belkinsapleia2, ping.00:12
belkinsatsimonq2, ping.00:13
tsimonq2hai belkinsa00:14
pleia2belkinsa: hey00:51
knomeo hai pleia200:52
knomefeeling any better?00:52
pleia2knome: cold is less colding, but I am still resting :)00:52
knomei read "still testing" and thought "silly girl", but i'm happy that i misread00:53
knomeand happy that you are better :)00:53
pleia2would help if san francisco understood seasons, it's hot in here, hard to rest00:55
knomeisn't it always hot in there?00:56
pleia2hah, no00:57
knomeyeah right00:57
pleia2SF usually lurks around 14C00:57
knomebut never -20C00:58
pleia2was up near 22 today, which makes my condo very hot (like 28)00:58
pleia2definitely never near 20c00:58
knomei like 14C00:58
knomeat -20C i start thinking if i should *buy* a hat00:59
knomemy little son is like me00:59
knomealways sweatting00:59
pleia2best he stay up with the polar bears then01:00
knomesame goes for me01:01
pleia2except for visiting01:01
knomethen silly people send me to hot places01:01
knomelooking at YOU balloons01:01
* tsimonq2 wonders01:02
pleia2it's not normally this warm :)01:03
pleia2usually it's foggy and cold01:03
pleia2I mean cool01:03
knomefoggy and cold/cool ++01:03
knomecan hide in the fog01:03
* tsimonq2 wonders what the purpose of this channel even is01:03
knomeand imagine you are sherlock holmes01:03
knometsimonq2, general silliness01:03
tsimonq2and what is the *Ubuntu* Community team? isn't it just Canonical?01:04
knomeoh wait this is not #xubuntu-offtopic, this must be specific silliness then01:04
tsimonq2#ubuntu-discuss? :P01:04
knome#x-o is the mother of all silly channels01:04
knomebelieve me01:05
tsimonq2knome: heheheheh01:36
belkinsatsimonq2 was the one that nagged me into pinging you, pleia2.01:36
tsimonq2no no no :P01:37
belkinsaWell, you had the idea.01:37
tsimonq2I nagged you, you actually DID IT XD01:37
tsimonq2so it's your fault XD01:37
* tsimonq2 pokes belkinsa 01:37
* belkinsa pokes back and also pleia201:37
belkinsatsimonq2 and I, wanted to Hangout with you pleia2.01:38
knomestop the prodding and tell what you have on your heart01:38
tsimonq2:P knome01:38
belkinsaWe have ideas to share with you.01:38
pleia2belkinsa: ah, hope your call went well, I'm a bit too sick today to do voice/video01:38
knomepleia2, read: they just want to see you in pajamas!01:38
pleia2red nose, cough :)01:38
pleia2not a pleasant sight01:38
belkinsaAlright, we could just bounce off ideas here.01:39
knomepleia2, so they said about rudolph too...01:39
tsimonq2your words not mine :D01:39
belkinsaOr, if tsimonq2 writes that e-mail to the team's mailing-list, we can do it there and here.01:39
tsimonq2yeah yeah belkinsa01:39
knomejust say it01:39
knomenow >:)01:39
tsimonq2I need to rant about everything *AHEM* *AHEM* I mean bring productive ideas to the table to discuss, yeah, I'll do that :)01:40
tsimonq2sorry Svetlana, I'm watching SABDFL talk about Snappy for UWN :D01:41
belkinsaOkay, later than.01:41
tsimonq2pleia2: next weekend belkinsa me and you should do a video call :D01:43
tsimonq2maybe even wxl too AHEM01:43
knomesounds exclusive :P01:43
pleia2what about?01:43
tsimonq2knome: you want in? :P01:43
knomedepends... :P01:43
tsimonq2my rants :P01:43
pleia2I'll be around, and cold should be gone by then01:44
tsimonq2but belkinsa can attest, they are PRODUCTIVE rants :P XD01:44
knomei think it might be best if you just dumped the rant into an email to the community list01:44
knomethat way people can ignore it the most easiest way01:44
knomei mean, react to it01:44
tsimonq2knome: yeah that's what I'm gonna do XD01:44
tsimonq2but I *ALWAYS* have something to rant about01:44
knomeseriously speaking, if you do that, then it's up for discusison and will be archived nicely01:44
pleia2yeah, we can talk in Hangout if the thread goes unresolved somehow or whatever01:44
pleia2(like, it may be Hangout time for the wiki discussion)01:44
tsimonq2wxl calls me Pinkie Pie or whatever that annoying My Little Pony thing01:44
knomeso until it is something that absolutely needs video conferencing, start with something else01:45
knomepleia2, ugh. wiki discussion.01:45
pleia2knome: inorite01:45
tsimonq2that will be in my emai/rant01:46
belkinsatsimonq2, just write that e-mail!  I know you have great ideas to get out into the world!01:46
knomewill you also include a fix that satisfies all parties and fixes problems forever?01:47
pleia2I don't know what the rant is about exactly, but I do find it's best to keep things in their own threads so we can track them accordingly and know when to take the next steps01:47
pleia2the wiki discussion is ongoing with interested parties, there are tickets out there01:47
knomeyeah, unless they are all really tiny bits01:47
