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Kilosmorning all05:17
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Kiloshi chesedo 08:48
chesedoMore oom Kilos, hoe gaan dit?08:48
Kilosyou the only other one that doesnt use a dragging tail08:48
Kilosgoed dankie en self08:48
* chesedo does not feel like being foxy (sly)08:49
chesedogoed dankie08:49
Kiloshow does on find the address to login to a router08:49
chesedoit is usually the gateway address08:50
Kilosi have eth cable connected to a dlink08:50
Kilosya where do i get that so i can use a browser to get in and check settings08:50
Kilosi dont have the book, its ians router i need to fix the usb socket08:51
chesedotry the "connection info" (don't know if kde has it)08:51
Kilosim on unity with it08:51
chesedolook for default route08:52
Kilosoh i can try get the manual08:57
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KilosMaaz wb15:01
MaazThank you so much Kilos my good good friend15:01
chesedoKilos: did you get the ip?15:50
Kilosyes ty chesedo but it wont let me in from anywhere15:51
Kilosbrowsers say cant find it15:51
chesedoand if you ping it?15:51
Kilosi got the whole manual for that router15:51
Kiloslet me go try that15:51
Kilosif i just ping the ip it says destination net unreachable and with http:// in front it says unknown host16:25
Kilosbut nm shows i have a eth connection16:25
Kilosi even tried eth from the lappy and same ting16:26
Kilosi even did a factory reset to defaults of the router16:27
Kilosmore grrr16:27
chesedowhat is the ip in nm for eth?16:28
chesedowhat does the manual say the router's ip is?16:28
Kiloslet me go to desktop and use xchat16:28
Kiloseish when eth connected 3g doesnt work16:31
chesedoYes, it takes preference16:32
Kiloslet me start the router thing again and see if 3g will stay16:32
Kilosbentohere we go16:32
Kilosif it disconnects 3g im gonna battle16:34
Kilosbentoi see a mac address16:35
Kilosbentoipv4 is auto dhcp16:36
Kilosbento00:0F:EA:6D:FC:D3 (eth0)16:37
Kilosbentocant see an ip[16:37
chesedoOn unity right?16:38
Kilosbentoactually on bento here16:38
Kilosbentoubuntu based16:38
Kilosbentoubuntu with openbox16:39
Kilosbentobut nm seems to be the same thing16:39
chesedoThink ifconfig should be able give ip16:39
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Kilosbentohi inetpro 16:43
inetprooh hi oom16:45
Kilosbentoi hate routers16:46
Kilosbentoshould get oom jan to sort this one16:46
inetprowhat kinda router you have now?16:46
chesedoKilos: that connenction is not up16:47
chesedo`ifup eth0` should do it16:47
inetprono connection on eth0 according to the pastebin16:48
Kilosbentoifup: failed to open lockfile /run/network/ifstate.eth0: Permission denied16:48
chesedotry with sudo16:49
inetprochesedo: it is UP already16:49
chesedoor sudo !!16:49
inetproshouldn't need to do that16:49
chesedoinetpro: but there is no IP16:49
inetprothat does not mean the interface is down16:49
chesedocorrect... doesnt ifup create a connection?16:50
Kilosi used nm to start it and now 3g gone16:50
* chesedo has no exp with terminal connections16:50
chesedoai Kilos16:51
inetpro"UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1"16:51
inetpro ^^16:51
Kilosja groot ai!16:51
chesedoinetpro: ok16:51
inetprosomething telling me that either DHCP is dead on the router or...16:51
chesedowhat is the ip now before switching 3g on?16:52
Kiloslet me see16:52
inetprosomeone has messed eith manual eth0 settings on the PC/Laptop16:52
chesedoinetpro: it is on auto16:53
inetproby default eth0 should pick up a DHCP address16:53
inetprochesedo: where does that come from?16:54
Kilosshould i set my pc ip to or something16:54
chesedoinetpro: [18:36:37] <Kilosbento> ipv4 is auto dhcp16:55
inetpro02/28 18:53:03 <Kilos> shows
inetprowhere do you get that ^^ ?16:55
Kilosoh time16:55
Kilosi did ifconfig and read the lo stuff and it gives that 16:56
