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Guest56535morning all07:58
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MooDooor morning all even07:58
zmoylan-pimonday, and sodding rain...  that is all...08:06
MooDoothat's a good day then :)08:09
zmoylan-pithough there is the new rasp pi 3 for sale... so we got that going for us...08:09
\svmorning my loveable penguins08:46
\svdo penguins squark? :P08:47
\svim trying to set up google authenticator to auth into my ubuntu 15.10 laptop - as it's portable i'd like to have added security08:48
zmoylan-piget a pink laptop and put my little pony sticks all over it.... no one will ever touch it... :-)08:48
MooDooand what's wrong with MLP, Rainbow Dash is my fave :D08:51
davmor2Morning all09:07
\svhow toenable text mode so it auto gui's but then i have the OPTION of text in the case i break something?09:18
foobarrywill give you text console09:19
foobarryctrl-alt-f7 will get you back09:19
\svfoobarry, used to. no longer does it in 15.1009:19
\svnone of them09:19
* foobarry is an LTS guy09:20
\svfoobarry, familier with pam?09:20
popeythey work here09:22
popeyso not sure why they don't work for you09:22
\svpopey, noooo pam file09:22
popeyI don't know what you're saying. Use more words.09:23
\svlines 29 and 30 of the code i sent you; do they look right?09:24
popeyi have no idea09:27
SuperMattsounds to me like someone needs to reinstall09:28
\svSuperMatt,  no. im trying to make it more secure09:28
foobarryhave you been fiddling \sv09:28
foobarryi think you have!09:28
awilkinsGood morning, and happy "Bang F5 on the HTC Website Until Your Finger Gets a Blister Day"  "10:05
zmoylan-piyou can hit f5 with your nose...10:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:10
MooDoohowdy brobostigon10:40
sebsebsebyay reccurding paypal payments, when don't really want it to happen10:42
sebsebsebat least I have figured out how to properly cancale those now, but after woulds10:43
brobostigonhi popey and MooDoo10:53
MooDoohowdy :D10:55
diddledaneveryone!!! PI3!!!!11:26
MooDoojust been reading about them :D11:26
diddledansneaky being their birthday11:27
diddledanI thought something might be up with their blog post over the weekend that had a celebration video for their birthday early purportedly to not get swamped with celebration posts today11:27
diddledanomg. it's got wifi11:28
zmoylan-pibut still only 1gb of ram11:29
popeyYeah, there were rumours for the last week or so11:29
popeyI ordered mine as soon as I saw a tweet with a url in it11:29
zmoylan-pii suppose they have to hold something back for + version11:29
popeygot two arriving tomorrow11:29
MooDoobluetooth as well diddledan11:30
diddledanthe pi in general is fast becoming a general-purpose PC rather than as MS would have you believe an IoT thing11:31
Myrttibit too little ram still to finally haul my sister's Dell GX620 into the electric waste11:32
MyrttiI had high hopes11:32
diddledanthough I do think that MS' Win10IoT is a nice little OS for single-purpose devices11:32
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diddledanI'd like for snappy to be an equivalent thing in linuxland - the main thing I like about the Win10 is that it drives the display with a single full-screen app that can't be closed by the end-user without connecting from another device11:34
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:34
diddledanallo bigcalm11:35
diddledanbigcalm, he often comes-over with a violent dose of large-tranquil feelings :-p11:35
diddledanbigcalm, being silly11:36
bigcalmOr factual11:36
bigcalmI have tea, I'm happy11:36
diddledanI have cola11:36
diddledanI might have to wander across and get some milk so I can tea11:36
diddledanto the shop*11:37
bigcalmIs there an app that will kill (and hopefully report) if a process is taking 100% CPU for more than X minutes? I have to power cycle one of my Digital Ocean servers every few days because something gets its knickers in a twist and hogs the CPU forever more11:39
diddledanHAH! the pi is now the UK's all-time best-selling computer!11:39
diddledanhmm, not sure11:39
diddledanyou'd think there'd be some kind of watchdog-type thing available _somewhere_11:39
diddledanI wonder what's meant by custom-hardened in this statement: a custom-hardened 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A5311:41
diddledanthat's from eben upton on the piblog11:41
zmoylan-pia flash of light won't make it crash? :-)11:42
diddledanlol. pigate!11:43
diddledanor was it flashgate?11:43
MooDoodiddledan: it's about sales, only the cpc amstrad has sold more units, although I don't think that will last long11:43
