furkandoes anybody here have a copy of a 16.04 Alpha 1 ISO image? any flavour would do...00:32
ChibaPetfurkan: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/00:41
furkanChibaPet: thanks but i was looking for a copy of the initial alpha 1 release, not the current daily build00:42
furkanthere's a regression that i'm trying to narrow down00:43
ChibaPetfurkan: The changes between then and now would constitute bug fixes.00:43
ChibaPetah, gotcha00:43
furkanand it's proving too painful to work backwards and downgrade individual packages00:43
ChibaPetAlright, bug fixes and regressions then. :P00:43
furkanmy volume keys stop working after suspend/resume00:43
ChibaPetOh, that's odd.00:44
ChibaPetUSB keyboard, out of curiosity?00:44
furkanyeah, USB00:45
ChibaPetUnplugging and replugging ought to help.00:45
furkanjust tried it right now, doesn't seem to have had an effect00:45
ChibaPetUSB keyboards with multimedia keys present a distinct UHID for the multimedia keys. I haven't seen sleep mess that up, but as a temporary workaround, it shoul reinitialize and reattach if you re-plug.00:45
ChibaPetThe other thing to look at is xev output.00:46
furkanthat's another thing i was playing with a while back00:46
ChibaPetI don't use Unity here, so I just catch the keystrokes in my window manager to process, but ... I'll try to remember to check xev on my wife's Unity once it's done updating.00:46
furkanit doesn't give any output for the volume keys when i just run xev00:47
furkanbut there was another tool too let me check what it was...00:47
ChibaPetI get this, not that it particularly helps you: https://bpaste.net/show/eb59011f038200:47
ChibaPetas an example00:47
furkanyeah that's what i get too when it's working normally00:48
furkanbut there's this other tool, evtest00:48
ChibaPetAnything in dmesg noting a detach?00:48
ChibaPetOh, I'm not familiar with that. Will have to learn about it.00:48
furkanright now i'm not getting any output in either of them00:48
furkanbut if i remember correctly, i have to be running both of them simultaneously to get any output for the volume keys... it's strange00:49
furkanand no nothing like that in dmesg00:49
ChibaPetHow about in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?00:49
furkanno "detach" in there either00:50
ChibaPetAnything about evdev that looks relevant, though?00:50
furkanthere's quite a bit in here about evdev, trying to read through it00:51
furkanthis seems to be the only error, and it looks like it happened after the suspend/resume: [    48.425] (EE) evdev: Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v9.0: Unable to open evdev device "/dev/input/event6".00:53
furkandunno if that's relevant00:53
ChibaPetThat seems like a BlueTooth device or something.00:54
furkanjust a Microsoft nano-receiver00:54
furkanit's an MS wireless keyboard00:54
ChibaPetHere's someone futzing with multimedia keys - maybe something in there will spark an idea: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/4416900:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 44169 in X.Org X server "no multimedia keys when using evdev with mouse" [Medium,Won't fix]00:54
ChibaPetWait, it's a wireless keyboard?00:55
furkanyeah wireless keyboard + mouse combo00:55
ChibaPetThat's... almost certainly your multimedia device then.00:55
ChibaPetThought you said it was USB. Anyway...00:55
furkanoh, yeah it's USB but it's a USB wireless receiver00:55
ChibaPetI'd bet that event6 is where the multimedia uhid is attaching.00:55
furkannot built-in bluetooth or anything00:55
ChibaPetkk, I've seen those00:56
ChibaPetSo, when you try detaching/reattaching, are you just toggling the keyboard, or pulling the USB thing? Just be interesting to see if that matters.00:56
ChibaPetI'd assume pulling the USB adapter would give you a full reset, but we're touching on stuff where I'm insufficiently familiar to catch subtleties.00:56
furkani pulled the USB receiver out and plugged it back in00:57
furkaninteresting bug report00:58
furkanpretty old though, from back in 2006-200800:58
ChibaPetHrm. I heard this odd flopping noise, and it was my two year old unloading a bookcase onto the floop, book by book.00:58
furkanin my case it was working fine with Ubuntu 15.10, and stopped after the upgrade to 16.0400:58
ChibaPetYeah, not saying it's the same. Just stuff to look at.00:59
furkanbut yeah that looks interesting00:59
ChibaPetThe closest I got to digging into evdev was when I was trying to get my USB keyboard to work under FreeBSD, which just presents the raw uhid. It was the frist time I understood that the silly keyboard presents multiple devices to the system.01:00
furkanso it looks like in /dev/input i don't have an event601:00
furkani should try rebooting and see if it comes back01:00
ChibaPetThat seems extreme.01:02
ChibaPetudev ought to be creating things like that as devices that need them are plugged in.01:02
ChibaPetALSO... It might get a name other than event6 on re-insertion.01:02
ChibaPetI'd watch dmesg and watch the contents of /dev as you pull the plug and re-insert.01:02
