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Odd_BlokeI'm hitting an OOPS on https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/+recipe/cpc-livecd-rootfs-daily; any ideas what's going on?  ("Error ID: OOPS-ed74fd294338078626e4eec8ec082b60")12:54
Odd_BlokeI've been hitting it for a few minutes now, and have retried several times.12:54
cjwatsonOdd, it's a timeout but with several ridiculously slow statements that shouldn't be slow.13:00
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Odd_BlokeIt seems to be fine now.13:24
wgrantOdd_Bloke: Yep, just created a new index to sort it out. The testrebuilds had confused it.13:26
wgrantLet me know if you see any more issues.13:26
Odd_Blokewgrant: Thanks!  Will do. :)13:31
wgrantOdd_Bloke: I think it got bad again, am investigating.13:31
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Odd_Blokewgrant: cjwatson: We're seeing our builds take a lot longer to complete (from scan-for-processes onwards); might this be because we have started doing something wrong that it's struggling to clean up, or is it likely that the builders are busy with the test rebuild so we're getting noisier neighbours?16:11
dobeyOdd_Bloke: https://launchpad.net/builders16:25
dobeyOdd_Bloke: seems plenty of x86 builders are offline at the moment16:25
cjwatsondobey: offlineness isn't relevant here - Odd_Bloke is asking about the time taken after a build has already started16:52
cjwatsonor indeed almost finished16:53
cjwatsonOdd_Bloke: my guess would be either compute node contention or just that process-build-uploads has a lot to do at the moment16:53
Odd_Blokecjwatson: OK, cool, I won't worry about it too much for now then.  Thanks!16:54
wgrantOdd_Bloke, cjwatson: process-build-uploads delays are recognisable because the build says "Uploading build" and the logtail is hidden.17:01
wgrantBut it may be slow downloads from 1SS.17:02
Odd_BlokeSo the (current) build in question is https://launchpad.net/~cloudware/+livefs/ubuntu/xenial/cpc-development/+build/53757 which has a downloadable build log (but also still the logtail).17:03
Odd_BlokeI don't know if that helps narrow it down.17:03
cjwatsonI can't see that build, but if it has a downloadable build log then it's part-way through p-b-u17:05
cjwatsonOr rather waiting for it, isn't it?17:05
wgrantIt's part way through artifact download.17:05
cjwatsonRight, sorry, that17:05
wgrantSo probably 1SS link contention.17:05
* cjwatson nods17:05
wgrantWe've identified an issue with one of the scalingstack bos01 firewalls.17:28
wgrantSo hopefully it'll be faster now.17:28
wgrantBut there's still a lot of traffic going over that link atm.17:29
wgrantOdd_Bloke: ^^17:30
Odd_Blokewgrant: Thanks!17:34
KinnisonHi all, I am a member of an LP hosted mailing list, and it seems to be failing to send me copies of mails I am CC'd on or addressed on.  Normally, on a mailman list I'd know how to turn that immensely irritating-to-me feature off.  Is there an easy way to do that with a Launchpad hosted list?18:42
* Kinnison assumes not20:38
KinnisonSorry to have disturbed you all20:38
sheelahello! I just noticed that this PPA doesn't exist anymore?  http://ppa.launchpad.net/libreoffice/libreoffice-4-121:35
sheelaearlier and later versions do, but was 4.1 removed or modified?21:35
cjwatsonsheela: appears not, but PPAs are managed by their owners21:35
cjwatsonwe don't administer them centrally21:35
sheelaah gotcha21:35
cjwatsonappears not> i.e. "indeed, it no longer exists"21:36
sheelaright :)21:36
sheelaAlritey, 4.2 it is.21:36
cjwatsoncan't easily tell when it was deleted - PPA deletion doesn't leave much in the way of traces21:36
sheelayea, I was trying to find that out, couldn't find any info21:36
sheelalooks like i have to now upgrade to 4.2.21:37
sheelacjwatson: thank you very much :)21:37
dobey4.2 is waht comes in trusty already, fwiw :)21:37
sheeladobey: we have some servers on 12.0421:38
sheelabut thats definitely good to know21:38
dobeymight be a good time to look at upgrading to 14.04 (and maybe even to 16.04 after that), since 16.04 will be out soon21:39
sheelayes! we're in the process. Most of our servers are on 14.04, just a few of them remaining21:40
dobeycool :)21:45
sheelathanks folks! :)22:23

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