a__the snappy guide starts off with the command snappy info, but in fact I get a login prompt - what is the username/password?00:07
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didrocksgood morning!06:44
dholbachgood morning08:07
didrockshey dholbach!08:08
dholbachsalut didrocks08:09
dholbachdidrocks, shall we talk tomorrow at 10:30 or 11?08:10
dholbachnot sure if we'll require thibautr, but we could invite him too08:10
didrocksdholbach: not possible to have one catching up discussion today even?08:12
zygagood morning :)08:12
didrocksthe earlier, the better ;)08:12
didrockshey zyga08:12
dholbachoh sure... maybe in the afternoon?08:12
didrocksdholbach: good to me, pick a time08:12
dholbach16:30 or something?08:12
didrocksdholbach: hum, I have to leave at 17:15 today08:13
didrocksso that's not going to work I'm afraid :p08:13
dholbachok, that should work - we'll make it quick then ;-)08:13
dholbachcan't we talk for 30m?08:13
didrocksdholbach: hum, I would prefer that we schedule it before, so that I don't have rush of last minutes email before leaving tonight08:13
dholbach15:30 - 16:00 then?08:13
didrockswill david c. be around?08:13
didrocks(to show up what he worked on if he has anything already?)08:14
dholbachI don't know08:14
didrocksbut you know about the progress, right?08:14
dholbachI thought we'd also talk about the "getting feedback" bit I mentioned in my mail08:14
dholbachI know what I worked on08:14
didrocksdholbach: I got feedback from most of managements (olli, rick…) at mwc08:15
noizerGood morning09:13
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noizerHi guys, I have a question about skills10:03
noizercan i make my own custom skill10:03
noizerThe skill just need to execute the wrapper executables of an other snap10:04
noizerIs someone active on the last day of februari xD10:17
zygathanks mvo  :)10:19
zyganoizer: not directly, you'd have to discuss this and propose a pull request to snappy10:19
zyganoizer: and I suspect that running an exec from one snap from another snap is a no-go10:19
zyganoizer: perhaps if you tell us what the goal is, we can suggest an alternative10:20
mvozyga: yw!10:20
zyganoizer: and FYI, today skills are called interfaces :)10:20
noizerhahah right xD10:20
zygamvo: can I do something to help land https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/51810:21
noizerzyga I will make something how i can explain my problem to you10:21
zygamvo: ?10:21
zyganoizer: note that you can prototype a new interface in isolation, but you won't be able to use it in snaps that go into the store really10:21
zyganoizer: so the earlier you know what you need the easier the road ahead is10:21
noizerzyga I know what i want just i will make a quick draw on my whiteboard en explain it to you10:23
mvozyga: if it looks good I think the next step is to update all the integration test packages and rerun the integration test suite. it seems jenkins is a bit unhappy today so maybe not the best time? I would really like to land this only if jenkins is green10:24
mvozyga: maybe you can check if https://github.com/mvo5/snappy/commit/806756730b1a04ace671aea202fb0c8517b46131 is ok?10:24
mvozyga: no more git grep -i skill so we should be good in the branch :)10:25
zygamvo: sure, understood10:25
zygamvo: as for jenkins, let's see what happens next, if all else fails we can run integration tests locally10:26
* zyga pushed https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/54610:30
noizerzyga http://imgur.com/orqlhRD. Here you got a easy drawing how it needs to work. In the middle there is a main snap. This snap needs to controll all installed snaps. So he needs to start stop other snaps. So an very easy interface for users10:31
noizerBut is would be easy that i can call the wrapper out of my own main snap10:31
zyganoizer: so you _can_ run other apps10:32
zyganoizer: in the same snap10:32
zyganoizer: you don't need interfaces for that10:33
zyganoizer: I would just suggest to call the raw executables, not the snappy-generated wrappers10:33
zyganoizer: try that10:33
noizeris that possible?10:33
zyganoizer: yes10:33
noizerhmmm that should be nicee10:33
zygamvo: offtopic, upstream merged go-flags patch10:34
zygamvo: it's low priority but if I prepare the debian patch, will you sponsor this for me?10:34
noizerbut is it not a little bit better to call the wrapper?10:34
zyganoizer: no10:35
zyganoizer: in fact you cannot do that10:35
noizerzyga ok xD10:35
mvozyga: I wonder if we should just push a new upstream release maybe? how much else did change?10:35
noizerzyga thx10:35
zyganoizer: the wrapper translates unconfined and vanilla environment to the confined snappy environment10:35
mvozyga: last release in xenial is 2016021810:35
zygamvo: thanks, I was about to complain about lack of tags upstream10:36
ogra_mvo, can we sync the version numbers among the arches ? i have actually a script i could run by cron (as interim) that could convert the tarballs daily10:37
ogra_but with that we end up with the same version string across all snaps (which is probably wanted anyway, but currently the store has massively varyimg versions for ubuntu-core)10:38
mvoogra_: yeah, I like that10:38
zygamvo: not much: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15242051/10:43
zygamvo: (it took me forever to compute that, failing at the github ui first)10:43
mvozyga: that looks like a new upstream is the simplest option10:44
zygamvo: there's my patch and a trivial fix10:44
mvoso lets do this route10:51
zygaChipaca: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15242182/11:02
zygaChipaca: some commands use 3rd person objective while some commands use imperative mode11:03
zygaChipaca: what's the mode we want?11:03
* zyga pushed https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/54711:07
sergiusenszyga, mvo has the interfaces work landed into an image?11:38
mvosergiusens: not yet, there is a branch for this but its not in yet, but almost11:43
