Jordan_Uramkam2013: None that I'm aware of. You'll need to *carefully* delete the existing partition table entry and create a new partition with exactly the same starting sector but a later ending sector, then you'll nees to use resize2fs to make the filesystem use this new space.00:00
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ramkam2013Jordan_U: i'm not very litterate with disk & partition. looking for a good tuto00:03
ramkam2013Jordan_U: however, from what i see in cfdisk, the FS type is a LVM2_member, so maybe using lvextend would be possible and simpler ?00:04
RoundDuckManndd: error writing ‘/dev/sda’: No space left on device00:07
RoundDuckMann228937+0 records in00:07
RoundDuckMann228936+0 records out00:07
RoundDuckMann240057409536 bytes (240 GB) copied, 621.433 s, 386 MB/s00:07
RoundDuckMannCommand exited with non-zero status 100:07
RoundDuckMann0.00user 101.22system 10:21.43elapsed 16%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 2872maxresident)k00:07
RoundDuckMann12inputs+468862128outputs (1major+351minor)pagefaults 0swaps00:07
k1l_RoundDuckMann: why are you using dd?00:08
RoundDuckMannJust to make sure, and other reasons.00:08
RoundDuckMannYes it sounds stupid...00:09
k1l_just run the installer.00:09
RoundDuckMann"nuke it from above, just to make sure" :P00:09
Ben64make sure what00:10
RoundDuckMannBen64: That it's empty.00:10
k1l_some myths he heard from the guys not having a clue, i guess00:10
Ben64not necessary at all00:10
Ben64especially on a ssd, you don't want to make unnecessary writes00:11
RoundDuckMannAlso, is 'dd: error writing ‘/dev/sda’: No space left on device' normal? Also, that was just to curiosity (I think) and OCD. :P00:11
RoundDuckMannBut yeah, the extra writes... Is there a way to check health of an SSD?00:12
bekksRoundDuckMann: That depends on your dd command.00:12
Robr3rdSo now that we're in 2016, what's the state of swap partitions in Linux? For both a desktop and laptop with 12GB RAM each (usually @ 90% usage under load)00:12
k1l_RoundDuckMann: just stop that messing around. start the installer and install ubuntu.00:12
RoundDuckMannI did "sudo time dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M00:13
RoundDuckMannBut ok then... :P00:13
bekksRobr3rd: Depends on your request to being able to hibernate (suspend to RAM).00:13
bekksRoundDuckMann: Which is quite bad.00:13
RoundDuckMannbekks:   What happened?00:13
k1l_Robr3rd: want hibernation?00:14
RoundDuckMannbesides zeroing out drive00:14
bekksRoundDuckMann: you are writing data in blocks of 512 bytes, causing a lot of unnecessary IO.00:14
RoundDuckMannI'm an idiot00:14
bekksRoundDuckMann: However, just use the installer.00:14
k1l_RoundDuckMann: you make your ssd aging a lot there. so stop that as been told several times now.00:14
RoundDuckMannok then. I will leave.00:15
bekksLeaving will not solve that issue :D00:15
Robr3rdbekks lets make this a 2-stage question. Stage 1 (easy): Desktop. Is there any value in swap with no hibernate requirement? I've noticed sometimes I can't even hit a virtual terminal to troubleshoot on a different machine without swap but my desktop WITH swap lets me is that a coincidence?00:16
Bashing-omRobr3rd: Swap is a dependency on how much ram is installed .00:17
RippyDippyhey guys. How do I open network manager from command line.00:18
bekksRobr3rd: With no hibernation requirement, you might not use swap at all. I strongly suggest not doing so without setting vm.swappiness to zero, and without configuring the OOM killer.00:18
k1l_Robr3rd: if you want hibernation you need swap. if you know you will use al that ram for vms or video editign or such you want swap since you dont want the oomkiller to start.00:18
bekksRobr3rd: nmcli00:18
jesper_Hey guys, I think I broke my Ubuntu MATE installation a bit00:18
jesper_Anyone in the mood to help me out? haha00:18
k1l_Robr3rd: if not, then you dont need a swap00:18
bekksk1l_: Actually you WANT the OOM killer to start, but behave differently from the default.00:18
Ben64jesper_: explain the issue fully00:19
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bekksThe default for the OOM killer is: "in case of exceeded RAM allocation, start to randomly kill processes." - Instead, you actually ALWAYS want: "In case of exceeded RAM, kill the application which caused the exceed."00:20
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jesper_Ben64: I had some issues with games starting on the wrong monitor and well - I couldn't do anything when they where running so I thought I'd be clever and separate the monitors by that x-thing in the Nvidia panel and now I can't click anything, it's like the monitors are overlapping00:20
Ben64bekks: how do i configure that00:20
jesper_Ben64: I can't open the terminal either00:20
Ben64jesper_: x-thing?00:21
jesper_the x-monitor or whatever it's called00:21
jesper_It said both my monitors where on x-level 0 or something like that00:21
Robr3rdbekks, k1l_: Okay, so that resolves the question for the desktop -- basically that it doesn't matter unless I need more RAM in general...in which case I should probably just buy more RAM outright, correct?00:21
Ben64jesper_: easy mode - disconnect one monitor, reboot00:22
jesper_Ben64: Haha, I think you might be on to something00:22
Jordan_Uramkam2013: LVM actually adds steps for this particular use, rather than reducing them. For LVM you need to make the partition larger, then make the volume group larger, then make the logical volume larger, and finally resize the filesystem: https://techmomblog.wordpress.com/tag/pvextend/00:22
Ben64Robr3rd: more ram is always good00:22
Robr3rdBen64: and cheap00:22
bekksBen64: Gimme a minute, gotta take a look for the toddler here.00:23
Ben64yeah, ram prices have fell a lot lately00:23
ramkam2013Jordan_U: i'm following this now - https://codesilence.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/live-resizing-of-an-ext4-filesytem-on-linux/00:23
Robr3rdSo on a laptop...I'm not sure if I understand...how it's even working right now.00:23
profallI have on-board motherboard sound card Realtek ALC89200:24
profallDo I need to install drivers for Ubuntu 14.04 or will it work fine out of the box?00:24
jesper_Ben64: You where right on the money, sorry to bother you haha - I should've figured that one out myself00:24
Ben64profall: most devices work out of the box00:24
Ben64jesper_: no problem. you should be able to reconnect and open nvidia-settings and set stuff properly00:24
Robr3rdbekks, k1l_: I have 12GB of RAM and no swap, but I think It's hibernating or something not sure. If I shut the lid or hit the hardware "hibernate" keyboard combo then it...I guess hibernates... whenI open it I can resume.00:24
Robr3rdBut there's no RAM. So...is this just a suspend mode that I'm misunderstanding?00:25
profallBen64 it is quieter then usual00:25
k1l_Robr3rd: that is standby00:25
k1l_Robr3rd: that is "keep power on ram". hibernation is "i power donw ram so i need to copy that to swap"00:25
Robr3rds/no RAM/no swap00:25
Jordan_Uramkam2013: That post doesn't cover the additional steps needed for LVM.00:25
jesper_Ben64: I don't know how I would set things back properly though - I don't see the settings for my second monitor since it's not plugged in00:26
Ben64jesper_: plug it back in :D00:26
jesper_Ben64: Nevermind, I see the reset button now!00:26
Robr3rdOkay. So the only fundamental difference is that suspend will drain the battery (and resume quicker, but on an SSD I'd imagine that's negligible)00:26
jesper_Ben64: Would you recommend me resetting it or plugging the monitor back in?00:26
Ben64jesper_: should be able to plug it back in, then configure it00:27
Robr3rdk1l_: ^ (keep forgetting to prefix the message with usernames... It's been awhile since I've been on IRC, heheh00:27
bekksBen64: Set "vm.panic_on_oom=0", "vm.swappiness=0", "oom_kill_allocating_task=1" in /etc/sysctl.conf00:28
Ben64bekks: thanks, didn't know that was an option00:28
bekksBen64: you can even configure the OOM to be disabled, but that might impose other serious issues.00:29
virtuosojJust downloaded Xenial 16.04!  Any tips for first time install?00:29
virtuosojAny changes in Unity? Is Unity 8 any good?00:29
mcphailbekks: Out of interest, what does the vm.swappiness do if there is no swap in use?00:30
bekksmcphail: actually nothing.00:30
virtuosojwhy is Unity the only DE with a native dock00:31
mcphailbekks: thanks for the oom_kill_allocating_task hint. I hadn't realised that could be a problem. I thought the memory-hogging process was killed by default00:31
jesper_Ben64: It's not working as I'd hoped... If I reset it, it still shows everything doubled on my monitor00:31
k1l_Robr3rd: its both calles suspend: suspend2disk (hibernation which needs swap) and suspend2ram (standby)00:31
bekksmcphail: thats what a user expects, but unfortunately isnt the default. :)00:32
Ben64jesper_: well you have to set the positioning correctly in nvidia-settings00:32
bekksBen64: just for the record: "vm.oom_kill_allocating_task=1".00:33
jesper_Ben64: When I plugged it in it didn't register that I did, I hit Detect Displays but it still didn't recognize it00:33
phat3test message00:35
jesper_Ben64: It registered now, I just plugged it back out and in00:35
ramkam2013Jordan_U: i dont understand what i'm doing. damn, will give it a try tomorrow, too late now00:38
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Robr3rdk1l_: Those are the package names I take it?00:42
Jordan_Ubekks: mcphail: I personally expect that the task killed will be a process that is relatively "unimportant" and using a large amount of RAM. If Firefox uses 98% of the RAM, then dpkg tries to allocate 3% of ram triggering the OOM killer, I want it to kill Firefox, not dpkg.00:42
jesper_Ben64: I have now changed all the settings but everything is still doubled on my panels00:42
k1l_Robr3rd: no, that is the name for the technic.00:42
=== tim_hortons is now known as bbq
Jordan_Ubekks: mcphail: To be clear, in the situation I specified with oom_kill_allocating_task=1 dpkg will be killed, possibly breaking your system in the middle of a package update. With oom_kill_allocating_task=0, firefox would be killed (a mild inconvenience) and dpkg would continue running happily.00:45
Robr3rdk1l_: Ah, okay. So what about Question "1a" (which we'll just call 3 for sanity)? If my laptop has a process that starts hogging all of the RAM (generally Android Studio) I can't drop to a virtual terminal. Meanwhile, if my RAM gets hogged on the desktop I can still do so just fine? (Both would be plugged in to eliminate risk of CPU throttling, and the laptop has dual rear exhaust so heat throttling (monitoring temps) is also not causi00:45
Robr3rdRather, it *will* hit a virtual terminal *eventually* but it takes minutes to do so.00:46
Jordan_URobr3rd: Your message was cut off at "is also not causi".00:46
Robr3rd"...is also not causing it)?"00:46
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k1l_Robr3rd: that sounds more like tha cpu is all busy too00:46
jesper_Ben64: I just removed them all and re-added them, seemed to have worked! haha00:46
Robr3rdJordan_U: Thank you. Apparently CIRC (Chrome App) has no concept of "here...lemme split this up for you..."00:47
Jordan_URobr3rd: I enable all sysrq functionality on all of my personal machines, and use alt+sysrq+f to manually trigger the OOM killer when a low RAM machine starts becomming unresponsive due to memory exhaustion.00:48
Robr3rdk1l_: When I check it (while Android Studio is still running and RAM is still maxed out) It only shows 70% CPU...which is way too high for a quad-core i7 IMO but still not alarming00:49
Robr3rdOf course, by the time I check it the CPU may have managed to spin some stuff down of course.00:49
Robr3rdJordan_U: What about a high RAM machine?00:49
Jordan_URobr3rd: I can't remember personally ever needing to use alt+sysrq+f with a machine that had more than 2 GiB of RAM.00:50
Robr3rdJordan_U: Well, I suppose nowadays 12GB is somewhat of an "upper average" but still, that's a fair bit of RAM, methinks00:50
h4tt3rHello I am on a RasPi2 with "Ubuntu MATE" installed.  I installed PlayOnLinux, which installed "wine-development" which appears to be the bleeding edge release.  However PlayOnLinux cannot find wine, and, the command "wine" does not exist only the command "wine-development" exists.  I tried to symlink in /usr/bin/ (by running "sudo ln -s wine-development ./wine" inside said directory), but, that did not let PlayOnLinux find wine.00:51
h4tt3rHow can I point it correctly?00:51
tonytanyone happen to know how to fix an error "unable to load kernal module" while installing a gtx 960 nvidia driver?00:51
Robr3rdJordan_U: And 2GB would make sense, but man...12? I just don't understand why this is even a problem. I can only imagine a memory leak in Android Studio not clearing out VMs between tests (which is entirely possible)00:52
Jordan_Ubekks: Reading the backlog, I completely disagree with your characterization of the default OOM killer behaviour, and your characterization of the oom_kill_allocating_task=1 behavior and I things it's irresponsible to pass on such mischaracterizations to those seeking support.00:54
Jordan_URobr3rd: Have you been watching your RAM usage before such unresponsiveness to confirm that that's what's causing the problem? If so, have you looked at what processes are using the most RAM?00:56
h4tt3rAh!!! I may have answer.  Typing helped.  I just googled : "playonlinux cannot find wine"00:56
Robr3rdJordan_U: Yep. And I get to watch Android Studio climb and climb over time (directly correlating to frequent consecutive tests/re-tests which destroys & spins up a new Android VM).00:57
Robr3rdJordan_U: If I close AS (from now on Android Studio because I'm lazy) periodically, then I can prevent the issue.00:57
Bashing-omtonyt: Is " linux-generic " installed ?00:58
Robr3rdThe program can sit for hours and be fine, but heaven forbid I start to run tests.00:58
Jordan_URobr3rd: Then you should figure out what is causing the leaks and get it fixed, or if you really just want to work around the problem run AS in a separate memory limited cgroup.00:59
tonytbashing not sure. its a new install of 14.0401:00
tonythow can i install it via cli bashing?01:00
cortexmani booted into command line recovery mode and am not line01:00
Bashing-omtonyt: Check 1st . ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' .01:01
cortexmanmy hard drive appears to be in read only mode01:01
tonytk will do that01:01
cortexmani am in recovery root mode to fix graphics drivers problems01:01
cortexmani need write access01:01
