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bynarieJordan_U, Flannel .. hi, i have read thru the guidelines and i do agree04:16
bazhangI wonder if they are on debian for ppa-purge to fail09:33
bazhangalthough the only fail is 'don't work'09:33
Jordan_Ubazhang: I think it failed because the ppa isn't valid for their release (as far as I can tell they added the ppa on an earlier release, then upgraded).09:34
Jordan_UNow that I think of it though, upgrades disable ppas IIRC.09:34
bazhangJordan_U, its odd as freetuxtv is in the repos ie not ppa09:35
bazhangyeah they do09:35
bazhangnever heard of add apt repository --remove as a command09:35
valorieworks, though09:52
bazhangnot clear why they want a ppa for something already in the repos09:55
bazhangnumbers chasing I suppose09:55
bazhang'new glibc fixes my wifi!'09:55
valorieoooo, voodoo!09:59
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bynarieJordan_U, did you read my message?i did agree to follow all of the guidelines set in TOS and i would like to request my ban be removed. thank you17:43
Jordan_Ubynarie: Your bans have been removed.20:39
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bazhangk1l_, its purely for warezy stuff21:37
k1l_i know21:37
bazhanghe can use another client21:37
k1l_but not with that warez tracker. and that is his real technical issue21:37
bazhangit's easily solved with a google/bing21:39
bazhangit's ubuntu specific at all21:40
bazhangerr not21:40
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