Billy21I am getting errors like crazy00:09
Billy21ata3.00: status: { DRDY ERR }00:09
Billy21is there a log somewhere with error's  in it?00:10
Billy21i just bought those00:11
Billy21i wonder is spinrite will work00:12
bekksBilly21: Look at "dmesg".00:15
bekksAnd whatever "spinrite" might be.00:15
sarnoldprobably time to buy a new drive00:17
sarnoldspinrite only barely worked fifteen years ago00:17
sarnoldi'd be surprised if it can do anything useful on modern systems00:18
Billy21ill take them back00:23
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pirx_hello! i have a Ubuntu server with 2 NICs. one in (eth0) and one in (eth1). i can connect to port 80 on from respective LAN, but i cant connect to (its IP on eth0) from the LAN, and vice versa09:26
pirx_http://pastebin.com/yajee6JJ   and forwarding is off. Any ideas?09:26
pirx_(also if i turn ip-forwarding on, no replies are sent)09:27
mybalzitchno it'd be up to your router to forward those packets betwee nthe lans09:28
shaunothat does sound like the expected behaviour to me09:28
pirx_mybalzitch: yes, the router does forward the Syn packet, and it reaches the server, but the server sends no reply, so there is nothing more to forward...09:30
pirx_shauno: it does? shouldnt the server reply?09:30
shaunowell, I offered that but any mention of the router doing anything about it :)09:36
shaunobut I think if I was stuck there, I'd be using tcpdump to see where the reply is actually going.  whether it's going out the correct interface, whether it's going at all, etc09:36
pirx_shauno: yes, there is output from "tcpdump -i any port 80" in the pastebin, and it shows (like i said above) that no reply is sent09:37
pirx_and i would expect some reply, at some interface09:38
pirx_thats why i am stuck:)09:38
shaunoI'm not sure if it's relevant, but I notice in 'route -n' there's no gateway for ?09:40
pirx_shouldnt there be just one default gw? and it shouldnt need to know about any gw on eth1, since the default route is to eth009:45
shaunoI think it should have one for each subnet, but only one will be the default09:48
shaunowithout it, a reply leaving eth1 addressed outside that subnet has no route09:48
shaunowhich won't impact things originating at this host, as they'll use the other interface.  but might affect replies because they'll leave the interface they arrived on.  I think.09:49
pirx_and i think that replies will go out on whatever interface is matched by the routes. i think:) anyhow, the annoying thing is that _no_ reply at all is sent09:51
pirx_the setup is very simple. installed a server with a static IP. and then added an interface with dhcp in /etc/network/interfaces and did ifup09:52
pirx_baffles me why no reply is sent09:52
shaunohm, looks like I might be wrong about returning on the same interface.  that's all that jumped out at me, I'm afraid10:00
lordievaderGood morning.10:05
pirx_read this: http://jensd.be/468/linux/two-network-cards-rp_filter  and tried the "quick and dirty solution", which seems to work for me! :)  ->  sudo sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=210:08
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jamespagehallyn, I'm getting a pass with a later xen version for libvirt on 14.0414:12
* jamespage ponders whether to include xen as well14:12
* smb wonders whether he should worry about that14:13
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jamespagecoreycb, I'd like to add dh-python to mitaka-staging for a bit to see if it backports ok - my initial ppa testing as good14:59
doublef91i have i gma500 with xubuntu 15.10 but this card(gma) has the problem14:59
jamespagewell it backports ok - just want to ensure everything else does as well!14:59
coreycb jamespage ok yeah I saw something needed a new version of it14:59
jamespagepython-cffi wants it and really does need it...15:00
coreycbjamespage, sounds good15:00
doublef91who help me with gma500?15:00
EmilienMjamespage: I think keystoneauth1 is not updated enough in b215:06
EmilienMwe're having issues in our CI for some tests15:06
jamespageEmilienM, ack - let me take a peek15:06
EmilienMjamespage: also, heat is still failing but I guess it's because you did not update it yet15:06
jamespageEmilienM, fixed the first problem, hitting a different one now15:07
jamespageEmilienM, its rebuilding atm - I'll let you know shortly15:08
EmilienMjamespage: jobs are non voting for us15:08
EmilienMjamespage: except 2 scenario, that work15:08
jamespageEmilienM, you should get aodh and libvirt updates in the next few hours as well15:17
jamespagebeen fixing up some backport failures...15:17
EmilienMand ironic is still failing for us15:17
EmilienMI PM'ed you last night15:17
jamespageheat is still ftbfs15:18
EmilienMjamespage: ironic, not heat15:19
jamespageI know15:19
jamespagebut I was looking at heat first15:20
EmilienMok thanks15:20
jamespageEmilienM, struggling with the ironic one:15:26
jamespagelooks like its loading the fake driver....15:27
jamespageand there are no errors in the ironic log....15:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1530869 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive "ironic-conductor does not load fake driver" [Undecided,New]15:29
jamespageyes that's what I'm looking at15:29
EmilienMlet me find again the logs15:29
EmilienMin conductor somewhere15:29
EmilienMClient-side error: No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver fake.15:30
jamespageI see that in the console log, but I have no idea why that happens - the backend looks to be configured with fake15:30
coreycbzul, can you add a bug subscriber for python-sphinx-argparse?16:07
zulcoreycb: url?16:08
