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jamespagegnuoy, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/mysql/forward-compat-xenial/+merge/28731108:53
jamespageif you have a sec08:53
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beisnerjamespage, +1 @ https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/mysql/forward-compat-xenial12:16
beisnerjamespage, fwiw, that should unblock our gate on several charm amulet tests that started failing with the python 2 default change.12:17
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jamespageicey, for https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/charms/trusty/ceph-osd/add-encryption/+merge/28748315:41
jamespagewhat happens with regards to keys when I turn on that feature?15:41
iceythey get placed in /etc/ceph/dmcrypt-keys15:41
icey(that's ceph's default key location)15:41
iceyceph generates keys and drops them in that location if you don't specify otherwise15:42
jamespageso this deals with the someone steals the disks, but not the server problem15:42
jamespageI'd really love to see an amulet test for this as well15:42
iceyserver problem is more complex and will have a subordinate charm that abuses this a bit :)15:42
jamespagenot for every combination but for one would be nice15:42
iceyjamespage: agreed, I'd like to do an amulet that adds a disk and checks that the directory is created methinks15:43
jamespagethe change generally looks OK to me15:43
jamespageI'd be tempted to drop that version check - firefly is now the older supported release of ceph we have15:43
jamespageso only someone doing something really backward would hit an error there....15:44
iceythen we could remove all of the version checks :)15:44
jamespageyes I know15:44
jamespagethat would be a nice bit of maintenance todo15:44
iceyhow about a sepoarate MP for that :)15:44
jamespageyes please..15:44
jamespagebut don't add a new one if its not required...15:44
icey+1 will get the test written, then start working on removing unneeded version checks15:44
iceywhat's the cost of an additional (minimal) MP?15:45
iceydo we have any example openstack charms that test differing config? It looks like the config is setup once for all tests, and that the tests all verify with the same config currently in the ceph-osd charm15:49
iceyjamespage: ^15:49
PrabakaranHello Team, We are facing issue while we are trying to upload product installer files which has size of more than 700 MB to https://files.support.canonical.com/  The actual issue is file uploading progess will be interrupted in middle of transfer. We have tried both CLI and UI mode of file upload still we are facing this issue. Could someone please advise on this issue.16:43
beisnericey, ^ re: cost of diff configs ... is that re: amulet tests or unit tests?16:45
beisnericey, fyi - rule of thumb for amulet tests:  if you need to exercise a topology or a configuration which is significantly different than what we exercise there, then that is a candidate for a mojo spec test.16:46
beisnericey, otherwise it is actually quite resource-expensive to add an alternate config/topology to exercise against all currently-supported ubuntu+openstack release targets.16:47
kwmonroehey cory_fu jcastro:  Prabakaran was asking about videos related to layered charm development.  do we have any recordings (maybe from Ghent) about the layered approach?17:21
kwmonroePrabakaran: i found this on our youtube channel -- it may be a bit basic for you, but marcoceppi gives a good overview of layers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzgW1NW1M6A17:24
sparkieg`there's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRQcERLnbIQ too17:25
jcastrokwmonroe: ^17:28
kwmonroePrabakaran: there's a couple for ya ^^  (thx sparkieg` jcastro)17:28
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PrabakaranThank you all ..17:38
PrabakaranI will refer those videos...17:38
iceybeisner: I think there may be a confusion in the communication; I'm adding a new single test to verify config stuff17:47
beisnericey, yep that's all good.17:47
iceyand talking about a separate merge proposal fo removing the unnecessary version checks17:47
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bdxcharmers: can we get some review here? --> https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/charms/trusty/postgresql/built/+merge/28258819:38
josebdx: THERE YOU ARE!19:39
joseare you busy atm?19:40
bdxjose: ehh, define busy .. :-)19:40
bdxjose: i have a few mins to spare for you, whats up?19:40
joseI wanted to help you out with your charm, that's it19:41
lazyPowerkwmonroe - ping20:09
kwmonroepong lazyPower20:10
lazyPowerkwmonroe - i've heard a lot about this "layer:java" from jcastro - but i think what he means is "interface:java" - https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-java - and this is a pattern is houdl be adopting when charming up java services right?20:11
kwmonroeright lazyPower, there are interface providers (openjdk, zulu8, and ibm-jdk), but currently only 1 consumer, layer-ubuntu-devenv20:12
lazyPowerthis will be the second consumer I suppose :)20:12
lazyPowerok cool so i just implement the interface, and adjust my metadata accordingly20:13
lazyPowerget some spiffy reactive magic like you have in the interface readme, and build the open-jdk subordinate?20:13
lazyPoweractually, are those java subordinates already listed in the store?20:13
kwmonroeyeah lazyPower, not promulgated, but openjdk is in my namespace20:14
lazyPowerlook at that spiffy little java dude20:14
lazyPowerthanks man, i'll let ya know how i get along with this shortly20:14
kwmonroeheh, 2 hours on the charm, 2 days on the icon ;)20:14
lazyPoweramir would be proud ;)20:15
kwmonroelazyPower: the current (simple) java consumer is here: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-ubuntu-devenv -- note the provides: java there because we expect javas to be a subordinate.20:16
lazyPowerah right, just as iw as putting it under requires20:16