zygasergiusens: some, most notably old-security is still not merged11:43
zygasergiusens: I suspect it will be all in today11:43
sergiusenszyga, mvo thanks; I'll keep track of https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/154942711:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1549427 in Snappy "migrate from skills to interfaces" [Undecided,In progress]11:43
sergiusensso please update when it makes it11:44
zygasergiusens: I saw that, I'va ssigned part to myself11:46
kyrofaGood morning12:32
noizerGood morning xD12:34
ogra_moaning ...12:35
kyrofaogra_, not a good morning?12:38
ogra_kyrofa, lots of mail from last week to wade through ... the curse of having been at a conference12:38
kyrofaogra_, oh brutal, yeah I bet12:39
ogra_(742 MPs in my "merges" mail folder ... 1200 in "bugs" etc etc ... )12:39
kyrofaogra_, hey, quick question-- I just flashed the dragon image onto an SD card, but when I boot the lights just remain solid and nothing happens. I was about to connect the serial board to see if it's complaining about anything, but have you seen that?12:39
ogra_kyrofa, hmm, did you use the very latest of my images ?12:40
ogra_there was an issue with the board when no serial board was attached, that was worked around in the latest image12:40
kyrofaogra_, dragonboard-rolling-edge-251.img.xz ?12:41
ogra_(and will be actually fixed with the next u-boot (thanks ppisati btw !!!) )12:41
ogra_kyrofa, oooh, no, thats ancient12:41
kyrofaogra_, that might be the issue :P12:41
ogra_and my other one was moved away prior to the dragon announcement12:41
kyrofaogra_, no longer here then? http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/dragonboard/12:42
ogra_i wonder if i can put it back ... sadly olli is off so i cant ask him for permission12:42
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ogra_mvo, what happened to the branding of the shell prompt that we had in the 15.04 images, is that gone for good or just missing yet in all-snaps13:22
* ogra_ finds it hard to actually know which board he is working on now that all of them say "ubuntu@localhost" ... with a handfull of boards runnning and a ssh terminal open on each it gets quite confusing13:23
mvoogra_: stevebiscuit was working on the branding part recently but let me double check about the shell branding13:25
ogra_it is indeed only an issue if you run multiple different boards ... so perhaps not that important13:27
noizerzyga I tried it now to call an executable from an other snap but it doesn't work13:35
mvoogra_: uploaded a fix, will be part of the next ubuntu-core update13:36
ogra_mvo, cool13:36
* ogra_ remomembers he needs to add rfkill to writable-paths before next os snap 13:36
ogra_done :)13:43
zyganoizer: you cannot run apps from other snaps, just from your own13:45
zyganoizer: what do you want to do and why?13:45
zyganoizer: maybe I can help somehow13:45
ogra_yeah, the correct answer would be to bundle everything you need into the same snap and manage it internally there13:46
noizerzyga I explained you earlier this day xD but here got it . I want a main snap. This snap needs to start other programs (snaps)13:46
noizerzyga http://imgur.com/orqlhRD13:47
zyganoizer: that diagram confused me13:47
zyganoizer: it has one snap and many apps13:47
zyganoizer: that _is_ allowed13:47
zyganoizer: running any apps from other snaps is not13:47
zyganoizer: if you control all the snaps just bundle everything13:47
zyganoizer: there are no "library snaps"13:47
zyganoizer: note that snap is the package13:48
zyganoizer: and app is something you can run in a snap13:48
noizerzyga ow wait you got 100 snaps with 1 main snap this main snap can start every snap on you device13:48
zyganoizer: snap == package, app == executable13:48
zyganoizer: a snap cannot have any snaps13:48
noizersorry I did some mistakes for my vocabulary xD13:48
zyganoizer: so do you know what I mean now?13:49
noizerwait is that possible you have now the OS and that i build everything on my OS and then install snaps and that the build on my OS (not in a snap) can manage the snaps13:49
noizerzyga I know what you mean but I don't think you understand me correctly13:50
zyganoizer: wha you describe sounds more like ubuntu personal13:51
zyganoizer: where you just have a desktop and can pick apps to run13:51
zyganoizer: currently we don't allow this in ubuntu core13:51
noizeryes but the advantage of snappy that every snap is seperate from each other13:51
zyganoizer: I'd suggest emailing snappy-app-devel mailing list with the details of what you want to build13:51
zyganoizer: (that is true in personal as well)13:52
zyganoizer: and perhaps others can suggest what to do13:52
noizerzyga ok I will give it a shot13:58
ogra_mvo, hmm, did the all-snaps u-d-f change the --install option ? i just built a dragonboard image with --install webdm.canonical ... it finished fine and i also saw it installing webdm ... but:13:59
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ snappy list|grep webdm13:59
ogra_http://paste.ubuntu.com/15243621/ is the build log14:00
mvoogra_: hm, no recent changes there14:01
mvoogra_: anything in ls /snaps?14:01
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ ls /snaps/webdm.canonical/14:02
ogra_no current link14:02
ogra_GRRR !14:03
ogra_Unable to find distroseries: xernial14:03
ogra_Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.14:03
ogra_ubuntu-core-config (0.6.38) xernial; urgency=medium14:03
* ogra_ fixes14:04
ogra_silly xernial ... doesnt exist :P14:08
sergiusensfgimenez, seems like the jenkins thing is not completely fixed; I guess you can hand over to elopio_ now14:20
sergiusensbut there was only 1 succesful run so far14:20
sergiusensogra_, what are you pushing though? maybe push to distroseries 'ogra' ;-)14:20
kyrofasergiusens, yeah what's going on with https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/344?14:21
sergiusenskyrofa, seems some of the backend is dead; I had one succesful run this morning though14:21