coreycbzul, http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sphinx-argparse16:09
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hallynjamespage: yeah, that was my hunch17:16
hallynjamespage: suppose you could ask smb for sure, but ...17:16
jamespagehallyn, its ok - backported xen as well17:16
jamespagewe have precident for that17:16
smbjamespage, I am not sure which version to where (guessing Xenial to Trusty cloud-archive). Only problematic twiddle might be to work around the Trusty environment to inject the wrong LD/CCFLAGS17:18
jamespagesmb, yes17:19
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zzxcHow is zfs support for 14.0417:49
maswanjust add ppa and it works, in my experience17:50
maswanthe *support* situation I'm less clear on17:50
zzxcAlright cool thanks17:51
tewardzzxc: I'm making a random guess that it's 'available' but like all PPAs not 'officially supported' in 14.0417:52
tewardgiven that 15.10+ appears to have ZFS available in the repos based on that wiki page17:52
tewardthat page was edited recently so...17:52
zzxcYeah. As long as it's fairly stable it should work.17:53
tewardwhich i don't think i can attest to17:54
maswanI've been running it on several servers for a few years17:54
* teward still uses ext4 for everything heh17:54
maswanwell, 14.04 + zfs is a little bit newer, but still fairly fresh17:54
maswanehm, a year or so17:55
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bc2946088Is there a default login created with ubuntu autopilot for the openstack dashboard?  The account created during installation only allows me to administer a project, not the actual system.18:24
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urthmoveroddly some of the servers that I deploy from a template show the motd with the ip address and other servers from the same template do not show the ip address in the motd.  I have re-run /etc/update-motd.d/50-landscape-sysinfo on all the servers and the IP address is present in all cases.  Oddly though, two of the machines still will not show the ip address in the motd after a reboot.  Does anyone have a suggetion?18:26
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ddellavcoreycb oslo.utils is ready for review & upload21:05
coreycbddellav, thanks I'll take a look21:05
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coreycbddellav, can you rebase your changes on the current oslo.utils?  also there's a 3.7.0 you may want to pick that up instead.21:32
ddellavcoreycb will do, i did that update awhile ago.21:34
coreycbddellav, yeah looks like a change snuck in since then21:35
jamespagecoreycb, was the plan to update to eventlet 1.18.4?21:42
coreycbjamespage,  we need to but I haven't looked into the test failures21:42
jamespagecoreycb, want me to peek?21:43
coreycbjamespage, sure!21:43
jamespagecoreycb, working ftbfs for uca21:43
jamespagecoreycb, heat is failing in proposed21:43
jamespageand ceilometer never event gets to staging21:44
jamespageand libvirt is busted in staging...21:44
* jamespage sighs21:44
coreycbjamespage, ok I can take some of those from you if you want21:44
jamespagehallyn, hey - do you have an adversion to me doing a libvirt upload with a fixed virtlockd init script? its busted for trusty right now and not used on xenial...21:59
jamespagecoreycb, gee  - python$i setup.py test || true22:03
coreycbjamespage, yeah that's useful!22:04
coreycbddellav, python-positional sync'd, we'll need an MIR for that eventually22:06
jamespagecoreycb,  Servname not supported for ai_socktype22:06
jamespageis due to missing /etc/services in the build env22:06
jamespagezmq we'll disable anyway22:06
coreycbjamespage, I think we hit that before22:07
coreycbjamespage, needs netbase package as a dep?22:07
jamespagecoreycb, yes - sorting that now22:07
jamespagecoreycb, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/244270611/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.python-eventlet_0.18.4-1ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa201602292210_BUILDING.txt.gz22:16
jamespagecoreycb, I'll upload that now22:16
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hallynjamespage: no;  i can't recall whether i'd asked smb to upload something or not...22:23
jamespagehallyn, I basically modelled it on the libvirt-bin and virtlogd init scripts - appears to work ok22:24
hallynjamespage: cool - thanks22:24
jamespagehallyn, I'll sneak one in then ;-)22:24
jamespagecoreycb, that should be libvirt fixed...22:25
jamespagecoreycb, EmilienM reported some problems with ironic as well, but I'm not familiar with that at-all22:26
jamespagecoreycb, that eventlet upload should unblock some of your oslo bits22:27
jamespagecoreycb, (mr core dev ;))22:27
Billy21ok... since I messed up and build a RAID out of shitty drives... is there a command to break the RAID array and then salvage the data on the off the drives?22:41
bekksBilly21: which raid level?22:41
Billy21the mirror one22:43
Billy21i think22:43
bekksmirror is 1, stripe is 0.22:43
Billy21yeah 122:43
Billy21i know in M$ i can just see the files when the raid is broken on a drive22:51
Billy21i think that is because of ntfs22:51
Billy21but I am not sure if the raid is broken if the linux file structure can be read22:52
bekksBilly21: On a raid1, yes, you can access the disk without issues.23:05
NwSHeya guys, again a quick question. I've fixed logrotate and it seems to work fine, but the HDD seems to fill instead of clearing. For example there was a 1GB log file, it got compressed into 50MB but instead of giving me back 1GB I've lost 50MB :/ any ideas what's going on?23:59

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