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dobeyalex______: not sure what you mean, but you don't "port" x11 apps to xmir. xmir is a translation layer to run x11 apps on top of mir.03:19
dobey(and i'm not really here, just leaving)03:20
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pragomer_1hi. using ubuntu 15.10. do I have to use "phablet-team" ppa to play a little bit with ubuntu-emulator or is the version in 15.10 working right?06:29
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orsonmmzbtw. has anyone managed to successfully use xmir?08:04
Smurphyxmir ? nope.08:09
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oSoMoNMirv, hey, with the latest Qt5 update on xenial, I’m seeing QUrl::topLevelDomain() always return an empty string, is that a known issue?09:57
oSoMoNMirv, https://launchpad.net/bugs/155114509:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1551145 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[regression] unit test failures after Qt update" [Critical,Confirmed]09:57
MirvoSoMoN: I believe it's unrelated to Qt, since I was seeing the same in Qt's own unit tests, and I was forced to skip the failing tests bug #1548686 - the bug should not be closed, but assigned to the problem that apparently appeared between 2016-02-17 09:55:10 and 2016-02-19 08:50:1209:59
ubot5bug 1548686 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "7 cookiejar tests started failing" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154868610:00
MirvoSoMoN: I tried to go through all listed changes in xenial that could affect it, and build older versions of gcc5, glibc, gcc-go6 but I couldn't find anything that would fix the unit tests for (unmodified) Qt10:00
MirvoSoMoN: I didn't get reactions from people at #ubuntu-devel10:02
oSoMoNMirv, wow, skipping the unit tests seems like a bad idea, we should block on this failure until we find the root cause and fix it10:02
oSoMoNMirv, it’s gonna break applications in bad ways (webbrowser-app among them)10:02
MirvoSoMoN: yes, but block how?10:03
oSoMoNMirv, well, not skipping the unit tests, and put priority on investigating the issue10:03
oSoMoNMirv, I can help10:03
MirvoSoMoN: yeah, agreed it's a priority and the skipping needs to be removed.10:03
Mirvand I'm happy to get helping hands in understanding it.10:05
MirvI just didn't want to not be able to land multi-monitor fixes as 16.04 LTS is approaching and the changes need testing10:06
oSoMoNMirv, understood. I’ll be downgrading packages to see if I can nail down the culprit10:13
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seb128oSoMoN, Mirv, gnutls28 changed which could potentially create issues...10:18
seb128just looking at the -changes list10:19
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MirvI counted that one as being outside of the time scope since there was failing unit test already in the morning of that day11:13
Mirvbut probably worth checking11:14
fofo314Has anybody in here recently install ubuntu-touch on a nexus 7 deb?11:15
popeydeb isn't supported11:17
popeyonly flo11:17
fofo314I know, but there is an unofficial port that is mentioned in the wiki.11:18
fofo314The wiki (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices) currently says: Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi+LTE) deb Works as well as official flo builds, but supports mobile data on LTE version of N711:20
fofo314I was wondering if this is still correct.11:21
fofo314And if anybody has experience with that device.11:21
fofo314If this is not the correct forum for asking these questions, please let me knoq.11:22
ogra_this is surely the right place to ask ... but i think the tasemince server hasnt been updated in a while and also points to the rather useless devel/devel-proposed channels11:24
ogra_not sure if there are plans to pull it over to the ubports.com server11:25
fofo314I have just mailed tassadar to ask if he is still working on the project.11:27
fofo314What is the worst that can happen if I just put a flo version on the deb Nexus 7?11:29
ogra_it might not boot11:30
fofo314ok, but I can always flash back to stock android?11:30
ogra_ubuntu doesnt touch the bootloader, so yeah, fastboot should always work11:31
fofo314it's not booting on tassadar deb version either. Ubuntu symbol appears for a few seconds and then the dead "this phone needs restoring from PC..." message appears.11:32
