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soeegood morning07:17
lordievaderGood morning.10:05
clivejowow quiet night!11:24
clivejositter: would you mind adding http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kactivitymanagerd.git/ to KCI?11:26
clivejoSource, I think, is located here - git clone git@git.kde.org:kactivitymanagerd11:28
clivejositter: could you also give kubuntu-ci a kick up the backside, I think its fallen asleep11:30
clivejohi santa_11:31
clivejohow are you?11:32
clivejosanta_: regarding akonadi, you were explaining how to fix it but my IRC was disconnecting and messing me about11:33
clivejowould you mind repeating what you said?11:34
santa_clivejo: updating the *.install files11:35
sitterclivejo: yofel_ and sgclark are admins who can help I am sure (:11:36
clivejositter: they can add stuff to KCI?11:37
sitterall admins can11:37
clivejoam I?11:38
sitterdon't think so11:38
clivejounfortunately they not been around much :(11:39
clivejoand have higher priorities than KCI11:40
sitteryou could ask them to make you admin 11:40
clivejosanta_: Im still confused, are these libs public or private?11:42
santa_clivejo: nevermind11:51
santa_sgclark: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-req/akonadi.git/commit/debian/control?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=5824b51c3e3e8efd2fc383d420df3b6c28666fc111:51
santa_↑ it seems you forgot to do git add against the *.install files here11:52
santa_clivejo: ↑ and that's why it doesn't work11:53
clivejoI know, but what do I add to the install file11:53
clivejothe sym link or the actual lib?11:54
santa_clivejo: have you packaged libraries before?11:55
clivejoThe installer is removing the lib - -- Removed runtime path from "/«BUILDDIR»/akonadi-15.12.1+git20160227.1356+16.04/debian/tmp/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5.1.53"11:55
clivejosanta_: no, Im still learning this stuff11:55
clivejoit looks like a private lib, but its being installed into the public ones11:56
santa_I think you should read https://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html11:57
clivejothanks, that looks like bedtime reading :P  11:59
santa_clivejo: oh, better than waiting for scarlett to add the files: grab the latest source package from the archive, get the install files from it, add them to git12:01
clivejoI have the install file12:01
santa_you should add them at least in the kubuntu_unstable and kubuntu_xenial_archive branch12:02
clivejonot the xenial12:02
santa_the install file? which one?12:02
clivejothis is lastest git changes12:02
clivejothis one http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-req/akonadi.git/tree/debian/akonadi-server.install?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=5824b51c3e3e8efd2fc383d420df3b6c28666fc112:03
clivejoI have removed usr/bin/akonadiselftest12:03
santa_well, there are other missing install files12:04
clivejoI know but which of the files do I need to install12:04
clivejothere are 3 libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5.1.53, libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5 and libKF5AkonadiXml.so12:04
clivejoThe installer is deleting libKF5AkonadiXml.so.5.1.5312:05
santa_no, it's not12:05
santa_just listen to me12:05
* clivejo listens12:06
santa_1. grab the source package of akonadi uploaded to xenial12:06
santa_with apt-get source akonadi or launchpad12:06
clivejoits not the xenial branch Im working on12:06
santa_whatever you prefer12:06
clivejoKCI grabs the latest from KDE master git12:07
santa_and you still don't listen12:07
santa_I repeat, grab the source package from xenial12:07
santa_compare the contents of debian/* with the contents of kubuntu_xenial_archive12:08
santa_you will find out there are some missing install files in git12:09
santa_add the missing files to kubuntu_xenial_archive12:09
santa_and cherry-pick or merge to kubuntu_unstable12:09
santa_clivejo: doubts?12:10
clivejothe xenial release is 15.1212:12
clivejothe kubuntu_unstable is packaging the new release, to be 16.0412:12
santa_so what?12:13
clivejoI dunno how to explain this :/12:17
clivejoupstream are moving stuff about12:18
clivejothese files used to be in libkf5akonadixml5 which was part of kdepimlibs12:18
clivejonow they seem to be moved to akonadi12:19
clivejoshould there not be a libkf5akonadixml5 in the akonadi control file12:19
clivejoIm confusing myself, Im gonna go clear my head12:20
santa_clivejo: it's very simple to understand: there are some missing *.install in git because someone forgot to add them, so buldiing the package from git doesn't work12:22
santa_and the solution is adding them12:22
santa_and they are in the akonadi source package from xenial, as simple as that12:23
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BluesKajHey folks13:16
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sgclarkclivejo: Oh seems I am the dumb one. Adding files.14:21
clivejosgclark: Ive done it14:21
sgclarkokie dokie.14:22
clivejofinally figured out what was going on14:22
clivejothose packages have moved from kdepimlibs to akonadi?14:22
sgclarkI have no idea. I added the new libs though and seems I forgot git add? seems like debcommit -a should have done that. sorry14:23
clivejosgclark: have you access to add a new package on KCI?14:23
sgclarkprobably, I have no idea how to though14:24
clivejosgclark: its fine!  Made me do some research into where those packages used to be14:24
clivejoand why upstream have moved them14:24
clivejothey have also split kactivities14:24
clivejoand moved some packages about14:25