Robr3rdJordan_U: "memory limited cgroup" Now that's an idea I never even considered! --- Well, aside from AS issues, would you agree that a lack of swap should not prevent my ability to access a virtual term?01:01
h4tt3rYeah I went into the "Manage WINE versions" menu, found version "1.2.27-PathOfExile" because it is a pretty good version, and, hopefully this works hehehehehe01:01
Robr3rdAnd it's probably a CPU bottleneck in that situation?01:02
Bashing-omcortexman: ' mount -o remount,rw / ' (Note there is no space after the comma.) ro enable writting to the root file system .01:03
tonytbashing http://pastebin.com/XDA2vY4c01:03
cortexmanBashing-om: what about networking?01:04
cortexmanmaybe that's not working due to write-only filesystem01:04
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Bashing-omcortexman: to eneable networking .. check the option when booting into recovery " eneable networking" .01:06
Jordan_URobr3rd: When you start getting unresponsiveness due to memory pressure it's because things that would normally be still in cache, like executable code loaded from disk, is pushed out of cache and so needs to be read from disk again. Want to start a new tty? Now PAM needs to be read from disk again, and bash, and your bashrc, and if using user mode setting then the mode setting code, etc, etc. On a normal01:06
Jordan_Uly functioning machine, all of those things are used so frequently that any time you want to use them they're found in cache.01:06
cortexmanBashing-om: that froze at enabling Braille device support01:07
h4tt3rcrap.  NOPE if I goto "Configure WINE" inside the PlayOnLinux config window for my restored Game, it does nothing.  :-(  I have a special WINE version installed, but, because it cannot see a "System" version of WINE it's not working.01:07
Bashing-omtonyt: Jordan_U Not sure .. if " linux-generic-lts-vivid " serves the same purpose to build the Nvidia driver as the " linux-generic" module .01:08
h4tt3rSo close yet no cigar!!!!  IMPRESSIVE though!!! I want to see "ALICE" and "SILENTHILL2" in WINE on RasPi.  :-)  Keep up the AWESOME work you all.  And stay cool.01:08
Robr3rdJordan_U: Ohhh, okay. Yeah that makes sense. So leaving all of this "memory issue" stuff behind us, what would you suggest for swap size? Is the suggestion still "your swap should be as large as your RAM (or what of it you use)?"01:08
Bashing-omcortexman: "  Braille device support " is beyond my range of experience .01:08
h4tt3rEven just McGee's ALICE would be crazy nuts on RasPi.  :-D01:09
cortexmanBashing-om: how about manually uninstalling nvidia drivers installed using their .run installer01:09
Robr3rdJordan_U: My follow-up question being, "I know it's terrible to have swap on SSD, so would it be better to have it on SSD or to create a partition on the HDD that also lives in my laptop?"01:10
Jordan_URobr3rd: Ironically, swap can actually help this situation by slowing things down. If you start running out of RAM and you have swap, then things get swapped out to disk and things that would normally be resident in memory (memory already allocated to a running process) suddently start needing to read from disk (swap), and so apps start to slow down. But swap can only fill up as fast as you can write to y01:11
Jordan_Uour hard drive (orders of magnitude faster than you can exhaust RAM) and so you notice things getting slower and deal with it before your machine is completely unresponsive. Without swap, this whole process happens with super fast RAM and thus you can go from everything seeming great and respnsive to glacially slow before you can react to do anything about it.01:11
Bashing-omcortexman: sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*"  //// ./Nvidiawhatever.run --uninstall (must be cd'd to the directory/location) .01:11
cortexmangreat tip thanks01:12
Bashing-omtonyt: While we are waiting on additional guidance . show us ' pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log ' and we see what X is doing .01:14
Robr3rdJordan_U: That's a great point -- I never thought about it that way! (also see follow-up question just before your bit of gospel there)01:14
Jordan_URobr3rd: It's not terrible to have swap on an SSD. SSDs have much higher write cycle limits than people expect.01:15
tonytbashing ok sec01:16
tonytbashing http://pastebin.com/kZ3mn5Jv01:17
Robr3rdJordan_U: Ah, okay. And this particular drive isn't off-brand or anything. It's one of the Samsungs that you always see around so it should be pretty reliable. So does the old adage still apply of "just match your swap to whatever your RAM is usually going to be for hibernate"? (also, what happens if (example) I have 10G of RAM used and 8G swap and I hit hibernate?01:18
frostschutzRobr3rd, ka-boom?01:18
Jordan_URobr3rd: Since you have 15 GiB of RAM, you're probably not going to be using swap as a way to get better performance (having swap *can* increase performance on low RAM machines) so you're mostly using it for slowing down the process of running out of memory and for hibernation. So resuming from hibernation will be faster from an SSD, but if you don't have a lot of room to spare on the SSD you might as wel01:19
Robr3rdfrostschutz: Heheh. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Excess gets killed" vs "Excess goes to suspend and slowly sips at your battery as if in suspend"01:19
Jordan_Ul waste space on the HDD instead.01:19
frostschutzRobr3rd, at best, the hibernate will not happen01:20
frostschutzhibernate is awful anyhow, if it's not long-term, best to suspend to ram instead01:20
Robr3rdfrostschutz: So the manager might say, "Eh...this stuff isn't going to fit...let's just suspend all of it"?01:20
Bashing-omtonyt: reading.01:20
Jordan_URobr3rd: If you're using more virtual memory (RAM + Swap usage) than you have swap space when you try to hibernate then cache will be thrown out until your VM usage is smaller than available swap. If that can't be done, then hibernation will fail (and I don't know off hand how gracefully that is handled).01:21
mattkimhello everyone01:22
Robr3rdJordan_U: Okay, thanks. I'd imagine most of the uncertainty will vary wildly by system/distro based on how the manager is configured anyway.01:22
tonytk thanks01:23
Jordan_URobr3rd: You're welcome.01:23
Bashing-omtonyt: So far so good "  20.829] (II) NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  361.28  Wed Feb  3 14:48:10 PST 2016 " the Nvidia driver did build .01:23
Robr3rdJordan_U: Is there any kind of reasonable equivalent of OS X's dynamic swap space allocation? (I haven't dug into it much since it's just a work machine, but it looks like it will grow swap in 1GiB increments (I assume to a limit) and gradually dial it back down to 0GiB as physical memory becomes consistently available.01:24
tonytso ignore the error bashing that im getting at the end of the installation? "unable to load kernel module"01:24
Robr3rdJordan_U: This isn't something I plan on configuring right now or anything, but rather more of a, "I've been wondering so I may as well ask!" deal01:25
tonytother that that error the resolution is at 1080 wich is where its supposed to be at. but i was going to try to install arma 3 on steam to see how it runs. im wondering with that error will it actually run01:25
Jordan_U!info swapspace | Robr3rd01:26
ubottuRobr3rd: swapspace (source: swapspace): dynamic swap space manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10-4ubuntu3 (wily), package size 29 kB, installed size 118 kB01:26
minitruehey, how can i block someone from sending me query messages ?01:28
minitrueits geting annoying01:29
TTTA_Anyone up for a challenge and a bit of hand-holding tonight? I'm about ready to shoot my computer and would absolutely LOVE some help01:30
squinty  /ignore *!*zz@* ALL   (stops all from one user eg user "zz")01:30
Bashing-omtonyt: Still reading " 21.843] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2] Setup complete >> 24.426] (--) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Ancor Communications Inc ASUS MX239 (DFP-1): connected " still look'n good .01:30
TTTA_So I had a dual win10/UBUNTU machine, it was running great01:31
squintyminitrue,  or use the following to block all pm's  /ignore *!*@* PRIV01:31
Robr3rdJordan_U: Thanks for your help and the time it took to offer such! Have a great day/night!01:31
minitruesquinty: thanks!01:31
TTTA_One day I screwed something up with UBUNTU, couldn't get past the login, just decided to nuke UBUNTU01:32
TTTA_I reformatted the partition UBUNTU was on01:32
TTTA_I was helping me last night until I passed out01:33
=== ERROR is now known as Guest36492
TTTA_*Jordan_U was helping me01:33
Bashing-omtonyt: I do not understand why the system polled through the display ports a dozen times, but I see no problem . You are only using the one monitor. right ?01:34
zamNhi, i messed up my boot partition cause i resized the partition and now grub wont show up when booting. I'm currently im in the ubuntu livecd..but not sure what to do :X -- should i try resintalling grub? Is there any way i can do a 'health check' of my ubuntu install?01:34
=== DANtheBE- is now known as DANtheBEASTman
tonytyes jsut on lcd01:34
TTTA_zamN: I think I'm in the same boat as you01:35
zamNmaybe? I had a working ubuntu/mac osx dual partition setup working.. I needed to resize my ubuntu root partition, so i resized my mac partition to get free space. THen i used gparted to move partitions around until I could resize my root partition using the unallocated space. Now that I resized my root partition I no longer can boot into ubuntu (so it seems)01:36
Bashing-omtonyt: Display is good ? Where and when are you seeing that advisory ?01:36
Jordan_U!bootinfo | zamN01:36
ubottuzamN: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.01:36
tonytwell when i installed the driver i booted up and just hit ctrl+alt+f1 to drop to just a terminal bashing01:37
zamNugh the livecd doesnt have wifi drivers :(01:37
RoundDuckMannI'm back, and after trying to install, I froze at the part where it warns you about if there's any BIOS OSes. I used sudo sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sda to wipe SSD afterwords (though it looked like it still was wiped already...), is that enough?01:38
Jordan_UzamN: What happens when you try to boot Ubuntu? How are you trying to boot Ubuntu?01:38
zamNJordan_U well, grub isnt showing up so I have to boot through mac osx's shitty boot menu01:38
RoundDuckMannAlso, I admit to forgetting to make an EFI partition, but it still should've installed still01:39
=== coy is now known as Guest23581
zamNand when i do i get the infinite blinking cursor01:39
Jordan_UzamN: So you're holding option at boot? Something else?01:39
zamNJordan_U yes im holding option01:40
zamNand im booting into 'windows'01:40
Bashing-omtonyt: Presently, I do not see that there is a problem . All I can say is reboot and see what things look like .01:40
TTTAJordan_U: sorry I passed out when you were helping me last night01:40
tonyteverything looks fine so far bashing. just worried about downloading a game through steam and it not working cause the driver didnt install correctly01:41
Jordan_UzamN: Then you currently have Ubuntu configure to boot via BIOS, I would recommend configuring it to boot via EFI instead.01:41
zamNJordan_U: are you sure? I had this completely working fine right before i resized my root partition01:41
Bashing-omtonyt: Log says the driver is installed .. and no complaints .01:41
tonytthanks for the info bashing. guess ill jsut give it a shot and see what happens01:41
zamNgrub was completely working right before this resize as well Jordan_U01:41
tonytok. good enough01:41
Bashing-omtonyt: :) caution is a good thing .01:42
jimyou guys have a judd-like bot? (can query package versions, maints, etc)01:43
RoundDuckMannI'm back, and after trying to install, I froze at the part where it warns you about if there's any BIOS OSes. I used sudo sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sda to wipe SSD afterwords (though it looked like it still was wiped already...), is that enough?01:43
tonytthanks bashing for reading the log01:43
Jordan_UzamN: If you want to continue booting via BIOS that will probably work fine, and you probably just need to re-install grub. Sometimes computers firmware will initialize hardware differently when booting via CSM than when booting via UEFI, usually to the detriment of the OS loaded via CSM, but if you haven't noticed any problems then just re-installing grub-pc will get you back to where you were (assuming01:44
Jordan_Uthere isn't more gone wrong, it's hard to tell).01:44
Jordan_UTTTA: No problem. Honestly, I don't remember what we were working on :)01:44
zamNJordan_U i got wifi!01:45
zamNgonna try that link you gave me01:45
cortexmani've got my nvidia issues largely fixed, but my second monitor isn't detected01:45
TTTAJordan_U: just trying to get me back to accessing my computer at all. Kept getting different errors depending on which HDD/SSD I tried to load from01:45
TTTAI had a dual win10/Ubuntu machine and I nuked the Ubuntu partition the wrong way01:46
Bashing-omtonyt: np .. glad there is no problem .01:46
jimhow do I find versions of rtorrent in ubuntu (I don't run it, trying to help someone)01:46
Jordan_Ujim: What do you mean by "find versions". You can install rtorrent by installing the "rtorrent" package.01:47
TTTAI'm running UBUNTU currently from the liveCD (liveUSB, in this case), but I can't figure out how to run UBUNTU or WIN10 without the live USB01:47
TTTAwhen I try to boot from the SSD that's supposed to have WIN10 on it, I get a can't find device error, then a grub message01:47
jimJordan_U, I don't run ubuntu, but trying to help someone who is. I wanted to find the version of rtorrent in latest stable ubuntu to start with01:48
Jordan_U!info rtorrent | jim01:48
ubottujim: rtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent from rakshasa. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.2-1build1 (wily), package size 473 kB, installed size 1583 kB01:48
jimit would be nice if I could show him how to search for that stuff too01:48
Dylan____Is there like some application that shows messages etc for android on ubuntu?01:48
Dylan____Similar to the thing that kde has for android phones01:49
cortexmanBashing-om: any idea on getting second monitor working?01:49
xanguaDylan____: there's pushbullet01:49
TTTAthe SSD that I just reinstalled UBUNTU on, when booted from, gets me to the UBUNTU login screen, but the I get a few different screens flashed, ending with just a blank monitor01:49