tracinyaI got a question concerning the ubuntu touch app store:11:44
tracinyawhat I see, there are some available, but is there a full list somewhere? Didn't find anything11:45
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raj`is this the appropriate place to discuss Ubuntu mobile?12:31
k1l_raj`: yep12:31
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rajwhy's it so slow?12:31
rajI was watching a video on it and it's very sluggish12:32
k1l_because you didnt make it faster12:32
ogra_what is slow for you and did you file bugs ?12:32
ogra_(and also, on what device is it slow for you)12:33
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rajI love the unified idea of my computer on my phone, which would just require accessories. And I understand that it would require a lot of processing power. But are current phones practical to run a full-fledged OS like Ubuntu?12:36
rajlike is gutting Ubuntu further to run on current hardware specs practical, or is further optimization diminishing returns and we really just need more powerful hardware?12:38
rajogra_, I was seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je7G5OJ0Y0E12:38
rajhaven't installed it as yet12:39
rajor it seems I'm mistaken, it doesn't use Debian12:46
k1l_raj: that is a year old video12:47
rajThis is true.12:48
k1l_and that is not a samsung s3. that is a nexus4 in that video12:49
rajYa, the video was clickbait12:49
rajI mean, the title12:49
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rajAnyway, I really like the idea of actual open source on phone and wanted to support Ubuntu by adding an app or two to its "appstore" or whatever.12:54
rajI have an old mobile phone but after seeing the video, I don't know that it can handle ubuntu without driving me insane with lag12:55
raj(the phone is older than the one in the video)12:56
k1l_what is it?12:58
rajAlso, I know a guy that knows a guy that has a Galaxy S3, but if it's still laggy then I'd rather not ask the favor, and instead wait till I replace my S6 so I can use it for this endeavor13:00
rajk1l_, Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G13:00
ogra_well, you would need to port to these devices first13:00
ogra_there are only very few functioning ports beyond the four fully supported phones yet13:01
* ogra_ points at ubports.com13:01
rajI've never done something so low level13:02
rajHow difficult is this?13:03
rajthis = porting13:03
ogra_raj, we use the android drivers and some daemons/services that are needed to make them work (a few MB of android running in an lxc container after ubuntu booted) ... to get that to work you need to understand both system rather well (while you thorw away 95% of the android tree you need to know which 5% to keep for example)13:05
rajok, so assuredly beyond my pay grade13:31
rajthough, I would think that the same daemons would be needed for most phones13:32
ogra_well, due to the nature of android they all slightly differ per device13:33
ogra_the most significant one is rild ... which is the thing talking to your modem and allows you to make calls ... while there is a standard, most manufacturers ignore that and cook their own soup ....13:34
rajoh, interesting13:35
rajso rild would still be used, but options would be different?13:35
ogra_options, API ... functions13:35
rajdo manufacturers at least stick to their own internal standard then?13:35
rajbetween their own devices13:36
ogra_they seem to ... but its still fiddly and a lot of work regardless13:36
rajI can imagine13:36
rajWell, no, I can't even imagine13:36
rajno no, right the first time, I can imagine13:36
rajanyway, I'm really a fan of what's being done here, it's pioneering in so many ways. The way it will empower and liberate users from a few big corporations that run the market right now13:41
rajis a gamechanger13:41
rajit would force them to innovate even further, as well13:41
ogra_it already did :)13:42
rajReally? In what ways?13:43
ogra_UI concepts showing up in android and IOS ...13:43
ogra_microsoft doing continuum ...13:44
rajthe way linux packages can be run on any distro, is that how ubuntu touch packages are?13:46
ogra_not in ubuntu touch (or ubuntu snappy which will take over the phone base system eventually)13:47
ogra_i.e. we use deb packages to assemble the system, but apps are delivered in click packages13:47
ogra_for convergence there is a way that you can wrap stuff from the archive that exists as deb packages into a click package though13:48
