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Wayward_vagabondI seem to be having severe network issues, my connections randomly drop, but never seem to happen during high transfer rates ie downloading files 100mb+00:40
Wayward_vagabondWhen it drops, I have to disable and renable wifi to get it up again, or sometimes even reboot00:40
Wayward_vagabondAny idea what's causing it?00:42
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radxxxcan you use compiz in xubuntu?02:19
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parsnipdisconnected... any ideas on xubuntu wallpaper persisting to i3 session?06:12
parsnip(cross-posting to #xfce)06:13
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dargoRunning 14.04.04 LTS with XUbuntu + NVidia 352.41: Anyone have trouble on reboot after yesterday's daily update? I have no console or desktop. I can SSH in and I can replace "quite splash" with text on grub to log on. Rebuilding the NVidia driver and/or restarting the light DM service has no affect.15:29
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