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Mirvjibel_: want to have a meeting or not?09:31
jibel_Mirv, do we need one?09:31
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Mirvjibel: not from my side, but me and Dave are here if you have something on mind09:32
jibelMirv, nothing from me09:33
davmor2jibel: no worries09:34
alf__trainguards: Hi! Question: Can the CI train handle projects that useg LP git branches instead of bzr?09:37
robrualf__: no09:38
alf__robru: Thanks. Are there plans to add such a feature?09:39
robrualf__: yes09:39
alf__robru: Any ETA (just a very rough approximation will do, a few weeks/month, a year)?09:40
robrualf__: 6 months i guess? I'm working on a major fundamental re architecture that will (among other things) modularize the bzr code so that git code can even be written. Then git is the next thing after that09:43
alf__robru: thanks09:44
robrualf__: you're welcome09:45
jgdxtrainguards: what's the dependency wait in silo 6? It complains the dep qml-module-qtsysteminfo (>= 5.0) can't be satisfied, but it's in my xenial.13:17
Mirvjgdx: the qtsystems has a "~" in the version number after "5.0", "~" means in debian versioning speak "lower than" (since the module has not been released by upstream but is a git snapshot. TL; DR; make it (>= 5.0~)13:23
jgdxMirv, oh, ok. Thanks13:24
jhodappMirv, how should we handle this silo situation...silo 53 has the back port of the QtMultimedia audio_role changes that are only for vivid+overlay landing. I need to land a qtubuntu-media change for both vivid and xenial +overlay. I can't build my change in a separate silo without the QtMultimedia back port, but I can't place my qtubuntu-media change into silo 53 because I need to dual land.14:31
Mirvjhodapp: let's make 053 dual landing, even though qtmultimedia xenial doesn't need changes14:37
jhodappMirv, ok that's what I thought as well, good to get that confirmed14:37
Mirvjhodapp: it's now dual landing, I'll take care of xenial qtmm no change rebuilds14:38
Mirvany MP:s should build normally there now14:38
jhodappMirv, awesome thank you14:39
Mirvjhodapp: note that you ran Build job but there are no MP:s in there so it did not do anything14:41
jhodappMirv, oh hmm, my page must have been stale then14:42
jhodappit showed an MP14:42
jhodappMirv, ok updated, thanks14:43
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bregmatrainguards, I'm seeing the automated signoff fail for my silo, but the failure is unrelated to my package in any way, what's the procedure to resolve this?15:38
Mirvbregma: get someone with upload rights to the packages in question (main -> core-dev) to click the retest buttons on the excuses page for the failing tets15:57
Mirvand/or investigate why it's failing and file a bug of flaky test15:57
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veebersHi robru, a couple of questions. I have an autopilot release I would like to do that would also sync the release between V & X, will it cause any issues if I merge the changelog diff into release trunk to get it to build (or is it possible to force it to ignore that and build anyway)21:33
robruveebers: I'm pretty sure committing the changelog directly to trunk is what I told you to do last time we spoke? what changed/21:49
veebersrobru: ah no you're right sorry, I had it in my mind what we discussed last time wouldn't work, but only part of what we discussed wouldn't work. Sorry :-P21:51
robruveebers: no worries21:51

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