ChibaPetAlright, I need to clean up books and finish working on my wife's machine. I'll be back later. Sorry I don't have any more direct help.01:03
furkani just tried unplugging and plugging back in01:03
furkanand same error01:03
ChibaPetAnything interesting?01:03
furkan[  4111.568] (EE) evdev: Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v9.0: Unable to open evdev device "/dev/input/event6".01:03
furkan[  4111.568] (EE) PreInit returned 2 for "Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v9.0"01:03
furkanbut hey that's progress at least.. i hadn't noticed that before01:04
furkanthanks for the help :)01:04
ChibaPetMm, and it's almost certainly directly related.01:04
ChibaPetsure - please tell us what you find, as I'd be interested in knowing what it was01:04
furkanwill do, if there is any progress :)01:04
drhalan1hey. is there anything I have to do for resolvconf to read stuff in /etc/network/interfaces?02:07
drhalan1is xenial even still using resolvconf?02:07
drhalan1anyways my problem: putting an entry in /etc/resolv.conf works. putting the same thing in /etc/network/interfaces doesn't02:10
drhalan1(even after a reboot)02:10
ChibaPetdrhalan1: You put resolvconf lines into interface descriptions.02:20
drhalan1i put °dns-nameservers° instead of °namerserver"02:20
ChibaPetAnd dns-search.02:20
drhalan1doh dns-search fixed it02:24
drhalan1thanks ChibaPet02:24
ChibaPetsure thing02:24
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Fudgeyou can use two hostnames with search in resolv.conf i have my isp and my local network to resolve local hostnames from my gateway02:53
ChibaPetI think you can go up to six, maybe more.02:54
ChibaPetThere's a cap that's smaller than what I could really use, but, eh.02:54
drhalan1ChibaPet: maybe you can help me with this issue too? http://pastebin.com/1damUL2M03:23
drhalan1not sure why i need to call ifup before resolvconf works...03:24
drhalan1i guess it is due to manual...but resolvconf should still setup dns...03:28
lordievaderGood morning.10:05
Fudgehi cobber10:13
Fudgestill having dhclient probs, but my buddy with exact same setup isnt, so what have i ddone differently10:13
lordievaderFudge: Tcpdump it, do you get replies on your dhcp requests?10:15
Fudgelistening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes10:17
lordievaderNo need to paste the entire output here ;)10:17
Fudgeif i run dhclient eth0 manually i get an ip, but when i leave it to expire in 700seconds or what ever the lease time is, i dont get a new one10:18
lordievaderTcpdump it and watch the logs when that happens.10:19
Fudgebound to -- renewal in 6355 seconds.10:21
lordievaderTime for coffee ;)10:21
Fudgeill prob be in bed then damn10:24
lordievaderNot if you drink your coffee :P10:24
* lordievader slides Fudge a fresh cup of coffee10:24
Fudgei ran out, i could brew some though10:24
Fudge  ok using his rules too11:16
* lordievader is confused11:49
lordievaderWhat does iptables have to do with this?11:49
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BluesKajHey folks13:16
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mayhemwill mir+unity8 be shipped with 16.04?14:48
lotuspsychje!info unity8-desktop-session-mir | mayhem14:48
ubottumayhem: unity8-desktop-session-mir (source: unity8-desktop-session): Unity8 desktop session for Mir. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12+15.10.20150609-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 4 kB, installed size 54 kB14:48
mayhemyeah, I was going through it..14:49
k1lmayhem: they are already in 15.10.14:49
mayhemsorry, what I meant is that is there a separate version planned for 16.04 (with mir+unity8)14:50
k1lmayhem: no14:52
mayhem:k1l thanks for the confirmation14:54
nicomachusI decided to take the beta plunge on my HTPC finally. I tried to upgrade with do-release-upgrade -d, but it's unable to authenticate module-init-tools and aborts the process.16:13
lotuspsychjenicomachus: from wily?16:24
lotuspsychjenicomachus: fresh install instead, i had kernel issues from wily to xenial upgrade16:25
nicomachusI guess there's a way to create a file to allow unauthed, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.16:25
lotuspsychjenicomachus: i ended up with 4.2 kernel where i should have higher on xenial16:26
lotuspsychjenicomachus: mixxed things up16:26
lotuspsychjenicomachus: fresh all working like a charm now16:26
* nicomachus sighs16:27
nicomachusguess I need to backup and do that then.16:27
lotuspsychjenicomachus: youl be happy with a fresh one mate :p16:31
nicomachusthank god for gigabit upload speeds to google drive.16:34
alkisgHi guys, `do-release-upgrade -d` on mate 15.10 doesn't give me 16.0420:04
alkisgDoes that only work for vanilla ubuntu? Should I sed through sources.list instead?20:04
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ChibaPetdrhalan1: I just saw your paste from last night. The bit I don't get is how eth0 had an address before the ifup. That it did suggests that the system didn't start from a totally clean state.23:51
ChibaPetI'd guess from what I see that you added the resolvconf lines after eth0 was already up.23:51

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