kyrofasergiusens, I tried all weekend. Made me cry14:21
ogra_sergiusens, indeed, i should push to omnious ogra :)14:21
sergiusenskyrofa, same thing; the error doesn't even help14:22
kyrofasergiusens, no kidding14:22
sergiusensdidrocks, here's the thing I'd mention I'd try out from SCaLE in case you want to look; it is very deep dive https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/33514:22
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio_ since weekly is cancelled I guess we will do a regular standup14:23
kyrofasergiusens, sounds good14:23
didrockssergiusens: oh nice! I'm going to give it a look (tomorrow morning probably)14:23
fgimenezsergiusens, elopio_ yep, the instances still look bad http://paste.ubuntu.com/15243858/14:24
sergiusensdidrocks, thanks; any ideas for improvement welcome14:24
sergiusensfgimenez, have you tried pinging IS directly on #is?14:25
fgimenezsergiusens, sure :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/15243874/14:26
sergiusensfgimenez, oh, so end of week maybe? :-P but really :-(14:27
fgimenezsergiusens, hopefully it won't take too long, we have had issues like this before and they were solved quite quickly14:29
kyrofasergiusens, dang... maybe start running locally and merging without?14:30
kyrofasergiusens, I'll be 2 minutes late14:31
sergiusenskyrofa, oh, integration tests happening there or not?14:57
kyrofasergiusens, yeah they will14:57
kyrofaI'll get the examples tests running locally, merge that other one, then write the integration tests and ping you14:58
ysionneauzyga: any idea how to run a snap app in gdbserver?15:04
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ysionneauthe app segfaults and I wanna know why15:04
zygaysionneau: hmmm, interesting15:05
ysionneauI already have gdbserver on the target, but since there is the sandboxing...15:05
zygaysionneau: you can patch the wrapper script15:05
ysionneauand I cannot run the wrapper with gdb15:05
ysionneauah yes15:05
* ysionneau stupid15:05
zygaysionneau: or just setup a manually crafted script that runs gdb and your app via ubuntu-core-launcher15:05
zygaysionneau: or try it from the unconfined shell first, maybe you can test it better this way15:06
ysionneaumy snap needs some lib15:06
ysionneauso I cannot run it without the wrapper which sets all the env15:06
zygaysionneau: you can15:06
zygaysionneau: the wrapper isn't magic, look at what it does15:07
zygaysionneau: just set the right environment variables15:07
zygaysionneau: you can try the whole wrapper with or without ubuntu-core-launcher (again, by manually hacking the wrapper script)15:07
zygaysionneau: though the launcher (not the wrapper, the actual launcher) does some interesting things that may be a factor too15:07
zygaysionneau: I'd suggest trying without the launcher, just with altered environment15:08
zygaysionneau: and do take advantage of classic dimension, apt-get install all the support tools and use them on the outside15:08
kyrofaysionneau, or grab a core dump and analyze it with gdb separately15:10
ogra_ysionneau, you can use the classic shell and attach to the PID as well :)15:16
ogra_(oh, zyga said so already)15:19
ace139hi, I just installed snappy core for my RPi2, as it does not come with wifi support out of the box, could someone tell me what packages I need to install to get the wifi working ?15:24
ogra_ace139, what wifi card is that ? the hw should definitely be recognized on the latest images15:27
zygaace139: it should work out of the box, just edit /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan015:27
zygaace139: and add typical ifupdown wlan config there15:27
zygaace139: quick test is to run ifconfig -a15:28
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan015:28
ogra_allow-hotplug wlan015:28
ogra_iface wlan0 inet dhcp15:28
ogra_    wpa-ssid grawert.net15:28
ogra_    wpa-psk XXXXXXXX15:28
zygaace139: if you see wlan0 or something like that that will be a good sign that the hardware is supported15:28
ogra_that is what i use here (on a dragonboard with builtin WLAN though)15:28
ogra_(and indeed XXXXXXX is actually my wpa key)15:29
ace139ogra_, zyga the wifi adapter I am using, is not sensed somehow.15:29
ace139I have made changes to the interfaces.d/wlan015:29
zygaace139: does it work on your regular ubuntu15:30
ace139zyga, yes, and on raspbian too15:30
ogra_ace139, what chipset is that then, and what image (old 15.04 or the newer 16.04 ones)15:30
ace139ogra_, 15.0415:31
ogra_(though both latest images should ship a ton of wifi drivers)15:31
zygaace139: try 16.0415:31
ace139zyga, can I get a link ?15:31
zygaace139: https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image15:32
zygaace139: try that :)15:32
ogra_ace139, the latest and greatesd should be at http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/15:32
ogra_or try zyga's tool to build one15:32
ace139zyga, ogra_ thanks, let me try15:32
* zyga smells raspberry pi 3 in the mail tomorrow15:32
zygasnif snif15:32
zygafresh hardware :)15:33
ogra_tell us about the wlan then :)15:33
zygaI really want to be able to build my gadged and kernel nsaps15:33
ogra_its a shame it cant actually do 64bit from the start15:33
zygafor my work on interfaces and for doing community ports of other boards I have15:33
zygaogra_: hehe, given what pi1 was I'm super positive they will get there15:33
zygaogra_: remember how crappy it was in the beginning15:34
zygaogra_: and it makes sense to ship hardware before the software15:34
ogra_i dont, i only started using pi's with pi215:34
zygaogra_: well, all the blobs, the uncertain situation of the kernel15:34
* ogra_ doesnt care much about HW that cant run ubuntu :P15:34
zygaogra_: now it's all upstream and the GPU is getting fantastic work done in the open15:34
zygamojo: hey15:34
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ogra_dragonboard actually has a free driver though :)15:35
zygaogra_: is dragonboard using ardeno or something else?15:35