jimJordan_U, does the rtorrent source package also contain LibTorrent?01:49
Jordan_Ujim: It's a little odd that you want someone to use rtorrent that doesn't know how to search for packages. I would think that transmission-gtk, which comes with Ubuntu by default and is fully graphical, would be a better choice.01:49
zamNJordan_U: My boot info is here: www.zamn.net/mybootinfo.txt01:49
xanguaThere's browser add-on and unofficial desktop client Dylan____01:49
Jordan_UTTTA: Please run boot info scrip: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.01:50
TTTAthis is beyond my level of google-fu01:50
Bashing-omcortexman: That is something I am not qualified in .01:50
jimI think he's looking at either backporting or else statically linking with the lib01:50
Dylan____Ok ill look knto01:51
Dylan____It thanks01:51
Jordan_Ujim: Again, this type of thing doesn't seem like the type of thing that would be done by someone who doesn't know how to use a pacakge manager. What is your/their end goal here? What is your/their level of experience with Ubuntu or GNU/Linux in general?01:51
jimand the part where you said "that you want to use ..." is not the right thing, he came to me/us with that01:52
dogarrheawhy are gimp cropped images from windows environment shown as clipped images in ubuntu?01:52
Bashing-omjim: Searching the repository ' apt-cache search torrent ' from terminal .. find of interest then particulars ' apt-cache show rtorrent ' .01:52
jimI've run debian for about 2 decades or so01:52
Jordan_Udogarrhea: What do you mean by "shown as clipped images"?01:52
jimso I have a lottle experience :)01:52
jimhim, I dunno yet01:53
zamNJordan_U: i think my biggest problem here is this Grub2 (v1.99) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks at sector01:53
zamN    441934840 of the same hard drive for core.img, but core.img can not be01:53
zamN    found at this location01:53
TTTAJordan_U: http://termbin.com/v7wj01:53
dogarrheai have a picture of a dog.  i autocrop image in gimp in windows.  i export to png.  i copy image to shared folder on windows. in guest ubuntu i open image from shared folder. the dog's legs are cut off01:55
Jordan_Ujim: Well then you already know how to use apt-cache search, apt-get install, and apt-chache show. Whether you want to teach them to use those tools or Ubuntu Software Center depends on their level of experience and their goals. Frankly if you don't know what they're actually trying to accomplish, or their level of experience, then there's not much we can do to help you help them. Maybe just have them joi01:55
Jordan_Un the channel themselves, or come back to use when you know more about their situation.01:56
muchachaohi guys, which display manager will be provided by default on 16.04?01:57
cortexmanwho knows how to get my second monitor working? i'm using the nvidia & cuda drivers via the cuda .deb01:57
cortexmani manually installed the nvidia better drivers (via .run) - after system surgery, i only have one monitor working01:57
Jordan_Udogarrhea: Can you upload this png file somewhere for us to try opening it ourselves? (Assuming that the image is actually safe for work / appropriate).01:57
Jordan_Umuchachao: #ubuntu+1 for 16.0401:57
jimI think one of the problems is he's getting encouraged to build rtorrent from source and link to existing libs, and I'm not sure he should do that01:57
zamNJordan_U: I have my root partition mounted via the livcd.. should i just try fixing my grub install?01:58
jimwhat is the latest stable ubuntu version?01:58
zamNit seems like my data is all here :P01:58
zamNjim 15.10 i believe01:58
Jordan_Ujim: Again, get more information and then come back or have them come here. From what you've said so far it seems like they are very confused and are being given inappropriate advice, but it's hard to tell.01:58
jimseems that way to me too01:59
dogarrheathere's already a bug report on this apparently01:59
django_hey all01:59
django_how can i get rid of this: https://bpaste.net/show/59e233ea388b01:59
NOTNICKHow are all of you?01:59
NOTNICKHi timmy2!02:00
jimif he does what he's being advised to do, he'll end up with something that only works under certain conditions and isn't very upgradable... ok, I'll find otu02:00
NOTNICKIs this a place where people can learn from others how to best install and utilize linux on their machines?02:00
Jordan_UzamN: It looks like your install is configured to boot via EFI already. When things were working, did you need to hold option to boot into Ubuntu?02:00
NOTNICKOr perhaps I should seek greener pastures?02:01
zamNno Jordan_U, i only had to do that before because grub was not showing up on boot02:01
zamNNOTNICK: you might want ##linux02:01
NOTNICKI'll even through you a little mBTC for walking me through it.02:01
Jordan_UNOTNICK: This channel is for Ubuntu related support questions, not for any other linux distribution, but yes.02:01
NOTNICKThanks zamN.02:01
NOTNICKI will stay here for now. But will check there as well.02:02
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Are you using Ubuntu?02:02
Bashing-omdjango_: ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ' compare to ' tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' and remove the duplicate " http://repository.spotify.com/ " .02:02
NOTNICKI am attempting to.02:02
NOTNICKI am a complete babe in this world.02:02
TTTAJordan_U: the last thing you had me do before I passed out last night was run something through grub that showed all my hard drives and partitions02:03
NOTNICKBut from what I read ubuntu is the thing to use02:03
NOTNICKMagento the antinuts etc.02:03
Jordan_UzamN: Follow this guide but stop after step 11 (so don't run grub-install yet) and tell me when you're there: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot02:04
zamNJordan_U: I'm already chroot'd02:04
NOTNICKWhy can't I post in ##ub zamN?02:04
NOTNICKIs there a noob trick?02:04
zamNi dont know what ##ub is NOTNICK02:05
Jordan_UzamN: Have you bind mounted /dev/, /proc/, and /sys/ within the chroot?02:05
NOTNICKThe channel you suggest I tried for advice.02:05
zamNNOTNICK you probably need to register with nickserv02:05
zamNNOTNICK: /msg nickserv help02:05
zamNJordan_U: no i ahve not02:06
tinyalphahow you all doing02:06
NOTNICKIt will not be large, but if I like you it could be, and if you do a good job.02:06
tinyalphalinux is not that good of an operating system unless you lern how to use it02:06
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Please don't post such "announcements" or use all caps.02:06
zamNJordan_U: I basically ran: sudo mount /dev/sda5 (where my root partition is) /mnt02:06
zamNand then chroot'd02:06
zamNshould I restart and try again?02:06
dodo3773NOTNICK: What specifically are you trying to learn (I have no interest in your bitcoins; but I will help you if I can)?02:06
NOTNICKI apologize.02:07
Bashing-om!manual | NOTNICK02:07
ubottuNOTNICK: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:07
zamNwell actually i dont think my /boot dir is a different partiion Jordan_U02:07
NOTNICKI appreciate your generorisity.02:07
jimNOTNICK, dude, that's seriously annoying... could you lay off the all-caps02:07
NOTNICKI want to learn the basics.02:07
NOTNICKHow do... I'm not.. ?02:07
NOTNICKHow do I change name?02:07
jimso, you probably want to start learning the shell02:07
jim /nick whatevernick02:08
NOTNICK:change name nameeyy02:08
Jordan_UTTTA: I need the contents of the RESULTS.txt, not the output printed to the screen.02:08
zamNJordan_U: okay, i just mounted them all actually02:08
TTTAout, my bad02:08
zamNJordan_U: now should I chroot?02:08
Jordan_UzamN: Pasteing the contents of /proc/mounts for me to see to confirm it looks correct first.02:08
NOTNICKHow about now Jordan_U?02:09
NOTNICKI don''t get it. I followed jim's advice.02:09
jimNOTNICK, you seem excited... maybe a good thing would be to take a few breaths02:10
NOTNICKI am excited.02:10
NOTNICKPlease don't pander to my excitement.02:11
zamNJordan_U: www.zamn.net/mounts.txt here you go sir02:11
jimNOTNICK, and that's a good thing... and, this learning is going to take time02:11
NOTNICKADHD is nothing but a brilliant way for big pharma to make a massive fortune.02:11
NOTNICKI understand, jimbo, I am I willing to take the time.02:11
jimthat sounds like a commitment to learn, to me02:12
NOTNICKDo not allow my outter exuberance to belie my inner virtues.02:12
NOTNICKI thank you for your kind words.02:12
jimit's not always going to be easy02:13
jimare you running ubuntu now?02:13
Jordan_UzamN: sudo umount /dev/sda102:14
zamNJordan_U: done02:14
NOTNICKI have thumbs, double double discs, got 3 machines.02:14
jimok, are you running any linux?02:14
NOTNICKAnd a tool kit replete with all the kinds of goodies necessary to soldier, etc etc machines.02:14
Jordan_UzamN: sudo chroot /mnt/02:14
zamNok im chroot'd Jordan_U02:15
NOTNICKClosest I've done is a tiny bit of btc mining coding, and Wine.02:15
Jordan_UzamN: Now within the chroot "mount -a"02:15
zamNJordan_U: alright that worked02:15
NOTNICKIhave these beater some one threw away02:15
NOTNICKit's a presario 2002 but i cleaned it nicely and it actually runs really fast!'02:15
Jordan_UzamN: Please pastebin the output of "efibootmgr".02:16
NOTNICKI check out the diags and it's running consistently under 30%.02:16
jimok, so you've already said you want to put the time in to learn linux (congratulations, that's a great first step), are you doing this for your own reasons? for a job? for school?02:16
NOTNICKAll in the same.02:16
NOTNICKAnd Jim, you're my sensai.02:16
NOTNICKI sense it immediately.02:16
NOTNICKIf you'll have me. *bows traditionally japanesely*02:17
jimwell no :) but I'll help you get started02:17
NOTNICKWorks for me!02:17
* squinty thank goodness for ignore toggles02:17
zamNJordan_U: www.zamn.net/efibootmgr.txt02:18
jimsee tho, I dunno if it should be the shell first, or some programs... howbout this: one thing you should have at least a vague idea of, is what files go where in your installation... but you don't have any installed?02:19
Jordan_UzamN: Interesting. I'm surprised that the Ubuntu entry there wasn't an option at boot when you held option. (It should have been labeled "Ubuntu", not "Windows").02:19
zamNJordan_U: yeah.. id idnt see an ubuntu surprisingly02:19
NOTNICKcan we do this a much more efficient way02:19
jimyeah, that's not good. you should pick one of those machines and install a linux onto it... maybe ubuntu?02:20
zamNi read online that it would show up as Windows because we're tricking OSX into thinking its dual booting windows? Jordan_U02:20
=== coffeegmug is now known as coffeeguy
Jordan_UzamN: That would be the case if we were configuring Ubuntu to boot via BIOS, but we aren't.02:20
zamNi see why you were confused now :)02:20
Jordan_UzamN: Anyway, run "grub-install" (with no other arguments) and it should fix the problem, but then it would be nice to know what caused the boot order to change (from grub first to OSX first) in the first place, to hopefully prevent it from happening again.02:21
zamNJordan_U: so reboot after that should fix things?02:22
NOTNICKif you dont mind02:22
NOTNICKlet's not waste either of our time02:22
jimNOTNICK, I actually don't do private help sessions right now... like I say, you should figure out which linux you want to install (as long as you're here anyway, ubuntu should be a good possiblity02:22
zamNJordan_U: As I said before, I resized my root partition, which means i moved the actual partition location02:22
zamNbecause i extended it02:22
zamNso my guess is grub just had no idea where this was02:23
Jordan_UzamN: That shouldn't have any effect on the order of EFI boot entries.02:23
NOTNICKor devian02:23
NOTNICKi pick ubuntu02:23
jimNOTNICK, the nice folks here can help you with installing ubuntu if that's what you decide to do... it's a good choice for someone who's new, and it will grow with you02:23
zamN:P idk but that seems to have fixed it Jordan_U02:23
NOTNICKI will pay you for your time.02:23
NOTNICKTHank you02:23
NOTNICKWill anyone private coach me?02:24
Jordan_UNOTNICK: From now on, I expect all of your comments in this channel to either be direct support questions or answers to the questions of others. This additional chatter is cluttering the channel.02:24
Jordan_UzamN: I'm curious: How are you booting OSX?02:25
NOTNICKFair enough.02:25
NOTNICKTo the boot.02:25
zamNJordan_U: through grub lol02:25
NOTNICKI am in possession of a 2002 presario.02:25
NOTNICKI want to gut that ****, and run linux on it.02:26
NOTNICKIs this possible?02:26
zamNJordan_U: gah.. not its asking for a password before it mounts /home i guess02:26
zamNJordan_U: but i cant even see my user input02:26
NOTNICKJordan U if I am to get lip from you I expect to get it quick.02:26
Jordan_UzamN: That's odd, because according to the boot info script output you posted there is no OSX entry in your grub.cfg. Did you add an entry manually to your custom.cfg?02:26
NOTNICKIf you aren't the man to help me, free, or paid, I will find the man for the job.02:27
zamNyeah i did Jordan_U02:27
NOTNICKI did Jordan Him*.02:27
Jordan_UzamN: OK, good job adding it to custom.cfg, which I consider to be the correct place but which few people seem to know about :)02:27
=== iequals1 is now known as imrekt
NOTNICKI realize I've never attended these meetings before.02:28
profallFirefox is really, really slow02:28
profallCompared to chrome02:28
nondescriptAnybody familiar with how to repair an LVM partition?02:28
profallAny suggestions? I know firefox is preferred apparently on Ubuntu02:28
NOTNICKBut I would really like Jordan_U to answer my questions, as he requested I do so so kurtly.02:28
zamNgah, Jordan_U: when i try to boot into ubuntu I keep getting the message: 'Please enter passphrase for disk APPLE_SSD_SM256E (cryptswap1) on none!' .. but when I try to enter in a password *nothing* shows up on screen02:29
NOTNICKIt's all but fair.02:29
zamNJordan_U: do you happen to know a non-gui way to get around this?02:29
NOTNICKApparently he's too popular.02:29
NOTNICKI will find another watering hole.02:29
Jordan_UNOTNICK: We are all volunteers, so we get to choose what support questions we do and don't want to answer. I haven't accepted your payment and wont. I am not your employee, and you are not entitled to support.02:29
NOTNICKThanks for nothing neophytes.02:29
zamNgoodbye NOTNICK02:30
zamNdont let the door hit you on your way out02:30
NOTNICKI will.02:30
NOTNICKI assure you.02:30
NOTNICKI am not entitled.02:30
skweekwhat are the ubuntu key bindings for screenshots and extra functionality screenshots?02:30
NOTNICKBut I came here thinking, hey02:30
