Jordan_UFlannel: Can you keep an eye on NOTNICK? I need to leave IRC for a while for my own sanity and productivity but I don't want that "last warning" to be meaningless.02:57
FlannelJordan_U: Generally, yes.02:58
daxand now they're quieted03:22
daxgot warnings from three or four different people03:22
dax@comment 71569 persistent off-topic comments, despite multiple requests to stop, 7d03:23
ubottuComment added. 71569 will be removed after 1 week.03:23
lotuspsychjemorning to all06:26
lotuspsychjewwwbukolaycom host ~mIRCPro@ query's users on #ubuntu join with the text: Hi come pls admin?06:27
jizzleplease unban me:@08:34
jizzlei didnt mean to imply he was a faggot:@08:34
Jordan_Ujizzle: Do you recognise that using homophobic slurs is not acceptible in #ubuntu, for any reason?08:34
jizzlei do now:O08:35
Jordan_Ujizzle: Good. Please take a look at the rest of our channel guidelines. If after reading them you agree to follow them as well, I will remove the ban.08:35
jizzlewhoever i called was definitely not a faggot, i will apologize to him:@08:35
Jordan_U!guidelines | jizzle08:36
ubottujizzle: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:36
Jordan_Ujizzle: You didn't call anyone a "faggot" but you did use a homophobic slur, and implied that being gay is something negative. Calling someone in the channel that epithet would have been worse, but what you did alone is still unacceptable.08:37
jizzleoh yeah lol08:38
jizzleim definitely not a faggot, but yeah i wont call anyone a faggot anymore:308:38
Jordan_Ujizzle: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. If you have a different opionion on that, do not share it in #ubuntu (or here in #ubuntu-ops). And do not use that word again in any ubuntu channel for any reason.08:43
jizzlepls unban.-.08:46
Jordan_Ujizzle: Have you read through our channel guidelines completely?08:48
Jordan_Ujizzle: And you agree to follow them?08:48
jizzlemore or less08:48
Jordan_Ujizzle: What does "more or less" mean?08:49
jizzlei meant yes:O08:49
jizzleas in i cant recite it byheart08:49
jizzlebut i read it:O08:49
Jordan_Ujizzle: Realize that it won't be as easy to get unbanned a second time.08:50
jizzleunban pls:@08:51
Jordan_Ujizzle: Your ban has been removed.08:51
Jordan_Ujizzle: Please part #ubuntu-ops unless you need something else addressed.09:00
ubottuBoot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.09:12
Jordan_UGood thing about using the sourceforge link in that factoid: The page has clear download links and instructions on how to unpack the script to run it. Cons: It hasn't been maintained in a while. https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript has many fixes, but no clear download link and the instructions start from already having downloaded the script.09:14
Jordan_UMaybe I should put in a pull request to add github specific instructions to the README, but that seems a little odd as normally the source of a project is separate from the (one of many) places one downloads it from.09:15
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genii@comment 71578 Inappropriate link22:58
ubottuComment added.22:58
ubottumcphail called the ops in #ubuntu (Nixeo)23:23

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