* zyga lost track15:35
ogra_(but a similar crappy closed bootloader made out of blobs)15:35
ogra_zyga, yeah ... so freedreno should just work15:35
zygaogra_: mmm, nice15:35
zygait's amazing what so few people can make15:35
zygaall the gpu hacking, folks fit in a bigger lift together15:36
Guest36587a quick questions guys, can ubuntu core snappy run on a i386 system?15:36
zyga(hope they use the stairs though)15:36
zygaGuest36587: yes15:36
ogra_i wish i would have been able to go to linaro connect to actually talk to the people to get this working in snappy OOTB15:36
zygaGuest36587: use https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image to build a 16.04 based image15:36
zygaGuest36587: good luck15:36
zygaogra_: the one in bangalore?15:36
zygaogra_: when is it? I think ~week(s) from now?15:36
ogra_yeah, i386 didnt get much attention yet ... might be a matter of luck15:36
ogra_zyga, right15:37
Guest36587can it be installed as regular ubuntu image on a SD card?15:37
ogra_Guest36587, you dd it to the SD and boot15:37
zygaGuest36587: just "dd" it to anything that your machine boots from, it can be a HDD as well15:37
zygaGuest36587: or you can use it to start a VM15:37
zygaogra_: is it too late for you to go?15:37
ogra_zyga, asac stole my ticket :P15:37
zygahehe, I knew that asac was going15:38
Guest36587ok. thank you i will give it a try.15:38
ysionneau16:16 < ogra_> ysionneau, you can use the classic shell and attach to the PID as well :) < yep but it's not a daemon and it crashes right away15:38
ogra_zyga, but then asac will have to implement freedreno in the dragonboard images, so all is fine :P15:38
zygaysionneau: use gdb and run your program from gdb, then you can see why15:38
zygaysionneau: or enable core dumps and inspect the core later15:38
zygaogra_: haha, I'm sure asac will love that15:39
ogra_for sure :)15:39
* zyga spent all weekend staring at elf sections and program headers and x86 disassembly15:39
zygabut core files is something I have yet to play with15:39
zygaI haven't touched a core file in a decade15:39
Guest36587when running the script i get error unenxpected  "(" error on line 39115:43
zygaGuest36587: oh, let me see15:44
zygaGuest36587: hmm, the script has 214 lines15:44
zygaGuest36587: can you show me what you did please?15:44
zygaGuest36587: if I broke it I'll happily fix it :)15:44
* zyga should add travis CI to the script15:44
Guest36587ok i did copied the script selected options i386 - then vanilla15:45
zygaGuest36587: can you pastebin the output of the script?15:45
zygaGuest36587: or just the error perha15:45
Guest36587ok sec15:45
Guest36587Building image... /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f7391: 1: /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f7391: Syntax error: "(" unexpected15:47
zygaGuest36587: ahhh15:47
* zyga looks15:47
* zyga tries to reproduce15:48
zygaGuest36587: what is your host OS?15:48
Guest36587ubuntu 15.04 running on vbox15:48
zygaGuest36587: I was testing this on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)15:48
zygaGuest36587: I suspect 15.04 works as well though15:48
zygaI can check that in a moment, trying to reproduce the issue now15:49
Guest36587well i can install xenial and give it a try15:49
zygaGuest36587: can you check what is inside /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f739115:49
zygaGuest36587: and perhaps one more thing:15:50
zygaGuest36587: can you pleas add 'set -x' to the top of the script (without the quotes)15:50
Guest36587seems like a data file15:50
zygaGuest36587: re-run it and pastebin the whole log15:50
zygaGuest36587: ok15:50
zygaGuest36587: my run will finish in a moment15:50
Guest36587ok let me set debug on it15:50
zygaGuest36587: so far all is good15:50
zyga(a few more minutes)15:51
kyrofaogra_, since the pi3 has a 64-bit processor, can we still run 64-bit ubuntu core on there even if the standard OS is only 32-bit?15:52
Guest36587ok so running debug on script:15:53
Guest36587+ udf=/root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f7391 + chmod +x /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f7391 + [ -n  ] + [ -n  ] + [ -n  ] + test -z ubuntu-core.canonical + test -z canonical-pc-linux.canoni15:53
zygaGuest36587: thanks15:53
zygaGuest36587: please pastebin everything15:53
zygaGuest36587: (copy paste and paste it to paste.ubuntu.coM)15:53
Guest36587Building image... + exec sudo /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d743ee368b2337f956765670f4128210dca7df71501035f7391 core rolling --channel edge --kernel canonical-pc-linux.canonical --os ubuntu-core.canonical --gadget canonical-i386.canonical -o i386.img /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f115:54
Guest36587ca7df71501035f7391: 1: /root/.cache/ubuntu-image/blob.d8acf6b199a0a73def00dd61302afc99718cee101ec0c8d2ef845168ca9b5820ed943e90f17a6d715:55
Guest36587and the rest of it15:55
Guest36587he have a limited buffer here15:55
zygaGuest36587: it just built fine for me15:56
zygaGuest36587: you can try this:15:56
zygaGuest36587: ./ubuntu-image --no-developer-image i38615:57
zygaGuest36587: ./ubuntu-image --no-developer-image i386 | pastebinit15:57
zygaGuest36587: ^^ this command will be non-interactive (apart from sudo) and will paste the output (though not the error streams)15:57
zygaGuest36587: ./ubuntu-image --no-developer-image i386 2>&1 | pastebinit15:57
zygaperhaps this one15:57
zygaGuest36587: for example this is a session I just ran to test it:15:58
Guest36587i'm missing something here16:00
Guest36587ubuntu-image i guess16:00
Guest36587i need to install it16:01
zygaubuntu-image should run without any extra deps beyond what ubuntu-device-flahs (which it downloads) requires16:01
zygaGuest36587: the only thing that I can think of are tools like kpartx16:01
Guest36587i belive its simpler then that ;)16:02
Guest36587yup i dont have ubuntu device flash installed :O16:02
zygaGuest36587: that is normal16:03