NOTNICKthey guys know they're stuff02:30
zamNskweek: you mean the print screen button on the keyboard?02:30
NOTNICKmaybe they wouldn't mind givin' me a hand!?02:30
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Your next comment that is not a direct support question will lead to your being banned. Please stop now.02:30
NOTNICKAnd jee I guess I was wrong.02:30
zamNskweek: theres also alt+print screen to just capture your window02:30
alive876hi can nyone explain for me vnc "listener mode" , it seems its something you set up initiate in both the client and server , on 5500, and seems to hve something to do with firewalls02:31
skweekzamN: no, like alt ctrl shift combinations to capture sections02:31
NOTNICKI have a 2002 presario that I want to run on linux.02:31
NOTNICKIs this possible?02:31
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss this channel's policies.02:31
NOTNICKI don't.02:31
NOTNICKI want to learn linus.02:31
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Most likely, yes. But it's impossible to say for sure without knowing the exact hardware. If the LiveCD/USB works fine then you'll probably have little problems installing it.02:32
=== coffeeguy is now known as Hofffman
=== Hofffman is now known as coffeeguy
skweekzamN: this is what I was refering to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts02:32
jimdo you guys also have a netinstall image?02:32
raleighcan i make ctrl+left/right/backspace work with camel case?02:32
Jordan_U!minimal | jim02:33
ubottujim: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:33
TTTAJordan_U: the sourceforge output you asked for: http://pastebin.com/ZhVCeKhP02:34
OneM_IndustriesHi! I am attempting to make a share on my Ubuntu 14.04 box accessible from my RasPI. I have attempted to set up a network share, but it did not seem to take, as the PI was unable to mount it. Any ideas?02:34
Jordan_Ujim: If you're literally referring to PXE boot or similar then the kernel and initramfs on the Minimal CD are the same as you would use for PXE boot, and are also available for download as individual files.02:34
jimI haven't done anything with pxe in years02:34
=== crondd is now known as crond
jimdoes the minimal also contain the base of ubuntu?02:35
NOTNICKTHank you Jordun02:35
NOTNICKWhat's the difference between a stick an cd?02:35
NOTNICKAnd why should I use one and not the other?02:35
jimif you don't have a cd burner02:35
NOTNICKIs there a dark format to this place?02:36
TTTAThe LiveCD and LiveUSB will be functionally identical, to my knowledge. But it's hard to use a LiveCD when your computer doesn't have an optical drive02:36
NOTNICKMy eyes will bleed.02:36
Jordan_Ujim: The minimal CD can't install anything without an internet connection, and (as long as you pay careful attention while installing) can install any flavor of Ubuntu, or a custom selection of packages.02:36
NOTNICKAnyway to mod this white abomination?02:36
LambdaComplexit's 2016 so pretty much everything should be a hybrid iso02:36
NOTNICKI see, thank you TTTA.02:37
NOTNICKCan you reexplain that last part Jordan please?02:37
FlannelNOTNICK: The format is entirely within your client, so you'd have to check your client options to see if there's a dark theme for IRC.02:37
NOTNICKHow might a complete fledgling do that.02:38
NOTNICKTop right corner pocket?02:38
Huliohi guys02:38
Hulioi love ubuntu mate02:38
Huliobest classic UI02:38
NOTNICKYou lost me with that one Flannel.02:39
HulioIt runs so fast on regular non SSD02:39
NOTNICKBut nice Flannel, bra.02:39
NOTNICKBasically my goal, Jim, TTTAA, Jordan_U is to be hackproof.02:39
Jordan_UTTTA: Please run boot info script from here: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript , not from sourceforge. Sourceforge's version is old and unmaintained (but has more complete instructions for downloading and running it).02:39
zamNJordan_U: could you help out with one more thing? I am able to boot into ubuntu now.. but because my /home directory is encrypted Ubuntu booter keeps prompting for a password. I can't even interact with this GUI screen though. Do you happen to know how I can do this through console instead? I'm trying to use ecryptfs-mount-private but it seems like that isnt working02:39
FlannelNOTNICK: go look for "preferences" or "options" or whatnot in the menu, and then look inside there for theme or color or whatever.02:39
NOTNICKAnd now that I Have three machines I can pretty do whatever I want with, I want to fully delve into the bitcoin/linux/haxxor space.02:40
NOTNICKoptions ain't doin' it02:40
NOTNICKThough I appreciate your Flannel attempt.02:40
Jordan_UzamN: ecryptfs doesn't come into play until you log in. If you're having problems interacting with the login screen, that's not related to ecryptfs.02:41
jimNOTNICK, the only way to do that... turn your computer off02:41
zamNJordan_U: well it seems ubuntu is in an infinite loading loop02:41
NOTNICKWas that a slight?02:41
NOTNICKBecause a man of your age would find that funny, it is was.02:42
FlannelNOTNICK: No, his point is: there's no such thing as hackproof.  Only sufficiently difficult to hack.02:42
RoundDuckMannHow to create UEFI Partition in Ubuntu's installer?02:43
NOTNICKDon't you think a man who wears flannel outta know that I guy who doesn't even know what satoshi nakamoti's name means should know THAT much?02:43
NOTNICKIt means "he who is wise."02:43
FlannelNOTNICK: Please keep the discussin in here on topic (ubuntu technical support).  Thanks.02:43
NOTNICKIs there is any bitcoiners in there though?02:43
NOTNICKPromise I will return to my incessant inquiries after.02:44
NOTNICKSo I'm 2 years old.02:44
NOTNICKI have 3 machines.02:44
RoundDuckMannFlannel: How do you create an EFI partition in Ubiquity (Ubuntu installer)?02:44
NOTNICKOne intel pentieum windows 8 circa 2010.02:45
NOTNICKOne 13" macbook pro02:45
RoundDuckMannI'm manually paritioning my drive02:45
ouroumov_RoundDuckMann, you can choose EFI boot partition as a partition type, same as for ext402:45
NOTNICKand 1 2002 presario02:45
pantatoso i broke my installation for rtorrent02:45
NOTNICKFor obvious reasons, I would like to experiement with the presario first.02:45
pantatois there a way to use aptitude to reverse things to how they were days ago?02:45
NOTNICKHow can, and what should I do to begin?02:45
NOTNICKI have massive amounts of 64g disks, a few thumbs, and a whole lot of wherewithall.02:46
=== Ian is now known as Ian_Corne
NOTNICKNice knowin'all of ya.02:46
NOTNICKJeese it's fall out boys MTV concert after their one hit broke out.02:47
RoundDuckMannouroumov_: Will the Ubuntu GNOME installation recognize it?02:47
NOTNICKI yam what I yam.02:47
TTTA_NOTNICK: go to the UBUNTU home page, find the download link for 32-bit UBUNTU, then Google how to create a live USB for UBUNTU02:47
ouroumov_RoundDuckMann, dunno sorry.02:47
RoundDuckMannjust want to make sure...02:47
Jordan_UNOTNICK: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop02:48
NOTNICKWait for it.02:48
=== mrJack1 is now known as mrJack
Huliosup man02:48
NOTNICKCan I .. Alright ! Jordan MY MAN!02:48
NOTNICKwait for it02:48
NOTNICKcan I do this on the presario you think?02:48
Jordan_UNOTNICK: Probably.02:48
NOTNICKAlso, I want to completely wipe the presario first.02:48
NOTNICKBest way to do that?02:48
RoundDuckMannouroumov_:  Ubuntu Gnome is the official Gnome version of Ubuntu, it has the same installer, and is a full offical flavor.02:48
ouroumov_NOTNICK, you'll wipe disk at the partitioning step.02:49
NOTNICKok can we atttack that first?02:49
RoundDuckMannOh well I'll try it...02:49
ouroumov_NOTNICK, also I recommend Lubuntu. I doubt anything else will run on a dinosaur02:49
NOTNICKGot her locked and loaded,02:49
NOTNICKVery good ouromov, I will take your admonition to heart.02:50
NOTNICKSo how do I wipe it ouromov?02:50
profallI like regular old Ubuntu 14.04 LTS02:50
OneM_IndustriesHey, how would I set a up network share on a Ubuntu 14.04 machine?02:50
OneM_IndustriesI am attempting to use a spare partition as a space to store video from a RasPI I am setting up as a video camera, but the PI refuses to connect to the share.02:51
ouroumov_NOTNICK, first you gotta burn your .iso to your install media. It's either a USB thumb drive or a DVD. See the web documentation on how to do that.02:51
NOTNICKK I got that.02:51
TTTANOTNICK: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu02:52
Huliohow to install .bundle file?02:52
NOTNICK're so helpful. THank you02:53
NOTNICKBut my friend ouromov says to use Tubuntu02:53
NOTNICKOn a count of it being a dinoblood02:53
NOTNICK14 yod machine02:53
TTTAuse whatever flavor of linux works for you, but that's how to create a liveUSB02:53
NOTNICKBaskin robbins.02:53
Hulioi got it02:53
TTTAdifferent versions of Linux, such as UBUNTU, LUBUNTU, Redhat, etc. are referred to as 'flavors'02:54
NOTNICK@TTTA @ouromov do you prefer stick or DVD and why02:54
NOTNICKI prefer mint choco chip.02:54
zamNJordan_U: okay, scratch before. I can't even boot into ubuntu anymore :|02:54
NOTNICKThat was a linux joke. LAUGH guys.02:55
TTTAstick because my computer doesn't have an optical drive. It really doesn't matter, it's just a convinience thing02:55
NOTNICKK I will use drive since I have so many of these dual sided dvd's.02:55
Jordan_UTTTA: No actually. In this context a "flavor" is short for "Ubuntu flavor" and refers specifically to a version of Ubuntu that still uses only the Ubuntu repositories and is thus supported. So Red Hat would definitly not be a "flavor".02:55
NOTNICKOH snap!02:56
ouroumov_NOTNICK, if the machine is from 2002 I speak from experience when I say it might not support booting from USB anyway.02:56
TTTAoh my bad02:56
NOTNICKThat is great info, thanks.02:56
Jordan_UNOTNICK: This is your last warning about offtopic chatter.02:56
NOTNICKFair enough.02:56
NOTNICKI will be as straight as an arrow.02:56
FlannelNOTNICK: If you want to chit chat, #ubuntu-offtopic is the place for it.02:56
TTTAI mean, I'm new enough to UBUNTU that I've bricked my computer so badly that the only OS I can run is UBUNTU off the liveUSB02:57
NOTNICKBut you are all so to the point and so knowledgeable and quickly come to my aid.02:57
NOTNICKI don't want to learn from lollygaggers, I won't to learn from someone like Jordan who would dispel a flavor myth.02:57
NOTNICKHow do you mean TTTA?02:58
NOTNICKBricked it in what way?02:58
NOTNICKALright so I'm loading the 32disc for the presario dino.02:58
Hulioubuntu Mate is the best02:58
HulioI dont know why it is way better then the Original one02:59
TTTAI mean out of the 6-8 partitions spread across 4 hard drives in my computer, I can't boot into an OS from any of them, as far as I can tell02:59
Huliothis is ironic02:59
Hulioi love the Mate version02:59
Hulioso classic02:59
Jordan_U!ot | Hulio02:59
ubottuHulio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:59
NOTNICKJordan you volunteer here?03:00
NOTNICKThis doesn't earn you, anything?03:00
Hulio!ot NOTNICK03:00
Hulionot work for me?03:00
Jordan_UTTTA: Unfortunately I need to leave, and I was hoping to get you sorted out, but hopefully another day or in a few hours I will be able to help you again.03:00
Hulio!ot | NOTNICK03:00
ubottuNOTNICK: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:00
NOTNICKI'm sorry notnick?03:00
Huliooh i see.03:00
daxStick to Ubuntu support here guys, thanks.03:00
TTTAthansk Jordan_U, I'll probably be on all night03:00
TTTAis there anyone else online willing to hold my hand through some booting issues?03:01
maddawg2depends TTTA how sweaty are your hands?03:01
TTTAdry as a rock, bb03:02
NOTNICKhow can we speak privately?03:02
NOTNICK==what does this do?03:02
NOTNICKThere are so many rules.03:03
NOTNICKI can't even figure out to private chat or change nick.03:03
NOTNICKchange nick to nick03:03
TTTAI had a stable win10/UBUNTU duel boot, until one day UBUNTU decided I'm not allowed to get past the login screen one day. So I nuked UBUNTU by reformatting its partition through windows disk manager03:03
NOTNICKTHat sounds heavy TTTA.03:03
TTTAafter restarting my computer, I got a device not found error, followed by a grub prompt03:04
NOTNICKReminds me when I blew my entire neighborhoods fuseboxes due to my 18teraflop rig.03:04
NOTNICKYou're speaking alien and I like it.03:05
NOTNICKI will learn quickly with you as my jedi.03:05
TTTANOTNICk, for real, you've gotta keep the chatter down, it clogs up the channel and makes it more difficult for everyone to get help03:05
NOTNICKI aplogizieiie.. I already asked a number of times how to private message!"03:05
nondescriptI rebooted my Ubuntu machine and seem to have drive issues. My LVM partitions are not being recognized03:05
daxNOTNICK: /query othernick, where "othernick" is the person you want to talk to. it'll create a new window tab along the top of the page03:07
NOTNICKthanks dax03:07
zamNhelp :( my ubuntu is infinitely booting with those stupid dots lighting up03:07
=== nolsen- is now known as nolsen
NOTNICKWhere do I do that?03:08
daxthe same place you're currently typing03:08
NOTNICKgot it03:08
NOTNICKSorry I'm only 9.03:09
NOTNICKWhere is TTTA?03:11
NOTNICKAnd my main man ourourz?03:11
TTTAwaiting in line for help03:11
NOTNICKOh perfect than you can hold my hand!03:11
ouroumov_TTTA, so you've reinstalled Ubuntu onto the freshly wiped partition?03:12
NOTNICKI tried TTTA.03:14
NOTNICKThey said it was anachronistic.03:14
NOTNICKWhatever that means.03:14
TTTAouroumov: yes03:15
TTTAwell, freshly created partition03:15
ouroumov_Alright, have you tried using boot-repair?03:15
TTTAdidn't know that was a thing03:15
TTTAI'm really, really new to UBUNTU, I honestly just installed it so I could play KSP in 64-bit03:16
TTTAbut it's turned into a damn useful learning experience03:16
sdkEh, Is there a way to know how long my laptop has been running on battery?03:18
oaulakhhow to install ubuntu on usb from ubuntu?03:19
oaulakhhow to install ubuntu on usb from ubuntu pc?03:20
ouroumov_oaulakh, simplest way is to use the dd command.03:20
TTTAouroumov: should I hit the "Create a Bootinfo summary" button?03:20
oaulakhouroumov_, means ? i never used dd before will you guide little please?03:20
NOTNICKOour I am from Brzo, just outside capital.03:21
NOTNICKBudapest is lovely.03:21
zamNhi, can someone give me some light on disabling ecryptfs?? It seems that is the source of all of my troubles and I just want to get rid of this.03:21
ouroumov_oaulakh, use "df" to locate the device for your USB stick, exemple on my machine it's /dev/sdc, then use the command "dd if=you.iso of=/dev/sdc ; sync" to burn the iso to the stick then flush your output buffer03:21
