stakewinner00_someone knows some document about the directory tree of ubuntu touch?00:33
altker128Hey guys.  I saw the review on the octa-core Meizu and was dismayed to see comments about lag.  Any one have an idea why?  Any thoughts on if it'll be fixed?03:38
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talonzaltker128: i reckon by launch any issues with lag will be fixed or fixed very shortly after release04:01
jamie2well it seems my make rig worked so far, looks like compile is almost done, now to just hope to dear god its not corrupt04:13
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big_areaanyone had  luck with nexus 7 lte (deb) lately? I can't seem to get past "this phone needs restoring from a PC..."  using any of the tasemnice.eu images06:17
altker128talonz: Do you have any hands on experience with Ubuntu mobile?06:40
talonzvery little sorry altker128 i test utouch every now and then on my nexus 5 but i do not have a dedicated device yet ... might be the meizu pro 5 and/or bq tablet06:50
altker128talonz: What is it like on your Nexus 5?06:50
talonzi am in no rush to jump right in at this point as much as i am growing to hate my android devices utouch is not ready enough for me just yet06:51
talonzlast time i tried it pretty good nice and smooth had some issues with photos at the time and bluetooth didnt work at the moment i find it hard to test now tho cause multirom doesnt work with utouch06:53
altker128Is there any native GPS app for utouch yet?06:54
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talonzyeah here maps and unav07:25
talonzthere might be a couple of others07:25
altker128Does HERE maps work completely offline like it does for Android/iOS ?07:35
talonzyour going to have to do some googling i think you have way too many questions when you should be reading07:56
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labsinAnyone wanting to try the "Deezer Scope" from there phone?10:08
labsinI'd like to know if surfacing mode is working properly10:08
labsinIt wasn't before10:08
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mimecarI've upload a new chapter of the book "The user interface of Ubuntu Phone"17:22
mimecaryou can read it on this link https://mimecar.gitbooks.io/ubuntu-phone-ui/content/en/04_installing_applications.html17:23
mimecarit is related with the installation of applications on Ubuntu Phone17:23
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alex______Hi, guys. Want to port X11 app to xmir can't find any documentation. Can somebody point?20:16
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labsinanybody want to  test a new version of the Deezer Scope that should have account support? The click to test is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1euibKhpEeQVGdaa3ZIanBtb1k/view21:17
mimecarwill you upload the new version into Ubuntu Store?21:18
labsinmimecar: I'd be nice if somebody could test it first. But if it's too much trouble21:19
mimecarI can test it, but not today21:19
labsinmimecar: of course21:20
ilarioHi all! I cracked (also) the screen of my BQ Aquaris E4.5 running latest Ubuntu Touch Krillin, it's so damaged that I can't unlock the screen, is there a way to connect (via MTP?) and recover photos?21:34
mimecarMTP won't work if you can not unlock the phone21:35
ilarioso, is there no way to provide the unlock code in some other way?21:37
mimecaryou can use a OTG cable with an usb mouse21:38
mimecaris the screen switched on?21:38
ilarioyep, the screen is switched on but it's really damaged, the idea of the mouse is great but I'm not sure I could see where the digits are..21:40
ilarioanyway I will buy one of these cables and I will try :) thanks!21:41
mimecarDo you get to see something on the screen ?21:42
mimecarupper part...21:42
ilariojust the clock from times to times21:42
mimecarthen you can use an USB keyboard21:42
ilarioyep, but I can't see the round central part21:42
mimecaryou can type de pin code21:42
ilariowowowowow a usb keyboard??21:42
ilariothat would be perfect!21:43
ilariobut why do I need to see the upper screen part?21:43
mimecarfirst you unlock the phone, after you must press volume key several time in order to avoid screen lock21:43
mimecarI don't know. Have you flashed the latest firmware por E4.5?21:44
mimecarlatest stable21:44
ilarioI bought the phone with Ubuntu Touch on it, then I installed all the OTAs21:44
mimecarDo the screen switched on when the phone is booting?21:45
mimecarthen, it does not look a hardware problema21:45
mimecarunlock your phone, copy data and flash your device again21:45
ilariowell... hitting the ground at several km/h often causes a hardware problem on mobile screens XD21:46
mimecaryour phone is not a nokia...21:47
ilarioexactely, that's why now I fallback to my old nokia XD21:47
mimecaryou should buy an USB host cable tomorrow21:49
ilarioyep :) I will, many thanks for your help!21:51
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labsinStill someone around to give a scope a quick rond from the store after I upload it?22:53

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