of xubuntu 14.04.1. Don't you think it's important to test this upgrade also ? 12:37
bluesabreNairwolf: if its a machine you depend on, I'd recommend not testing upgrades on it at this time12:39
flocculantbluesabre: why in the world would a mirror keep 14.04,.1,.2,.3 as well as having something that's actually up to date :|12:40
Nairwolfbluesabre: yes, I wouldn't do it directly. I think I will firstly clone my system in a "test-computer"12:40
bluesabreflocculant: posterity?12:41
flocculantNairwolf: how do you have .1 ?12:41
* flocculant makes sure to zsync the right one for 64 bit ... 12:42
flocculantha - it's only 60% wrong then :p12:43
flocculantglad I have FFTH ... 12:44
Nairwolfflocculant: I've installed xubuntu when 14.04.1 was the most recent version of the LTS12:49
NairwolfSomething like August 201412:49
flocculantyea - but not upgraded since then?12:50
NairwolfI'm still with linux 3.13 and I've heard on 14.04.4 the kernel version is higher12:50
Nairwolfno, I wanted to stay on a LTS version12:50
flocculantupgrading packages ... 12:51
flocculantanyway - whatever - as far as the mails goes - I'm after 14.04.4 to 16.04 upgrades12:51
flocculantso - vm if necessary12:51
Nairwolfwhat do you mean by "upgrading packages" ? I'm running "sudo apt install && dist-upgrade" everyday12:52
flocculantthat'll get you 14.04.4 with the old kernel13:02
flocculanttrying the upgrade with the HWE stack (I hope)13:02
flocculantthat's a good start ... 13:17
flocculantwon't authenticate a package - with continue? in the title - no option to continue :p13:19
bluesabreoh nice13:32
flocculantmoving on to 15.10 :p13:36
flocculantwhich at least got further14:55
knome16:54 notice < queuebot:#ubuntu-release: New binary: lxpanel [i386] (xenial-proposed/universe) [0.8.2-1ubuntu1] (lubuntu, ubuntustudio, xubuntu)14:56
knomewut? lxpanel and xubuntu?14:56
bluesabreknome: its because lxpanel plugins are built from xfce4-power-manager15:08
cm2bluesabre: but why does that imply that lxpanel needs to be in xubuntu?15:49
flocculant15.10 upgraded to 16.04 \o/15:56
flocculanthalf way through today's 16:01
flocculantI'd like to be able to at least give our testers some pointers :)16:02
flocculantlike - try that - confirm the fail please :p16:02
flocculantknome: btw #bbbbbb appears to be ok after a few days 16:07
mikodoHi. Just trying to learn. Not doing the testing now. On the daily digest now from flocculant "Subject: Xenial Upgrade Testing week" states if one can use  hardware for release-upgrade it would be preferred.. Question: If one has an usb install with "persistence" for testing, like with mkusb, could that be used for testing and reporting?16:20
flocculantmikodo: to be completely honest - I'm not at all sure whether you can or can't16:22
mikodoOkay, I'll guess I find out in the future. Thanks.16:22
flocculantI would hazard a guess that if you *could* and it had bugs doing so - then the bugs would get marked invalid - they're probably more likely to care about hardware or vm upgrades16:22
mikodoSorry, I don't understand. Does ^^ that mean it would most likely not be helpful?16:24
flocculantyea - or at least that's how I would see it logically 16:24
flocculantwe aren't the ones who'd fix upgrade fails - canonical people would16:24
flocculantso I can't really see them being overly bothered about a persisent usb install16:25
mikodoflocculant, Okay16:25
flocculantthat's not to say that I'm right of course :)16:25
mikodoflocculant, Can I bother you for one more question. Would the persistent usb install of testing images generally be helpful for other testing other than this do you think?16:26
flocculantmikodo: it's not something that I've given a great deal of thought to up to now16:27
mikodoflocculant, I think I will ask that to sudodus the author or mkusb. Thanks116:28
flocculantand it's never a bother either :)16:28
mikodoauthor of ...16:28
flocculantmikodo: just so you know - hot off the press and all that - trusty to xenial upgrades are failing, wily to xenial are passing16:30
mikodoYea, I was getting that impression from reading the digest notes, you sent or, something like that was happening16:31
flocculantwell - we didn't test for the trusty point release at all - so this is catch up :)16:31
flocculantbut the one failing was doing so a while back when I looked16:31
mikodoI just started reading the digest this week, but I new their was not the degree of testing done this release as before16:32
mikodoMan my spelling sucks if I don't read what I typed! Thanks.16:34
flocculanttesting has been quiet since the testing done for Trusty 16:34
=== pleia2_ is now known as pleia2
pleia2hey, people pay attention to us http://news.softpedia.com/news/xubuntu-16-04-lts-probably-won-t-come-with-a-default-media-manager-installed-501067.shtml16:46
pleia2social media-ing the upgrade testing stuff16:47
flocculantnice and also thanks :)16:49
mikodo'Tis on the Xubuntu wiki right?16:50
flocculantmikodo: that is yea 16:50
mikodoI understand, getting the word out. Thanks!16:50
pleia2flocculant: btw, if you could always provide a link to the iso tracker in these emails, it would help :) (if someone sees a tweet for the first time, what's an iso tracker?)16:51
pleia2for fb and G+ I manually add it in the text, twitter has not enough characters16:51
flocculantpleia2: yep ok 16:51
flocculantI guess that this one I'd mentally aimed at people who normally test for us :) 16:52
mikodo^^ +1 I was wondering about that but, thought I would figure it out when the time came for me to test.16:52
flocculantmikodo: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/16:55
mikodoThanks, I'll have a look. :)16:56
flocculantI've just mailed the direct links to our stuff16:57
flocculantpostifx is failing to update in xenial today too :)16:57
pleia2so, yeah16:58
flocculantaaah - it'll catch up then 16:59
flocculantnot even sure what postfix is and why I need it - or indeed why I need it updating :D17:00
pleia2mailserver, it's used by default to send local messages to users on the system17:00
pleia2error logs go to root, etc, that weird "You have mail." when you log in :)17:00
flocculantright - so not something I'd want really17:00
flocculantwonder why I have it :)17:01
pleia2it's important for those who use it17:01
flocculantyea of course - I understand that - now I have more idea what it is :p17:01
pleia2I have a cold, so I'm going back to bed now17:01
pleia2have fun17:01
flocculantoh dear :(17:02
jjfrv8flocculant, confirmed the trusty upgrade bug. Working on xenial.17:43
flocculantjjfrv8: cool - thanks :)17:47
flocculantnice to know it's not just local17:47
bluesabrecm2: that doesn't mean it's in xubuntu, but rather that it is in the xubuntu packageset (and therefore able to be uploaded by us)19:35
mikodore: mkusb https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb  See responses following my question on using it for testing: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073&page=35&p=13447113#post1344711320:34
mikodoactully just before my link response to the questions.20:35
mikodo "Actually the responses just before my linked to response to the answers.20:38
flocculantso - that implies I was right then :)20:57
mikodoflocculant, Yes, that is correct! :)21:04
=== SwissBot_ is now known as SwissBot
cm2bluesabre: ah. i see. thanks!22:17

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