zamNthank you for that dax03:21
ouroumov_Be careful not to specify the wrong device oaulakh or you will do serious damage to your machine.03:22
oaulakhouroumov_, no no you taking me wrong, i dont want to make usb just bootable for ubuntu i want to copy my whole os to usb or want to install ubuntu permanently on usb03:23
Racheoaulakh: do you have the iso03:23
oaulakhRache, yes i have but i want to copy my working os to usb, is there any way?03:23
ouroumov_oaulakh, I've no idea if that would work, but you can try to image your hard drive to your USB using the same dd command.03:24
Racherache: dd would do the job, what device is your hard drive03:24
TTTAouroumov_: http://pastebin.com/rnM4vZLi03:24
=== Valduare_ is now known as Valduare
ouroumov_Except if=/dev/sda (if sda is your primary drive)03:24
ouroumov_oaulakh, however you'll need as much space on your USB as your OS is using, do you have that?03:25
oaulakhouroumov_, whole hard drive is alot bigger than my pen drive, it's 320gb but usb is only of 8gb03:25
oaulakhouroumov_, yup i have that much space bcz my ubuntu is only using about 4 gb and 2 gb swap03:26
Racheoaulakh, how much space is ubuntu actualy using03:26
oaulakhRache, only 4.1 gb u can 403:26
ouroumov_oaulakh, check if the output of "du -hs /" is bigger than your usb03:26
oaulakhouroumov_, sorry but 5.4 gb but still less than 8gb thank god03:28
ouroumov_oaulakh, it won't work anyway03:29
ouroumov_I've just read this:03:30
oaulakhouroumov_, ok so how i should approch to copy my os, i think best way is to install ubuntu on usb and then apply tar backup of my os to usb03:30
ouroumov_dd is a universal command line program used for low level copying of data. It will copy the entire drive, even if the used data is only consuming 10% of the beginning of the drive. For example, dd'ing a 100GB drive, where all the data is at the beginning, and is only 10GB is being consumed, the resulting file will be 100GB in size.03:30
Rachewhy dont you make a persistent bootable usb, and then copy your home over there, and install stuff03:30
squintyno kernel upgrades with persistance.... regular install to a usb stick allows total upgrading03:31
oaulakhRache, bcz my ubuntu is just setup right way to do my development work, i just want that where ever i go , i just have to put my usb in som pc and i can countinue my work, hahahaha like hitman ;)03:31
Rachethanks squinty03:32
Racheok scratch that idea03:32
oaulakhRache, do you know how i can install ubuntu from just iso without going into partition and all that?03:32
oaulakhRache, bcz rest copying os and all that i know how i will do03:33
squintyyou can do regular install to usb stick... 8 gig is small though for expansion purposes.  if using on other computers, then doen't install any propritory video drivers03:34
Racheno I was thinking of using the dd utility to image your existing install to the usb, but im not sure how if you have muliple parts03:34
oaulakhRache, but to install ubuntu i don't want to use other usb03:34
oaulakhanyone know how i can install ubuntu on usb from just it's iso?03:34
Racheseems i dont know03:34
squintyoaulakh,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot03:35
x03Hello. I am currently on Ubuntu. How can I create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive?03:36
LambdaComplexx03: Does Windows even use hybrid isos?03:36
dax!info winusb03:36
ubottuPackage winusb does not exist in wily03:36
oaulakhsquinty, thanks but i don't want to boot iso i know how to do it, but i want to install os please instead of making it just iso bootable03:37
ubottuWinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.03:37
x03That's a 502.03:37
x03Is it just me or the internet is falling apart?03:37
TTTAjust the fun corners of it03:37
squintyoaulakh,  reread the link I posted. you are confusing two subjects03:37
x03Hah. Freshlight.03:38
daxx03: fun, the website for it fell over. oh well, that's the only thing we've found that works, and it isn't supported here anyway :\03:38
x03I'm just noticing that things that used to work automagically no longer do.03:38
oaulakhsquinty, ohh my bad, thanks03:39
squintyoaulakh, yw03:39
oaulakhsquinty, you solve my second usb issue ;)03:40
squintyx03,  have you checked MS's site...seem to remember they have their own usb maker (iirc)03:40
daxit's for Windows03:40
x03I don't suppose it runs on Ubuntu.03:40
squintyoaulakh,  tried that method a couple of years ago and it worked well.03:40
daxand before someone recommends dd or usb-creator-tool, neither of those work with Microsoft ISOs03:40
TTTAanyone free to help me un-brick my computer?03:41
x03What dax just said.03:41
LambdaComplexwhy the heck does dd not work though03:41
LambdaComplexwhat did ms screw up?03:41
squintyx03,  not sure if it would run under wine (or other wine emulators)  might be worth a shot03:41
daxLambdaComplex: dd only works with isohybrid images. Microsoft doesn't do isohybrid images (and neither did lots of other places until a few years ago)03:41
LambdaComplexTTTA: consider telling us what you did03:41
x03I tried winusb.03:42
TTTAI had a stable win10/UBUNTU duel boot, until one day UBUNTU decided I'm not allowed to get past the login screen one day. So I nuked UBUNTU by reformatting its partition through windows disk manager03:42
LambdaComplexdax: And that's why the first thing I asked was if Windows uses hybrid isos :P03:42
x03Let's see if this works. brb.03:42
daxLambdaComplex: mhm03:42
TTTAafter restarting my computer, I was given a device not recognized error, then a grub prompt03:42
daxTTTA: boot from a Windows CD, repair your MBR. Removing Ubuntu in that way removed the bootloader files too.03:42
LambdaComplex>nuked ubuntu because the login screen stopped working03:42
* LambdaComplex sighs03:43
TTTAI've fumbled my way through a liveUSB twice, and am currently running UBUNTU off of that03:43
* squinty wanders off to watch some tv with "she who must be obeyed"03:43
chuck3yhi all03:43
LambdaComplexTTTA: either do what dax said or just....reinstall ubuntu i guess?03:43
TTTAI can get to a UBUNTU login screen now, but after I login it flashes a few screens quickly, then goes black03:43
TTTAI'm not entirely sure I have a Windows CD lying around03:44
daxTTTA: what's your end goal? dualbooting Windows/Ubuntu again, or removing Ubuntu and keeping Windows?03:45
TTTAsomeone asked me to pastebin the output from boot-repair a few minutes ago, but never responded03:45
daxk, probably don't want to go with what i said then :\03:45
TTTAI mean, I'm perfectly fine with completely nuking UBUNTU and reinstalling from scratch03:45
TTTAthat's what I was trying to do when I bricked it03:46
=== Afteraffektz is now known as Afteraffekt
x03_guys guys guys03:46
x03_winusb didn't work but get this03:46
x03_what if03:46
x03_I got virtualbox, downlaoded the windows iso, installed windows in virtualbox, then downloaded the windows tool in that image, then created a bootable usb stick from within that03:47
EldonMcGuinness_Any ZFS users around?03:53
TTTAoh sweet baby jesus I found a WIN10 installation CD03:53
EldonMcGuinness_The do exists...heh03:53
TTTAyeah, did a fresh build recently for my brother, had to buy the OEM CD03:54
EldonMcGuinness_I'm trying to wrap my head around ZFS's abilities and looking for a bit of guidance. Any one?03:54
EldonMcGuinness_Why not use Win7 and get the update?03:54
EldonMcGuinness_I would imagine a license for that would be cheaper03:55
EldonMcGuinness_But I could be wrong, have not bought a windows license since 3.1103:55
daxEldonMcGuinness_: #zfs and #zfsonlinux are probably both likely to be more useful, unless you have Ubuntu-specific questions03:55
daxnot a whole lot of ZFS people on here as a rule03:55
EldonMcGuinness_Thanks dax03:55
TTTAI'm like 95% sure WIN10 boots faster if you do a straight install, instead of an upgrade from Win703:55
EldonMcGuinness_TTTA, yea, but the update method gets you a legit license and then you can just download the iso and install fresh03:57
Huliois there a way to play 4k video mkv  in ubuntu?03:57
zamNhey, can anyone help me boot a usb drive from grub?03:58
borisetoIs there a way to change the screen brightness depending on the power source (if charging or not) in Ubuntu 14.04?04:00
zamNyou could write a script to do it boriseto04:00
=== x03_ is now known as [GH0ST]
borisetozamN, yeah, thought of that but was thinking something in the likes of utilizing some tools like tlp and similar... So, I guess that's the only solution for now, eh?04:02
tinyalphai have a ubuntu question04:05
[GH0ST]That's fucked up.04:06
Gallomimiahey they get really mad if you swear in here dude04:07
Jordan_Uboriseto: I don't have a Unity/Gnome machine in front of my right now, but I'm pretty sure it's a normal option within gnome-control-center .04:09
bipulwhat is Kernel Source Tree?04:09
[GH0ST]Well, I don't know about them but I'm setting up a virtual Windows installation to download the installer that would make me a bootable Windows USB so I can install WIndows on my computer.04:09
Gallomimiayeah.... that's a good reason to swear :( but still against rules04:10
[GH0ST]It's the only way to install Windows if you don't have another Windows, since they want profit so you'd have to go to a sales rep who has Windows and could in the worst case produce a bootable media.04:10
[GH0ST]But ain't nobody got time for that so I'm virtualizing a Windows.04:11
borisetoJordan_U, if you are talking about the power options in system settings, it only has the brightness option, which is the same when on battery or on charger.04:19
=== mike_ is now known as Guest51920
=== AntiSpamMeta_ is now known as AntiSpamMeta
ihateinstallingoWho's the "wwwbukolaycom" tab doing here?04:45
ihateinstallingoAlso, I have a problem with Ubuntu and UEFI with the something else option04:46
ihateinstallingoStupid phone04:48
=== Nixeo is now known as nixeo-DOT-co
ihateinstallingoStupid phone04:50
nixeo-DOT-cohi Sean04:51
NoCodeDoes the Wacom Bamboo have full support under Ubuntu now? Or do I need to install some things for it to work?04:55
AthenaPvPHey guys, how do I install a .iso to an external harddrive?04:59
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:00
moonpunterwell dd is the actual program to use for something like that05:02
moonpunterif the iso is a Linux distribution, many of them also work with unetbootin05:03
RoundDuckManUbuntu won't boot on UEFI system with creating an FAT32 /boot/efi partition nor an EFI sys partition either05:19
RoundDuckManHelp? Please?!05:23
RoundDuckManbekks: Why doesn't Ubuntu Gnome boot after installing via "Something else" on a UEFI system?  I tried using an EFI sys partition and tried using a FAT32 partition as my EFI partition by linking /boot/efi to it, both don't work05:28
developerCan't able to install skype in ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit05:29
=== developer is now known as dfgdsfg
RoundDuckManAlso it's on a clean SSD, no Win here05:30
=== dfgdsfg is now known as jha
RoundDuckManIs anybody active?05:31
RoundDuckManHelp Please?05:32
RoundDuckManAny body here?05:32
RoundDuckManfree29: Can you help?05:34
RoundDuckManKinda desperate here.05:34
RoundDuckManThis place is so empty05:34
free29tell me what u need05:35
mgorRoundDuckMan, chill... if anyone can help they will answer. you should perhaps provide more details; what do you mean "via something else"? specify "doesn't boot", do you reach grub? does it fail after grub?05:35
free29explain me whats your trouble05:36
free29do you need to create a booyable usb memry stick05:37
RoundDuckManmgor: Holy crap somebody responded. What has been happening is I tried manual partitioning to leave out some space and create multiple partitions, which are an root part, EFI part, and an home part. Grub doesn't appear at all, except one time due to me pressing enter I guess...05:39
RoundDuckManAnd yes,  phone typing sucks05:40
=== dummy is now known as milan
=== hmw is now known as Guest15004
Dr-007good morning, question; ive installed ubuntu besides windows by burning the iso from the website to a dvd. resized my partition manually and installed unbuntu, that all went well . then it had to restart, which i did. then it said my cd was still in my drive, so i got it out. then pressed enter, it explictely said to press enter. anyway, i thought it was not working because the message did not05:41
Dr-007dissapear so i forced a reboot at that time05:41
Dr-007now i cant boot into ubuntu05:42
RoundDuckManthe pressing enter moment was where it shown "invalid partition table" then booted05:42
RoundDuckMan Strange05:42
Dr-007as in, the bootloader does not appear where i can choose from an os05:42
mgorRoundDuckMan, have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Creating_an_EFI_System_Partition. Make sure you also have set the bootable flag on the EFI partition.05:43
RoundDuckManmgor do I have to use gparted?05:43
mgorRoundDuckMan, another suggestion would be to install using automatic partitioning, and if that works, install again but don't remove, change or format the EFI partition05:43
RoundDuckManI'll try the first option then05:44
mgorDr-007, boot a live cd/usb, and try `boot-repair'05:45
Guest15004hello can anyone shed some light on how to fix indicator plugins. in particular the bluetooth and steam ones. they dont seem to respect any icon theme i have. heres a screeny http://i.imgur.com/n7rBij1.png05:45
RoundDuckManDr-007: what version of Ubuntu? I've been having similar issues as well, for some reason after an installation,  Ubuntu Gnome15.10 fr05:46
RoundDuckManLocks up on shutdown05:46
Dr-007the last version of ubuntu on their site05:47
Dr-007anyways, the problem is that i cant even boot from the cd now05:47
Dr-007to try to reinstall ubuntu05:47
Dr-007so i dont understand whats going on05:48
RoundDuckManDr-007: the one with a white background for download? Plain 15.10?05:48
=== bipul is now known as MyNameIsBipul
Jordan_UDr-007: So currently only Windows boots for you?05:49
RoundDuckManhopefully there's a bug report on this, these distros seem to get buggier over time...05:50
RoundDuckManOn the shutdown part05:51
=== ramon is now known as Guest36646
Guest36646cuales son las salas en español?05:53
Dr-007@ RoundDuckMan ^05:56
Dr-007thats the one i installed05:57
Dr-007Jordan_U, yeah thats right, it only boots windows05:57
Dr-007so i installed easybcd to add a boot entry05:57
AciD`would you see why a --force-all on dpkg does not seems to fix the installation problem there : http://paste.ubuntu.com/15240673/05:58