pleia2it takes time to do things transparently, but it is being nudged along by the folks who care abot it01:48
tsimonq2pleia2: yeah it's one, big, interconnected rant01:48
tsimonq2BTW pleia2 look at UWN doc :D01:48
pleia2tsimonq2: thanks, copying stuff over now01:48
* tsimonq2 starts his 10 page long email rant *AHEM* I mean, productive, inspiring email :D01:49
knomesoon 4am, time to go to bed01:49
knomesee you all later :)01:49
tsimonq2nighty night knome :D01:49
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dholbachgood morning08:07
popeymorning czajkowski09:19
czajkowskiello popey hows life09:20
popeytickety boo09:20
czajkowskiso does canonical now hire evangelists?  https://twitter.com/thibautR09:21
popeyhe's worked here for a while now09:22
czajkowskido evangalists work in all parts of the community ?09:22
czajkowskior are they enterprise only ?09:23
popeyCertainly not enterprise only09:23
czajkowskipopey: ah ok just never seen them nbefore, are they part of the community team or in the community channel here?09:44
popeyno, he's not part of our team09:48
czajkowskiah oki09:50
dpmczajkowski, Thibaut now manages the marketing team (devices and IoT)10:57
czajkowskidpm: ah cool yes evanglism often finds its way into marketing10:58
dpmoh wow, today we also get to know whether we were accepted for GSoC :-)11:09
dpmand the Scope Showdown submission deadline is up as well!11:09
MooDoofingers crossed for you then :D11:10
popeyWe also get to order Raspberry Pi 3s  😃11:14
popeyI will be keeping an eye out for the postie tomorrow!11:14
MooDoojust been reading about them :D11:17
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab12:33
balloonsGood morning. Gsoc orgs are announced today. Funders crossed everyone!14:25
* mhall119 crisses his funders14:28
popeypoor fingers!14:30
* popey pounces on balloons 14:30
balloonslol.. I never did learn to touch type14:38
mhall119dpm: call?15:34
mhall119czajkowski: evangelist is kind of a new role I think, didrocks has also joined it15:35
czajkowskididrocks has moved to marketing?15:37
popeyOnwards and upwards!15:49
popeyHe'll finally sell his idea of French-by-default to the world!15:49
popeyTeam MEATING!16:30
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow again! :-)17:00
dholbachhave a good one!17:02
joseballoons: should be just 30 mins, right?18:26
balloonsjose, yep!18:27
josecan't wait18:27
balloonsyou had to remind me!18:28
balloonsI was being patient18:28
josehuh. in the past the application said "Status: no decision" but now it doesn't say anything18:32
* jose starts running in circles18:32
josehmm. insights.ubuntu.com is listed on the planet as "Ubuntu Release blog"... wonder if that one should be changed. cc: CC18:38
pleia2yesterday the fridge was showing up as the "Ubuntu Release blog"18:40
pleia2so I'm thinking it's just a temporary bug in planet and was hoping it would sort itself18:41
josethat's really weird... let's hope so18:41
pleia2you can look at the planet.ini if you want to see if there are any typos that would cause weird behavior18:41
pleia2no wait, it was Xubuntu that was18:42
pleia2and still is18:42
popeyi dont think the ini shows that detail, that comes from the rss feed itself18:45
popeyor, as you say, from a bug :)18:45
mhall119pleia2: jose: surprise, now *everything* is an Ubuntu Release Blog :)18:50
joseerhmaged, you kidding me?18:51
pleia2yes, he is18:52
mhall119balloons: when is the GSoC announcement supposed to happen?18:56
popeyHe's a cheeky monkey.18:56
popey3 mins 12 seconds18:56
balloonsmhall119, 4 mins18:56
* mhall119 likes popey's time better18:56
balloonsblah, popey always more precie18:57
pleia2good luck :)18:57
popeyWe invented time, doncha know :)18:57
* svij crosses fingers.18:57
* balloons expecting popey read that off his timepiece18:57
popeyFunny you should mention that, I watched this last night http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0268695/18:58
mhall119popey: I thought it was the greeks that invented everything18:58
popeyPocket watches feature in it.18:58
mhall119where will it be announced?18:58
popey#gsoc I guess18:59
balloonsI expect something here as well as the site itself : http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/18:59
wxlmhall119: no, they just took the credit for it.18:59
balloonsshould I say we're in?19:00
* svij presses "load more"19:00
mhall119are we in19:00
svijdoesn't see Ubuntu …19:01
popey"awww" and "phew" in equal measure19:01
popeydebian is, so that's super!19:02
pleia2well, it was a long shot, they really don't like supporting the single-company-backed open source projects19:02
svijpleia2: then I don't understand why GitHub is in…19:02
pleia2svij: indeed19:02
mhall119or OpenSuse19:02
svijor ownCloud or …19:03
popeyhey ho. next time :)19:03
wxlawww we're not in? :(19:03
