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DrCoolWhen I am in Thunar I can't click and drag a box around files I want to select.  Is this normal?05:10
adrian_1908DrCool: not normal. Does no box appear or does it appear but have no effect?05:13
DrCoolno box05:16
adrian_1908but you can get a box (aka selection rectangle) elsewhere on your desktop?05:17
DrCoolIt looks like it might just be on the mounted flash drive that it does not show.05:18
DrCoolmaybe it's just where I select in general. I can't start on a file name or just white space.05:20
adrian_1908Not sure what's happening on your side. I can drag a rectangle starting in the whitespace just fine, isn't that the normal thing to do? In my opinion Thunar is one bug ridden piece of garbage, possibly the worst core application shipping with XFCE, but I admit I still keep using it out of inertia.05:23
DrCoolthanks adrian_1908, i'll need to look into it someday.05:25
akishi all. i copied and pasted a new password from a file stored under libreoffice to mozilla. unfortunately i closed libreoffice file without save the new password and meanwhile i exit the web site, so i cannot change it. now on the clipboard "paste" is grey so i cannot paste the password again. is there any way to recall this last information from clipboard, firefox or ram memory. i have not installed any clipboard manager and firefox's rememebr09:05
akis passwords is off. i read a lot of documentation but i didn't find any solution. any idea? or the content of clipboard is gone for ever although my system is running? i am running 14.04.109:05
flocculantgone when you closed applications09:07
akisflocculant: unfortunately i read this too, but i still wondering if there any way to retrieve it i.e. from ram or any other cache file. it is the last copy/paste for today and since then i didn't copy or paste anything else. is it any chance to restore the information?09:22
flocculantnot that I know of09:23
akisflocculant: thank you for your time today, i hope any else has any other idea.09:25
akisis there any clipboard manager installed by default in xubuntu system except xclipboard which just handles copy/paste procedure through X system?09:31
flocculantakis: no manager installed by default09:32
akisflocculant: is there chance xclipboard to help me to restore the information copied?09:34
flocculantakis: I've told you what I know - might not be what you want to hear ...09:35
akisflocculant: actually it is not what i want to hear...so i am trying not to give up. many things in pc systems look impossible but often there is a solution...09:36
saladHey, how can get more resolutions for xubuntu 14.04 under virtualbox?12:02
kermit77i just tried the xubuntu 16.04 beta, basically to play with ZFS12:16
SnappsizGreeting fellow xubuntu lovers ! I have a question if someone got a sec?12:16
kermit77but there’s no option to set it up as a ZFS system in the installer12:16
palashany one can help me with partitioning?12:18
SnappsizI have a laptop with a i7 core and nvidia gpu, do i need 32-bit xubuntu?12:18
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Snappsiztryed to use xubuntu 64-bit install but i can only launch in to it one and after a reboot it bugs out12:20
Snappsizplease can i get a fast yes or no =) ? wanna get the xubuntu up and running sucessfully </3 (today) xO12:22
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Guest90793Hi, i have a problem with partitioning?12:24
saladSnappsiz: I'm not sure about Xubuntu specific, but for linux in general that system should be fine for 64 bit12:24
xubuntu_userafter updating ubuntu 14.04 it use wrong  screen resolution12:25
xubuntu_useri cant set the reslution to 1440x90012:25
Snappsizsalad: okay thanks i will just have to try and error and run 32 bit because it gives me to much errors on 64 bit :/12:26
Guest90793hi can any one help me?12:26
Snappsizim new so i can only say i can try to help you but cast your question and someone/or me may come with a helping comment12:26
saladSnappsiz: Weird. Maybe try the LTS version? If you're already using that, perhaps try 15.10?12:26
Snappsiziv'e tyied the 14 and 15.1 version 64-bit so far12:27
Snappsizsame problem with both of them712:27
saladTried other 64 bit OS's?12:27
Snappsizregular ubuntu to12:28
Snappsiz12.10 and 14.?12:28
saladIt's not xubuntu ofc, but it'd be useful for a test12:28
Snappsizsame problem with those **12:28
saladSnappsiz: Was it running win before?12:28
xubuntu787hi, greetings12:28
Snappsizyeah windows before12:29
Snappsizbut the errors does not indicate that there's any errors because of that12:30
Snappsiz64-bit windows *12:30
Snappsizshould i try 14.04 32-bit or 15.1 ?12:31
Snappsizwhat do you thing gives me the best shot x)12:31
Snappsizso far as i've seen 64-bit systems allways installs amd64 dependences12:31
saladWouldn't know which is better to try sorry lol, I'm not normally a big ubuntu user12:31
saladwhat errors are you getting?12:32
flocculantsalad: install guest additions - from the vbox devices menu12:32
saladflocculant: Yeah I got it in the end thanks :)12:32
flocculantk - didn't see that12:32
saladYeah I forgot to write it lol ^^"12:32
Snappsizim getting cpu errors that its "overloaded" when the cpu is low temp and low use (example of one error)12:33
Snappsizalso getting gui errors reguarding not working "using low end gui because of..."12:33
Snappsizdidnt write the errors down but never gotten those erlier so i guess this pc wont run off 64-bit linux os12:33
Snappsizi will check bios settings just in case x)12:34
Snappsizwell laters ! hope your vm will work out in the end ! :D12:34
xubuntu787hi everyone!12:34
saladgood luck :)12:34
xubuntu787is it possible to split the system partition as i haven't created any while installation?12:34
xubuntu787anyone online12:35
ed_1can someone help please? i recently changed the pci wifi card on my laptop and now all my pci networks disappear after standby or reboot. they return after power out/battery out....5min...reboot. etc/network/interfaces has just # interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) .auto lo.iface lo inet loopback.  the wifi card shows under nm but with hardware switch is OFF (its not) and 3g card is absent. i looked up similar problems and solutions but no good so f12:49
ed_1<ed_1> ar.12:49
ed_1could i need to blacklist modules?12:50
Snappsizim back are you still here? :312:52
Snappsizgot my xubuntu booted but i still get cpu trottled error =/12:54
ed_1smartstep enabled?12:55
Snappsizin bios?12:57
Snappsizi've enabled all requred settings i can find in bios12:57
Snappsizusing xubuntu as dualboot alongside windows on my ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH7112:57
Snappsizif that helps :P12:57
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LyrinI'm trying to install startup disc creator, how do I do that?17:31
flocculantLyrin: install usb-creator-gtk17:35
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