chesedomorning all04:57
artsmorning all!06:30
inetprogood mornings06:54
Kilosmorning everybody07:36
LangjanHi Kilos- hoe gaan ditr?08:10
Kilos-hi Langjan goed dankie en self08:10
LangjanGoed dankie 08:11
Kilos-ek sukkel met selle router as joune08:11
Langjanai, wat gaan aan08:11
Kilos-daai mtwee weke is 14 werks dae08:11
Kilos-ek probeer die 3g opstel maar dit aanvaar nie n password nie08:12
LangjanIs dit vir jou visa?08:12
Kilos-nee voor die clearance klaar is08:12
LangjanOk dis lastig en ek kan nie help nie08:12
LangjanKilos-,  ek probeer 'n vriend, Chris help om Ubuntu te installeer08:12
LangjanSame prob we had before, Ubuntu does not pick up the Win 7 installation, we want to dual-boot08:13
Kilos-did you choose instaloption08:14
Kilos-then when it gets to where it partitions it should show08:14
LangjanDoes not show existing OS. So I have gone to Win disk manager and shrunk so we have 148 GB free space08:14
LangjanBut can I assume the free space is in the second half of the drive?08:15
Kilos-and does ubuntu see the free space08:15
LangjanHavent tried again yet08:15
Kilos-it will show08:15
Kilos-run ubuntu live and look with gparted08:15
LangjanFirst time around it saw NO oyther OS's08:15
LangjanYou mean run a test ubuntu?08:16
Langjaninstead of install?08:16
Kilos-boot from ubuntu and choose the try ubuntu option08:16
Langjanok will do08:16
LangjanHi Kilos- gparted does not pick it up either08:25
Kilos-oh my08:25
Kilos-type in dash08:26
Kilos-see if the disk utility sees it08:26
Kilos-does gparted just see the free space?08:27
Langjangparted only sees a whole free disc, no OS's08:28
Langjandisk utility sees the partitions, 08:28
Kilos-ok lets see08:28
Langjan160 ntfs and 160 free08:29
Kilos-Maaz google 14.04 doesnt see win 7 to install alongside08:29
MaazKilos-: "boot - Installer of 14.04.1 LTS doesn't recognize Windows 7 - Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/544705/installer-of-14-04-1-lts-doesnt-recognize-windows-7 :: "dual boot - Installation doesn't detect Windows 7 - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/421192/installation-doesnt-detect-windows-7 :: "[SOLVED] Ubuntu 14.04.1 Installer does not detect08:29
Maazwindows 7 ..." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2236762 :: "installation - Ubuntu…08:29
Kilos-Maaz google [SOLVED] Ubuntu 14.04.1 Installer does not detect windows 708:30
MaazKilos-: "[SOLVED] Ubuntu 14.04.1 Installer does not detect windows 7 ..." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2236762 :: "boot - Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS installer does not recognize Windows 7 ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/566805/ubuntu-14-04-1-lts-installer-does-not-recognize-windows-7 :: "Installer of 14.04.1 LTS doesn't recognize Windows 7 - Ask Ubuntu"08:30
Maazhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/544705/installer-of-14-04-1-lts-doesnt-recognize-windows-7 ::…08:30
Kilos-seems its a common prob08:30
Kilos-Langjan power gone here wbb asap08:32
LangjanOK Kilos we are wiping the disc, he does not need the Win 7 OS09:14
Kiloshi guyd did langjanget helped. i think it was that uefi stuff has to be disabled in bios maybe12:30
chesedoKilos: they wiped it... uefi will just be in the way of booting not part detection12:35
Kilosi had same on this lenovo12:36
chesedohad some?12:36
Kilosi diabled something in bios then buntu could install alongside12:36
* chesedo is not confused, he thought uefi is only boot related12:37
Kilosthats why ian brought me this lappy to start with12:37
Kilosit might not be uefi but something in bios stops buntu seeing windows as an OS to boot alongside12:38
chesedowho here had an Ubuntu phone again?12:38
Kilosill ask ian and see if he remembers what it was12:38
Kilosshame now that poor bally has lost his windows and drops in at the deap end with unity12:39
Kilosat least he has jan near for support12:40
bushtech_at least he won't get a blue screen13:05
LangjanHi Kilos  I see youre back, well done!13:08
LangjanOff the grid yet?13:08
Kiloshi Langjan 13:08