zygaGuest36587: ubuntu-image downloads a special version16:03
zygaGuest36587: the version you can install won't work (though perhaps it will help to install other dependencies)16:03
zygaGuest36587: try installing it anyway and re-run ubuntu-image16:03
Guest36587but wait i was expecting that after installing ubuntu-device-flash, ubuntu-image would get installed16:04
Guest36587but no it seems that i need some aditional software16:04
zygaGuest36587: why would you expect that, ubuntu-image is a script that is not packaged anywhere16:07
zygaGuest36587: I'm not sure what happened or what actually caused that error to show up, try again (after you've installed ubuntu-device-flash)16:08
zygaGuest36587: or get a pre-made image from http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps16:08
Guest36587thank you16:09
zygaGuest36587: good luck :)16:10
ysionneauzyga: if I want to allow an app to open some usr/lib/lib.so (via dlopen), I added /usr/lib/lib.so in the read-paths in security-override, is it the right way?16:13
ysionneauI cannot give the absolute path since it's in /snaps/name/some_hash/16:13
dholbachkyrofa, sergiusens: with the ros plugin gone, should the ros doc go as well?16:15
zygaysionneau: hmmm16:15
zygaysionneau: you _should_ be able to dlopen anything in your snap16:15
kyrofadholbach, oh no-- there were two ros plugins, the useless one was removed16:16
dholbachah no... it's updated16:16
ysionneaufyi when the app dlopen, it segfaults16:16
dholbachthanks kyrofa16:16
kyrofadholbach, though the one on dev.ubuntu.com needs to be updated-- want me to do it?16:16
zygaysionneau: I assume /usr/lib/lib.so is actually relative to your installed snap16:16
dholbachkyrofa, no, I'll do it16:16
zygaysionneau: what's the deny you get (tip, check syslog)16:16
kyrofadholbach, okay :)16:16
dholbachkyrofa, working through the whole list now :)16:16
kyrofadholbach, heh, good luck!16:16
ysionneauI get this in syslogs zyga http://pastebin.com/szMDAht016:18
ysionneauI cannot see any deny, except from ulogcatd16:19
ysionneauthe name of my app here is "wifid"16:19
ysionneauif in my code I do dlopen("/usr/lib/libfoo.so"); it will be able to open a lib in /snaps/wifid.sideload/INcVRgETGKeR/usr/lib/wifid/ ?16:21
ysionneauor should it be dlopen("libfoo.so") :o16:22
zygaysionneau: you don't run with a chroot, you have to read appropriate $SNAP.. environment variable and dlopen stuff relative to that16:22
ysionneauoh, so the app needs to know it runs in a "snap" env16:22
zygaysionneau: yes16:23
ysionneauthat's not transparent16:23
zygaysionneau: or use a relative path16:23
zygaysionneau: btw, offtopic: Feb 29 16:11:23 localhost kernel: wifid[1240]: unhandled level 1 translation fault (11) at 0x68730000, esr 0x8300000516:23
zygaysionneau: this doesn't look good16:23
ysionneauit crashes in the dlopen()16:23
zygaysionneau: we've patched some common things to understand snappy better (bluez, network-manager), have a look at the approach taken there16:23
zygaysionneau: basically we look at the relevant environment and change compiled-in constants to variables/functions16:24
ysionneaulike env variable?16:24
plarsev: are things happier with spi today?16:27
ysionneaubtw when I run as a non-root my snappy app I get this weird message now =>  mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/ubuntu/snaps/wifid.sideload/INcWOCRAPaVT’: permission denied16:29
zygaysionneau: yes, exactly16:30
zygaysionneau: that looks like an outdated security profile, it was fixed a while ago16:30
zygaysionneau: if that's on 16.04 then just do sudo snappy update and reboot16:31
zygaysionneau: if that persists bug jdstrand_ about it (it should work)16:31
kyrofazyga, if it was run as root then the permissions won't work for non-root16:31
zygakyrofa: if it was run as root then it would have $HOME set to /root16:31
ysionneauah yes it's 16.0416:32
zygakyrofa: we don't do what happens on ubuntu, "sudo foo" runs with home set to /root16:32
zygakyrofa: same with background apps (services)16:32
kyrofazyga, you sure about that? When was that change made?16:32
zygakyrofa: yes16:32
zygakyrofa: a while ago, it was announced on snappy-devel by gustavo16:32
ysionneausudo snappy update just returns to shell16:32
zygaysionneau: which version do you have (of ubuntu-core) (tip: snappy list)16:32
ysionneau2016-02-22 16.04.0-10.armhf16:33
* zyga checks 16:33
ysionneauit's weird because I could swear a few minutes ago I was able to run it as non-root without having this weird error16:33
zygahmm, odd16:33
zygaand you don't see DENIED errors in syslog?16:34
kyrofazyga, so bug #1466234 is resolved?16:34
ubottubug 1466234 in ubuntu-snappy (Ubuntu) "Apparmor denial for access to SNAP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH as root" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146623416:34
ysionneauhmmm or maybe I was root previously ...16:34
zyga ohhhh16:34
zygakyrofa: perhaps not :)16:34
zygakyrofa: jdstrand_ would konw16:34
kyrofazyga, :)16:34
zygakyrofa: but it is consistent with what I said (as in background apps seeing /root not /home/ubuntu)16:35
ysionneauzyga: that's the last syslog lines http://pastebin.com/YU2zAApz16:35
zygakyrofa: just another bug :)16:35
kyrofazyga, indeed, services run as root and use /root. However, unless that bug is fixed sudo works like it always has16:35
zygaI see Feb 29 16:27:35 localhost kernel: audit: type=1400 audit(1456763254.990:16): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="ulogcatd.sideload_foreground_INcOORXgeaYG" name="/sys/devices/virtual/misc/ulog_main/logs" pid=1434 comm="ulogcat" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=016:35
zygakyrofa: true, true16:35
kyrofa(and $HOME=/home/ubuntu)16:35
zygaysionneau: what is /sys/devices/virtual/misc/ulog_main/logs?16:36
ysionneauthat's related to the ulogger kernel module we have16:37
ysionneauit's some kind of android logcat driver clone16:37
ysionneauI'm running ulogcat because wifid is printing debug to this16:37