oSoMoNMirv, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/+bug/1551145/comments/6 , I have a feeling that a full rebuild of qtbase-opensource-src might make the issue go away, doing one right now on my laptop, will let you know the results14:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1551145 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[regression] unit test failures after Qt update" [Critical,Confirmed]14:00
jgdxpete-woods, those bindings in the Advanced page of the PPTP editor, why do they exist?14:00
jgdxpete-woods, reason I'm asking is I'm unable to change the mppeStateful prop, but there's no clear reason as to why14:01
pete-woodsjgdx: you have to use a Binding object to stop QML from breaking the connection from API -> widget14:02
pete-woodsalthough admittedly that's only an issue if another editor changes the values while you already have the VPN editor open14:02
pete-woodsI discovered this when operating both NM applet and VPN editor at the same time14:02
pete-woodsjgdx: the MPPE stateful setting is dependent on the encryption type14:03
pete-woodsjgdx: IIRC in the editor I have bound the enabled state of the various encryption type checkboxes to reflect this14:03
jgdxpete-woods, not for mppeStateful afaics14:03
jgdxpete-woods, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15243665/14:04
jgdxwhat's the nature of the dep? What encryption type does it depend on? requireMppe?14:05
jgdxi guess14:05
pete-woodsjgdx: it needs one of the MS encryption types14:05
jgdxokay, great, thanks14:05
jgdxpete-woods, you got a typo in i18n.tr("All Availale (Default)"), :)14:06
jgdxavail thyself!14:07
pete-woodsjgdx: FYI, I have done that binding thing with every boolean property in the VPN editor now14:08
pete-woodsjgdx: and in-case you want a link to the latest build (http://people.canonical.com/~pete/vpn-editor/com.ubuntu.developer.pete-woods.vpn-editor_0.3.0_all.click)14:09
pete-woodswhich has all the PPTP stuff in14:09
pete-woods(I also cleaned up the file dialogue stuff into its own dir, instead of being splatted around)14:10
jgdxpete-woods, built off of  i-n trunk though, right?14:13
pete-woodsjgdx: ^14:13
fofo314So flashing ubuntu touch flo onto deb worked. Current Problems: no sound, of course no LTE14:21
MirvoSoMoN: well there's another rebuidl just finished at silo 051 ( 5.5.1+dfsg-14ubuntu3~xenial1~test1 ). you could try that in case you think it's something that would be fixed by (yet another) rebuild.14:23
oSoMoNMirv, great, I’ll try that14:23
oSoMoNMirv, nope, the packages in silo 51 don’t solve the issue14:29
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jgdxpmcgowan, hey, even with -pd on mako I'm getting ~40 sec reboot after a language change. So normal15:08
ogra_shutdown really sucks15:08
ogra_takes way longer than it should15:08
pmcgowanjgdx, before there is ay feedback to the UI?15:09
jgdxtakes 30 sec to see the google logo15:09
pmcgowanI dont recall it being like that15:09
pmcgowanbut the UI stays up the entire time?15:09
ogra_it takesd more than 30sec to shut down15:09
ogra_and you see a black screen15:10
pmcgowanyeah but unity should go away immediately15:10
jgdxno, pressing “restart” makes the screen go black immediatel15:10
pmcgowanI see the UI stay there for a min15:10
ogra_(depending on the device it flashes the backlight too)15:10
pmcgowanthats what happened on the show floor, it took forver with no feedback15:10
ogra_pmcgowan, that sounds broken ... on all my devices it goes immediatle black here15:10
pmcgowanI will try to repro here15:10
jgdxpmcgowan, hey, I think we make a simple dbus call, maybe you can execute that and see if you get the lag still.15:10
pmcgowanthis was on the tablet with the full app set15:10
ogra_the 30-60 sec you sit in front of a black screen are broken though15:10
ogra_it should show a splash and also not take longer than 10sec15:11
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jgdxpmcgowan, $ sudo gdbus call -y -d org.freedesktop.login1 -o /org/freedesktop/login1 -m org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.Reboot false15:14
pmcgowanjgdx, did you get an m10 yet?15:16
popeyis pmcgowan doing an Oprah Winfrey and giving away tablets? :)15:17
* ogra_ would love to be asked the same :P15:17
jgdxpmcgowan, nah, the customs guy called me and said he had started a search for it. I think they dropped the ball15:17
