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tseliotapw: what is the proper way to request a config change in the kernel? I need DRM_AMD_POWERPLAY=y for my backport15:38
apwtseliot, at this stage, a bug with the justification would be good, and then a patch as normal15:43
apwor file the bug, and just tell me the number15:43
apwtseliot, or are you asking how to apply a change in a big pull request ?15:43
tseliotapw: that could probably fit the same bug report I filed for my backport (which affects the same code)15:44
tseliotapw: I was thinking it would be worth doing it myself as part of the pull request15:44
tseliotsince, you know, backporting code just to keep it disabled is probably a little useless :D15:45
tseliotthe thing is, I don't recall doing that before15:45
tseliot(a config change)15:46
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leitaortg, hello. It seems that there is an issue with kernel 3.19 on the fixes for 1481357.18:22
rtgleitao, yeah, I see verification-failed-vivid18:23
leitaogood. I want just to make sure that it does not fly under the radar. Thank you!18:23
rtgleitao, I'll look at it a bit later this afternoon. gotta wrap up some other stuff first.18:25
leitaortg, no worries. As I said, just to make sure that you guys saw the problem.18:26
tych0hi folks. i'm on the xenial kernel, 4.4.0-8-generic18:52
hallynsforshee: apw: hey, tych0 is finding apparmorfs sometimes not loaded 18:52
tych0and i'm missing my /sys/kernel/security/apparmor is missing18:52
hallynbut sometimes loaded (and for me it is loaded)18:52
hallyntych0: anything in journalctl?18:52
tych0yeah, for me it is loaded too on other vms but this one18:53
tych0nothing jumps out at me, but, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15245948/18:53
tyhicksFeb 29 11:40:56 criu2 kernel: AppArmor: AppArmor disabled by boot time parameter18:54
tyhicksFeb 29 11:40:56 criu2 kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-8-generic ... selinux=1 security=selinux ...18:55
hallyntsk tsk18:55
tych0how did that get there :)18:56
tych0or an extremely elaborate troll18:57
tyhicksI vaguely remember seeing a xenial bug go by for a package that was depending on selinux-policy-default18:57
tych0i wonder how i turn it off18:58
tych0somehow i do have that package installed, let's see what happens if i uninstall it18:58
tyhickstych0: do you have the "selinux" binary package installed?18:59
tych0rc  selinux                             1:0.11                                  all          Security-Enhanced Linux runtime support19:00
tych0but that might be because i just removed some stuff19:00
tyhickstych0: ok, do you have the "apparmor" package installed?19:01
tych0tyhicks: yes, i have that one19:01
tyhickstych0: hmm... I thought that if you had it installed, it would set the right kernel boot params but it has been a while since I've tried switching between apparmor and selinux19:02
tych0wwell, let me try to --reinstall19:03
tyhicksthat may work19:03
tych0hm, even that didn't do it19:04
tych0well never mind, maybe i'll just blow this vm away and start over :)19:07
tyhickstych0: the selinux packaging simply modifies /etc/default/grub to add security=selinux selinux=119:07
tych0ah, ok19:08
tyhickstych0: you should be able to remove those two params and run update-grub2 to return to using apparmor since our kernels are configured to use apparmor by default19:08
tych0update-grub2 vs. update-grub :)19:08
tyhickseither one19:08
tyhicksI think they're the same19:08
tyhicksyeah, update-grub2 is a symlink to update-grub19:09
tych0ok, cool19:09
tych0tyhicks: \o/ thanks!19:13
tyhickstych0: glad that it worked :)19:13
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rharperon Xenial, I've a USB flash drive that shows up when directly connected to x1 carbon gen1; but when plugged in via USB3 hub does not;  other usb devices on hub work (keyboard, nic, mouse) but not mass storage devices;  worked fine in 15.10; thoughts? lsusb does not even list the device when plugged in 21:06
* hallyn at that point in writing a new kernel patch where you wonder 'do i type make for the first time and see where it breaks, or reread the patch to look for obvious errors?'23:49

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