sebsebsebthe Rassbery Pi can also run RISC OS, which is interesting11:44
zmoylan-pinah flashgate is been held for the conservative conference party... :-P11:44
diddledanzmoylan-pi loves that thar riscos11:44
diddledanzmoylan-pi is antiquated :-p11:44
diddledanhe still uses a nokia, dun'thcaknow11:44
zmoylan-piAND a rasp pi... b11:45
diddledannot even a b+11:45
* diddledan sighs11:45
zmoylan-pimind usng a dumbphone is now fashionable so i'll have to find my semaphore flags...11:45
diddledanhmm, there's mention that "Phil Elwell developed the wireless LAN and Bluetooth software" <-- does that mean the firmware or have they got a simplified stack for folk to get-to-grips with programming it?11:47
diddledanit's nice to see the compute module is being updated11:50
diddledanthough I wonder how many of those are actually being sold11:51
zmoylan-pii wonder how sales of pi's and their ilk are harming pc sales when they're so cheap11:53
sebsebsebI think only technical enough people generally buy Rassbery Pi's,  and education a bit here and there11:54
sebsebseband maybe some technical busineses to11:54
diddledanI'm hoping for a large memory upgrade in the next pi release :-)11:54
sebsebsebgeneral average consumer etc, nope11:54
sebsebsebjoe and jane average public, no11:54
sebsebsebso Rassbery Pi's in general have probably had little effect on desktop PC's11:54
sebsebseband lap tops11:55
popeythey aren't design to11:55
zmoylan-pithe pi3 if it had 2gb of ram would have been a great little lite desktop11:55
zmoylan-pi1gb is too little for web browsing these days11:56
davmor2zmoylan-pi: it's fine for browsing just use dillo or w3m :D11:57
zmoylan-pii tried midori and qupzilla as well as those but none of them quite did all i wanted browser wise11:58
davmor2zmoylan-pi: just use emacs and be done :D11:59
zmoylan-piwget all my pages...11:59
zmoylan-pii did think about doing that... :-)12:00
zmoylan-pibut you're starting to get a bit too matrixy at that point... :-D12:00
diddledandid I see recently someone had created a linux distro that was essentially emacs directly ontop of the kernel?12:02
zmoylan-piwere is emacsos for phones??12:03
MooDooyou just need terminator, mutt, w3m and moc, then you don't need a gui :D12:03
diddledanerr. I do not want a terminator!12:03
diddledanunless it is bent to my will and not a nefarious AI12:03
zmoylan-pii don't think you get a choice in having a terminator... that's not how that franchise worked...12:03
popeyI demonstrated Ubuntu Phone at my local LUG two years ago. One guy said "Can it run emacs?" "I won't buy it if it doesn't run Emacs!"12:03
moreatiA silly thought experiment: If Linux/RPi had a very distinctive crash screen ala BSOD, would it _help_ awareness/adoption or hurt it?12:04
diddledanpopey, did he have an android? was that running emacs?12:04
zmoylan-pithere is emacs for android12:04
popeyhe had a dumbphone12:04
diddledanand was that dumbphone running emacs?12:04
moreatiThink brand awareness and multidecade trends12:04
zmoylan-piproper dumbphone :-)12:04
diddledanif not, then I fail to see his argument12:04
popeyi predict an omlette!12:05
MooDoonot a riot?12:05
popeysung to that tune12:05
zmoylan-piat least a dumbphone will crack and egg and not get damaged :-)12:05
diddledanI have cracked many eggs and not got damaged :-p12:05
diddledanI did get damaged when I cracked a wall though. my poor noggin.12:06
zmoylan-piwas the wall ok?12:07
diddledanI suspect sandisk are having trouble with sales of their SSD lines. they keep being offered at reduced rates.12:07
diddledantoday only at maplin AND dabs they're being sold at approx £100 for the 480GB12:08
diddledanthat's "today-only" and not "today, only at"12:09
* zmoylan-pi spots 10,000 mah power bank been sold this thursday at lidl for €1812:09
diddledanas to the wall, I think I dented it's feelings a little but it stood firm12:09
zmoylan-pii wonder how long it would power a rasp pi for...12:09
diddledangood question12:10
diddledan10Amp-hours @ consumption of ~500miliamp consumption = ~20 hours. at 1amp consumption (more likely than 500ma) it'll be ~10 hours12:11
diddledanand at 2amp consumption (multiple USB's attached) it'll be ~5 hours. at max rated 2.5amp it'll be ~4 hours12:13
diddledan(that max rating I used the recommended PSU rating for the PI3)12:13
zmoylan-pithanks, i must learn to breakdown power usage rates/capacities12:13
diddledan10,000 miliamphours means 1miliamp for 10,000 hours or 10,000amps for 1 hour - then sliding scale between, e.g. 5amps (5000miliamps) for 2 hours12:15
diddledan10,000miliamps, NOT 10,000AMPS!!!12:15