jgdxhe's gonna call me back15:17
pmcgowanpopey, yeah you need one :)15:18
popeyI do!15:18
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pmcgowanjgdx, I can't reproduce it15:50
jgdxpmcgowan, but you can from the ui?15:51
pmcgowanjgdx, no15:51
pmcgowanjgdx, so not sure what state that tablet got into15:51
dobeymariogrip: hey; for hammerhead, can you copy v2 image to v4 perhaps?15:57
jgdxpmcgowan, could be dbus was being hammered by something.. or uss could have frozen16:06
pmcgowanjgdx, the UI was responsive at the time, but could be dbus16:06
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* ogra_ sees Mir 0.20.1 land in the archive and hugs kdub 17:04
ogra_looking forward to less transparent indicators and splash screens :)17:05
ogra_(though a bit of transparnecy might actually not be bad ... just not to a point making everything unreadable)17:06
kdubogra_, yeah, was kinda a weird driver bug... some extensions broke z depth testing17:09
* kdub is glad its in archive too now17:09
pixel__ping ogra_17:21
pixel__i need some help, when i install https://uappexplorer.com/app/balls.briketa it doesn't  create ~/.local/share/balls.briketa/17:24
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pixel__that should be XDG_DATA_HOME / applicationName17:25
pixel__i need that dir to save a file in it17:25
ogra_pixel__, iirc only the first run creates that17:26
ogra_(though i'm not 100% sure ... its been i while i touched click stuff last)17:26
pixel__ogra_, i get a lot of messages in reviews that the game can't save (and of course the don't have the XDG_DATA_HOME / applicationName dir17:27
slvn_hello pixel__17:27
pixel__hello slvn_  and ogra17:27
slvn_you sent me a message a few days ago about that but I was away17:27
pixel__and so i've rm -r the dir and removed/reinstalled the game (it did not create the dir)17:27
ogra_did you run it once ?17:27
pixel__slvn_, ah it was about this :D17:27
pixel__ogra_, yep17:28
ogra_tedg, ^^^ any hint from the XDG master ?17:28
slvn_pixel__, you wanted a directory to save you file, as a SDL2 app I guess17:28
dobeypixel__: it's not created automatically; you need to create the directory you're saving into17:28
pixel__slvn_, you have some SDL games that saves the settings, right?17:28
tedgYeah, I think the app needs to create that directory.17:29
ogra_i thought the launcher does that17:29
tedgWe had discussed making it by default, but no action has been taken.17:29
dobeyno, the launcher doesn't do that17:29
* ogra_ remembers that discussion :)17:29
tedgThere was worry about making unneeded directories.17:29
pixel__the sdk does that17:29
dobeyyeah, there's no reason to make it if the app isn't going to use it17:29
dobeythen i guess the sdk has a bug :)17:29
pixel__when i launch the game from qt on the phone it does make the dir17:29
ogra_pfft ... inodes are cheap17:29
tedgYeah, the problem is that developers forget and get bugs.17:30
pixel__so this is why i was so confused17:30
tedgIt would be nice if we could remove bugs from the system :-)17:30
slvn_pixel__,  you need (in c) :        getenv("XDG_CONFIG_HOME")  and getenv("APP_ID");17:30
dobeyogra_: i think we should avoid unnecessary disk writes though17:30
pixel__but anyway, please make the os make that dir on first launch17:30
pixel__i don't want to make it myself17:30
ogra_dobey, did pmcgowan bribe you ?17:30
mcphailtedg: can you update the Runtime Environment section of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/ to say we have to make those directories ourselves? The implication is they exist already17:30
dobeyogra_: no; i know how flash works :)17:30
ogra_dobey, (indeed i agree though) :)17:31
dobeypixel__: no, fix your app to create the directory it is saving into17:31
dobeypixel__: if your app doesn't check a directory exists, and create it, before writing into it, then your app is broken.17:31
tedgmcphail: I don't have access to that, but I think that mhall119 probably can17:31
pixel__dobey, no, i will open a bug report17:31
mcphailtedg: thanks. mhall119 - can you help with the documentation in my link above ^^^?17:32
pixel__dobey, the sdk does make the dir17:32
dobeypixel__: if the system does it, it creates directories for every app, even if they aren't needed, and it wastes disk writes, which reduces the life of the flash storage17:32
dobeypixel__: the sdk is broken17:32