clivejothere will be a new plasma package called kactivitymanagerd14:26
clivejogit repo is here - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kactivitymanagerd.git/14:26
clivejosourcecode is here - git clone git@git.kde.org:kactivitymanagerd14:27
clivejoneed to add it to KCI14:27
sgclarkas I said, Idont know how. I will look into it when I can14:27
clivejocan you give me admin access so I can look into it?14:27
sgclarkdunno if I even have that access14:27
clivejoor who decides that?14:27
sgclarkheh not me14:28
sgclarkjust a peon here14:28
clivejositter said earlier you and yofel have acess14:28
yofelshe does14:28
clivejoah yofel!14:28
yofelI have to for that matter, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do14:28
clivejospeak of the devil :P14:29
clivejois it possible for me to get access?14:29
clivejoId like to tidy up those packages to use the proper debian repo14:30
clivejolibgapi etc14:30
sgclarkdid you get an answer form maxy?/ and I can do that, I just need a darn cup of coffee14:31
clivejosgclark: yes14:31
clivejoI picked him up wrong14:31
clivejohe said to go ahead with libgapi, but he has nothing to do with libkolab14:32
clivejoand recommended to stay with the kubuntu repo for those14:32
clivejoI have to get in touch with detrout regarding the libkolab repos14:33
clivejobut keep missing her14:33
sgclarkbut I saw a conversation in debian irc with you and her and she said yes but not too many14:34
* sgclark is so confused14:34
clivejoI spoke to her a while back regarding kolab as a whole14:34
sgclarkanyway I will try and find some docs on the ci I seem to have access to14:35
clivejobasically libkolab is used by the client side kdepim, but also to server side Kolab server14:35
clivejothe serve side builds against a non-X hacked package called libcalendaring14:36
clivejothe client side used kdepim libs14:36
clivejobut they dont like each other!14:36
clivejothe kdepim team are currently trying to factor out parts that arent needed14:38
clivejoI think thats why the akonadi stuff is being moved out 14:38
sgclarkyes they are doing the same think like frameworks14:38
sgclarkI am aware.14:38
clivejoso it can be used by both server and client alike14:38
sgclarkWhich is why we need to use debians work if they have it sorted.14:39
clivejoI agree14:39
clivejobut I misread what maxy said14:39
clivejoI asked him two questions in one and got confused on the answer!14:40
sgclarksadly my bouncer craped out and I have no logs from weekend :(14:40
sgclarkI have been fighting a migraine for a week,  needed some rest14:41
clivejomy IRC connection has been very intermittent too 14:41
clivejoawww hope you are feeling better14:41
ScottKFreenode was pretty bouncy the last few days.14:41
sgclarkexplains the net splits I saw before the emptiness14:42
clivejoI get very frustrated at my inability to communicate !!14:42
ScottKhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/28/%23kubuntu-devel.html for those that missed yesterday.14:43
clivejoperks of being dyslexic14:43
clivejoyofel: who would I need to talk to about getting admin access on KCI?14:45
clivejois it a LP group or just a control list on KCI server?14:45
yofelLP group + ssh access14:46
yofelI can add you later today14:46
clivejook dokey :)14:46
sgclarkwell it looks like pkg-kde/plasma has a catch all '*' to build in kci14:56
sgclarkso my guess is that all is need is to make sure there are stable/unstable branches?14:56
sgclarksitter: ^ ?14:56
sgclarkalso as far as I can see we cannot commit to this repo. Do we need to fork or some such?14:57
sitterfork and pull request or you can simply make a repo with just your data/ and then use that in update-projects.rb rather than the default data set14:58
sitterand yeah. all that is needed is CI branches... and then someone needs to run aforementioned script14:58
sgclarkok thanks14:59
clivejositter: do you know why kubuntu-ci bot isnt working?15:03
sitterbecause freenode blocked the datacenter15:03
clivejohow come Neon bot works?15:03
clivejoare they different machines?15:04
sgclarkok update-projects.rb blew up. syntax error on xci15:05
sgclarkduno what xci is15:06
sgclarklooks like a space in between to colons15:06
sgclarksitter:  ^15:06
sittersgclark: backtrace?15:07
sitternot much reason for xci to blow up xD15:07
sgclarksitter: https://paste.kdeorg/psst8v0qs15:09
sittervery first thing there :P15:09
sitteryour ruby is older than 2.115:10
sgclarkI am on the server? what? I have to re clone on the server?15:10
sitterwe don't run project updates on the server15:10
sgclarkwell it is complaining about reboots and updates15:10
sitterrun locally. talks to server through api15:11
sgclarkmeh sorry. still not awake. ok15:12
sitterapplies to all the scripts in the main directory actually15:12
clivejowhat is the host port?15:23
clivejoI assume FDN is kci.pangea.pub?15:24
clivejoor should I use IP address - ?15:25
clivejoif its an API the port is 80?15:26
sitterclivejo: either ip or domain name15:28
sitteralso yes, port 8015:28
clivejoIll use IP15:28
sgclarkAlright. I'm out. good luck everybody.15:30
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clivejositter: Ive spoken to FreeNode staff and they have added the KCI IP to a whitelist20:46
clivejothe bot should be able to connect now20:46
clivejothe bot is back!21:39
clivejoits running very slow today#21:45
clivejousually has the queue cleared by this time21:45
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* clivejo is STILL UNSTABLE 22:45

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