inetprosorry, gotta go for dinner16:56
* inetpro wbbl16:56
chesedoKilos: what does the manual say the routers should be?16:57
Kilosthe manual says to get into it from browser use
Kilosso is the my pc ip addy16:58
Kilosthats what is in eth connection info16:58
Kiloslet me go kill eth and get the bin info16:59
Kilosbentowhat u business17:05
Kilosi remember with my old one i spent days doing everything manually17:06
Kilosand poor fly spend much time as well17:07
Kilosi think i must change pc ip to the 10 range17:10
Kilosi think thats what oom jan did the other day17:10
chesedoKilos: no no17:15
chesedocheck if the router is available at
chesedousing ping17:16
chesedooh before that17:16
Kilosok sec rebooting pc17:16
chesedoyou did not tell it to use a static ip (it is still dynamic)?17:17
Kilosstill dhcp yes17:17
Kilosi have to go eat sorry17:17
chesedook if it is still after the reboot then try reaching it at
inetproKilos: question, where did you set the network parameters and IP address, on the GUI or on the CLI?17:29
inetprofor a standard ethernet cable connection you should not need to mess with anything at all17:29
inetproif your router is set to its default it should provide a DHCP address automagically the moment you connect a cabled device 17:29
inetproI don't know about d-link but routers I've worked with typically provide a range like 192.168.1.x with .1 being the gateway17:32
Kilosthats what i thought17:35
Kilosbut remember jan having hassles some weeks back17:36
Kilosalso something to do with the 10.0.0 range17:36
Kilosi used nm17:36
inetprosetting your PC to 10.0.0.x would be like changing your home address and telling people you live in another street17:36
inetproyour router is like the street corner in your block of homes17:38
inetproMaaz: assumption17:39
MaazAn assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts, but when made by intelligent people is often proven to be true.17:39
bushtech_What is the ip address of the router as shown on back of router?18:05
Kiloslet me go see18:06
Kilosand hi bushtech_ 18:06
bushtech_hi kilos, others18:07
bushtech_ah, then the manual is incorrect in stating that you can reach it at
bushtech_after a hard reboot going to on your browser you should see it's webpage18:10
bushtech_nb hard reboot18:10
Kilosbentolemme try ty18:10
Kilosbentohard reboot means power off?18:10
bushtech_no 18:11
Kilosbentohit it with a 4lb hammer?18:11
bushtech_normally u stick a pin into a small hole in the router for about 10 sec18:11
bushtech_if that hammer doesn't work get a bigger hammer18:12
Kilosoh the reset to factory defaults thing18:12
bushtech_normally a sequence of lights flashing on router wiill show u whats happening during reboot18:13
Kilosyes power light went red18:14
Kilosnow green again and some flashing lights18:15
Kilosai! still cant browse to it or ping
bushtech_have you got any other web pages open trying to acesss
bushtech_have had that prioblem before18:19
Kilosmaybe nm18:19
bushtech_is your computer set to auto dhcp18:20
bushtech_& see if your gateway is
bushtech_& dns server also18:21
Kilosim in ty18:24
Kiloshad by the dns thing18:25
Kilosthanks alot bushtech_ 18:25
bushtech_maybe one of the experts can tell us if should be added as a second dns server18:26
bushtech_if your router can hand out fixed ip addresses that is the way to go18:28
bushtech_makes life a lot simpler18:28
Kiloshyes i see it in the setup wizard18:28
Kilosfixed =static18:29
* inetpro likes it when other peeps jump in to help18:30
inetprosorry oom Kilos, was just on the phone here... happy to see you got things running 18:30
inetprowb bushtech_18:30
inetprolong time no see18:30
Kilosnp inetpro 18:30
bushtech_hi inetpro18:30
Kilosso in the static ip thing must i enter the info for the router as
Kilosor is that for ips it supplies18:32
inetproI keep my DNS on default and when there's trouble on the network I simply use to test connectivity 18:32
