luluhouse7yo is anyone actually on?02:52
GlamdringSo, at one point I installed OpenTyrian. Works fine. Out of curiosity, though, I tried launching it in TTY1, with no X. It executes, but looks bleeping ridiculous. Is an X strictly required for graphics beyond ascii?05:21
GlamdringIf so, why?05:21
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QuantosGreat, now it won't copy at all12:04
* Quantos starts over12:04
QuantosIt'll now copy a - b, but not b - a12:05
QuantosWhat the heck?12:05
Quantos13 MB/s12:06
QuantosI'm just going to go and kill somebody12:07
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Smith12353hi, all. a friend of mine is trying to get his webcam to work normal-speed with skype. however, he gets a lag in his new lubuntu installation (whereas he did not have the lag in xubuntu). for some reason, while both mplayer and vlc claim to be using v4l2, mplayer has no lag, and vlc lags when playing webcam input (or whatever the correct term is).16:54
Smith12353the webcam is using uvcvideo, dmesg says.16:54
Smith12353by the way, this is what vlc is saying: v4l2 demux warning: cannot reset cropping limits: Inappropriate ioctl for device16:55
Smith12353mplayer is saying nothing of the sort, of course16:55
Smith12353well... mplayer says v4l2: ioctl set mute failed: Invalid argument, but this is probably unrelated.16:58
Smith12353also this: v4l2: ioctl enum norm failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device16:58

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