RoundDuckManDr-007: 14.04? Strange happening there,  considered systemdump's not in 14.0405:58
Dr-007what do you mean?05:58
AciD`(as I did not have enough free space on /, I created a symlink /var/cache/apt/archives to the /home/acid/tmp/archives folder05:58
AciD`does dpkg not like symlinks somehow?05:58
plytrodamn son you have a lot of unused packages05:58
plytroapt-get autoremove would free up a bunch of space for you05:59
AciD`plytro -> I'm in the process to manually ugrade from 14.10 to 15.10, so it's a mess, temporarly05:59
RoundDuckMansystemd is a buggy pile of crap at times, and it isn't in there as much in 14.0405:59
plytroAciD`: suck, I had 3 machines fail doing that upgrade05:59
AciD`usually, nothing a --force-all can't solve06:00
plytroactually not the case06:00
AciD`I was always able to fix debian/*ubuntu upgrades06:00
AciD`I do plan to fix this one06:00
plytroit broke because of some systemd/init conflict and the right package ended up being not installed06:00
plytroit was recoverable06:00
plytrobut annoyingly so06:00
Jordan_UAciD`: If by "manually upgrade" you mean that you aren't using update-manager or do-release-upgrade then I'm sorry but you're on your own. If you don't use those tools then things are *expected* to break.06:03
sivik_anyone know why my nvidia-settings gui would not have all the needed settings when I installed a newer version of the drivers?06:09
AciD`Jordan_U -> those tools do more than just changing the source.list* files and update/dist-upgrade?06:09
Jordan_UAciD`: Indeed they do.06:09
Jordan_U!upgrade | AciD`06:09
ubottuAciD`: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:09
AciD`what do they do?06:09
plytroJordan_U: really?06:09
plytroobservation leads me to disagree with your statement06:10
Jordan_Uplytro: Yes really, and manually changing your sources.lst hasn't been supported for many years.06:10
AciD`this guide is for people having a normal internet connection, mine is so slow I had to dl the package for days (really), so I won't do 14.10 -> 15.04, then 15.04 -> 15.10..06:10
AciD`well, it always worked on debian and kubuntu for me, until now :)06:11
AciD`so, back to my question : do dpkg like symlinks?06:11
Jordan_Uplytro: They especially handle odd cases like the transition to systemd...06:11
plytroI don't know man... I'm reading the python script and don't see much beyond what AciD` said06:11
AciD`I'm in a middle of an upgrade and everything is falling. It's like in the movie where the hero has to run to save its life at the end when the deed in done06:13
AciD`is there a way to make dpkg very verbose?06:13
* plytro goes to read the source of DistUpgrade.DistUpgradeFetcherCore06:13
RochvellonAciD`: maybe it would be better for you using the LTS06:13
Jordan_Uplytro: Are you also reading the source of the release upgrade tool that do-release-upgrade downloads and runs?06:14
plytrothat would be what I just said06:14
plytroI assume you've read it06:14
AciD`yes it would Rochvellon, I don't know why I upgraded to 14.10 a few years back. Now I'm stuck and need to upgrade (for various reason), after trying yesterady to downgrade..06:14
Jordan_Uplytro: I haven't read any current version of it. Last I looked at it was years ago.06:15
AciD`I don't understand why dpkg says cannot access archive: No such file or directory, since the files exists (although, behind a symlink)06:15
Jordan_UAciD`: Downgrading is even less supported and more likely to break things than manually upgrading. I would recommend re-installing, which you can do preserving your /home/ directory (even if it's not on a separate partition).06:16
geirhaThat's a ppa-package06:16
AciD`Jordan_U -> that's my last option, since like I said I can't really download anything except if I take the entire week..06:17
geirhaIt's best to disable the ppa's, and preferably uninstall the ppa-packages before upgrading06:17
Jordan_UAciD`: Do you have a local Linux Users Group? Someone might be willing to mail you an Ubuntu install CD.06:17
AciD`Jordan_U -> not sure, I could see tomorrow06:18
AciD`is there a way to list all the ppa 'links' you have installed, in order to 'reverse' the install with `add-apt-repository --remove <the ppa link>`?06:19
geirhalook in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/06:19
Jordan_UAciD`: Another thing that do-release-upgrade does is disable all ppas before continuing on with the rest of the upgrade.06:20
AciD`yep, I should have though of that :)06:20
geirhaJordan_U: Right, but it doesn't purge the ppa06:20
AciD`answer to my previous question : http://askubuntu.com/questions/148932/how-can-i-get-a-list-of-all-repositories-and-ppas-from-the-command-line06:20
Jordan_Ugeirha: Indeed. A part of me wishes that it would, and another part understands why users would dislike that.06:21
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RochvellonAciD: ppa-purge06:24
=== Sivik is now known as Guest78828
plytroJordan_U: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/06:24
plytroupgrade tool?06:24
AciD`ok, good to know, too bad it's not installed by default, since I cannot install it :x06:24
RochvellonAnd maybe it would better if you go directly to 16.04, AciD06:26
AciD`I though of that, but it's still in alpha isn't?06:26
AciD`I want a stable system, as much as possible06:26
plytroits within 2 months of release06:27
plytroits gotta be pretty stable at this point06:28
plytroBeta 1 3 days ago06:28
plytrowell xubuntu wsa06:28
lotuspsychjedax: tnx06:28
AciD`ok, even after removing all the ppa (except kubuntu ppa backports, I get the same kde-l10n-en/fr error06:31
plytrodid you do an apt-get update?06:31
AciD`note to self : use a 25GB / partition instead of 20 next time06:32
geirhajust removing the ppa, won't remove/downgrade the packages though06:32
AciD`well, I guess the version would still be very ancient since the ppa were for 14.1006:33
plytrosudo apt-get autoclean06:34
AciD`http://paste.ubuntu.com/15240865/ that line 9..06:34
geirhaYeah, running out of space on / is not too uncommon. I just move various directories to new partitions. Like /var/cache/apt06:34
AciD`plytro -> I don't want to lose my week of dling those package though :x06:34
AciD`geirha -> I just did that, I moved /var/cache/apt/archives/ to my home, then symlinked it06:35
AciD`I'm now wondering if that's the cause of dpkg shocking on that install (where I used --force-all, which is usually the magical cmd to solve any pb ;p)06:35
Jordan_UAciD`: apt should have no issue with such a symlink, and dpkg even less so.06:36
swift110-phoneWhos getting a ubuntu tablet?06:36
Jordan_U!ot | swift110-phone06:36
ubottuswift110-phone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:36
AciD`last resort : where can I edit the dpkg database to remove by hand that libkgeomap-data 1.0~digikam4.2.0-0ubuntu1 pkg? :|06:37
janmejayhy my wifi is on but still it says disconnected? any idea how to fix it?06:37
geirhaAciD`: What you want to do is remove/downgrade all the packages from the ppas. Either to install the official version, or remove it (because there is no official version of it)06:37
geirhaThat's what the ppa-purge command does06:37
lotuspsychjejanmejay: ubuntu version and wifi chipset please?06:37
janmejayhow to get it m newbie? lotuspsychje06:38
plytroAciD`: are you on dialup outside the us?06:38
lotuspsychjejanmejay: up to date to latest?06:38
AciD`plytro -> you could say that06:39
AciD`geirha -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15240889/06:39
lotuspsychjejanmejay: you can find chipset with: sudo lshw -C network06:39
AciD`having a 30KB/s internet connection is a pita, trust me..06:39
cherry_linsounds like edge06:40
janmejaylotuspsychje: the cmd you have given gives lot of info .06:40
janmejaywhich one is chipset06:40
geirhaAciD`: So we'll have to manually go through each problematic package, and either downgrade it or remove06:41
lotuspsychjejanmejay: ontop it will show you the brand, at bottom the driver=06:41
lotuspsychjejanmejay: dont paste the whole text here, just tell me the brand and driver plz06:41
AciD`yep, that's what I'm doing, but for the first time I see a package that I cannot force-all install, which is weird06:41
AciD`(cf. my previous link)06:42
janmejayvendor broadcom corporation06:42
geirhaAciD`: Well you don't want to install that package.06:42
AciD`well, it's what apt-get -f install want to do06:43
geirhawhich package is requiring it?   apt-cache rdepends kde-l10n-engb06:43
AciD`but the pretty common error 'that file is also provided by package X and cannot by overwritten' prevent that install, and the fix is always --force-all06:43
lotuspsychjejanmejay: ok, now can you see what lsb_release -a shows?06:44
AciD`geirha -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15240917/06:44
geirhaAciD`: then you first have to download correct version. Not the ppa one you are trying to force install06:44
janmejaylotuspsychje: its a cmd ?06:45
lotuspsychjejanmejay: yes06:45
janmejayif yes then it gives no arguments are permitted06:45
janmejayerror msg06:45
lotuspsychjejanmejay: lsb_release -a06:45
geirhaAciD`: So one of those packages are still from the ppa. My first guess would be language-pack-kde-en06:46
geirha*one or more06:46
lotuspsychjejanmejay: did you type right?06:46
janmejayubuntu 14.04 LTS06:46
janmejaycodename trusty06:46
janmejayAlso it says no LSB modular are available06:47
lotuspsychjejanmejay: 14.04 or 14.04.4?06:47
AciD`geirha -> oh, somehow I forgot to comment the kubuntu-ppa and kubuntu-backports, updating/upgrading now06:47
plytrojanmejay: have you turned on the third party drivers?06:47
AciD`let's hope that will fix that06:47
janmejay14.04.4 LTS06:47
janmejaydon't know06:47
plytroall of my laptops require I enable propietary drivers to get the wifi to work06:47
lotuspsychjejanmejay: very good up to date, follow what plytro suggest06:47
AciD`plytro :(06:48
xanguaAciD`: why did you add those repositories in first place? Consider reinstalling?06:48
janmejayplytro how to enable it06:48
plytroignore the add ppa stuff there06:48
AciD`xangua -> in order to have a more up to date kde5 apps, since the default one shipped with 15.10 are buggy as hell06:48
plytronote the last tab in the background behind the dialog where they are typing it says "Additional Drivers"06:49
=== Zzyzx is now known as THX1138
plytroclick on that06:49
janmejayon going to additional driver06:49
plytroit should scan and possibly find something06:49
janmejaythere is no buttom to click06:49
AciD`ok, the upgrade is on going now..., good I guess06:50
janmejayno proprirty driver are in use06:50
janmejayplytro nothing till now06:50
plytrowhat it looks like for nvidia stuff06:50
plytrofurther down you may see some broadcom stuff06:51
plytrothat is what I had to do to get wifi working on my laptops06:51
plytroif you don't see anything, I'm not of much help other than doing the google leg work for you06:52
AciD`damn it, some packages missing, 40 minutes download needed :(06:52
plytropeople don't really consider slow connections anymore06:52
lotuspsychje!b43 | janmejay06:53
ubottujanmejay: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:53
AciD`I did not before I had one too..06:53
plytromy wife's grandma was on dial up until last year06:53
AciD`hopefully i'll get a 20/2 connection in a few weeks06:53
plytroshe couldn't even maintain 56k due to shitty lines06:53
Jordan_UAciD`: If you do decide to re-install, backup your /var/cache/apt/archives/ as it will contain archives of apps that you added post-install, that therefore would need to be otherwise grabbed again after installing fresh.06:54
AciD`Jordan_U -> thanks for the advice06:54
plytroAciD`: you could take your phone to starbucks and download the iso :)06:54
Jordan_UAciD`: You're welcome.06:54
janmejayubottu wifi isnot working how i do sudo aptget something06:54
ubottujanmejay: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:54
plytrobring it home, copy to something and burn06:54
AciD`well, no starbucks where I live :)06:54
plytroor the library or something06:54
plytroor just better 4g service06:54
janmejayplytro nothing come till now06:55
jhaplease share link to install skype in ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit06:55
AciD`jha -> skype.com06:55
lotuspsychjejha: you can enable the partner repo, and install skype06:56
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga06:56
janmejayplytro nothing come till now06:56
AciD`hum, the webcam is supported with ekiga?06:56
jhaAciD`, -> dependency errors occur06:56
plytrojanmejay: do you mean the window still shows nothing or that something has finally shown up06:56
AciD`jha -> paste them06:57
janmejayplytro yes06:57
plytrothere were two questions there06:57
plytrothe window still shows nothing?06:57
AciD`jha -> iirc, skype is 32 bits, so you have to install some i386 package and add an additional arch06:57
janmejayno additional drives available06:58
plytrojanmejay: then I don't have much help for you06:58
plytromostly because I need to do dishes and get to sleep06:58
plytrowork in 8 hours06:58
jhaAciD`, -> okay06:58
jhaAciD`, -> can you paste the url which packeges i have to install06:59
AciD`I cannot ; first show us the errors07:03
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z8zHello.... I'm using ssh -X  command to use iceweasel browser from a remote server of mine but it's incredibly slow07:16
z8zis that normal or there is something i'm missing that would have it to be much faster?07:17
Jordan_Uz8z: ssh -X is pretty much always slow. Adding -C (for compression) might help, but X simply does a lot of round trips and isn't a very efficient networked protocol.07:18
Jordan_Uz8z: FreeNX should do better (but can be hard to setup), and in fact VNC might even do better.07:19
z8zJordan_U: i gave up on setting up VNC on my remote server since i couldn't render the window's frames in a proper way07:20
Jordan_Uz8z: Is this a headless server?07:22
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
z8zJordan_U: yes it's a 14.04lts server07:29
formaggioHi everyone07:30
Jordan_Uz8z: How/why did you install iceweasel on Ubuntu?07:32
fauziorang oot07:32
=== baxmoke is now known as refusist
formaggioBooted up my friend's laptop this morning, and plymouth decided to just show up a purple screen with no onscreen logo, then switching to a black screen. Unity never comes up, login neither. He's on Ubuntu 15.10, and booting with 'nomodeset' works, even though the resolution is obviously skewed. He's running embedded Intel graphics; what could I try?07:35
hateballformaggio: If it is recently updated, try booting an older kernel07:37
