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lordievaderGood morning08:58
clivejoanyone know more about this KActivities repository split?12:16
BluesKajHowdy folks12:26
clivejohi BluesKaj12:26
BluesKajhi clivejo12:26
clivejohow are you today?12:27
BluesKajgood thanks, clivejo, and you?12:27
clivejocold and confused12:28
BluesKajclivejo, bummer :/ take a well deserved break perhaps?12:36
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sneleclivejo: about kactivities split i think you should ask ivan | home in #plasma15:35
snelei think he did it15:36
sneleand they talked about that yesterday in #plasma15:36
clivejosnele: seems Neon has already done it15:36
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clivejoyofel_: ping19:21
clivejohi DarinMiller21:49
DarinMillerHi clivejo21:49
clivejohow are you today?21:50
DarinMillerVery good. Gorgeous early spring day here.  And you?21:50
clivejobeen a nice day here too, but temp is dropping below freezing at the moment21:51
DarinMillerclivejo how did you learned to package?  I am finding that the packaging rabbit hole is way deeper than anticipated.  22:00
clivejoDarinMiller: just by doing it22:01
clivejoRiddell spun up a VPS and walked me through it#22:02
DarinMillerI have enabled all accounts, read the debian packaging guildelines, read the ubuntu sponship guidleline and am currently reading through the bzr web help.  I still feel I am a long ways from being able to assemble the simplest package.22:03
valorieDarinMiller: if you decide to take the pill and jump into the hole22:04
valorieplease fix our docs as you go!22:04
clivejoDarinMiller: where have you got to?22:06
DarinMillerI would be very happy to fix/update the docs once I understand.  But I am nearly useless with my current level of comprehension.22:06
clivejodo you understand how we combine the source code and the packaging to build a package?22:07
DarinMillerNo.  I am not sure how bzr and pbuild interact. And when/where/how to apply the correct ppa to the pbuild enviro.  Not sure if bzr is PPA dependent.  I don't have clue how to create a source/build(?) file and if symbols are messed up, I have no idea where to even look.22:11
clivejobzr is a VCS22:12
DarinMillerI feel so green that I hate bothering the people here until I can ask more intelligent questions, but I am floundering on my own trying to figure it out.22:12
clivejoDarinMiller: dont be silly!  We all started there!22:12
clivejodo you know how to get a package source?22:13
DarinMillerusing apt-get source, yes.  (I finally enabled the source repositories just this weekend).   I tried using bzr to grab a dolphin branch (bzr branch ubuntu:dolphin) but that failed.22:15
clivejoif you look in the control file it will tell you where we keep the packaging22:16
DarinMillerwhere do I find this elusive control file? :)22:17
clivejoso run "sudo apt-get source dolphin"22:18
clivejoyou should get a message like this22:18
clivejoNOTICE: 'dolphin' packaging is maintained in the 'Git' version control system at:22:18
clivejowhich is a git archive22:20
clivejothe web interface is here - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/dolphin.git/22:20
DarinMillerYes, I have seen that, but did not know where/how to proceed.  I was under the impression, bzr performed similar functions and was the Canonical preferred method.22:20
clivejoyes and no22:21
clivejomost of the KDE software is on git22:21
clivejowe call that Debian git or Alioth22:22
clivejoif you visit that web interface you will see the repo in a visual format22:22
clivejoso there are 7 branches22:22
clivejokubuntu_xenial_archive is tracking what is in the archive22:23
DarinMillerOK, following the links....22:24
clivejokubuntu_unstable and stable are for KCI22:24
clivejothey track changes to the /debian folder which is used to create the package22:29
DarinMillerbtw, back at the apt-get source dolphin, it proceeded to dl packages, but gave me this message at the end: Can't drop privileges for downloading as file 'dolphin_15.08.2-0ubuntu1.dsc' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied).  Am I missing an account setting somewhere?22:29
clivejoI get that message too22:29
DarinMilleroh, ok.22:29
clivejoI tend to use dget22:30
clivejobecause the packages we are working on dont tend to be in the archive22:30
DarinMillerwith dget, you pull the packages from here: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/22:31
clivejodget pulls the package by using a .dsc file22:32
clivejofor example, if you look on my PPA22:32
clivejoif you go down to purpose22:33
clivejoexpand that package22:33
clivejoin the Package files you will see a purpose_1.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1.dsc22:33
clivejoif you menu click and Copy link location you can copy the URL to the clipboard22:34
clivejothen run "dget https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+files/purpose_1.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1.dsc"22:34
clivejothat will grab the source from my PPA22:34
DarinMillerOK, I follow...22:35
clivejoso run that command22:35
clivejoyou will get an error from gpg22:36
clivejoit basically because I signed the file and you cant check the signature22:36
DarinMillerYes, public key not found, validation failed.22:36
clivejonow do an "ls"22:37
clivejoshould be 3 files22:37
DarinMilleryes  2 .xz and a dsc file22:38
clivejonow run "dpkg-source -x  *dsc"22:38
clivejoyou should now see a folder with the source code and in contains a /debian folder22:39
clivejoso "cd purpose-1.0/debian/"22:39
clivejoand list contents22:40
clivejoyou should see all the packaging files22:41
clivejocontrol, rules, install files etc22:41
DarinMillerI had to kill my dophlin packages as they raised a conflict...22:42
clivejosorry, should have said to mkdir a clean folder to work in22:42
DarinMillerOk, yes.. opened control file in kate....22:42
clivejoVcs-Browser: tells you where the packaging is kept22:43
