\svhey how to use svt-play outside sweden on a chromecast?08:46
Groggy1\sv: through a VPN with a Swedish endpoint that is setup in your router?08:49
\svyou cant do it without a vpn?08:49
Groggy1I don't think so08:50
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\svGroggy, can i use tor?08:55
\svto access it i mean08:55
GroggyI guess, but you will still need a swedish endpoint08:55
\svdownload a file and then play it ö- not stream over tor08:56
Groggytry it and see? As far as I know, you can't DL from svtplay08:57
andolGår förövrigt att ställa in Tor-klienten att välja Exitnoder i ett specifikt land. Har dock inte prövat hur väl det fungerar i praktiken.09:08
\svandol, im not great in swedish anymore09:12
\svsorry lived soooooooo long in the uk...09:13
andol\sv: Was just a side note, about it being possible to configure a Tor client to select Exit nodes based on country.09:19
\svaye :)09:20
\svtack andol09:20
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Peyamfinns det ngt kanal för signal behandling?17:26
SpookanPeyam: Ingen aning, men man kan väl söka efter kanaler här på irc?18:06
Peyamorka kolla genom 1000000000000000000000 kanaler Spookan20:22
Amozsnubben har inte lärt sig använda google än21:27

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