Kiloswhat grid?13:08
Kiloswe had 4 hours no power13:08
Kiloswhat have you broken13:09
LangjanEishkom of course! Please guide me thro the steps to activate Chris on xchat13:09
Kilosoh let me open it to see13:09
LangjanLmga, I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 for Chris13:09
Kilosi hear so13:09
LangjanWie skinner?13:10
Kilosbut there is something in bios that one disables with that prob13:10
Kilosi had it on this lenovo13:10
Kilosall the peeps here are my handlangers13:10
LangjanYes I remember I also had it before13:10
Kilosok so xchat installed and open to first window?13:11
Kilosfreenode you scroll down to13:11
Kilosthen tick edit on the right13:11
Kilosat the top you tick add13:12
Kilosthen type in the new block chat.freenode.net13:12
Kilosthen tick on top one and delete it13:13
Kilosthere was a top one hey13:13
Langjanyes I deleted it13:14
Langjanok next?13:14
Kilosthen go down13:14
Langjanbelow the belt?13:14
Kilosfavourite channels13:14
Kilosdont tick the auto connect button13:15
Kilosthen you wont see this again13:15
Kiloswhen he has registered a nick with freenode 13:15
Kilosyou put his password in13:15
Kilosnickserv password and server password13:16
Langjanselected server only?13:16
Langjanand use global user info?13:16
Kilosno man tick nothing else13:17
Langjanmust those be ticked?13:17
Kilosnet wat ek se13:17
Kilosai! ek sukkel met my volk13:17
LangjanOK boss, any password?13:17
Kilosthen you close that window and tick connect on the other one13:18
Kilosno passwords till he has a nick registered13:18
Kilosthere are most likely 100 chris's13:18
LangjanAi hoe sukkel ek met die Ozzies, you said password...13:19
Kilosread again13:19
Kilos15:15] <Kilos> when he has registered a nick with freenode 13:20
Kilos[15:15] <Kilos> you put his password in13:20
Kilosand im not an OZZIE13:21
Kilosim more boer than you13:21
Kilosthats why the ozzies want a clearance from me13:21
LangjanOK nick is taken, Ozzie - now what?13:21
Kilosfind a nice nick man13:22
LangjanLmga, Ozzies kannie boere moerie13:22
LangjanHow do I get back to change it?13:22
Kilosis it online13:22
Kiloswhy dont i see it here13:23
Langjancause its taken, hes on ChrisD (Cameron)13:23
Kilosjust type in /nick christoffel13:23
Kilosnee mn he should be here13:23
Kilosyou did something wrong again13:24
Kilosai! ek sukkel13:24
Kilosdid you put in favourite channel #ubuntu-za13:25
Kiloshasnt he got a nickname13:25
Kiloslike boetie or swaartjie of so iets13:26
Kilosof duimpie13:26
ChrisDHi my mentor13:27
Kilosyou cant go shopping when im helping you13:27
Kiloshi ChrisD 13:27
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:28
Kilosif the nick is taken13:28
Kilostry all addons13:28
Kilos type in /nick chrisdt or something13:29
ChrisDLooks OK,I was on Ubuntu.za instead of -za13:29
ChrisDlooks like ChrisD is ok?13:29
Kiloswhen you get one that isnt taken we register it if i can remember how13:29
Kilosok then13:30
Kilos type in13:30
Kilosi think thats it13:30
Kilostype in13:30
Kilos     /msg nickserv ChrisD  email address13:31
Kilos   /msg nickserv register ChrisD  email13:31
Kilosdont put the spaces in front of the /13:33
Kilosi have to use them here otherwise freenode thinks im using a command13:33
ChrisDREGISTER <dameschris> <chris@verslank.net>13:36
ChrisDhi Kilos did I make it?13:36
Kilosdid thery mail you13:36
Kilosis that the feedback from nickserv13:37
Kilosek is oud en met een blinde oog man13:37
Kilosen tik goed wat rond spring13:38
ChrisDno mail yet13:38
Kiloswas that the feed back13:38
Kilos<ChrisD> REGISTER <dameschris> <chris@verslank.net>13:38
Kilosen wat is all hierdie mense by verslank13:39
Kilosis julle almal vet13:39
Kilosof was julle13:39
ChrisDThats in - no email message yet13:39
Kilosdidnt it ask for a password13:40
ChrisDThats what I put in13:40
ChrisDI put password in : <dameschris>13:41
Kiloswith the < > goed13:41
Kilosok then try13:41
ChrisDare the <> goed now part of the pasword?13:41
Kilosrestart xchat again and do the edit bit and enter the password in those 2 places13:42
