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elacheche_anissaffist3r: WooW! I like it when I see new names here :)20:11
elacheche_anisHello * @20:11
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: shar'up nab.20:48
elacheche_anisN`importe_qui: behave kid!20:50
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: wow, how dare you20:50
elacheche_anisDon't be a child.. Just behave.. It's public channel..20:51
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: Stop telling me to behave nab, go to hell20:52
elacheche_anisStop being a whining child..20:54
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: Cut it off with this stop this and that dude, seriously go away20:55
N`importe_quileave me alone, you consider this random shit a channel?20:55
N`importe_quiget real lewl20:55
elacheche_anisYou can just quit it if you don't like it.. You should get a life and stop insulting people that didn't do a thing to you -_-20:56
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: i have my life already, you get a life20:56
N`importe_quiso long losers.21:03
N`importe_quibunch of enculés21:25
hidbunch of pendejo21:25
hidN`importe_qui: ?21:29
N`importe_quihid: je regarde un vidéo au même temps21:30
N`importe_quihid: sinon nous sommes ici en tous cas :-°21:30
N`importe_quiprofitons nous de notre présence avec ces nabs non ?21:30
saffist3rhey there elacheche_anis,thanks for the welcome i come here from time to time ^^22:11
hidsalut saffist3r22:12
hidsalle à fist22:12
elacheche_anissaffist3r: I'm here almost 27/7 x) First time to see you here dude :) Welcome any way :)22:12
saffist3rcoucou hid22:12
saffist3rthanks anis ^^22:13
hid27/7 = ?22:13
saffist3rahahah he lives in another planet22:16
elacheche_anishid: a typo x(22:18
saffist3rnighty guys22:40
hidgn salle à fist22:41

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