clivejoBuild-Depends: are a list of all the packages needed to actually build it22:43
clivejothen a list of the packages it will try to put the built files into22:44
clivejoie Package: libkf5purpose-dev22:44
clivejoif you take a peek into libkf5purpose-dev.install22:45
DarinMillerhang on a sec, where/how do I use vcs-browser?  Is that a website, app or a file? 22:46
clivejoVCS is Version Control System22:46
clivejovcs browser should be a web link22:47
DarinMillernevermind, I see it now.....22:47
DarinMillerOK, peeking at libkf5purpose-dev.install... (wasn't too impressed...)22:49
clivejoits important file!22:49
clivejoif you dont "install" the files, it wont work!22:50
clivejook so in your terminal go back to the purpose-1.0 folder22:51
clivejohow many CPU cores have you?22:52
DarinMiller4 cores, 8 threads22:52
clivejogo run "debuild -j8"22:52
DarinMillermising build dep, looks like I need to intall some stuff, just a sec..22:53
clivejoyou will then see screens of info scrolling by!22:59
clivejoand get a sense of falling!23:00
clivejowhat you are seeing is the build log23:00
clivejosomething like this - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/243676443/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.purpose_1.0+git20160228.1155+16.04-0_BUILDING.txt.gz23:01
DarinMillerstill installing deps for debuild....23:01
clivejothis is why we use pbuild23:01
clivejopbuild keeps all of this in a nice contained virtual environment23:02
clivejobut it helps to see this process at least once23:02
DarinMilleryes, i have seen you and scarlet post links to said files and yofel seems to be able to discover the issues therein almost instantly.23:03
DarinMillerOk, building now...23:03
DarinMillerOK, build complete.... searching for the log...23:04
clivejothe "log" is all that output that scrolled by 23:04
DarinMilleroh ok, found it :)23:05
clivejoits shows all the prechecks for build deps, then the actual building and then the installing into the .debs23:05
clivejook so cd .. 23:06
clivejoand ls23:06
clivejoyou should now see the actual .deb files23:06
clivejoso you have actually built that package23:07
clivejoyour computer used the source code to build all the binary files and then put them into .deb files for install on a debian based system23:07
DarinMillerway cool!23:08
clivejoisnt it!23:08
clivejobut the problem is that the source code changes and new features are added23:08
clivejonew files are created and old ones removed23:09
clivejoor the build requires new packages to actually be able to compile23:09
DarinMillerI am still confounded on how to unravel those mysteries.23:11
clivejoso a couple of days ago when KCI triggered a rebuild of this package, we got a notification in the channel that purpose build failed!23:11
clivejothe bot posts a link23:12
clivejosee down the left build #4223:13
clivejoclick on the [amd64] and you will see the buildlog for that job23:14
clivejodo you see it?23:14
DarinMillerrecipe for target 'pre_install_dh_install' failed23:14
DarinMillerI see it, but I don't know what that means.23:15
clivejothe packaging was instructing it to install any files located in usr/share/kaccounts/services/23:15
clivejobut the installer couldnt find any files in that location23:15
clivejobut we do see a file being installed in a simular location23:16
clivejo- Installing: /«BUILDDIR»/purpose-1.0+git20160225.2316+16.04/debian/tmp/usr/share/accounts/services/twitter-microblog.service23:16
clivejoso for some reason upstream are now using usr/share/accounts instead of usr/share/kaccounts23:17
clivejowell actually they were using accounts then changed to kaccount and then moved back again!23:18
clivejoI have no idea why!23:18
clivejoif you look here23:19
clivejo11 days ago Bhushan Shah changed the install path23:19
clivejothis is his commit23:20
clivejoso he edited the file debian/libkf5purpose5.install and changed accounts to kaccounts23:21
DarinMillerThis is a debian member?23:21
clivejoI think hes a Blue Systems employee, not sure23:21
DarinMillerWe have to discover these changes randomly?23:21
DarinMillerHow did you find this page?23:22
clivejowell all this is happening on the KCI23:22
clivejo[kubuntu-ci] Project wily_unstable_kfilemetadata build #148: FIXED in 24 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_kfilemetadata/148/23:23
clivejoyou will see messages like that popping up23:24
clivejoor the dreaded " STILL FAILING" or "FALTURE"23:25
DarinMillerSounds like we need to use a variable list that is autoupdated when packages are built. Seem strange with all this automation that we have to manually discover such changes.  23:25
clivejoit cant really be automated23:26
clivejoneeds knowledge23:26
clivejoor how the packages interact and so forth23:26
clivejokubuntu works very closely with Debian#23:27
clivejoand we use their git repo23:27
clivejoand that is one of the problems we have23:28
clivejothere are only a few of use with debian git commit access23:28
clivejobut you can submit git diffs to fix problems :)23:29
clivejoand KCI is working with the git repo from upstream23:30
clivejoso frameworks, plasma, apps +123:31
clivejothe idea is that if we can keep on top of the changes, new releases will be a lot easier to manage23:32
DarinMillermake sense23:33
clivejobut KCI does do its job by flagging up packages that need attention23:34
clivejoat the moment we have two major problems23:34
clivejo1) kactivities is being split out into new packages23:35
clivejo2) KDEPIM has major problems23:35
DarinMilleryes, I have been watching the PIM chaos from a distance and trying to figure out whats going on.23:36
clivejoif you look at the downstream projects23:38
clivejo15 projects are failing because of that one breakage23:38
clivejooh, thats a missing file issue23:40
clivejoand symbols23:42
clivejoand the kubuntu-ci bot is broken again!23:51
clivejowas wondering why it was so quiet in here!23:52

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