Kilosis ChrisD also a toppie like jan13:43
Kilosusing other characters is always good in a password, should put numbers too to make it stronger and a capital letter as well to make it even better Langjan 13:47
Kilosif it says incorrect password leave off those < > goed and try agin13:47
ChrisDLooks like nick is taken or something, password does not work13:50
Kilosare you seeing my message to Langjan 13:51
ChrisDAre nicks case sensitive?13:51
Kilosyes very13:51
Kilospasswords are13:51
Kilosdid you try the password without the < >13:51
ChrisDHey Ozzie, I said nicks...Well I tried ChrisD and there is a chrisd13:52
ChrisDI tried with and without13:52
Kilosoh then its taken13:52
ChrisDthe nick?13:52
Kilosfremember you can type in kil and hit tab and it gives my nick13:52
ChrisDLets try ChrisDames13:53
Kilosdo the register thing13:53
Kilosnee man13:54
Kiloschange nick first to new nick then the register thing13:54
Kilosis ChrisDames family os Nostradames13:55
ChrisDamesNow I'm lost13:57
Kiloswhere are you13:57
ChrisDamesYes Nostradamos and Chris are fellow-yuppies13:58
Kilosok did you try register it13:58
ChrisDameskeeps telling me ChrisDames is not a registered nick13:58
Kilosbut first13:58
ChrisDamesgo where?13:59
Kiloswhen you login with a nick someone else has registered it should tell you13:59
Kilosok then13:59
ChrisDamesWell it doesn't13:59
Kilos  /msg nickserv register ChrisDames email14:00
Kilosnow im lost14:00
Kiloscant remember if you must put in a password as well14:01
Kilosand when you put in your nick and email dont use < >14:01
ChrisDamesok is it right now?14:02
Kiloswhen you get to setting a password you can add all kinds of characters14:02
Kilosis what righr14:02
Kilosi see nothing14:03
ChrisDamesIt said >register< on the side then dameschris chris@verslank.net14:03
Kilostry doing the register command again and if it is registered it will tell you you are already logged in as ChrisDames \14:04
ChrisDamesREGISTER dameschris chris@verslank.net14:04
Kilosya with /msg nickserv in front14:05
Kilosnono man waitt14:05
Kilosjy is agterstevoor14:06
ChrisDamesThats what happen when th instructions come from down under14:06
Kiloscopy paste this /msg nickserv Register ChrisDames chris@verslank.net14:07
Kiloshaha thatgraemeguy thats the way its supposed to be in leap years14:08
Kiloswomen get to do the work14:08
thatgraemeguydid you listen to the clip?14:08
Kilosbut men still end up paying14:08
thatgraemeguylisten to it14:08
ChrisDamesCannot copy and paste, anyway reply to that is "cannot use nickname as password"14:08
Kilosok then make a new password14:09
ChrisDamesWhy al the bs if the chat is working?14:09
Kiloslike  1234Chris!@#$14:10
Kilosso they dont steal your nick14:10
Kilossomeone else will register it14:10
Kilosthatgraemeguy im blind14:10
Kilosi dont see a play button14:11
Kilosi see an empty block with luister hier14:12
LangjanStarting again, what do I enter at servers for freenode?14:14
Kilossec i get gates for sis14:14
chesedoom nie die rede te weet moes seker maar 'n warning op self wees...14:15
chesedoKilos: directly under the luister hire is dit14:16
chesedoprobeer reload14:16
LangjanOK now how do I register the password14:17
ChrisDamesIncidentally, I dont think I have a password?14:19
ChrisDamesMeaning Langjan14:19
ChrisDamesThis is bugging me, just gonna leave it like that14:20
Kilosyou register your nick14:21
Kilosand i think they mail you a password14:21
Kilosive forgotten14:22
ChrisDamesWell every time I put the password thing in it says cannot use name as password, then gives instruction which also does not work14:25
Kilosthen dont use the name as a pw man14:26
ChrisDamesI did not14:26
Kilosadd numbers or characters in front14:26
Kilosoh my14:26
ChrisDamesunless the name must not show anywhere in the configuration14:27
Kilosmine does14:27
Kilostry do /msg nickserv register ChrisDames 14:27
Kilosthen it should tell you more14:28
ChrisDamesWell I think the kangeroos have got hold of you already14:28
Kilostry /msg nickserv register ChrisDames passord14:28
