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elimistevepopey: For the Showdown, when is the deadline, exactly? 11:59pm on Feb 29th? In what timezone?09:11
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labsinAnyone wanting to try the "Deezer Scope" from there phone?  I'd like to know if surfacing mode is working properly. It wasn't before10:33
DanChapmanlabsin, works a treat :-) nice one!11:04
labsinDanChapman: Thank you. Is there also a result with a login nag?11:06
DanChapmanlabsin, hmmm i don't seem to be able to log in to my acccount though. Well it authenticates fine but returning to the scope it wants me to sign in again11:08
labsinDanChapman: OK. Thanks. Before it crashed on this. Its a start.11:10
DanChapmanlabsin, np. fwiw I can't see the created account in system settings. Or see an option to add a Deezer account. I'm looking forward to using this. Probably the first scope i would actually use regularly :-)11:13
DanChapmanlabsin, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15228827/ getting apparmor denials for online-accounts.11:28
labsinDanChapman: Thanks for the info. Should be a problem I think (googleing it says other apps have it too)15:37
labsinDanChapman, anybody, Want to  test a new version of the Deezer Scope that should have account support?15:43
labsinNot in the store yet.15:43
labsinThe click to test is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1euibKhpEeQVGdaa3ZIanBtb1k/view15:45
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labsinanybody want to  test a new version of the Deezer Scope that should have account support? The click to test is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1euibKhpEeQVGdaa3ZIanBtb1k/view21:17
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labsinStill someone around to give a scope a quick rond from the click store after I upload it?22:58
nik90labsin, I don't have a deezer account, but I can check it.23:00
nik90labsin, what do you specifically need testing with this version?23:00
labsinnik90: Thanks. I've now seconds ago uploaded version 0.1.19, don't know how quick this goes (should be quick). Just that you open it, that it loads results. Maybe try a search?23:03
popeyit's published23:07
labsinI am trying to cross-compile the go scope. It's running fine on x86 on the desktop, but I had some trouble with package conflicts in the chroot (i've send a mail on the ubuntu-touch mailing list). I thinks it's fine now. Just would be nice if somebody could do a quick run.23:11
labsinpopey, could you give it a quick look?23:21
popeysorry, I am not able to at the moment23:24
popeypast my bed time :)23:25
labsinme too23:27

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