ysionneauthat's how I could trace it was going fine until doing the dlopen()16:37
=== jdstrand_ is now known as jdstrand
zygaysionneau: I'm not sure what's going on TBH, I don't see any other denies there and it seems you are just crashing later16:38
zygaysionneau: try with gdb16:38
ogra_kyrofa, seems the kernel lacks any support for 64bit yet, so for now it is 32 all the way ... once broadcom released patches we should be able to run both16:42
kyrofaogra_, alright good to know, thanks :)16:43
ogra_(though the device comes with the same set of drawbacks the pi2 or pi1 had ... like overloaded USB hubs etc ... )16:43
ogra_seems the design didnt change much16:44
ogra_(except that you now also have a BT and WLAN device eating up your USB speed)16:44
zygaogra_: pi2 has much better electric stuff around usb hub as compared to pi116:45
zygaogra_: otherwise agreed :)16:45
ogra_zyga, better ... yeah ..16:45
zygaogra_: well, it doesn't die of overcurrent when you plug a dongle anymore16:46
ogra_does it survive taking pictures with flash now or is it still shy ? :P16:46
zygaogra_: hehe not sure, I'd have to look if they changed it over from bare die16:48
ogra_i guess a cheap layer of paint would even already help16:48
* zyga has only 3 more patches to rebase16:58
zygawoot :)16:58
* ogra_ is sad to see kyrofa removed the useless ros plugin ... now people cant build useless robots anymore 16:59
kyrofaogra_, :P17:01
sergiusenszyga, I thought you weren't allowed to rebase ;-)17:01
ogra_stuck in spain forever :)17:01
zygasergiusens: it's my demo branch17:03
zygaogra_: hehe17:03
zygasergiusens: I love to rebase :)17:03
zygaand merge would be hell with all the renames17:04
ysionneauI'm able to reproduce the issue with a small binary which only does printf() + dlopen()17:08
ysionneauthe segfault + the need to run as root17:09
zygaysionneau: plesae file a bug and attach that to the report17:11
ogra_hmm, dlopen ...17:12
ogra_does that respect LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all ?17:12
* ogra_ has a blurry recollection there was some issue with dlopen17:13
zygaogra_: doens't n-m use dlopen?17:14
ogra_no idea17:14
tedgzyga: I was looking at the interfaces REST interface, and I think the connections object needs an "app" field as well, no?17:14
zygatedg: hey, mmm, we know about apps internally but we're not exposing that over the REST API17:15
tedgzyga: We need to know about it externally :-)17:15
zygatedg: technically each plug and slot knows about apps that are affected17:15
tedgzyga: Specifically so we know which apps we can launch.17:15
zygatedg: sure, please raise this with gustavo, I'm sure we can do this17:15
zygatedg: I actually explicitly erase this so doing it should be simple17:15
ysionneauI'm not entirely sure if this bug comes from my environment or not17:15
tedgSeems like he's not here.17:16
ysionneaumaybe it's because of my build system (alchemy)17:16
zygatedg: hmm?17:16
zygatedg: who is "we" there?17:16
tedgzyga: UAL17:16
zygatedg: all apps can be launched, no?17:16
zygatedg: in any case, I can trivially do this if it helps you out17:16
zygatedg: I have a big overhaul branch that fixes this17:16
zygatedg: and to expose apps I'd litterlaly have to write two lines17:16
zygatedg: I can give you a branch for testing if you're interested17:16
tedgzyga: Cool. I need to get more basics working first, so you may land it before I would get ready for it.17:17
tedgzyga: But I'll ping you if that becomes my blocker.17:17
zyga(plus all the tests that it would affect :)17:17
zygatedg: cool17:17
tedgHeh, tests are always a problem ;-)17:17
zygatedg: as a sanity check: you'd GET /2.0/interfaces17:17
zygatedg: and you'd see a single object having {"plugs": ..., "slots": ...}17:18
ysionneauif I package a libc and libdl in my snap, will it use the libc of the system? or the one I packaged in my snap?17:18
zygatedg: each of those dots would be a list of Plug or Slot objects17:18
tedgysionneau: Depends on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but by default it would be the one in your package. But you could change that.17:18
zygatedg: each of those having an optional "connections" attribute with a list of SlotRef and PlugRef (respecitvely)17:18
zygatedg: and those just have a pair of attributes "snap" and "slot" or "plug" (respectively)17:19
zygatedg: you'd find "apps" with a list of apps that are affected on each Plug and Slot objects there (not ...Refs)17:19
zygaysionneau: I suspect yours17:19
tedgzyga: Yeah, exactly. I dont' care if it's an array there or there is an entry for each app. Either way works for me.17:20
zygaysionneau: though I don't know for sure, you can always package your dynamic linker there so you have total cotrol17:20
zygatedg: I have a branch with all of this, I'll push it for reference17:20
zygatedg: one sec (just one more patch to rebase)17:20
tedgzyga: Could we put version there as well? Then I could get the full AppID with one call.17:20
tedgI was expecting 1+n, but 1 would be better :-)17:21
ysionneauzyga: I think I packaged lots of stuff, I should have a very controled env here :o17:21
zygatedg: ah, interesting point17:22
zygatedg: not today but yeah, I'm actually making more bits available there now (as a part of the rebase)17:22
zygatedg: though I suspect gustavo may object more on this end, please bring it up with him first17:22
zygatedg: as this is clear cross-manager responsibility17:22
zygatedg: and perhaps the REST api will change (again) to address that17:23
zygatedg: right now we don't leak any information that belongs to the snap manager17:23
zygatedg: and apps and versions are a part of that17:23
zygatedg: so I see what you want and I'm just saying the road there may be curvy17:23
tedgzyga: Sure, and it'd only be in UAL, so it'd be an optimization. Not something we'd bubble up to Unity/etc. So it is something we can do later without bothering them.17:23
tedgzyga: Generally that makes it less pressing. We can see how costly it is.17:24