Kilosive got a sore head man and bp hit 89/66 at 11am this morning14:29
Kilosblame it on eskom hehe14:29
ChrisDamesYoure putting nick where password must be, ozzie14:30
ChrisDamesREGISTER @#32dcfk chris@verslank.net14:32
ChrisDamesOK Kilos  done14:35
ChrisDamesPassword has been vrified via e-mail link14:36
Kilosi cant remember everything man14:37
ChrisDamesNow I supopse I must do mine also14:37
Kilosnow register your nick as well14:37
ChrisDamesWhy not? You'r still spring chicken14:37
Kilosand then ill teach you more14:37
Kilosya but with much more mileage than you14:37
Kilosdo you see in the nicks on the right14:38
ChrisDamesLmga, jys net te hardegat, dis nie regte myle nie14:38
Kilosif they show the hosts14:38
Kilosyou will see nicks @unaffiliated14:38
Kilosthose are cloaked14:38
ChrisDameslost me14:39
Kilosthen your ip address doesnt show eevn14:39
Kilosoh no14:39
Kiloslemme get xchat going14:39
Kilosits in settings14:39
ChrisDameswhat you talking about ?14:39
Kilosgrumpy old man14:39
ChrisDamescheeky lil ozzie14:40
Kilossettings preferences14:40
ChrisDamesDrivng a bus and trying to steer a Ferrari!14:40
Kilosuser list tick show hostnames14:41
ChrisDamesrestrt reqired, gotta go, will chat laetr, many thks for help14:41
Kilos-sien jy dit toppie14:41
Kilosyw as usual14:42
ChrisDamesyes it shows but I have no idea what14:43
Kilosthat was quick14:43
Kilosit shows peeps ips14:43
ChrisDamesOK gotta go chat later14:43
Kilosgo well my friend14:43
Kilosty for the chat14:43
ChrisDamesThks you also14:44
Kilosyou se Langjan you behind with everything14:44
Kilosbecause you only come here after breaking stuff14:44
LangjanNot as behind as the aussies...lmga!14:55
Kiloshaha so cheeky15:15
KilosMaaz tell ChrisDames Feel free to say hi anytime and ask for help or just inform us how you are getting on with ubuntu16:09
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell ChrisDames on freenode16:09
Kiloshi superfly sorry, bad day16:09
superflyHi Kilos 16:14
Kiloshi dlPhreak 16:23
dlPhreakKilos, superfly 16:25
superflySupper time, later. 16:33
inetproGuten Abend meine Damen und Herren!17:52
Kilosguten abend mine herr17:53
inetproKilos: s/mine/mein/18:07
Kilosoh ya ty sir18:07
Kilosmein kopf klapen18:07
Kiloshow are you and the family sir18:07
inetprogood, good thanks18:08
inetproei soos vir eier maar in duits spreek jy dit amper uit soos aai18:09
Kilosi know18:10
Kilosmein sounding like mine18:10
Kiloshi kmf 18:10
inetproKilos: true18:10
inetprowb kmf18:10
kmfhowdy Kilos inetpro 18:11
Kiloshas there been any contact concerning the project kmf 18:11
Kilosi see nothing in the lists or here18:12
Kiloschesedo werent you gonna run with organising things?18:13
inetproKilos: relax, was this not discussed just less than a week ago?18:14
Kilostime gets less by the day18:14
Kilosi want to see you guys all smiling about the success18:15
inetprotime flying way too quickly18:15
Kilosthats why i nag when im awake18:15
Kilosthis is really a tough time having to wait for 16.04 release or i could have started doing pcs already18:16
Kilosnow before its released im hoping to be gone for 3 months18:17
Kilosbut i will nag from there as well, never fear18:22
Kiloshi arts 18:26
Kiloswhat happened to cal-py18:26
superflyhi Kilos18:44
superflyinetpro: bump18:44
CryterionEvening everyone18:52
Kiloshi Cryterion hows things lad?18:52
Cryterionall ok and you18:52
Kilosok ty18:52
Kilosinetpro zehr gut18:52
Kilosdoes that sound right18:52
Cryterionpicked up something fishy about a router, the login goes to absoluteisp.co.za, but if you go to the site you get a facebook login screen.18:54
CryterionI tried logging in with a temp account, and it just errors with a list of warnings, fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be 4, the php file is called phishing.php18:57
Kiloseverything crooked19:01
Kiloswhere does the router fit in'19:02
Cryterionyeah, but the router works, connects and does what it needs to19:02
Cryterionthe login is @absoluteisp.co.za19:02
Kilosis the fishing thing in the router software19:02
