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llwalahoopIt seems to be quite slow here.. Anyway I have a clean install of Lubuntu on a laptop HP655. I can't find a volume switch anywhere in the panel (or systray). Anyone have an idea how to get it there? So far I have no sound at all.10:26
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llwalahoopI have no volume control. How can I get to changing volume? I'm running Lubuntu on HP655 laptop.20:58
ianorlinllwalahoop: you can open a termianl and run alsamixer20:59
ianorlinor if you want the applet you can right click on lxpanel21:00
llwalahoopianorlin: I have a Volume Control visible in Panel Preferences, but it doesn't show. Any idea how to proceed?21:06
ianorlinllwalahoop: what version of lubuntu is this?21:06
ianorlinalso is this a virtual machine?21:06
llwalahoopsry I do not know what virtual machine means.21:07
ianorlinok then you are not if you don't know what that is21:07
llwalahoop:) good!21:07
ianorlinllwalahoop: so sound comes out but you can't turn the volume up or down to be correct21:07
llwalahoopianorlin: Oh, I have no sound at all.21:08
llwalahoopI can't even find the sound card in system profiler.21:09
ianorlinah glad I clarified as that is a differnt problem21:09
ianorlinllwalahoop: does this machine have an hdmi port?21:09
llwalahoopyes it does21:09
ianorlinllwalahoop: are you trying to output sound through speakers or headphones?21:10
ianorlinnot connected to say an hdmi monitor21:10
llwalahoopI haven't tried headphones.21:10
ianorlinoh it might be trying to use the hdmi as default21:10
llwalahoopno, not connected to anything21:10
wxlit's more of a question of which sound card is default, llwalahoop21:11
ianorlinsome people like to use pavucontrol to switch this easily21:11
wxlpavucontrol is often easier to grok21:11
ianorlinIn my desktop machine I have a bios option to turn of the integrated hdmi audio21:11
llwalahoopianorlin: wxl: alsamixer shows that default card is "-"21:12
llwalahoopianorlin: wxl: Brilliant! pavucontrol gets me there.21:28
llwalahoopI only wish to have a control in the panel. Is there a way to do that?21:29
wxlllwalahoop: it should work now. try it again.21:29
llwalahoopwxl: Just to make sure: are we talking Panel Applets?21:32
wxlllwalahoop: yep.21:32
llwalahoopand plugins?21:33
llwalahoopwxl: For I still can't make it visible in the panel :|21:34
llwalahoopwxl: ianorlin: Thanks a mil! A reboot was needed, now everything seems to work as it should.21:39

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