furkanso it seems that the problem with my multimedia keys might be related to udev or X01:14
furkanafter suspend/resume, this is what i see in my X log:01:14
furkan[  4111.568] (EE) evdev: Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v9.0: Unable to open evdev device "/dev/input/event6".01:14
furkan[  4111.568] (EE) PreInit returned 2 for "Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v9.0"01:14
furkansame error if i unplug the USB receiver and plug it back in01:14
furkanany ideas on how i can find the culprit? it was working fine with Ubuntu 15.1001:15
RAOF_furkan: “PreInit returned 2” looks like a pretty good lead...02:11
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RAOFSurvey suggests that this is BadValue...02:14
RAOFfurkan: Oh, right. That's caused by “unable to open evdev device”02:15
RAOFfurkan: Is that *all* the log?02:16
furkanRAOF: no i can share the whole thing, but that was the error02:16
RAOFErrors are often caused by warnings earlier :)02:17
RAOFPastebin the whole log and I'll have a quick look at it.02:17
furkanok just 1 sec then because i'll have to do another suspend/resume, since i restarted02:17
RAOFOh, so it works fine at startup?02:18
* RAOF guesses that this is going to be logind integration fallout02:20
furkanok got the log, pastebining it now02:25
furkanRAOF: here it is http://pastebin.com/XNFwSp5S02:26
furkanthat's a fresh boot followed by a suspend/resume02:28
RAOF“[    12.122] (EE) systemd-logind: failed to get session: PID 1038 does not belong to any known session” is quite interesting.02:29
RAOFWhat strange thing are you doing? :)02:29
furkani have no idea lol..02:29
furkanall i did was reboot, log in02:29
furkantest the volume buttons to make sure they were working02:29
furkanand then suspend/resume02:29
furkanand then of course test them again to verify that they're no longer working02:30
RAOFYeah, that's preeety odd.02:30
furkanso i'm checking pid 103802:30
furkanroot      1038 11.8  0.7 660072 131116 tty7    Ssl+ 21:23   0:48 /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg -core :0 -seat seat0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch02:30
RAOFIt's almost certainly Xorg02:30
RAOFIt happily re-adds *most* of your wireless devices, just not the piece that's the multimedia keys.02:31
furkanit's a keyboard + mouse combo02:31
furkanMS Sculpt Ergonomic02:31
furkanmouse works fine, and keyboard also works fine apart from the volume keys02:32
RAOFIt's not clear what's going wrong here; it might even be a kernel issue.02:32
furkani tried booting into an older kernel though, and it still persists02:32
furkannot sure if the errors are the same02:32
RAOFGood thinking; probably not that then.02:32
furkani also tried downgrading systemd/udev but dealing with the dependencies was hell02:33
RAOFFile a bug against xserver-xorg-input-evdev. If you want to do a little light debugging, the relevant code is in src/evdev.c:EvdevOpenDevice02:33
furkaninteresting, thanks for the tip02:33
furkanshould i file it on launchpad? or upstream?02:33
furkanalright will do, thanks :)02:34
RAOFIf you've tried with xf86-input-evdev from trunk, you can also file upstream :)02:34
RAOFBut certainly Launchpad.02:34
furkani guess before i do that i'll also boot from a live ISO02:35
furkanjust to make sure that my configuration isn't somehow broken02:35
RAOFNot a bad idea.02:55
tjaaltonfurkan: does that device exist after resume? and test if it works with evtest05:37
tjaaltonfrom a vt05:37
furkantjaalton: no the device disappears after resume05:37
tjaaltonx doesn't do that05:38
tjaaltonreattaching doesn't help05:39
furkansorry i don't understand, you mean if the device disappears the problem lies somewhere else?05:40
furkanoh ok i see05:40
furkanso udev or something?05:40
tjaaltonoh and the other one was a question05:41
furkanand i tried evtest in a VT05:41
furkanhold on let me copy it05:41
furkanit shows something like ^[[25@05:42
furkan(that's from memory since i can't copy/paste from a VT)05:42
furkanlet me just write it on some paper to make sure05:42
furkanyeah it's ^[[25~, ^[[26~, and ^[[[D, for mute, vol-, and vol+05:44
furkanbut it doesn't show the event time and stuff05:46
furkanlike it does for all the other keys05:46
furkanoh and no, reattaching the USB receiver doesn't help05:47
tjaaltonso the event device is there after suspend?05:58
furkanno the device is gone05:59
furkanand with evtest, when i make keystrokes i get output like this for all the keys other than the volume ones:05:59
furkanEvent: time 1456725562.966902, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------05:59
furkanEvent: time 1456725563.022896, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 7002c05:59
furkanEvent: time 1456725563.022896, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 57 (KEY_SPACE), value 005:59
furkanbut for mute/vol-/vol+ i get nothing like that, just ^[[25~, ^[[26~, and ^[[[D06:00
furkanso it seems the keyboard sends something, but no event is registered?06:00
tjaaltonbut how can you run evtest if the device is gone?06:00
furkani think the keyboard shows up as more than 1 device06:01
furkaneven in evtest it's listed twice06:01
tjaaltonsure, but then you can't test the one that is gone right?06:01
furkanoh right, yeah, i was testing the remaining ones06:03
furkanso i'm looking in /dev/input/by-path06:03
furkanthere's 3 symlinks, pci-***-event-kbd06:03
furkan*** = some long number06:03
furkansymlinked to ../event2, ../event4, and ../event606:04
furkanand the event4 symlink is broken, of course, since it's no longer there06:04
furkanso should i file a bug against udev, then?06:05
tjaaltonwhat kernel used to work?06:09
tjaalton4.2 from 15.10?06:09
furkanyeah 4.206:10
furkanbut even if i boot up w/ 4.2 it doesn't seem to fix it06:10
tjaaltonthe exact same 4.2?06:11
furkanyeah i tried going even further back to 3.19, from 15.0406:11
furkani didn't purge my 15.04 + 15.10 kernels06:11
tjaaltonso then maybe udev rhen06:11
furkani tried downgrading udev to test, but so many dependencies06:12
tjaaltonhaving issues of my own right now, limited to just my phone atm :P06:12
furkanoh sorry, i hate typing on my phone lol06:12
tjaaltonsome local network snag06:14
furkani may try to see if i can downgrade udev later, but i'll have to manually download a whole bunch of packages (systemd, xorg, and some other misc packages)06:15
furkanlast time i tried i did 15 packages but there were still more that were broken06:15
furkandownloaded them all individually from launchpad06:16
tjaaltonmaybe ask pitti when he's around06:21
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ricotztjaalton, hi, regarding your nvme issues, was this fixed and are the current daily iso working for you?16:06
tjaaltonricotz: i'm not sure, haven't tried images since16:38
ricotztjaalton, ok17:01
tjaaltonbut i upgraded a machine to xenial which needs it and it boots up fine17:05
ricotztjaalton, used trusty and upgraded to 4.5rc6 due missing hardware support, and this triggers the missing nvme problem, so initramfs in trusty still needs fixing 17:12
tjaaltonoh yes17:13
tjaaltonthere is a bug too, somewhere17:13
ricotztjaalton, the xenial images simply hang on boot (black screen), and going a bit further with nomodeset17:15
ricotzwith i7-6560U17:16
ricotz(trusty-daily boots and works)17:16
tjaaltonhmm ok, i can test tomorrow17:22
tjaaltonwhich kernel does it have?17:23
tjaaltonassuming 4.4.0-8 so no i915_bpo yet17:25
ricotztjaalton, I guess not17:26
tjaaltonyeah it's there, -9 should happen today17:28
tjaaltonoh, tagged already17:28

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