dobeythe sdk should not create the directory17:32
pixel__slvn_, thanks :D that's how i do it but the problem is that there is no appname dir17:33
ogra_pixel__, dobey is right ... if every app would create that dir on launch you would drown in useless dirs under ~/.local/share/17:33
pixel__slvn_, you have to create that dir yourself, right?17:33
slvn_pixel__,   mkdir(buffer, 0755);17:33
slvn_also strip the "_" and whatever is after  from the directory name17:34
pixel__slvn_, right :d got it! 10x much :D you're the man17:34
ogra_i guess 90% of apps in the store dont need it at all17:34
slvn_:) ... I think I got the same directory issue  ..17:34
* mcphail pokes slvn_ to fix the saving on his solitaire app ;)17:35
pixel__slvn_, it's not the sanest OS :>>17:35
pixel__but yeah.. it sort of works17:35
ogra_pixel__, !17:36
dobeyeh? you have to create directories on any OS, before you write into them17:36
slvn_mcphail,  this is a bug ? the saving should be fine !!17:36
mcphailslvn_: yes - settings don't get saved beyond reboots. Think you might still be saving them to /tmp17:36
slvn_this should have been fixed for 1 month ! I used to save in RUNTIME_DIR, now I save in XDG_CONFIG_HOME17:37
pixel__ogra_, ls  ~/.local/share/17:38
mcphailslvn_: don't think I got an update for the solitaire app. I know some of your other apps were updated17:38
pixel__ogra_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15245329/17:38
slvn_mcphail, did you update the app ? it should be version 1.0117:39
mcphailslvn_: yep - this is version 1.0117:39
pixel__ogra_, looks like every installed app has the dir17:40
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls .local/share/ |wc -l17:40
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ click list |wc -l17:40
ogra_some dont here ...17:40
pixel__some but most do :D17:41
slvn_yep solitaire is updated ! so it should be fixed... When I fixed it, I remember I even asked someone to double check :/17:41
pixel__please make a dir it will make my life easier :))17:41
ogra_pixel__, might be that some QML component actually creates it17:41
popeypretty sure thats the case17:41
ogra_but we should really fidx that17:41
popeywe had this discussion recently17:41
pixel__ogra_, most probably17:41
popeysomeone elese had an app which wasn't qml and didnt have the dir17:42
ogra_apps not needing that dir should definitely not create it17:42
popeyan sdl app17:42
ogra_it should be an easy flag you can set or some such17:42
mcphailslvn_: I'll reboot and test again17:42
ogra_which is off by default17:42
slvn_pixel__, better, you should complain in #SDL channel to implement SDL_GetPrefPath ! (and to do the mkdir inside !)17:42
ogra_and if you need storage for your app you can simply flick that switch17:43
ogra_i assume these dirs get not deleted if you remove the package17:43
ogra_which is pretty bad17:43
mcphailslvn_: yep - not saving...17:44
pixel__ogra_, yep the dir remains17:44
dobeyogra_: no, not deleting data is correct17:44
popeyogra_: long standing bug17:44
ogra_dobey, not sure17:44
dobeydata should be retained. not deleting also avoids disk excessive writes17:45
pixel__slvn_, right :> :D i did try SDL_GetPrefPath and it didn't worked17:45
ogra_dobey, on space contraiend devices it also just wastes spacee17:45
dobeythough app dirs in ~/.cache/ should probably get deleted17:46
mcphailogra_: not deleting data under ~/.local is the Debian way17:46
dobeyogra_: it needs to be up to the user to decide when to delete actual data though17:46
ogra_dobey, lol17:46
slvn_pixel__, yes SDL_GetPrefPath *should* be implement for ubuntu (touch)17:46
pixel__slvn_, maybe in a couple of years ...17:46
ogra_dobey, because we indeed give the user a proper interface to do that :P17:46
dobeyogra_: if i delete instagram, it shouldn't delete all the photos i took with it17:46
popeywe do17:46
popeythere is an app which can manage user data17:46
slvn_mcphail, ... strange :/ are you sure it saved first ?  can you make sure the apps was exited ?17:47
popeyit's just a) not in the default image, b) not in the store17:47
ogra_popey, usable enough for my mom without knowing file structure etc ?17:47
mhall119mcphail: which directories do you have to create?17:47
dobeypopey: the system-settings UI should have it; but it's a bit buggy at the moment17:47
popeyyeah, i agree17:47
popeyogra_: it's very simple17:47
