jcastrojrwren: I use bcache, bcachefs is something else13:24
jrwrenah, I see.13:38
jrwrennodoubleg: I'll try 6k files in a dir on ssd and see what the numbers are like.13:39
jcastrorick_h__: this phone is awesome, why did you get rid of it?15:01
rick_h__jcastro: I found I kept using the N6 I bought15:01
rick_h__jcastro: not sure what it was, but I just found I kept reaching for hte 615:01
jcastrooh, so you just preferred the bigger screen15:01
jcastroI got one for myself just now too15:01
rick_h__jcastro: screen was a little nicer, battery life seemed a hair better15:01
jcastrorick_h__: I am in the middle of switching to project fi15:02
rick_h__jcastro: I actually went back to the motox pure the other day15:02
rick_h__since I didn't get one because of the size, but if I'm running a N6, might as well try15:02
jrwrenproject fi scares me. more ways for google to track my every move.15:05
cmaloneyProject Fi scares me: one more thing for Google to kill off. :)16:06
rick_h__yea, I've gotten to rely so much on google voice that I'm nervous16:07
cmaloneyBut then again, nothing is permanent16:07
cmaloneyrick_h__: same16:07
cmaloneyif they kill GVoice I'm screwed16:07
cmaloneyI'll have to port that number or something16:07
jcastroI dropped gvoice a long time ago16:11
jcastrothough, tbh, managing fi is so trivial compared to normal telco account garbage16:11
jcastrolike, I need help, blam, a little gtalk widget pops up and I can talk to the guy16:12
jcastro"you are number X in line, estimated 2 minute wait"16:12
jcastroI guess having my phone company be more like aws and gmail, with little-to-zero interaction is just too nice to pass up.16:13
rick_h__my big thing is that I've just used the one number, done calls/text from the computer, internationally, all the time16:13
jrwreni thought they did kill gvoice?16:13
jcastrorick_h__: yeah but these days number portability is trivial16:14
jcastrowhen gvoice launched it wasn't16:14
rick_h__jcastro: right, but the computer based using of calls/texts that look like your phone number isn't?16:14
jcastrooh you mean when you call from like your PC?16:14
rick_h__when I travel and such I use that a ton16:14
jcastrooh ok16:15
jcastrofi has a bunch of gvoice features, I wonder what the result will be, I guess I'll call you when my number transfer is complete, heh16:17
rick_h__so I saw a rumor that in the hangouts next version it'll remove the option for sms16:17
rick_h__which is :(16:17
rick_h__because they moved sms from gvoice to hangouts16:17
jcastrohangouts is infuriating to use16:17
rick_h__so that'll kill that off and make me use my non-voice cell number for sms16:17
jcastroI love that random people's stupid streams are integrated with my sms16:18
jcastroit's like, rage inducing16:18
jcastrooh, that's something I wanted, connect my personal texts to people broadcasting their dogs on G+, awesome16:19
* rick_h__ is missing the G+ -> hangouts/sms connection16:20
jcastrothey consolidated everything into the hangout app16:21
jcastroso when someone you know does a hangout-on-air or whatever, it spams you16:21
jcastroit's just like they shoved everything into a new app, which is terrible compared to the thing it replaced16:23
jcastroso you can't really turn it off16:24
jcastroSignal has pretty much everything I need16:25
jcastroand Telegram isn't awesome but it isn't horrible either so between those two things I'm set on messaging16:25
rick_h__yea, I've dodged facebook but it means I'm an SMS person all day every day16:26
jcastrosignal has one bummer where the desktop app won't let me SMS to someone unless they have signal, which is a bummer16:27
jcastroapparently one-messenger-to-rule-them-all is too hard for computing. :-/16:27
greg-gSignal or fgtfo16:28
rick_h__yea, well it's too hard for businesses to get into16:28
jrwrenMessages.app works :p16:28
rick_h__oh, the first f threw me off for a second16:28
rick_h__hah! jrwren brings in the wagon of trolls!16:28
* rick_h__ hasn't heard of signal and looks it up16:29
jrwreni kinda like the extra irreverance of fgtfo :]16:29
jrwrensignal is cool!16:29
jcastroif signal had an sms bridge for their desktop app it'd be perfect.16:29
jcastrothe desktop app is admitedly beta though16:29
rick_h__but it's like telegram, it's all about getting everyone into the same app16:29
* rick_h__ is so sick of app silos that you can never get everyone in16:30
rick_h__I've got telegram, whatsapp, etc already16:30
rick_h__why another one?16:30
jcastrorick_h__: signal is the only one that has end-to-end encryption16:30
greg-gI hate their desktop app being a chrome app :/16:30
rick_h__fine, they can listen in to what my camper will cost me, oh well16:30
jcastroit's not supposed to be like a telegram, it's a drop in replacement for your SMS app16:30
rick_h__greg-g: soon it'll be FF compatible as FF reworks apps/extensions :)16:30
rick_h__jcastro: but only if everyone else is on it?16:31
jcastroand as a bonus on android it's a better messaging app than hangouts anyway, so even if you hate freedom it's a nobrainer16:31
jrwrenEVERYONE needs telegram, signal, whatsapp, slack, gitr, irc, gtalk, aim, icq, y!m, msn, skype, kik, snapchat, and a few others.16:31
jcastrorick_h__: if the other person uses signal yes16:31
rick_h__jcastro: reading the description the only "SMS" is "avoiding SMS fees"16:31
jcastrobut the genius is that it's transparent16:31
jrwrengreg-g: high five!  I hate chrome apps.16:31
jcastrolike, I install it on jill's phone16:31
jcastroand our texts are encrypted16:31
jcastrobut if she texts some other person who doesn't have signal it all still works16:32
jcastroit's basically invisible16:32
jcastroso like, you don't have to tell everyone to switch to signal16:32
jcastroyou just use it on your devices and you're all set16:32
jcastrorick_h__: signal is also OSS and has been audited16:33
jcastroit's not like telegram where they just make shit up about their security16:33
jcastrorick_h__: you just install, set it as default, and you're done, it's nice.16:34
rick_h__jcastro: so you can do messages from the app to SMS users not on signal?16:58
* rick_h__ is on calls so in/out of this lovely conversation16:58
* cmaloney still likes hangouts17:15
cmaloneythough playing "where is my SMS now" is a bit inguriating17:15
cmaloneyinfuriating, rather17:15

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