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sakrecoer_* OvenWerks wonders if gimp can do the same things in CLI mode. apt-cache rdepends gimp says imagemagick is a dpendency to gimp13:04
sakrecoer_its a dependency of many packages, we shouldn't remove it. but either we fix the menu entries, or we remove the entrencies, and leave it down to cli-friendly users13:05
sakrecoer_remove the *entries hehe "entrencies" probably a mashup of nbtry and dependencies13:06
* sakrecoer_ fingerslaps own fingers13:07
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: i get the feeling imagemagick is in fact kept up. what isn't kept up is the built in GUI :) i'm in favour of fixing those desktop files to "no show"13:27
sakrecoer_how do i get my dev-install environement to upgrade to whisker menu13:43
sakrecoer_ah, he, lets try dist-upgrade maybe14:16

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