Kilosand the isp will be ppp0e right?18:33
bushtech_if u have a couple of computers you want to connect draw up a list, change ip to static on computers, then go type in the computers on the router18:33
bushtech_you will need their mac addresses18:34
Kilosah ty18:34
Kiloseven for wifi connection18:34
Kiloscool ty18:34
bushtech_when u set up router remember to change  dhcp to static18:36
Kilosprimary dns server?18:36
Kilos10.0.0.2 18:36
Kiloswhen entering more than on pc ip do you just use a , between addresses18:37
inetproor you can use dhcp but map a MAC address to a IP manually18:38
Kilosoh my18:38
Kiloswhy dont i do these things on good head days18:38
inetproin such a case you keep the PC on automatic but it will always get the same IP address18:39
Kilosanyway everything is changable now i can get into the thing18:39
bushtech_I never have good head days18:39
Kilostake mine for a day18:39
Kilosthen youll have many18:40
bushtech_specially when a computer decides to have a bad hair day18:40
inetprofor servers I will always set a static IP address outside of the DHCP range18:41
KilosVPI (enter a number) is invalid18:42
bushtech_inetpro: speaking about that, if you set ip ouside range are those ip still protected by routers firewall?18:43
inetproprotected in what way?18:44
bushtech_behind the firewall18:45
inetprotypically you would have a DHCP scope with the first few addresses like 1-10 in the exclusion range and all other up to 255 in the automatic range18:46
inetproshort answer would be yes18:47
inetprothe choice of ranges is all yours to customise the way you want18:48
inetpronot 25518:50
bushtech_the stupid router I'm using currently cant hand out fixed ip's so the only way I could fix my kodi servers ip address was making it fixed outside the routers ip list18:51
inetproaddresses from x.x.x.1 - x.x.x.254 with a netmask of is like a set of homes in the same street18:51
Kiloshaha inetpro you read that story well18:52
Kilosyou using those examples18:52
inetproin order for the postman to deliver letters to homes in another street he would have to go via the router before he can get to another street18:52
inetproKilos: what story?18:54
Kilosabout the routers workings18:55
Kilosstarting off with binary stuff18:55
inetpromy example is just simple logic 18:55
Kilosim not even half way18:55
Kiloseven with dhcp this things wants numbers for vpi and vci18:56
Kilosotherwise it pops up a java script thing18:56
Kilosstatic and dynamic has them18:57
Kilosand book says not many will need them18:58
bushtech_not familiar with vpi vci  what are they?18:58
Kilosvirtual path identifier18:58
Kilosand virtual channel identifier18:59
bushtech_ah thanks18:59
Kiloscant copy on okular18:59
bushtech_you running any virtual machines?18:59
bushtech_then you shouldnt have to worry about that19:00
Kilosit wont go past that till i have entered numbers19:01
Kilosfor multiple virtual connections19:01
bushtech_this is on the router webpage?19:02
Kilosin the setup wizard yes19:02
bushtech_back out of the setup and set it up manually19:03
Kilosi think that will be better ya19:03
Kiloskill the wizard19:03
Kiloswizards always add probs19:04
Kiloscan you see this http://pasteboard.co/1TIqy5Fi.png19:05
Kilosonly way i could get it19:06
Kilosinetpro how does one copy text on okular19:06
Kilosthe manual opens with okular19:06
Kiloswb tumbleweed 19:07
inetproKilos: click Selection at the top before highlighting text19:09
inetproor Tools menu | Selection Tool19:10
inetproor Ctrl+319:10
* ateKore says hi19:18
Kilosi hate these things19:18
Kilossays click add to add new internet connection but no add button'19:18
Kilosmaybe tomorrow will go better19:19
Kilosoh my19:20
Kilosmissed atekore19:21
Kilosnight all. ty for the help19:29
Kilossleep tight19:29
artsHowzit guys!19:34
arts\join #elementry19:35

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