dkesselok, so module-init-tools still fails to authenticate ;)09:37
dkesselsetting up snapshots to be able to verify the fix in all the upgrade scenarios when it is there09:40
flocculantit's definitely not the 'transient network issue' the error message alludes to :p09:41
flocculantI'll be just redoing them - hardware tests09:41
flocculantknome: the blocked thing was done - I forgot that I/we did that ... 09:55
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knomeflocculant, lol10:51
flocculantI assume you had the mail - but update to cont-docs hanging around - guess that could go live when the 'user' bit does10:53
knomeyes, i'll check that later today when i get back home10:54
knomewe're just leaving10:54
flocculanthave a good day :)10:54
knometa ta, will at least try to10:54
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bluesabremorning all11:55
flocculanthey bluesabre 11:55
bluesabrehey flocculant11:56
phillwhiyas good people, having had a quick listen in on software center, Jorn did a change a while back (#177) https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-software-center-team/lubuntu-software-center/lubuntu-software-center-trunk so it is flavour neutral. There was a bit of concern that you guys and galls would have to fork it and  maintain it. That is not the case. Lubuntu will look after it. I've just pinged our head of dev to ask that patch be added soon :12:55
phillwIf you decide not to use it, that's fine. I just want you to know it is an option for you guys :)12:55
phillwknome: :-*we don't forget, it just takes a while :D12:57
phillwhi Noskcaj :)13:06
dkesselflocculant: was a little bit unsure if the bug is in the testcase or in the software - bug 155092713:59
ubottubug 1550927 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Wrong update prompt after wily to xenial upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155092713:59
dkesseli was unsure because, to me, it makes more sense to still be Prompt=normal  after the upgrade, although the testcase insists on the opposite. but i guess one can argue on or the other way on the behaviour14:02
flocculantprobably the testcase14:27
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dkesselso nobody else really has those video playback issues in xenial?14:47
dkesselin both vlc and parole...14:47
bluesabredkessel: what problems, can probably help14:55
dkesselwell... some videos cannot be played at all. resulting in green (vlc) or black (parole) screen, but nothing else. also, vlc manages to play the audio, but parole cannot...14:57
dkesselbluesabre: ^14:57
dkesselmkv with h264 video, ac3 audio in this case14:59
slickymasterknome, been on the road all past week15:11
slickymasterjust got home yesterday night15:12
slickymasterwill start to work on the installer this week15:12
slickymasteralso, it's now over a month past https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2016-January/011005.html15:14
slickymasterso we should start to think about doing something even though no one cares about it15:14
dkesseloh, it sounds good! maybe i should have responded15:15
slickymasteryes, do it please, dkessel 15:16
flocculantdkessel: parole set it not use clutter - haven't a clue about vlc as I never use it 15:39
dkesselflocculant: doesn't work. any other packages involved?15:40
flocculantslickymaster: on the other hand - why worry about other flavours?15:40
flocculantx windows (no xv) doesn't work? 15:41
flocculantdkessel: ^^15:41
dkesselflocculant: nope15:41
dkesseland i've seen this video play before :p15:42
dkesseland thunar can create a thumbnail of it15:42
flocculantwell - it works here :)15:42
slickymasterit's something that has an impact on all flavors flocculant 15:43
flocculantslickymaster: no15:43
slickymasterhow come?15:43
flocculantif other flavours aren't interested - then just worry about xubuntu15:43
slickymasteroh, on that you're right15:44
flocculantdkessel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15231175/15:44
slickymasteryeah, I do agree with you15:44
flocculantand I've got ffmpeg15:44
flocculantslickymaster: so basically what I'm saying is *shrug* just like they are :)15:44
dkesselwell, switching to ubuntu trusty for that video :p15:50
dkessel...and that just works15:56
flocculantslickymaster: on a more interesting note - what's the plan with our slideshow :)16:06
slickymasterapparentlyknome has already move it16:09
flocculantdkessel: just ftr - installed vlc - plays mkv fine 16:09
flocculantslickymaster: moved it?16:10
slickymasterlp:~xubuntu-doc/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-1604 is now the working branch16:10
flocculantoh right I see16:10
slickymasterour docs branch is about 140 MB, with it16:11
slickymasterI'm planning on start working on it this week16:11
slickymasterthat and removing all the gmb references from the docs16:12
flocculantslickymaster: fyi - fop upgraded - still no pdf's16:12
slickymasterhmmm does krytarik has any ideas about it?16:13
flocculantno idea - knome was going to look - apparently a different issue now16:13
slickymasterare you thinking in anything in particular, re. the slideshow?16:14
flocculantjust interested :)16:15
slickymasterI'll ping you throughout the week16:15
slickymasterto be honest I'm still half asleep16:15
slickymasterarrived yesterady at 3:30 AM16:16
slickymaster* yesterday16:16
flocculantyea I saw :)16:16
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knomeflocculant, oh oops. yeah, fop..21:10
knomeslickymaster, haven't thought much about the slideshow apart from the artwork side21:17
knomeslickymaster, but one option is to go more "look, we have a website! look!"21:17
knomeslickymaster, and then also highlighting the community21:18
knomeslickymaster, if/when we do the wallpaper contest, results from that maybe (we discussed about that 2 years ago)21:18
flocculantknome: ha ha - I win that one :p21:22
knomeflocculant, have you looked at lubuntu-software-center at some point?21:23