zmoylan-pithat makes sense...12:15
diddledan10,000 amps would be... *calculates* 3.6seconds12:17
zmoylan-pifor 10,000 amps we'd need a delorean and a lightning conductor...12:17
diddledanplus an exploding battery :-p12:18
diddledan3.6seconds AND a mini explosion12:18
zmoylan-pias long as it leaves streaks of fire i'll be happy :-)12:18
diddledanmore likely streaks of another kind (in your underwear)12:18
zmoylan-pithat's why you buy stripy underwear!! pffft... amateur...12:19
diddledanand burnt eyebrows AND a few expletives12:19
diddledanwtf? someone sent an email to the polymer (a google project) mailing list which appears to be a direct rip from education materials with no explanation: https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/polymer-dev/n5CRhEwxQ2M/G5GmIUeoEwAJ12:26
diddledanare they using education material as an advertisement of what they're trying to sell? I just don't get it at all.12:27
TwistedLucidityLooks like spam to sell their courses12:28
TwistedLucidityPerhaps a couple are loss-leaders? Either way, I never trust companies who spam.12:29
zmoylan-pinot even hornell who make spam?12:30
TwistedLucidityI don't think I have eaten "specially processed artifical meat" since I was about 6.12:31
TwistedLucidity(I know it's no an acronym, and why it's actually called 'spam' the above is a mere, pathetic, jest)12:31
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no I bet there is horse in it12:32
TwistedLuciditydavmor2: Horse is tasty12:33
zmoylan-pihas more of a kick...12:33
diddledanmy nephew used to pronounce it as though the s and e were transposed12:34
TwistedLucidityThat could be amusing/problematic12:34
diddledanwhich led to endless giggles from adults when he said he wanted to go to see the horse12:34
MooDooow am ya davmor212:57
davmor2Busy as hell and going for Lunch other than that grand, how am yow MooDoo12:58
MooDoodavmor2: yeah i'm doing ok thanks13:02
awilkinsPi 3!13:06
zmoylan-pithere goes a lot of geeks pocket money... :-)13:12
popeyRS have sold another 1000 since I last looked at ~12:0013:21
foobarryi still don't own any Rpi13:35
foobarrymaybe when my son is older and is coding13:36
diddledanapparently Scott Kelly of the Year in Space drank 193 gallons of sweat and urine13:41
zmoylan-pidead handy for tiny always on device at home doing your bidding13:41
diddledanref: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/02/25/science/scott-kelly-astronaut-year-in-space-numbers.html13:41
zmoylan-pidid they start drinking their urine _before_ the water ran out? :-P13:42
zmoylan-piredberad rum, long on beard, short on legs...13:44
diddledanif anyone has a spare 2grand handy they can buy a hololens developer kit13:47
zmoylan-pii could corner the dumbphone supply with that kind of money!!13:47
diddledanoh, you gotta live in us or canadia13:48
zmoylan-piif you can call it living... no decent crisps... :-)13:48
diddledannor chocolate13:49
diddledanI wonder how IRC could be reimagined for holocomputing13:49
zmoylan-pimatrix with channels text super imposed on channels text so that you can focus deeper to the next channel13:51
zmoylan-pidone with hand gestures of course so that you can slap random passers by :-)13:51
diddledanso the slap action is depicted by an avatar bent-over that you literally slap on the bum13:53
diddledanyou could have a meter of how strongly you slap them, too13:54
zmoylan-pialso punch and tickle would be gesturs so a reboot is punch, slap and tickle...13:55
MooDooyou bloomin idiots ;)13:55
diddledanus? nevar13:55
* zmoylan-pi can't wait so next annoying jerk can get their lights punched out and my apology is 'sorry thought i was in vr...'13:56
diddledanI completely resemble that remark!13:56
diddledanno, wait, resent!13:56
foobarryanyone doing linux desktop virtualisation for remote users?14:47
foobarrylike maybe a class of 30 ppl14:48
diddledanand hilarity ensued17:14
awilkinsBut surely they can just download the update.....    ;-)17:30
diddledanthat's actually the truth17:31
diddledanthat's how they fix it17:31
diddledanyou need to run `sudo softwareupdate --background`17:32
diddledanthe alternative seems to be to reboot in safe/recovery and run `rm -rf “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext”`17:34
diddledanthey do list reinstalling OS X as a viable option, which IMO isn't17:36
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diddledano_O http://www.cbc.ca/news/trending/morgan-freeman-waze-gps-navigator-1.346243220:37
mappshi all21:15
mappsil start watching 11/22/63 next, meant to be v good:)21:18

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