zygatedg: what does UAL stand for?17:24
tedgzyga: Ubuntu App Launch17:24
zygawhat is that?17:24
ogra_the wrapper we run to set up the env17:24
tedgzyga: Basically the library that coordinates application launching for Unity/URL DIspatcher/etc.17:25
zygatedg: I see17:26
sergiusensjdstrand, hey should this be allowed by default? https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/154423617:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1544236 in Snapcraft "downloader.test example fails to run" [Undecided,New]17:26
plarsnoise][: are things better with spi today?17:49
plarsnoise][: I tried to submit an image, but it doesn't look like the agent ever picked up a test opportunity from it17:50
plarsnoise][: is there some way to hunt that down? The id from the submission is 44e8d447-c36a-4e2d-8ff8-d6c9325a408317:50
noise][plars - can you query the test progress for that id?17:51
plarsnoise][: I can do that through spi? do you have an example?17:51
noise][plars- check Querying Test Progress part of the api doc17:53
plarsnoise][: hmm, it says provfail but I didn't see it come through in the local logs... let me try again17:56
plarsnoise][: strange, it seems to be attempting it this time. There isn't any other agent configured with that platform type, so this is the only one that could have even attempted it17:59
noise][if you got a PICKED_BY_AGENT event, and result posted, _some_ agent did it :)18:00
noise][and you can see what agent_id picked it18:00
ace139Can anyone help me about installing vim in snappy core, whenever i run sudo snappy install vim, it says package not found18:05
kyrofaace139, vim isn't packaged for Snappy18:07
ogra_sudo snappy enable-classic; snappy shell classic ... then you can use apt inside the classic shell ... there is no vim snappy package18:07
kyrofaace139, which version of Ubuntu Core are you running?18:07
kyrofaace139, if you're running 16.04, what ogra_ says18:07
ogra_i think we pointed him to 16.04 earlier today ;)18:07
kyrofaace139, that vim-tiny or whatever isn't good enough for you, eh? ;)18:08
ogra_people are so spoiled nowadays :)18:08
ogra_wanting cursor keys to work and such :)18:08
kyrofaogra_, that's all fixable with a good .vimrc and stuff18:09
kyrofaogra_, my mantra is set nocompatible and backspace=218:09
ogra_i just get along with the defaults usually18:09
ogra_often enough my installs dont survive long enough for making such changes anyway18:10
ogra_my vim on desktop has quite a huge vimrc though18:10
* ogra_ calls it a day18:11
kyrofaBye ogra_ :)18:11
ace139kyrofa, sorry got disconnected. so, can anyone help me install vim in snappy ?18:15
kyrofaace139, heh, welcome back18:15
kyrofaace139, vim isn't packaged for snappy, you'd need to do it in the classic dimension (assuming you're on 16.04)18:15
ace139kyrofa, I am in 15.0418:16
kyrofaace139, ah, okay. What functionality are you looking for beyond the vim-tiny?18:16
ace139kyrofa, just installed snappy, official site is providing that only18:16
ace139kyrofa, I need to configure the wifi, which is not working, needed to write the conf file. but the vi editor is giving me headache,18:17
kyrofaAh, since you can't move around in edit mode and whatnot?18:17
ace139kyrofa, I cannot use the backspace to delete as in vim18:18
kyrofaace139, try pasting the contents of this into ~/.vimrc : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15245593/18:18
kyrofaace139, then try again. Does it make it better?18:18
ace139kyrofa, just a sec18:18
ace139kyrofa, life saver :)18:19
elopioI'm back. I had to reinstall quassel, so I lost all the backlog :(18:20
kyrofaace139, we're here for ya ;)18:20
kyrofaelopio, ah, welcome!18:20
elopioI'm sorry if anybody pinged me and I didn't reply. You can try again.18:20
ace139kyrofa, I was not aware that .vimrc works for vi too18:20
kyrofaace139, indeed18:20
ace139kyrofa, any suggestions how to get my wifi up and running18:20
ace139kyrofa, doing ifconfig doesn't show a thing18:21
ace139kyrofa, eth0 and loopback is there tough18:21
ace139kyrofa, I was thinking about writing a wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces.d/18:22
kyrofaace139, what hardware are you using?18:22
ace139its a TP-LINK18:23
kyrofaace139, I have the dragonboard here and writing a wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces.d did the trick for me18:23
ace139kyrofa, maybe I should give a try to.18:24
ace139kyrofa, I am in luck I guess. Its detected.18:27
kyrofaace139, excellent!18:27
ace139now supplying the credentials in the wpa_suppliant.conf18:28
ace139kyrofa, hope it works18:28
jdstrandsergiusens: I think what is happening is with the move to interfaces/skills/capabilities, the 'network-client' cap is not automatically being added if nothing is specified18:31
jdstrandsergiusens: that is a change over 15.04 behavior. I don't think it was intentional, but it is probably worth discussing18:31
ace139kyrofa, tighvncserver works here ?18:32
kyrofaace139, you'll probably need to package it as a snap18:33
ace139kyrofa, I guess so, package is not found here.18:33
ace139kyrofa, anyother vnc server you can suggest ?18:33
kyrofaace139, I don't believe any have been packaged18:34
kyrofaace139, but check the store18:34
kyrofaace139, it's always changing18:34
ace139kyrofa, well I am not having a GUI here18:34
ace139kyrofa, just was able to get into the Pi doing ssh18:34
ace139kyrofa, okay, thanks for all the help. Need to find some way out, atleast the connection is up !18:35
kyrofaace139, SSH should work as well18:36
ace139kyrofa, can I visit store using ssh ?18:36
ace139means the CLI mode ?18:36
kyrofaace139, oh, I see what you're saying now. No, but in 15.04 you should be able to use snappy search18:36
kyrofaace139, you can also install webdm and visit from another computer18:36
ace139I have been trying like $snappy search vnc, is returning nothing18:37
kyrofaace139, yeah, then I doubt there is anything18:37
ace139kyrofa, webdm is already installed18:37
