pilneif one is generally comfortable in ubuntu, is there any reason to not use the non-lts releases?00:15
krytarikpilne: Other than obviously having to upgrade more often, not really.00:25
pilnevery cool, tyvm00:45
kourckanyone around that can help do a little bit of troubleshooting with guitarix and jack?02:05
studio-user101installation is terribly slow18:41
studio-user944-ohello there... testing installation on USB semi SSD 130Mbit SanDisc Ultra Fit for performance test18:44
njh_am I allowed to ask a std ubuntu audio question here, or do I need to install ubuntustudio first?22:15
njh_I have 15.10, and mainstream apps like totam vlc and rhythmbox work fine, but audacity stutters and dies22:16
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OvenWerksnjh_: whatever you ask is fine23:09
OvenWerksubuntu is ubuntu :)23:10
njh_but can you help me?23:11
OvenWerksHaving said that, I have not spent much time on 15.10. Audacity is not one my high use applications as I do most of my recording editing with Ardour or mhwaveedit.23:11
njh_normally I use jack23:11
njh_but it's annoying23:11
OvenWerksjack and audicity do not get along that well23:12
njh_so I was hoping to use it with pulseaudio23:12
njh_well, I was using audacity as a proxy for portaudio23:12
njh_which gets the same error23:12
OvenWerksany time I have used audacity I end up using it with PA.23:12
njh_(portaudio, not pulseaudio)23:12
OvenWerksyes audacity uses portaudio to talk to whatever.23:13
OvenWerksit does that so it can work on win/OSx/pulse/alsa/jack23:14
njh_so I'm writing a realtime synth23:14
njh_and I'm just trying to find a non-painful way to write lowlatency audio in off the shelf ubuntu23:14
OvenWerksok, not with audacity though23:15
njh_portaudio seems like a good start.  but this underrun problem has got me stumpped23:15
njh_and as I can reproduce it in audacity, I know it's not my program23:15
OvenWerkshave you tried asking on #LAD at all?23:15
njh_I did not know LAD23:16
njh_that's here on freenode?23:16
OvenWerks"Linux Audio Developers"23:16
njh_fantastic, I shall wander over23:16
OvenWerkssome of the people who put LV2 together are there as well as the authors of some other synth building blocks23:17
njh_fwiw, I have ubuntustudio on the device I'm building this for23:17
njh_(which is a braswell picoitx)23:18
OvenWerksALSA/Pulse are pretty common no matter what the linux platform.23:18
njh_but it's small and lacks a monitor23:18
njh_hence why I wanted something I could use on a 'normal' computer23:18
njh_and I'm not willing to install US over my laptop23:19
OvenWerksnjh_: can you ssh -Y into the picoitx? (I realize you probably don't want install any x libs anyway.23:19
njh_I've never had -X work23:21
njh_and yeah, I don't really need X23:21
njh_if you are interested, it's the brains of a wurltzer 'casemod' I'm doing for a friend23:22
njh_that is, he got a wurlitzer console without any guts, and I'm building a synth you can play23:22
njh_all the electronics is done, keys work, tabs flip.23:23
njh_so now I'm doing the synth part23:23
OvenWerksHave you ever looked at aeolus?23:30
OvenWerksor is that not quite the sound you were looking for?23:30
njh_sure, I'm a contributor23:30
njh_It's a great sound, but it's a little long in the tooth now23:31
njh_and fons seems to have disappeared23:31
OvenWerkshe shows up once in a while, but has felt ill treated by some of the developers.23:31
njh_and it doesn't do reeds well23:31
njh_yeah, I saw tha23:32
njh_well if I ever find a way to contact him I'd love to tell him I appreciate his masterpiece23:32
OvenWerksI grew up in church that had pipes, but it has been a long time since I have heard the real thing. That was 1st Baptist in Calgary AB Canada. Im on Vancouver Island these days.23:33
njh_yeah, that's a long walk23:33
njh_I also have a project to add some 32' stops to the local cathedral organ23:33
njh_which is contingent on getting the wurlitzer finished23:34
njh_synthetic 32' stops mind23:34
njh_there's not enough room in the loft to fit real ones23:34
njh_but someone installed 10 subwoofers in there at some point, so I figure I'll just drive those23:34
OvenWerksMy parents have what used to be an old Wurlter console with two manuals. My dad was putting his own version of (all hardware) sound moduals in.23:35
OvenWerksya 32foot is pretty big. Where I saw was 16s23:35
njh_it has several 16's23:36
njh_flue and reed23:36
OvenWerks16 was adequate to shack the place already.23:37
njh_well the organist (who also gives me lessons) feels that we need to go deeper23:37
OvenWerksYeah, that was part of my reason for buying a 5 string bass too23:38
njh_drop D!23:39
OvenWerksfunny thing is a bass boost that boosts an octave higher actually makes it sound deeper.23:39
njh_yeah, that's because of the way the ear works23:39
OvenWerksYa mostly the D, but I do all the way down to the B once in while.23:39
njh_our ear breaks sound into combs of harmonics23:46
njh_then infers the base note23:46
njh_you can trick this by creating a sequence that implies the fundamental23:47
njh_that's why tiny little laptop speakers can sound like they have bass23:47

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