mcphailslvn_: yep - saved and exited by the exit option in menu, rather than swiping away. Settings for auto-collecting cards etc don't persist over reboots17:47
ogra_not the filemanager then ?17:47
ogra_ah, k ... i thought that was what you were getting to17:48
popeyand there's a thousand other things your mum would have trouble with17:48
popeyso this is just one17:48
mcphailmhall119: certainly XDG_DATA_HOME/<APP_PKGNAME> seems to need to be created manually17:48
ogra_that is why she still doesnt have an ubuntu phone17:48
dobeymcphail: yes of course it does17:48
mhall119mcphail: and which part of that page needs to be updated?17:48
popeypeople have been assuming it's created17:48
mariogripdobey: Yeah, I could. maybe revert back to r2 and stop updating until the issue is fixed17:49
dobeypopey: becqause the SDK creates it during deployment17:49
dobeywhich is evil17:49
pixel__dobey, yep17:49
mcphailmhall119: the Runtime Environment part would be better if it mentioned that directory needs to be created. Just now, it says that you can write _in_ the directory, but doesn't say you must create it first.17:49
mhall119mcphail: ok, I'll put it on my list of things to do today17:50
mhall119thanks for pointing it out17:50
mcphailmhall119: ta!17:50
mariogripdobey: I ment "on server side" not that you should stop updating and rever17:50
pixel__or at least please modify the doc  https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/17:50
mariogripdobey: Could you grab some logs next time? syslogs is ok17:51
ogra_pixel__, that doesnt talk about creation of the dir17:52
ogra_just tells you that you are not denied access to that location17:52
dobeymariogrip: sure17:53
ogra_unless i'm missing it17:53
slvn_mcphail,  could you copy paste the log (I think it's in .cache/upstart/ application-click-com.ubuntu.developer.1bsyl.solitaire_  ) ?17:54
dobeyno, why would the confinement guide describe what directories your app needs to create17:54
popeyNon touch apps have to create their own directories.17:55
popey(I mean, standard desktop X apps)17:55
popeyor indeed command line tools. This is not new.17:55
dobeyall apps have to17:55
mcphailogra_: it doesn't specify you _can_ write to XDG_DATA_HOME to create the directory in the first place. The implication is that XDG_DATA_HOME/<APP_PKGNAME> is created by default17:55
dobeysince forever :)17:55
dobeymcphail: i don't think that's implied17:55
dobeymcphail: i think some might be inferring that though perhaps17:55
ogra_mcphail, yeah, thats not how i read that page17:56
mcphailslvn_: will do. I'll be home in about an hour and can do it then17:56
dobeylikewise, google maps doesn't tell me that i need a visa and 5000 different innoculations to visit india17:56
mcphaildobey: It says you can only write to certain directories, and does _not_ include the directory you have to write to to create that dir17:56
dobeyit just shows me where india is17:56
mcphaildobey: the whole point of the page is to explain where you can and cannot write17:57
dobeymcphail: and it does that17:57
mcphaildobey: no, it doesn't. It doesn't tell you you can mkdir in XDG_DATA_HOME17:57
dobeymcphail: you can't17:58
mcphaildobey: then you can't create XDG_DATA_HOME/<APP_PKGNAME> ...17:58
dobeyyes you can17:58
dobeymcphail: it's not a document detailing unix permissions17:58
dobeyit's about apparmor restrictions17:58
dobeyyou can create any directory in $XDG_DATA_HOME as long as the directory name is the same as your package name17:59
mcphailI'm not disputing that. But it is supposed to be a clear guide to what you can and can't do. To an outsider, that is not clear, hence all the confusion above17:59
mcphailand I still don't know if the cache and config dirs need to be created manually18:00
dobeyyes they do18:00
dobeywell, it depends on what APIs you use18:01
mcphailSo an extra sentenc in the Runtime Environment section would clarify that for everyone18:01
dobeyif you are embedding the Ubuntu.Web component, it will create some directories, for cache/localstorage/etc18:01
mcphailI've routinely "mkdir -p"'d those directories in my apps, but only because old habits die hard ;) But there have been several queries on here about this over the past few months18:03
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dobeythis is the first one i've seen18:03
dobeybut maybe all the others were in oz time or something :)18:03