kyrofaace139, ah, then from your dev machine visit the tp-link's ip address using the port 420018:37
ace139kyrofa, not quite understand the procedure you are telling.18:38
ace139I have a TP Link adapter for WIFI, plugged it in the Pi.18:39
kyrofaace139, ah haha, sorry, let me try that again18:39
kyrofaace139, from your dev machine visit the snappy device's ip address using the port 420018:39
ace139kyrofa, please ! :)18:39
kyrofaUsing a browser, by the way18:40
kyrofawebdm is a web app for package management18:40
sergiusenselopio, can you reply to my previous comment?18:41
ace139kyrofa, working18:41
ace139kyrofa, there is a snappy store like the one in ubuntu18:41
kyrofaace139, indeed18:42
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/35018:43
ace139kyrofa, its nice to explore. Have worked with Raspbian earlier. Its more user friendly I would say.18:43
ace139kyrofa, you have a owncloud-server package there ?18:44
elopiosergiusens: which comment? where?18:44
kyrofaace139, I do, yes18:44
ace139kyrofa, thats awesome !18:44
sergiusenselopio, I was just kidding :-)18:51
elopiosergiusens: that was mean.18:51
kyrofasergiusens, hahahahaha18:51
elopioonly one autopkgtest proxy error left \o/19:07
=== ljp is now known as lpotter
sergiusenselopio, how are you fixing these?19:26
elopiosergiusens: I'm not. I just complain to RT, wait, and they get back with more holes in the firewall.19:28
kyrofasergiusens, elopio https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/35119:29
elopiokyrofa: what do you think of install-to?19:31
kyrofaelopio, makes me think a directory should be provided19:32
elopiokyrofa: ok. +1 :)19:34
kyrofaelopio, yeah, no perfect solution it seems19:34
* kyrofa thinks something is wrong when one's SD cards are larger than one's flash drives19:35
kyrofaThere must be a bigger one around here somewhere..19:36
plarsnoise][: ok, I think I see the problem... one of the agents I have with a different platform name is picking it up19:59
plarsnoise][: does it now ignore the platform?20:00
noise][plars: yes, routing is only by what products the agent has access to now20:02
plarsnoise][: oh... sorry I'm still wrapping my head around all this, so I have some dumb questions. Doesn't that mean I need a different lp id for each platform?20:03
jerryGwill gdb be re-added to snappy-debug?  Why was it removed?20:15
kyrofajerryG, it was never there20:15
jerryGkyrofa: it was there for 0.120:16
kyrofajerryG, but yes, it's intended to be there eventually. Oh? I guess that was before my time20:16
jerryGkyrofa:  will it be added in time for the 16.04 release... or not till after?20:16
kyrofajerryG, that's probably a better question for jdstrand and mvo20:17
jerryGkyrofa: ok thanks.20:19
* jdstrand defers to mvo20:20
jdstrandI believe the plan is once all the details are worked out with the store, multiple archs, etc, he might upload arch-specific snaps20:20
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa so jenkins is down during the weekend and travis during the week20:21
kyrofasergiusens, I see that...20:22
kyrofasergiusens, can we get travis pro or something?20:22
mvoyeah, we can upload arch specific snaps now, someone just needs to sit down and write some snapcraft.yaml to pick the right stuff out of gdb :)20:26
mvoI think we can't have valgrind due to the way it interacts with libc :/20:26
kyrofasergiusens, how would you feel about having snapcraft do some sort of cpu detection and enable parallel builds for the plugins that support it?20:33
kyrofaIs there a downside?20:34
sergiusenskyrofa, there shouldn't be; we even had a MP once iirc20:36
kyrofasergiusens, okay. Low priority of course, but it'd be nice20:36
longsleephey folks, are the arm snappy disk images somewhere which directly boot in qemu?20:44
aatchsionHey guys, Mycroft is thinking about delivering on the PI 3 after the recent FCC Spec leak. If we can get our hands on some, do you have any plans for an image? They have built-in wifi and bluetooth!21:01
beunoaatchsion, not yet, it's unclear when/if we'll be able to support it (they are scarce for everyone :))21:02
aatchsionyeah, for sure. We don't want to have a pi zero type of situation21:03
aatchsionjust a thought21:03
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa can you try and restart https://travis-ci.org/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/jobs/112667860 ?21:29
kyrofasergiusens, I just tried. It claims it was successful, but I see no immediate change21:30
kyrofasergiusens, there it goes21:31
sergiusenskyrofa, thanks22:03
sergiusenskyrofa, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/35322:40
sergiusensit will be a long wait to know when this is good to go though22:40
sergiusensI hope travis calms down 2 or 3 hours from now22:40
kyrofasergiusens, I just learned something interesting. Both of the projects that don't work with DESTDIR do so because they used another variable for that purpose (for example, INSTALL_ROOT). These projects work fine with the prefix change, but I wonder if it might be better to support variables other than DESTDIR instead? Cleaner solution?22:44
kyrofasergiusens, or should we keep the prefix capability?22:45
sergiusenskyrofa, the problem with setting prefix is that we might fall into a 'also set the rpath' situation23:29
sergiusensboth use INSTALL_ROOT ?23:29
kyrofasergiusens, yeah that's possible, though at least that's easy enough to disable with current configflags23:30
jerryGmvo: does snappy debug 0.1's gdb work?... I'm having permission issues when attempting to use23:30
kyrofasergiusens, no, one uses INSTALL_ROOT and another does something totally differently. That particular project seems quite broken in that regard, really23:31
kyrofasergiusens, but it looks like other people use INSTALL_ROOT as well (qmake, for example)23:31
kyrofasergiusens, but still, I wouldn't say it's any sort of standard23:31

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