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tewardmicahg: ping, if you aren't busy - can you poke at the sync request for the znc package and then follow up with the release team on an FFe?18:49
tewardhate to ask it to get included, but..18:50
teward(wish it had been before FeatureFreeze)18:50
micahgteward: unfortunately, my build env is broke at the moment, so I haven't been processing a lot of requests18:53
tewardmicahg: ack.  i've got build environments I can loan to it, including my xenial-buildtests PPA and sbuild environments for amd64/i386, but I'm having headaches with regards to Internet speed right now, so those're slow18:54
tewardi'm planning on running PPA builds anyways, 'cause i provide those as a favor to ZNC upstream :p18:54
* teward is currently waiting on the Release Team to address an nginx FFe request for a new upstream version18:54
tewardso the znc sync request is my 'least concern' it's just a 'would like to have before final freezes'18:55
micahgif it's in the sponsorship queue, I think people have been working to clear that more regularly now18:55
tewardmicahg: ah, well, it should be `requestsync` did that18:56

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