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flexiondotorgogra_, https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/blog/ubuntu-pi-flavours-for-raspberry-pi-3/07:39
flexiondotorgogra_, I've had a busy weekend and can speak freely now. Any chance Pi 3 support can be added to 16.04?07:40
flexiondotorgogra_, Perhaps even the first native arm64 implementation?07:40
infinityflexiondotorg: is the kernel support upstream?  If so, talk to me about it sometime.08:01
flexiondotorginfinity, Mostly the existing linux-rpi2 kernel will work "I think".08:02
infinityflexiondotorg: But it's not a 32-bit CPU...08:02
flexiondotorginfinity, Although it will need modifying to support the new integrated wifi and bluetooth.08:02
flexiondotorginfinity, Yes, hence my question. I'm wondering about what is involved with that.08:03
flexiondotorginfinity, I suspect simply recompling the linux-rpi2 kernel on arm64 would result in a working kernel.08:04
infinityI'm doing some arm64 images shortly for the dragonboard anyway.  The infra will all be there.  But we'll need a kernel that boots (ideally, the generic kernel) to support the Pi3 as arm64.08:04
infinityflexiondotorg: "recompiling it on arm64" would still give you an armv7 kernel.08:04
flexiondotorginfinity, Oh. OK.08:04
flexiondotorginfinity, So what are the arm64 architecture build exactly?08:05
flexiondotorgNot ARMv8-A?08:05
infinityarm64 is ARMv8-A, yes.08:05
infinityBut the raspi2 kernel is ARMv7.  Building it on a different userpsace doesn't change that.08:06
infinityJust like you can build an i386 kernel on amd64.08:06
infinityThat said, it's possible that the rpi2 kernel boots on the pi3 in v7 mode, but that would be a terrible waste of hardware.08:06
infinityAnyhow, I have no Pi3 (nor Pi2, for that matter).  I maye have to pick one up and play.08:07
infinityI should also sleep...08:07
* popey pokes flexiondotorg 08:26
ogra_infinity, oh, really, you will be doing non snappy dragonboard images ? how do you solve the bootloader issues =09:44
ogra_(i imagine it gets pretty tricky to get that 8 partition GPT setup into d-i)09:49
popeyogra_: do we have a snappy image for Pi 3 yet? It's been out for 3 hours now.. chop chop! :)10:11
popey(I have two arriving tomorrow)10:12
ogra_i would have to order one :)10:15
popeyapparently the pi2 images should work fine on it, but will miss the modules for wifi/bt10:16
ogra_popey, ah, thats a ppisati thing then, he just needs to enable that module in our pi2 kernel10:16
ogra_(not sure if the firmware is distributable etc, but thats definitely the first step)10:17
* flexiondotorg pokes popey back10:17
ogra_so once you got your board, see if you can get one of our images to boot and ask ppisati what data he needs to knwo what module is missing (if it is some std. thing it might even be in, we compile a lot of extra modules)10:18
flexiondotorgogra_, My understanding is the firmware is redistributable. The Raspberry Pi Foundation will be updating their various repositories today.10:18
ogra_flexiondotorg, right ... for a non-snappy image you want that packaged though10:18
ogra_(for a snappy image too, but there the archive isnt mandatory)10:19
popeyogra_: ok10:28
flexiondotorgYes, The is a new firmware for the wifi/bt and another blob that patches that firmware. Sadly, I've not been able to get the blod to download, so not BT just yet :-(10:28
flexiondotorgBy download, I mean via hciattach to the uart.10:29
* flexiondotorg is of to rest.10:29
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