mhall119wxl: doesn't look like it19:03
wxlbooo that sucks19:03
mhall119I guess these interested students are just going to have to contribute for free19:03
dpmawww :(19:03
svijnext year I might even have time to participate as a student…19:03
wxlhahahahah mhall119 that's the spirit :)19:04
mhall119balloons: popey: who has the unenviable task of emailing the lists?19:04
* balloons is chasing a thread19:04
balloonshold on19:04
svijis there a reason?19:04
mhall119svij: we can probably ask them for feedback on our application for next year19:05
popeySCUMMVM is in too :)19:05
popeywhich is excellent.19:05
wxlooh and julia19:05
svijmhall119: might be good :)19:06
pleia2nice, I didn't know SCUMMVM was still a thing19:06
josethere's a lot of lag on the list19:06
pleia2monkey island 4ever19:06
mhall119jose: there might be a lot of people loading it atm :)19:06
dpmin any case, good work everyone who helped prepared the application!19:07
balloonswelp, indeed19:08
mhall119yes, thanks balloons, popey, jose and everyone else who worked on our application19:08
mhall119it's all still greatly appreciated19:08
balloonsI was holding out hope because the admin interface made it seem like we'd been accepted19:08
wxlwow reactOS is in there O_O19:08
jose+1 balloons19:09
joseit says "it's now time to invite mentors"19:09
balloonsanyways, yes, I definitely appreciate everyone who helped make it a reality19:09
joseme too, was great to at least have a shot :)19:09
mhall119jose: balloons: maybe they just haven't kicked us out of the admin yet19:09
joseand we'll be back with more during GCI19:09
balloonswe got to do GCI, and I hope this experience means we'll keep participating in contests like these19:10
balloonsmhall119, indeed. I should add it to popey's screenshot collection19:10
pleia2outreachy is a good one too, I've been a mentor for them in the past19:11
mhall119pleia2: when do organization applications open for that?19:12
* balloons puts back the confetti19:14
pleia2mhall119: the dates are similar to GSoC, so just missed it for the May-Aug period https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/2016/MayAugust19:19
pleia2they have a mailing list though, to keep up with things19:20
* pleia2 looks it up19:20
pleia2hm, all seem private19:21
pleia2well they're @outreachy on twitter and more generally at outreachy.org19:22
pleia2I can try to pay attention and fwd along for next time19:22
mhall119pleia2: yeah, that would be nice, thanks19:23
balloonspleia2, yea details about how it went and what you did would be nice. Did you ever writeup your experiences?19:26
pleia2I never wrote about it, but it was a great program, our mentee launched an instance of hound for us at http://codesearch.openstack.org/ :)19:29
pleia2wrote the puppet module and configs, worked with me to bring up the instance19:30
pleia2my team already has a list of specs (projects we want to work on) so she just picked from our existing list, that helped19:30
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balloonsCan anyone login to the wiki to edit?21:14
wxlballoons: 500s?21:15
balloonsit's never been this bad for me before, 30 mins now trying to edit one page :-(21:15
davidcallepopey: do you still download all store clicks every night?21:15
balloonsyea, I've gotten everything. timeouts, lost logins, python errors, 404's, 500's :-)21:15
popeydavidcalle: of course :)21:17
davidcalleballoons: not a surprise, in the last 6 hours, I've collected 1000 spam edits and new pages notifications from it in my wiki folder21:17
davidcallepopey: good, I'll ask you for some of them tomorrow morning, to freeze the version evaluated for the showdown21:18
popeythey will stay frozen on my server21:18
popeyyou can get them any time, yourself :)21:18
davidcallepopey: correct, forgot it was easily accessible :)21:19
wxlballoons: finally in. had to wait a while, though.21:23
wxlballoons: want me to try to edit a particular page for you/21:23
balloonswxl, it's unlikely you'll be able to save any edits though21:24
wxlballoons: lemme have a go21:25
balloonsif you wish, update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2016/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2016/Ideas to say we didn't make it21:25
balloonsthanks wxl!21:25
wxlballoons: one down21:27
wxlballoons: 2nd one looks already done21:27
balloonswxl, by me, lol?21:28
balloonsmaybe at some point it did save the silly thing?21:28
wxlyep GoogleSoC2016/Ideas (last edited 2016-02-29 21:24:18 by nskaggs)21:28
josejcastro: did you have your call with elmo?21:31
jcastrono, he wasn't in the call21:31
joseok I'll just ask around to someone in IS21:32
balloonsthanks for get things edited wxl21:35
knomethe wikis are working so well again...21:40

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