Unit193Considering the track record, upload history?21:23
knomeUnit193, miss.21:24
knomeUnit193, or in other words, explain :P21:24
flocculantknome: long time ago21:25
knomei think it would be worth looking at21:26
knomejust because it's gtk and it supposedly works for lubuntu ;)21:27
knomealso if you read the backlog, you'll notice that they are open to renaming it too21:27
knomewell, i haven't heard horror stories of people using lubuntu who can't get their package manager to work21:28
flocculantbug 1497756 is still there21:46
ubottubug 1497756 in lubuntu-software-center (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu-software-center purge leaves database file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149775621:46
flocculantif we went that way - and people installing xubuntu then decided to remove it - leaving behind a file doesn't enamour me to it21:47
flocculant'large' is not what I would call the size of the file though (84Mb here) - I've got larger flac's21:48
Unit193It'd be so easy to fix too. :/21:48
flocculantit was 21:48
flocculant... 21:48
Unit193I mean in the packaging.21:48
flocculantI knew that 21:49
flocculantanyway - so yes it has the repos in it (but I doubt that gs won't for long) and looks much of a muchness to usc and gs21:49
flocculantbut frankly I would rather - if we have to change - change to gs given that Ubuntu will want to keep it working for longer than we would21:50
flocculantwith the 5 year support cycle21:50
flocculantas far as gs goes - we need to try and get some sense of what's going on with making it work from them somehow21:52
flocculantbluesabre wanted us to be in a position to make decision by week tomorrow iirc21:52
knomeof course if the bug(s) were fixed in lsc...21:53
flocculantregardless - I would rather use something with ubuntu behind it21:54
knomeyep, that's never a bad thing21:55
knome...unless it gets messy and installs half of gnome or unity :D21:55
flocculantwell yea - but it doesn't seem to do so :)21:55
flocculantwe should ramble on about this on wednesday more I think21:56
knomedo you mean thursday?21:56
flocculantof course I do :p21:56
flocculantI should be there - might be late21:57
knomei should be there until i figure something more interesting to do21:57
flocculanttalking of which21:58
flocculanttime to do a zebedee here :)21:58
flocculantnight all 21:58
knomeflexiondotorg, hey! phillw was asking me about our decision to not support the pi images (https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/)22:22
flexiondotorgknome, OK22:23
knomeflexiondotorg, that led me to ask the question: why are the ISOs built to begin with since we said that we don't want to support?22:23
flexiondotorgBecause people wanted them.22:23
knomewithout any explanation for the no, it feels a bit weird that we are listed there22:23
flexiondotorgWould you like them removed? Or would you like an explanation added the none on the Xubuntu core team have a Pi and are therefore unable to support them?22:24
knomewe have a team meeting on thursday, and we could talk about this too22:25
knomei'm not in the position to choose this or that, but if the image is listed there, i personally would appreciate a note22:25
flexiondotorgknome, I'll add one.22:26
knomesth along the lines that it's an unofficial community build at minimum22:26
knomelet's figure out the best way for both22:26
knomei'll get back to you again after our meeting :)22:26
knome(or you can follow it on this very channel :P)22:26
Unit193Community spins are generally acceptable, though usually best to stick as close as one can to actual ISOs and no personal preferences changed (Source: I do community spins.)22:27
knomeand considering that the flavour maker project supports the hardware, maybe a yellow no would be more appropriate22:27
knomeUnit193, and note that they are unofficial community builds.22:28
Unit193(I think I note that, at least. >_> )22:28
knomeUnit193, ...as you know and do22:28
Unit193Which, core is getting massive too...22:33
Unit193596M → 729M?  Yeeeah...22:39
bluesabreevening all23:04
knomehello bluesabre 23:05
bluesabrehey knome23:06
knomebluesabre, you haven't reacted to my question about the media manager article series yet23:07
knomebluesabre, which is: what do you cloud player users want to say? :P23:07
bluesabreknome: hadn't seen a question :)23:08
bluesabreknome: maybe advertise cloud players that have some integration with ubuntu (sound indicator, notifications) or that are available in multiple countries, etc23:08
bluesabrewith those, there may have to be some caution with the use of trademarks23:09
knomewould you like to cooperate writing that one, or delegate the cooperation to somebody else on the cloud list23:10
bluesabreknome: there's also the trouble of package support. For Spotify to work, you have to grab a package that is no longer shipped in Ubuntu, etc23:10
bluesabreknome: I can certainly help with it23:10
knomebut you can use play.spotify.com23:10
knomeso maybe that's one of the aspects to mention23:11
knomelet's coordinate the writing at http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mm-cloud23:11
bluesabreknome: I probably don't have a lot of time to contribute to this in the next few hours, but guessing this is something we're working on for closer to release time?23:12
knomeit looks like we will have four articles:23:13
knome- gmb23:13
knome- clementine23:13
knome- cloud23:13
knome- "others"23:13
knomeso if we want to lead this to the release and release one article per week, the deadline is in about a month for the first one23:13
knomeand we can do gmb/clementine first23:13
knomeso not a huge rush, as long as we don't end up in the situation that we need to hastily put this together :D23:14
Unit193pithos has some indicator support, IIRC.23:15
knomeUnit193, plz add in the pad23:15
bluesabreUnit193: yes, pithos has indicator support and notifications23:16

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