Jordan_Uformaggio: Does recover mode (without nomodeset) get the machine to a usable text tty?07:37
baizonformaggio: add noplymouth to your grub option07:37
Dynetrekk1hi, python3-dev depends on libpython3-dev but it is not going to be installed (from apt-get). how do I debug and/or fix this? ubuntu 14.04 LTS07:37
formaggiohateball: Trying now.07:38
baizonDynetrekk1: you got some ppas? there could be a conflict there, thats why it wont install07:38
Dynetrekk1baizon: I've got one for gcc-5 IIRC07:38
formaggioJordan_U: booting any kernel with single mode works fine07:38
Dynetrekk1baizon: seems irrelevant at first glance? anyway I still don't understand how to fix it07:38
formaggiobaizon: Will try if hateball suggestion doesn't work07:38
baizonDynetrekk1: what is the error msg?07:38
Dynetrekk1baizon: I'll gist it07:39
Jordan_Uformaggio: What about selecting the option to continue booting from there?07:40
formaggiohateball: an older kernel did the magic! Thanks :)07:41
Dynetrekk1baizon: python-dev can be installed07:41
baizonDynetrekk1: like i said, youre using a ppa, thats why its not working07:41
janmejayi  want o  make a script which shows the status of all machine (on/off) runnig on same public ip07:41
janmejayany idea where to start07:42
Dynetrekk1baizon: hm. where do I enable/disable PPAs?07:42
baizonDynetrekk1: software-sources07:42
Dynetrekk1baizon: what is that?07:42
Jordan_Uformaggio: Staying with an older kernel permanently isn't a secure choice though, so we should try to figure out why the new kernel isn't working and fix it.07:42
hateballformaggio: I'd file a bug vs the broken kernel07:42
baizonDynetrekk1: youre using the “PPA for Ubuntu Toolchain Uploads (restricted)”07:42
Jordan_U!ppa-purge | Dynetrekk107:42
baizonDynetrekk1: youre using a DE?07:42
ubottuDynetrekk1: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:42
Dynetrekk1oh F, I've added this perforce PPA too07:42
Dynetrekk1baizon: not if I can help it07:42
formaggioJordan_U, hateball: I agree, how can I troubleshoot the new one? I don't think I should file a bug since the owner of the machine is not very experienced and might have caused trouble by himself.07:43
Dynetrekk1problem is, I don't know what those PPA are named07:43
Dynetrekk1baizon: I've got KDE installed btw07:43
baizonDynetrekk1: ubuntu-toolchain-r07:44
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/07:44
baizonDynetrekk1: then #kubuntu07:44
Dynetrekk1baizon: sad to hear that my gcc-5 packages will go away though :/ I thought they were officially supported07:44
formaggiobooting to single mode works fine actually, and systemd shows no errors during bootup in there. Booting with nomodeset shows no errors as well - the only broken configuration is the one that doesn't let me see the logs haha07:44
Jordan_Uformaggio: journalctl should still have the logs; I doubt that this bug is something that's preventing writing to the filesystem (and thus preventing logging).07:45
AciD`well, the upgrade was going great, until it first froze my screen, then I could check what was going on via ssh, but now that ssh session in frozen also, and I cannot ssh again to the box :|07:46
Dynetrekk1baizon: heh, the ppa-purge did nothing useful07:46
baizonDynetrekk1: they are, but i cant tell what happens when u use a ppa07:46
Jordan_UAciD`: Was it slower than normal to log in via ssh?07:46
Dynetrekk1baizon: I've got to use the ppa to get the packages? or have I misunderstood 100%07:47
AciD`hard reboot or not hard reboot, that is the question..07:47
AciD`Jordan_U > not really07:47
baizonAciD`: :D07:47
AciD`I could do a `top` before it froze07:47
baizonyou screwed 14.10 again? :D07:47
AciD`and apt-get was at a small 2% cpu07:47
AciD`baizon > apparently :x07:48
AciD`I was in the process of upgrading to 15.1007:48
AciD`now I just hope it had the time to upgrade grub07:48
Jordan_UAciD`: That's unfortunate, as slow ssh would have been consistent with an OOM situation, in which case you could just wait until your swap is exhausted and the OOM killer is triggered, at which point things should start responding again.07:48
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baizonDynetrekk1: https://askubuntu.com/questions/140246/how-do-i-resolve-unmet-dependencies-after-adding-a-ppa07:48
AciD`Jordan_U > I has a swappiness set to 0, and no swap so..07:48
Jordan_UAciD`: I still think it's worth waiting about 10 minutes to see if it responds again, even if it is a long shot.07:49
AciD`yeah, I'll do that07:49
AciD`on the other hand other apps got closed (and I did not closed those ones)07:49
AciD`like steam07:49
AciD`(I checked this one first in order to close it via ssh ;))07:49
z8zJordan_U: i installed it in order to use from remote and using the normal apt07:50
Jordan_UAciD`: If you've enabled sysrq magic (most useful sysrq options are disabled by default for security) then you can also shutdown somewhat cleanly that way.07:50
formaggioJordan_U: didn't think of that, for the past boot it reports errors for Jetty (not installed), bluez and pulseaudio. I suppose they aren't important though, basing on my past experiences.07:50
AciD`yes, I plan to do the REISUB in a few minutes07:51
formaggionothing relative to the graphics, anyway07:51
Jordan_Uz8z: Ubuntu doesn't have iceweasel packages by default because it ships branded firefox. Are you sure you're not forgetting that your server is running Debian?07:51
AciD`iirc, I read somewhere that debian will ship firefox again, since mozilla changed something (can't remember what)07:52
z8zJordan_U: omg you are right .... sorry07:53
z8zJordan_U: but anyway i tried with ubuntu as well and had same problem07:53
Jordan_Uz8z: Did adding -C improve performance enough for you?07:54
AciD`ok, I rebooted it, and could choose the 4.2 kernel, now it shows me the lightdm welcome screen, but neither the mouse not the keyboard are responding :/08:03
baizonAciD`: reinstall ;)08:05
baizonAciD`: youre just wasting your time, a reinstall will be faster08:05
AciD`not if you consider the download time !08:05
AciD`(I'm on a very, very, VERY slow internet connection)08:05
Dynetrekk1so I've removed all PPAs from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*, run apt-get autoclean and apt-get clean, sudo dpkg --configure -a, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, but I keep getting the same error msg https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c06fdd5c46659d7fe6e008:06
xanguaAre you saying you don't have the live ISO you used to install Kubuntu?08:06
AciD`Dynetrekk1 > what does apt-get -f install says?08:06
z8zJordan_U: i'll try now with -C option08:06
Dynetrekk10 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 10 not upgraded.08:07
AciD`xangua > not for 14.10 now08:07
xanguaDynetrekk1: that's not how one removes PPA's , that will not downgrade any package you installed08:08
Dynetrekk1xangua: then how do I fix it? ppa-purge just spews error messages to me08:08
Dynetrekk1about PPAs not existing08:08
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: That's because you already deleted the entries from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ manually, which we never asked you to do.08:09
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: I've moved them, can move them back, I tried ppa-purge before08:09
Dynetrekk1there, now I moved them back08:09
Dynetrekk1apt-get install -f gives the same output08:09
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: Move them back, pastebin the exact invocation of ppa-purge and it's complete output.08:09
xanguaAciD`: can you run: sudo apt-get update && apt-get install ppa-purge ?08:10
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: not much08:11
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: what to do based on that?08:12
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: Please pastebin the output of "ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" and "cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*" .08:13
AciD`xangua > I don't have ppa-purge on this system yet, and right now I cannot access it (I just hard reset the computer and used the recovery mode in grub, but then it shows me the recovery menu, and my usb keyboard is not recognized once I leave the grub menu...)08:14
AciD`sounds like a reinstall is an option then :[08:15
jushurAciD`: you should make a habit of saving update packages on a drive so you can use them as cache. as you are on slow connection.08:17
baizonDynetrekk1: ubuntu-toolchain-r-test-trusty.list <- this is test stuff it breaks thinkgs08:17
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: Note that all of those ppas, except webupd8team-java-trusty, are already disabled by being commented out.08:17
baizonJordan_U: what about ubuntu-toolchain-r-test-trusty.list ?08:18
baizonDynetrekk1: did you run apt-get update?08:18
AciD`do you think I should then download the 16.04 iso ?08:18
Dynetrekk1baizon: yes08:18
Jordan_Ubaizon: Its contents are "# deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-toolchain-r/test/ubuntu trusty main", i.e. commented out. That doesn't mean that Dynetrekk1 might not still have packages from said ppa installed.08:19
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: is there a way of getting rid of those PPAs?08:19
Dynetrekk1annoying to be adviced to install PPAs then "waah they break your system" :/08:20
Jordan_UAciD`: No. 16.04 has only barely had its first beta and is going to have so many updates you'll be constantly downloading.08:20
baizonDynetrekk1: youre wrong in this matter... from the ppa "Toolchain test builds"08:21
baizonDynetrekk1: so test builds are for testing, not stable things.08:21
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: If you think that you still have packages from any of those ppas installed (I haven't been following all of this, so I don't know if you do or not) then you can uncomment the ppa, then use ppa-purge (which will remove all of the packages from the ppa, then comment it out again).08:21
AciD`ok, only 25 hours to dl, yay \o/ ! http://i.imgur.com/6fcDkRR.png08:24
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: did that, output seemed sensible, the python3-dev package version seems to make sense, but I still can't install08:24
=== mohammad_ is now known as linuxlove
baizonAciD`: youre doing fine :)08:24
AciD`I hope that server supports the wget -c cmd..08:24
Jordan_UAciD`: I'm sure it does, and if it doesn't then you can always use wget -c with a mirror that does support it. Even if you get a slightly corrupt iso you can use zsync to only re-download the corrupt portion, and ensure that you end up with a valid download.08:27
Jordan_UAciD`: I never trust the browser with large downloads, I pretty much always just start with wget.08:29
AciD`oh, I did not know about zsync08:29
AciD`yeah I usually do that too, but I got anxious to start the dl asap ;p08:29
AciD`in the mean time, I'll try to chroot to the box to see what's going on there08:30
jizzleok you can see me08:30
somsip!test | jizzle08:31
ubottujizzle: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...08:31
jizzlei have a faggot name lol, i wanted jman-_-08:32
jushur!language | jizzle08:32
ubottujizzle: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:32
norcIs there some adequate text editor for editing large text files (couple gigabytes large)?08:38
Jordan_Unorc: The classics like vim and emacs will do that fine. If you want GUI based, I think that Gedit can as well but I haven't personally tried it.08:39
TTTAI thought I just freshly installed UBUNTU on an unused partition, but when I booted from that drive through BIOS, is game a bootMGR error and told me to press ctrl+alt+delete to reset08:39
TTTAnow I'm trying to install again through "try UBUNTU without installing it", and it's detecting another installation of UBUNTU08:40
norcJordan_U: vi is crashing while opening the file.08:40
norcAnd this is a remote server so I do not have X11.08:40
AciD`norc > tried with vim, and not vi ?08:41
norcAciD`: I meant vim. ;-)08:41
AciD`tried nano, jed, emacs? :)08:41
norcAciD`: Just had an idea. This might actually be memory related, let me try opening the file on my local machine.08:42
C0r3Guys, I need a little help. I have installed Ubuntu GNOME on my pc using bootable usb drive. I made the usb drive bootable using 'dd' command. Now when I plug my usb into the pc, I'm unable to create and delete files. How do I get my permissions back?08:44
C0r3And how do I format my usb drive?08:44
Ben64C0r3: you can format it using gparted08:45
C0r3Ben64: Trying it out08:46
C0r3Ben64: Is there any other way?? Because for that I'll have to install gparted. How about gdisk??08:47
howihello! does anyone know of a way to stop heirloom mailx from making 'mbox' files for every read IMAP message?08:48
* Sakis hello from Greece! :D08:51
jizzleI DIDNT MEAN IT!08:52
daxmove on.08:52
jizzleso whats everyone doing08:52
Sakiswhats up mates ? :D08:52
C0r3jizzle: Installing gparted! :P08:53
jizzleit comes with ubuntu tho08:53
daxnope, it's just on the livecd08:53
z8zJordan_U: It speeded up a bit but still very slow.... for now i'll deal with it08:53
z8zJordan_U: Thank you very much for your help anyway08:54
Jordan_Uz8z: You're welcome.08:54
C0r3dax: Exactly!08:54
C0r3By the way, my internet in Ubuntu is really slow!!!08:54
ouroumovC0r3, you mean your browser?08:55
C0r3No, the internet connection.08:55
ouroumovDid you benchmark it?08:55
C0r3I have a 60KBps link and when I'm trying to do a system update via terminal, it gives me 3kBps speed.08:56
C0r3ouroumov: What is benchmarking?08:56
ouroumovC0r3, that maybe because the update server can't send you the data as fast as you can receive it.08:57
C0r3Well, I heard that there was some bug with Debain and in some file we have to change a line, related to 'dns' or something... I just installed Ubuntu GNOME. I'll have to update that file08:57
ouroumovC0r3, in this instance it's running a test to check how fast your connection is;08:57
ouroumovI don't think so C0r308:58
ouroumovThere was a snafu with a library in a function used for dns resolving recently but it's been fixed already.08:58
ouroumovYou just gotta do the update as usual08:58
jizzlebtw i cannot send to #vim, why is that?08:59
ouroumovjizzle, sometimes you need a registered nickname to be able to send a message09:00
C0r3ouroumov: I'll give you the link. Hang on.09:00
daxjizzle: because you're not identified to nickserv. see /msg nickserv help, and if you need help with that process message an active staffer (see /stats p) or /join #freenode09:00
C0r3ouroumov: http://itsfoss.com/speed-up-slow-wifi-connection-ubuntu/ Check the solution 309:01