mcphailIf the SDk is creating those directories, it would certainly explain how hard we've found it to track down why some phones were "creating" them during development but others weren't on deployment18:05
dobeyanyway, i was simply making the point that being allowed to write somewhere does not mitigate extra requirements for somewhere to exist first18:05
pixel__bug reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/155136518:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1551365 in Canonical System Image "when installing an app XDG_DATA_HOME/<APP_PKGNAME dir should be automatically created" [Undecided,New]18:09
* pixel__ aw for milk, mm18:09
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mcphailslvn_: there isn't anything exiting in the logs. But is see XDG_CONFIG_HOME/<APP_PKGNAME> doesn't exist on my device, so I suspect this is the same problem as above. You'll need to create that dir manually before config can be saved18:29
pix_awphew... phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~/.local/share$ ls | grep balls.briketa18:46
=== pix_aw is now known as pixel___
pixel___should work now, if you want to try/play the game https://uappexplorer.com/app/balls.briketa18:47
pixel___have fun18:47
popeypixel___: BALLS!18:47
pixel___yay :D18:48
slvn_mcphail, I do create the dir with "mkdir(buffer, 0755);" ...   There should be the usual logs of the app ~/.cache/upstart/app-name.log :/18:48
slvn_I am not sure again where logs are ...18:49
slvn_pixel___,  can you check that your config files are persistent upon reboot18:49
pixel___slvn_, sure :D rebooting now18:49
pixel___slvn_, phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~/.local/share/balls.briketa$ ls18:52
pixel___yep still there18:52
slvn_pixel___,  and  you build the dir with  $env(XDG_CONFIG_HOME) /  $env(APP_ID)    (without whatever come after "_" ) ?  and mkdir(buffer, 0755); ?18:54
pixel___slv i just hardcoded the path  mkdir("/home/phablet/.local/share/balls.briketa", 0755);18:55
pixel___slvn_, ^^18:55
slvn_mcphail,  there is a possibility : I remember I (stupidly) screwed up the mode (O755 vs 0755) when I tried that first ... And you probably were helping me, I might have left a wrong directory created on your device ... could you check the perms of this dir ?18:56
slvn_pixel___,   ok thanks ! if you want the version with "env" var : http://paste.ubuntu.com/15245990/18:58
mcphailslvn_: which dir?18:58
slvn_mcphail,  in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, the one like "...solitaire..."18:59
mcphailslvn_: I don't have anything under .config related to your app, unfortunately19:00
pixel___slvn_, thanks :D19:00
mcphailslvn_: my log, if you want it, is at http://termbin.com/l74719:00
mcphailslvn_: contents of my config dir at http://termbin.com/lxlg19:02
slvn_... strange :/19:03
slvn_so I will go for diner :)19:03
mcphailslvn_: bon appetit :)19:04
slvn_merci )19:04
slvn_I will look at the issue afterward. ... I will try again some test on marvin bot19:04
slvn_I swear I tested this correction, so I am very disappointed19:05
mcphailslvn_: I'll unistall and reinstall, just in case I have a development version instead of the real thing19:05
slvn_ok thanks !19:06
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mcphailslvn_: success! I must have had an old version you gave me to test19:10
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slvn_mcphail, ok great ! so I'm not crazy :)19:49
mcphailslvn_: je suis désolé ;)19:57
mimecarlabsin, do you need i Test the scope?20:06
mimecarI've found an update20:06
labsinmimecar: If you have an account, yes. Otherwise it should already be fine. Thanks.20:14
mimecarno, I have not an account on Deeze20:15
mimecarscope info works ok now20:15
mhall119mariogrip: it looks like Google didn't choose us for Summer of Code, but hopefully we can find some porters to help you anyway20:20
mariogripmhall119: awww :( Yeah, I think if we make it easier it will bring more porters20:21
mhall119mariogrip: I still have to mount /cache and /data in adb before I run ubuntu-device-flash, is that something that can be fixed in the recovery image?20:24
mariogripmhall119: but, was there a reason why?20:24
mariogripmhall119: Yeah20:24
mariogripmhall119: I have that on my todo list20:25
mhall119mariogrip: no reason given yet, we're going to try and get some feedback from them we can use to make our application better next time20:30
labsinmimecar: thanks20:33
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