Kiloswhat router is it19:02
Cryterionit's a d-link, been getting some more info, apparrently the owner of the domain is in jail19:04
Kilosoh my19:04
Kilosand im battling with a d-link now19:05
Kiloscant get it to connect with 3g, but will read more in the manul, maybe something im missing19:06
Cryteriondoes the sim require a pin?19:10
CryterionI often used to look over that part19:10
Kilosit works in cell and in modems fine19:10
Kilosthe d-links have quite a bit of sutff in the setting up so maybe im missing an activation block that needs ticking19:12
Cryterionyou might have to disable the adsl side, I remember on one of my router I had to do that to get the 3g side going19:13
Kilosoh that sounds positive19:15
Kilosill look where to do that and if its possible19:15
Kiloscan one login to them via wifi19:16
Kilosor must if be eth19:16
Cryterionyes you can19:17
Kiloseth is a pain from here because it kills my 3g19:17
bushtech_Cryterion fyi if i go to absoluteisp.co.za I dont get a facebook login screen19:24
Kilosbut what is that doing in a router19:25
Cryterionyeah, that's my point, put fake details and see what happens19:25
Kilosfacebook is part of the whole info grab as well19:26
bushtech_reset the router?19:26
Cryterionrouter looks clear, I already checked as am actually busy re-installing windows on someones pc atm, phone call from microsoft to get ammyy admin install then took control remotely19:27
Cryterionbushtech, hmm, I get on firefox and with tor19:28
bushtech_do you get the rubbish on the new windows install?19:29
KilosCryterion which windows?19:29
Cryterionfirst install failed, ended up wiping the partition, doing a brand new install19:30
CryterionWas win7 Pro19:30
Kilos7 still ok but dont do updates then ms put a info bug in19:31
Kilosin win 10 you actually agree they have access to your ps in the eula agreement19:31
Cryterionyeah I know, updates are fully disabled19:32
Kilosi mailed you the info on the fix19:32
Kilosbut i read somewhere they have more tricks up their sleaves19:33
Kilospity peeps still use windows19:33
Kilosi am so happy i was helped out of that trap19:34
Kilosnight all. sleep lekker. see you tomorrow19:43
* inetpro climbing onto the stage again19:49
inetprosuperfly: did you really have to push me off like that? :-)19:49
* Cryterion kicks inetpro off the stage19:52
=== inetpro is now known as inetghost
* inetghost enters the stage in riot armor 19:56
=== inetghost is now known as inetpro
* Cryterion throws a can of teargass opened onto the stage19:59
* Cryterion runs20:00
* inetpro does a fish slapping dance20:00
* Cryterion grabs his fishing rod, baits a hook and casts towards inetpro20:00
* inetpro throws Cryterion with a large halibut20:03
* Cryterion ouch, don't throw me20:03
inetprotime to go sleep20:04
inetprogood night everyone20:05
Cryterioncan tell you're afrikaans ;)20:05
inetpronot really but ingrish is not my lingo for sure 20:05
superflyinetpro: is Deutsch20:14
superflyinetpro: DebConf17 will be in Montreal20:14
inetprosuperfly: are you paying for my ticket?20:15
superflyinetpro: you're not even coming to DebConf16, who says you'll be coming to DC17?20:16
* inetpro forgets that he was supposed to be asleep 20:16
superflysup Cryterion, how's it going?20:16
superflyinetpro: asleep? at this hour? how you can sleep at a time like this?!20:16
inetprohow's the planning going for DC16?20:17
superflyinetpro: getting there. a little slower than we want, but we'll make it20:18
inetprosuperfly: when do people start registering?20:26
inetprowill be very interesting to see how many of them end up coming20:26
superflythere's one family from Germany that I know are intending coming... they're actually going to go to Kruger Park while they're on this side of the world (he lived in Joburg for a few years, apparently)20:28
superflyI'm not entirely sure when registration is opening, but we need it soon20:28
inetprosuperfly: interesting20:34
* inetpro falling asleep 20:36
superflyinetpro: good night, sleepy head :-)20:37

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