ChibaPetVolkodav1: I'm back, much later than intended, but I hope to get that Samba service up and running in a bit.02:45
ChibaPetI'll share my experience with it once I dive in.02:45
Fudgewb ChibaPet03:17
ChibaPethey there03:38
ChibaPetI've been diverted. Doing a Xenial install on a friend's machine before I dive into my projects.03:39
Fudgehow you going mate03:39
ChibaPetNot badly. :)03:39
Fudgeworking on a mates xenial trying to get usb sound to work03:39
Fudgefound the usb card set to -2 in modrpobe.d alsa-base so it appears in alsamixer now03:39
Fudgebut just need to set it as default card03:40
Fudgewithout sound it is a show stopper for him03:40
ChibaPetI've only used USB sound once or twice, and it was fairly painless, but that was without Pulse in the way.03:41
Fudgeyeah this is no pulse either, removed it03:43
Fudgeah asound.conf i need to edit next03:49
Fudgeah maybe i dont need to, should be playing03:50
Fudgewhat an effort03:51
Fudgeone prob down two to go04:24
Fudgetried this tiem deleting the dhclient lease then asking for a new ip, it created/var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.eth0.leases04:38
Fudgehopefully it renews04:38
Fudgein 90 minutes we will see04:38
Fudgeor before then actually my session lasted 20 minutes05:11
ChibaPetAlright, bedtime for me, but the install I did is fine.06:02
ChibaPetThe box was previously on CentOS, and we could *not* get nVidia to work on it. We were stuck with Nouveau. Xenial, it just works, no muss, no fuss, no effort.06:02
ChibaPetAlso no effort, MD-RAID1 boot, LVM on LUKS on MD-RAID1 root, ZFS on LUKS home.06:03
ChibaPetZFS mirror, I should say.06:03
ChibaPetTomorrow, Samba, another move to Xenial (this time from Debian Wheezy), and maybe some project time.06:04
FudgeChibaPet:  done well06:08
ChibaPetThanks. :)06:08
QwertieDoes anyone know how to enable mutiny on ubuntu mate 16.04?06:54
lotuspsychjeQwertie: i think i saw an article on softpedia for that06:59
Qwertielotuspsychje, Got it. thanks07:01
QwertieHm I really like this. I might switch from unity if there is a way to make the program menu thing work like the one on unity07:06
lotuspsychjeQwertie: there is also the #ubuntu-mate channel if you like07:09
mifritscherit seems that systemd logs into /dev/.bootchart/log until the ram is full?08:51
lordievaderGood morning08:59
QwertieWhen my laptop goes to sleep the backlight wont turn on after I wake it. Thats a problem with the kernel right?09:00
QwertieAnd if so how would I go about reporting it?09:00
lordievaderQwertie: I'd say: ubuntu-bug linux-image-generic09:01
QwertieDo you think its the kernel or something else?09:02
lordievaderI'm not sure. But I do think the kernel is responsible for turning off the backlight. If it does turn out to be in the wrong category I'm sure it will gets moved to the proper category.09:03
Qwertieok, I will report that then09:03
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Jordan_Uren0v0: What link were you using for the daily image?11:26
ren0v0Jordan_U, its not right11:27
ren0v0its MATE...11:27
lotuspsychjeren0v0: wich link?11:27
ren0v0i have no idea what is going on, its like MATE is going to be standard11:27
ren0v0lotuspsychje, can't be 100% but think you gave me >  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/11:28
ren0v0i installed 15.10 in the end, it wouldn't let me install using LVM/FD11:28
lotuspsychjeren0v0: that link is the daily image for xenial, so?11:28
ren0v0lotuspsychje, yes, but its MATE...11:28
ren0v0we had this conversation didn't we, about why there was no standard release images11:29
lotuspsychjeren0v0: i dont recall, or see you in logs right away11:29
ren0v0lotuspsychje, i don't have enough buffer here to check either11:30
ren0v0it was yesterday though11:30
lotuspsychjeren0v0: but this link right here, should not be mate, there is seperate mate daily link11:30
ren0v0i have old OS still on another drive in this box actually, let me mount it11:30
lotuspsychjeren0v0: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/27/%23ubuntu+1.html11:31
lotuspsychjeren0v0: so, now tell us what you really want?11:32
ren0v0huh, i'm not asking for anything here, Jordan_U asked me a question...11:33
ren0v0and lotuspsychje i used this link, and it was MATE11:33
lotuspsychjeren0v0: you 100% sure?11:33
ren0v0i'm just trying to get into my other drive to find the ISO11:33
ren0v0now i have another issue that i mounted encypted drive and can't find where its mounted :D11:34
ren0v0it was on my unity launcher, i decrypted it but not sure what /dev/mapper/<> it is :P11:34
lotuspsychjeren0v0: you sure you didnt grab the iso from here? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/daily-live/current/11:38
ren0v0lotuspsychje, i'll check in a sec11:39
lotuspsychjeren0v0: wich version have you installed now?11:39
ren0v0lotuspsychje, please wait, i have decrypted drive with same LVM VG and i think its having a moment11:40
ren0v0mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'11:40
