Fudgestill having problems with isc-dhcp-client, this is on my home gateway and i am unable to maintain a connection to the net05:12
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ubuserhello mates18:05
ubuseri have a headset (usb) logitech G330, sound works nice, but microphone  does not. it is detected in the control panel but there is no feedback on the orange bars18:05
ubuserany hint?18:05
furkanhi all.. i've found a regression with unity-settings-daemon, and i'm in the process of bisecting it now but i'm almost certain that it cropped up with the 2016-01-21 update, since it was around that time that i started experiencing the bug18:50
furkanbasically when i suspend my computer and resume it, the volume buttons on my keyboard stop working18:51
furkanafter downgrading unity-settings-daemon (to 16.04.20151106) it seems to work fine, for now at least18:52
Fudgejdstrand_:  is there anything I can do to confirm dhcp bug?21:43
Fudgehave checked apparmor for dhclient and dhcp and everything seems fine there21:43
sarnold_furkan: nice, ubuntu-bug unity-settings-daemon -- and describe the testing you've done in the report22:19
sarnold_Fudge: on the bug in question, report the dpkg -l <packagename> | cat  version number, any DENIED lines from your syslog or audit log22:21
Fudgeill take a look sarnold_22:22
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Fudgesarnold:  such as these kind of log entries? Feb 29 08:00:19 dominion kernel: [152770.279981] audit: type=1400 audit(1456693219.440:132): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open"22:29
Fudgeprofile="/usr/sbin/named" name="/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range" pid=22551 comm="named" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=113 ouid=022:29
sarnoldFudge: yeah; that one is for bind, so it might be best to open a new bug report for that one22:30
Fudgeah right, thanks, apparmor giving grief22:30
Fudgei dont have any more any dchcp packages though22:31
Fudgethat was very unclean, I mean I have nothing in   syslog for audit or DNEIED for dhcp or dhclient22:46
Fudgehey sarnold  since this is on my gateway I am requesting dhclient eth0 every half hour and tha tis how I am staying connected23:05
furkansarnold: i just suspended/resumed again, and volume keys stopped working so i guess unity-settings-daemon wasn't the issue after all :(23:56
furkani've tried downgrading the kernel as well... i don't know what else to try23:56
furkanit was working just fine with 15.1023:56
sarnoldfurkan: bummer, I don't know where else to target the bug to. you can always file a bug against plain 'ubuntu' but that's not nearly as useful..23:58

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