cory_fukwmonroe: We should probably get that openjdk charm promulgated, no?20:17
cory_fuOtherwise, the ibm-java charm is gonna beat you.  ;)20:18
magicaltrouthold on, one consumer, just cause I've not bothered publishing my charm yet, doesn't mean there is just one consumer! ;)20:18
kwmonroeyeah cory_fu, can't have that.  but i think i wanted to revisit the interface: java bits first.  i seem to recall you objecting to the readme..20:18
kwmonroeand by "readme", i mean "core logic in the interface"20:19
kwmonroesame same20:19
cory_fukwmonroe: What you mean?20:19
lazyPowersix of one, half dozen of the other ;)20:19
cory_fumagicaltrout: Ha, too right!20:19
firllazyPower any ideas when the networking layer might be working with the kubernetes bundles? I am not really able to use it until that gets resolved for me20:19
lazyPowerfirl - we're workign on logging infrastructure now20:19
cory_fukwmonroe: I don't actually remember what you're referring to, and I didn't open an issue20:20
magicaltroutthe manic Xenial LXD hacking has been in part so I can finish off PDI in a sensible manner20:20
magicaltroutshould have something testable over the next couple of days20:20
firlkk, if it’s on the roadmap and you want me to test it, let me know.20:20
lazyPowerfirl - thats not currently in our backlog, its on the long term roadmap solvables, but we're not scheduling time for it atm. I'll bring it up with marco to see where it sits on our delivery timeline and if we can squeeze it in directly after cycle close20:21
lazyPowerfirl - that being said, if you want to get some dev cycles in on it, i'm game to help and we'd <3 the contribution20:21
firlyeah I would love to, just don’t have the dev cycles either :(20:21
kwmonroecory_fu: in the java interface readme, we have example usage for people that are providing the interface (eg, JREs), but we don't document how to consume it.   i think we also wanted to put JAVA_OPTS bits in there for consumers, though i'm fuzzy on that.20:22
cory_fuOh, so it really is just README changes?  Yeah, it needs to be improved20:22
kwmonroealso, this was around the time we were talking connected vs related.  but i think we settled on connected.20:22
cory_fuBut the README on the interface doesn't block the openjdk charm in any way20:22
cory_fukwmonroe: Well, now that seems to have gone to "joined" in the big data charms.  We can't ever decide on anything, can we?  :p20:23
kwmonroeyeah cory_fu, so we should decide pretty quick on that... before magicaltrout and lazyPower get to work.  do you have current objections to .connected?20:24
cory_fuI don't20:25
lazyPowertoo late on "before lazypower"20:25
lazyPowerbut i'm sniffing on "java.installed"20:25
kwmonroe:)  motion carries.  we're connected.20:25
lazyPowerso if thats wrong, speak now :P20:25
magicaltroutdon't make me sad :P20:25
cory_fumagicaltrout: You ok with "java.connected" as the state name?20:26
kwmonroelazyPower: java.installed is set within the providers (like openjdk).  you want to sniff on java.ready.20:28
magicaltrouti'm okay with whatever you're okay with :P20:28
lazyPowerah solid20:28
magicaltroutwhats the difference between java.connected and java.installed?20:28
magicaltroutlike, i get installed :P but how would it be installed but not connected?20:28
lazyPowerthe step in the dance of communication where the units are aware of one another but may not have all the data required to configure the java service20:29
magicaltroutwhatever, when it doesn't work i'll just defer to you guys anyway :P20:30
kwmonroeso... firstly, stop saying java.installed ;)  that doesn't matter for consumers of the java interface.  that's just a thing that the JREs will do to know if they need to install java.  what you guys want (magicaltrout and lazyPower) is to watch for java.ready.  once you see that, you know java has been installed and things like "java_home" and "java_version" are available on the java relation.20:30
* magicaltrout greps his code20:31
magicaltroutoh yeah20:31
magicaltroutyou're not lying20:31
magicaltroutokay, whats the difference between ready and connected :P20:31
magicaltroutie: I don't really care, but which do I listen for?20:32
magicaltroutjava.ready i assume from your comment20:32
magicaltroutin which case I shall ignore you all for ever more20:32
kwmonroemagicaltrout: you could have your charm report "blocked: waiting on java relation", then @when java.connected @when_not java.ready report "waiting for java to become ready", then @when java.ready report "java in da house"20:33
* lazyPower raises the java roof20:34
kwmonroemagicaltrout: so it's just available for you to inform your users when a java relationship is present, but may or may not be ready (apt-get install openjdk can take a few minutes, so people might like to know that the relation is there, but we're waiting on java to ready itself)20:35
lazyPowerkwmonroe - well this is weird. provides:  java: interface: java -  is clearly in my metadata, doesn't look like builder likes it though :(   http://paste.ubuntu.com/15246844/20:42
magicaltrouthttps://github.com/OSBI/layer-pdi here's my attempt lazyPower20:43
kwmonroelazyPower: i'm not sure what you mean by "provides: java: interface: java", but if you do it like magicaltrout's magicaltrout's metadata and layer.yaml, you should be 2legit2quit.20:45
cory_fukwmonroe, lazyPower, magicaltrout: https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-java/pull/220:48
kwmonroelook at the fingers on cory_fu!  i was gonna draft more messages about how the readme is lacking, but you just straight up fixed the problem.  nice.20:49
cory_fuI was waiting for my spark deployment to fail anyway.  ;)20:49
magicaltroutacceptable fast fingers, acceptable20:54
magicaltroutnow if only kwmonroe had written that readme before the meetup, i'd not have been stuck.... :P20:55
magicaltroutaww but what would have done in the bar for 5 hours....20:55
kwmonroesaved a bunch of money, for one.21:03

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