lotuspsychjeren0v0: if your not on 16.04 right now, please seek help in #ubuntu11:43
lordievaderYou can mount a pv ;)11:43
ren0v0lotuspsychje, wtf, i'm not seeking help...11:44
ren0v0someone asked me a question here11:44
ren0v0and lordievader ubuntu GUI messed things, i'm trying via CL now11:44
lotuspsychjeren0v0: can you please keep the wearing out here11:44
ren0v0lotuspsychje, sure, stop telling me i'm asking for help about the build then, when i've told you 2-3 times now that Jordan_U asked me for a link, i didn't start typing here until that11:45
ren0v0i'm only spending my time messing with this drive trying to find the ISO to help see if there is an issue or not with the links, i'll go back to what i was doing before then if its not appreciated.11:45
lotuspsychjeren0v0: i find it hard to believe iso's would be wrong11:46
ren0v0lordievader, you aren't in #ubuntu so want to ask you here :)  the problem with mew trying to mount my mapped decrypted drive is that the VG has the same name. How can i mount with LV UUID or something?11:52
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lordievader I'm sorry I don't understand. Are you using luks?11:54
lordievaderWow, how did the installer mess up that bad.11:54
ren0v0yea, i decrypted with "cryptsetup luksOpen <name>"11:54
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ren0v0lordievader, no, what you are seeing here is my new SSD (the active 250gb one), and my old HDD (500gb)11:55
ren0v0i was just trying to mount my old drive to check the ISO11:55
ren0v0i think there is a problem because naming is exactly the same, as they are both setup by ubuntu11:55
lordievaderYou could change the vg-name, ubuntu-vg ain't a very constructive name anyways.11:56
ren0v0thats the wizard for you :)11:56
ren0v0lordievader, well, i don't want to mess up my new install, so i need to issue commands with something unique :D11:57
lordievaderYou can mount the dm's directly.11:57
ren0v0thats what i was asking, with what, the UUID or something ?11:57
lordievaderThe /dev/mapper entries are just symlinks to /dev/dm-*11:58
ren0v0thats all i can see that is unique11:58
ren0v0lordievader, don't have that folder, unless you mean /dev/<vg>11:58
lordievaderYou should have a dev/mapper folder... dev-mapper makes it for you.11:59
ren0v0yes i do11:59
* lordievader is confused12:00
ren0v0are just symlinks to /dev/dm-*12:00
lordievaderDoes the /dev/mapper exist or not?12:00
ren0v0you said /dev/dm-*12:00
lordievaderYes, those are the actual block devices.12:01
lordievaderThe stuff in /dev/mapper and /dev/<vg-name> are symlinks to those block devices.12:01
ren0v0sudo mount /dev/dm-4 /mnt/container/         >     mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'12:02
ren0v0same outcome12:02
lordievaderwhat about 'sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/dm-4 /mnt/container'?12:03
ren0v0mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/olddrive12:03
lordievaderHmm, the dm is the correct one?12:04
ren0v0yea i did    ls -l /dev/mapper/olddrive12:04
ren0v0lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Feb 28 11:43 olddrive -> ../dm-412:04
lordievaderIs that the unencrypted luks device?12:04
lordievaderYou run lvm on luks?12:04
ren0v0"lvdisplay" shows both the LVs for this drive and my live one, they have same naming because they were both made with ubuntu installer.12:05
ren0v0let me pastebin that output12:05
lordievaderPlease answer my question.12:06
ren0v0lordievader, in all honesty i don't know, this is created by ubuntu, so whatever that does.12:06
lordievaderren0v0: Please post the output of 'sudo pvs'.12:06
lordievaderAs I figured. The error is completely normal. Your dm-4 is a physical volume, not a logical volume.12:08
ren0v0so what did i do wrong in the process of decrypting/mounting ?12:08
lordievaderAlso, lvm probably disabled the secondary vg because it ain't unique.12:09
lordievaderren0v0: Nothing.12:09
ren0v0lordievader, yes i understand thats why the issue is probably there, so what do i do about that ?12:09
lordievaderBut since the vg's are not unique only one can be active at a time.12:09
lordievaderren0v0: Make the vg's unique ;)12:09
ren0v0lol, why does ubuntu use non-unique name grrr12:09
ren0v0lordievader, yes but vgrename needs a name, and they are both the same lol, so i'm worried :D12:10
lordievaderBecause Ubiquity is crap at anything a little bit complex ;)12:10
ren0v0wow this sucks12:10
lordievaderDoes that matter? Rename one vg, do the things you need. Rename the vg back.12:10
lordievaderren0v0: This is why you set up lvm manually.12:11
ren0v0lordievader, if you say there is little risk in rename then maybe thats cool, i just don't know enough without reading up, i think this drive can stay like this for a while, i was just trying to help establish something about the daily build ISO thats all, not worth the time for me right now12:11
ren0v0thanks for clearing it up though, now i know why, and it was why i thought12:11
ren0v0will look at changing name when i get free time :D12:12
lordievaderWorst that can happen is that you need to chroot from a live-cd and rebuild the initrd.12:12
BluesKajHowdy folks12:26
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Novice201yHello. How to install .deb in 16.04?13:09
lordievaderNovice201y: Use dpkg, as allways. (Or if it is in the repo, apt(-get)).13:17
Novice201ylordievader: I ask in the name of GUI-user.13:20
lordievaderDouble clicking the deb doesn't open some gui?13:20
Novice201ylordievader: Double click opens file archiver.13:21
lordievaderHmm, I have no idea what the current standard gui utility for this is in Ubuntu.13:21
Novice201ylordievader: When I try to open with "Software installl" then I get "Sorry, this did not work".13:22
flocculantused to be it's ubuntu software center -perhaps the change to the gnome one isn't working13:22
flocculantI'd install gdebi and use that13:23
Novice201yflocculant: :/13:23
flocculantNovice201y: I don't know for sure - don't use ubuntu13:23
flocculantand xubuntu currently has both13:24
Novice201yI know that 16.04 is under development but it should be ready for community daily testing :/13:25
flocculantit is13:25
flocculantjust because there's something wrong atm - doesn't make it unfit for testing13:26
Novice201yflocculant: It would be ready for community testing when there will be easy "one click" way to submit ticket for issue like this.13:27
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ubuserhello folks17:54
ubuseris it ok to ask something about 16.04 here?17:54
ubuserwell, ill give it a try...17:58
ubuseri have a headset (usb) logitech G330, sound works nice, but microphone  does not. it is detected in the control panel but there is no feedback on the orange bars17:59
ubuserany hint?17:59
ubuseranyone knows why the software app does not show up any apps aside from the ones already installed?18:32
Fudgeits muted?21:07
vincenzomlHi there, I am trying to figure out why my mmc card reader on HP pavillion tablet x2 is not working under linux but works under windows. In dmesg I see an "error -110" when inserting the sd card21:41
vincenzomlthis is vital to install linux and without installing it's not easy to e.g. install other kernels21:41
vincenzomlI am using the live usb at the moment, of ubuntu 16.04 because of wifi firmware and touch screen21:41
salamanderrakehello, fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 and no vmlinuz linux kernel image file installed so I can't boot it.21:51
clivejoany packagers here?21:53
Fudgeclivejo:  I package a little22:01
clivejoI have a package is confusing me22:02
Fudgespell out your problem someone may be able to help if i cant22:03
Fudge clivejo ?22:09
clivejoFudge: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/243381192/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.akonadi_4%3A15.12.1+git20160227.1356+16.04-0_BUILDING.txt.gz22:09
clivejodpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5 needed by debian/akonadi-server/usr/bin/akonadi_knut_resource (ELF format: 'elf64-x86-64'; RPATH: '')22:10
Fudgethat link gives me 404 mate22:14
Fudgebut its clear from the url that you have build dependencies22:14
clivejothe link should be a build log22:14
Fudgeyeah I know but i get a 404 sorry22:15
squintyworks here22:15
clivejoall build deps are fulfilled22:15
Fudgesquinty:  oh ok ill try again22:16
Fudgeah got it now, that was weird22:17
asperhi there. i set systemd-networkd up on 16.04. and disabled networking.service. when i have an entry in /etc/network/interfaces for an interface with dhcp enabled, dhclient is started for that interface during boot. which unit spawns this?22:23
Fudgeasper:  what spawns?22:25
asperthe dhclient22:25
squintyclivejo,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5&mode=exactfilename&suite=xenial&arch=any   did a quick search of your build file but no reference to this lib indicated22:25
Fudgeclivejo:  i wonder if this helps you http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23952821/how-to-load-private-shared-libraries-within-rules-make-file-in-deb-packaging22:26
clivejoshould I be installing the lib in the server install file?22:27
Fudgeasper:  that is what dhcp is, it launches dhclient and asks for an ip address for the gateway dhcp server22:27
Fudgedo i misunderstnad you?22:27
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asperyes. when setting an interface under systemd-networkd control dhcp should be handled by systemd-networkd. i thought the networking.service would read /etc/network/interfaces use ifup to bring them up and start dhclient if it says it should. but since i disabled networking.service i don't know which unit reads /etc/network/interfaces and starts dhclient.22:33
Fudgethe interfaces file will request dhclient to run when it is sourced, i.e when the interface goes up as far as i understand22:47
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