TTTAI'm trying to get a fresh UBUNTU install, but I'm having some weird issues. I installed it once, everything seemed to have gone fine, but when I try to boot to that drive I get the "Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" error09:01
TTTAbut windows isn't even on that physical drive09:02
Jordan_UTTTA: So you've re-installed Ubuntu since you were last in the channel?09:02
TTTAI've reinstalled Windows, reinstalled UBUNTU, added a fresh new drive09:02
TTTAspent over an hour of my life with microsoft tech support09:03
ouroumovC0r3, it doesn't look to harmful so why not09:03
TTTAI'll never get that hour back. She was so sure it was a mobo problem.09:03
ouroumovtoo *09:03
C0r3TTTA: You installed windows first and then ubuntu?09:03
TTTAon seperate physical drives09:03
C0r3ouroumov: Okay!! I'm trying those solutions. I expect at least one to work for me.09:03
Jordan_UTTTA: I generally recommend installing grub's boot sector to the MBR of every drive in a BIOS based system, so that it doesn't matter which you boot. Though that means that the Windows drives can then no longer be used without the Ubuntu drive plugged in.09:04
TTTAwhen you say plugged in, do you mean the liveUSB has to be physically plugged in?09:04
TTTAor just the data has to be there?09:04
daxby "ubuntu drive" he means the place you installed ubuntu to09:05
daxnot the liveusb09:05
=== TakumoKatekari is now known as Takumo
TTTAok I don't know anything about grub's boot sector, the significance of it, what it does09:06
Jordan_UTTTA: Are you currently booted into an Ubuntu LiveUSB?09:07
TTTAno, I'm on WIN10 finally09:07
Jordan_UTTTA: OK. Can you boot into an Ubuntu LiveCD/USB so that we can work on getting Ubuntu booting?09:09
TTTAalright, brb09:09
=== dweffwe is now known as fleshas
TTTA_ok, I'm back on UBUNTU live09:11
Jordan_UTTTA: OK, I know you've run boot info script a few times already, but please run it again and from here: https://github.com/arvidjaar/bootinfoscript (Note, not the version from sourceforge).09:12
=== sparklyballs_2 is now known as Sparklyballs
pavlushkasomething is trying to activate my webcam remotely, what do I do?09:17
TTTA_Jordan_U: I'm getting error messages when I try to run that09:17
TTTA_hold on09:18
Jordan_Upavlushka: Figure out why your machine is accessible on the internet in that way. Are you using your home Wifi to connect to the internet? Are you on a large Campus LAN?09:18
TTTA_I'm having problems figuring out how to install mark v1.3.409:19
Jordan_UTTTA_: What error messages?09:20
TTTA_which boot info script is insisting I use09:20
pavlushkaJordan_U: I m using home router through wired lan to connect.09:20
TTTA_"mawk v1.3.3" has known bugs. Install "mawk v1.3.4" or newer from http://invisible-island.net/mawk/ or use "gawk" instead.  Please install the missing program(s) and run Boot Info Script again.09:20
lotuspsychjepavlushka: what version of ubuntu are you on mate?09:20
pirx_hello! i have a Ubuntu server with 2 NICs. one in (eth0) and one in (eth1). i can connect to port 80 on from respective LAN, but i cant connect to (its IP on eth0) from the LAN, and vice versa09:20
pirx_http://pastebin.com/yajee6JJ   and forwarding is off. Any ideas?09:21
Jordan_Upavlushka: Is your router also your modem? Is it in "bridged" mode? (I'm trying to determine if you're behind NAT, because you should be).09:21
lotuspsychjepirx_: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys or ##networking can assist you with this?09:22
pavlushkaJordan_U: no, it is not in bridged mode.09:22
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
Jordan_UTTTA_: apt-cache policy gawk09:22
pavlushkalotuspsychje: 14.04 lts09:23
lotuspsychjepavlushka: upgraded to latest 14.04.4?09:23
pavlushkalotuspsychje: is it necessary???09:24
lotuspsychjepavlushka: very09:24
lotuspsychjepavlushka: lsb_release -a please?09:24
pavlushkalotuspsychje: yep09:24
TTTA_Jordan_U: http://termbin.com/yy4409:25
Jordan_UTTTA_: sudo apt install gawk09:26
pirx_lotuspsychje: didnt know about #ubuntu-server, thanks!09:26
dayaAny one executed https://github.com/fjserna/CVE-2015-7547 in Ubuntu 12.04 ?09:26
lotuspsychjepirx_: welcome09:26
lotuspsychje!usn | daya09:26
ubottudaya: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.09:26
daxdaya: should be patched in 12.04, see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2900-1/09:27
Jordan_UTTTA_: Then try boot info script again.'09:27
dayalotuspsychje dax yes I have gone through the USN and applied the upgrade. But I am eager to execute the POC and verify the system is affected09:28
lotuspsychjedaya: if the usn says its patched, your safe to go09:28
pavlushkalotuspsychje: No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty09:29
lotuspsychjedaya: but that doesnt mean they cant enter by other services right,09:29
lotuspsychje!security | daya09:29
ubottudaya: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn09:29
pavlushkaJordan_U: SO?09:29
daxdid that security update set the flag to prompt for restart?09:29
* dax hopes so09:30
lotuspsychjepavlushka: what other services do you run on your machine? when did your cam started being controlled remotely?09:30
dayalotuspsychje: yes fine, I am seeking just to simulate the poc in 12.04 without libc6 upgrade and after upgrade.09:31
lotuspsychjedaya: why are you eager for pentesting this?09:31
dayalotuspsychje: My managers claim that we are not affected as we don't use that service.09:32
dayalotuspsychje: I myself can't simulate the poc09:32
Jordan_Udaya: Boot from a 12.04 LiveCD/USB in a VM and test the code.09:33
lotuspsychjedaya: is your managers machine up to date?09:33
dayalotuspsychje: I have two test machine without upgrade.09:33
TTTA_Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/pJkVyXjB09:33
Jordan_Udaya: You don't use DNS?09:34
pavlushkalotuspsychje: its a mozilla browser, an irc client, terminal09:34
lotuspsychjepavlushka: can you tell us why you suspect your webcam remotely token over?09:34
dayaJordan_U: The system doesn't acts as DNS server.09:35
dayaJordan_U: but it will serve other task and have nginx and other web and java services.09:35
pavlushkait got lighted on and a newtab in mozilla opened, a porn one.09:35
Jordan_UTTTA_: Try booting from sdc, the Samsung_SSD_840_Series . That should get you booted into Ubuntu (after which point we can make it so that booting from sda boots you into Ubuntu).09:35
pavlushkalotuspsychje: it got lighted on and a newtab in mozilla opened, a porn one.09:36
Jordan_Udaya: It's not the server side that is vulnerable (at least not primarily, I haven't looked at that side), it's the client side.09:36
Jordan_Udaya: If anything on your server ever does domain name resolution then it's vulnerable.09:37
lotuspsychjepavlushka: i dont think someone remotely take over your cam, rather might be some popup or webcam site that trys to enlight it09:37
lotuspsychjeTTTA_: not related to your issue, but did you firmware upgrade your 840 evo?09:37
TTTA_not that I'm aware of09:37
pavlushkalotuspsychje: okay, so should I let it happen???09:38
lotuspsychjeTTTA_: the 840 evo has a firmware performance bug, you need to apply from samsungs website before ubuntu install09:38
lotuspsychjepavlushka: purge firefox, clean youf firefox /home config, and reinstall clean09:38
TTTA_weird. I thought I'd loaded it to the 250GB 85009:39
dayaJordan_U: Have you simulated poc on 12.04 or 14.04 before and after upgrade.09:39
TTTA_actually, I can just take that whole drive out09:39
dayaJordan_U: Do I need DNS server to simulate it?09:39
lotuspsychjeTTTA_: the 850 series are good by default, its only 840 evo that needs the newest firmware patch09:40
pavlushkalotuspsychje: thanx...09:40
pavlushkaJordan_U: thankx...09:40
Jordan_UTTTA_: Ubuntu itself is installed to sdd, but grub's boot sector isn't (which is an oddity of Ubuntu's installer that should have been the better part of a decade ago IMHO).09:42
lotuspsychjedaya: for penttesting purposes i would go for Jordan_U suggestion and run a not-upgraded 12.04 togheter with intrusion detector like snort or something09:42
lotuspsychjeon VM09:43
Jordan_UTTTA_: Please just try booting from sdc. If you do it fast enough then I may be able to walk you through getting a better configuration before I need to leave again.09:44
=== joyce_ is now known as joycegeorge
TTTA_alright, I'll be back shortly09:44
=== joycegeorge is now known as joyceg
TTTAOk, that gave me a device not readable error, followed by a long hexadecimal and a grub prompt09:47
Jordan_UTTTA_: Well that's frustrating. Please boot back into the LiveCD/USB.09:48
=== Bish_ is now known as Bish
TTTAI was going to try the 840 firmware update that was suggested real fast09:49
dayalotuspsychje: yes I agree, I have managed two machines 12.04 without libc6 upgrade. pointed the client to use servers ip as DNS resolver.09:49
dayalotuspsychje: but its not working as said. The server BTW is not DNS server.09:50
Jordan_Udaya: Not being a DNS server is not mitigating the problem at all.09:50
TTTAActually, that doesn't look like it's going to be fast, back to UBUNTU09:51
Jordan_UTTTA: sudo mount /dev/sdd7 /mnt/09:51
Jordan_UTTTA: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done09:52
dayaJordan_U: sorry :), you mean I have to setup server as DNS09:52
Jordan_Udaya: No, that's not at all what I mean.09:53
TTTA_ok, loading into the 840 gave a device not recognized error09:53
TTTA_what's the next thing to try?09:54
lotuspsychjedaya: also a security risk when pentesting not-updates machines connected to the network, try to do your work in a VM09:54
rayfunHi, I'm trying to install current image of 14.04.4 server edition to a desktop machine using a USB flash drive. And each time I try, it complains that the CD-ROM coudn't be mounted!!!?!?? I'm on an USB flash drive.. not a CD-ROM..09:54
lotuspsychjerayfun: at wich part you getting this warning?09:54
Jordan_Udaya: "There's a problem with salmanella in McDonalds burgers, you shouldn't eat them." "It's OK, I don't work at McDonalds, I only eat there, so I'm not vulnerable". (That's my analogy to your statement seeming to say "we don't serve DNS, and so we're not vulnerable" ).09:55
dayaJordan_U: :D09:56
lotuspsychjerayfun: you mean the pre-install text spitting out cdrom warnings?09:56
rayfunlotuspsychje, at the third step ("Detect and mount CD-ROM"), after "Choose Language" and "Configure the keyboard"09:56
Jordan_Urayfun: The error message could be better, but the problem is with mounting partition on the USB drive.09:56
rayfunlotuspsychje, no09:56
rayfunlotuspsychje, this http://askubuntu.com/questions/593002/fail-to-install-ubuntu-server-14-04-64bit-lts-from-usb-drive but the solutions dont work for me and seems to be not quite right09:57
Jordan_UTTTA: Did you see my mount commands that I posted above?09:58
Jordan_UTTTA_: sudo mount /dev/sdd7 /mnt/09:58
Jordan_UTTTA_: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done09:58
TTTA_ok, did all that10:00
lotuspsychjerayfun: wich tool did you create your stick?10:00
Jordan_UTTTA_: Great. Now "sudo chroot /mnt/", and your prompt should change from "$ " to "# ".10:00
rayfunwindows, linux live10:00
rayfunlotuspsychje, windows, linuxlive10:00
Jordan_UTTTA_: Great, now run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc --frontend=text" .10:01
rayfunlotuspsychje, how could this make a differene?10:01
lotuspsychje!usb | rayfun can you try with another tool perhaps10:01
ubotturayfun can you try with another tool perhaps: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:01
lotuspsychjerayfun: just trying to widen your options mate10:01
lotuspsychjerayfun: so many factors can corrupt an install10:01
rayfunlotuspsychje, sure, I'll have a try at dd under linux10:01
Jordan_UTTTA_: When asked about "Linux command line" just leave it at its default, blank, and continue by pressing Enter.10:02
TTTA_now I'm at linux command line?10:02
Jordan_UTTTA_: Same for "Linux default command line:".10:02
Jordan_UTTTA_: Now please pastebin the prompt (including the list of possible installation devices).10:03
TTTA_it just reads "Replacing config file /etc/default/grub with new version"10:03
TTTA_" root@ubuntu:/# "10:03
Jordan_UTTTA_: It should have asked about install devices first.10:04
TTTA_it went straight from linux default command line to placing config files10:05
TTTA_with two empty lines in between10:05
Jordan_UTTTA_: Please pastebin the full output that dpkg-reconfigure gave, then pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc".10:05
TTTA_you mean the dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc --frontend=text?10:06
Jordan_UTTTA_: Yes.10:07
TTTA_I don't even need pastebin for that, it was pretty short10:07
TTTA_Configuring grub-pc -------------------  The following Linux command line was extracted from /etc/default/grub or the  `kopt' parameter in GRUB Legacy's menu.lst. Please verify that it is correct,  and modify it if necessary. The command line is allowed to be empty.  Linux command line:    The following string will be used as Linux parameters for the default menu entry but not for the recovery mode.  Linux default command line:10:08
Jordan_UTTTA_: apt-cache policy grub10:08
Jordan_UTTTA_: OK, that's good. Still waiting on the output of "debconf-show grub-pc".10:10
madjoecould you help me to report a bug - what package is responsible for login screen after you suspend vanilla Ubuntu 15.1010:12
Jordan_UTTTA_: OK, try "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy" even though you're not actually upgrading from grub legacy.10:13
Jordan_UTTTA_: Actually, nix the sudo, just "upgrade-from-grub-legacy".10:13
TTTA_used the sudo10:14
TTTA_got an interesting result10:14
Fudgewas just thinking wonder if its a firewall problem10:15
Jordan_UTTTA_: Great. Hit Enter once.10:16
madjoeOk, I believe it's unity-greeter10:16
TTTA_ok, got a list of all the places I can install grub10:17
TTTA_select all 6 of them?10:17
Jordan_UTTTA_: No.10:17
Jordan_UTTTA_: You definitely don't want to select any partitions, and for your purposes it may be better to select just /dev/sdd (which contains Ubuntu).10:18
TTTA_done. hit ok?10:18
Jordan_UTTTA_: You selected it with space bar, and it now has a '*' next to it?10:19
TTTA_took a few tries to figure out how to select in, not going to lie10:19
Jordan_UTTTA_: Then yes, press Enter to continue.10:19
TTTA_*select it10:19
Jordan_UTTTA_: It's awkward for everyone, that's why I had you use --frontend=text before.10:19
TTTA_ok, grub legacy has been removed10:20
TTTA_ok, cool, thanks10:20
TTTA_so, what do we try now?10:20
Jordan_UTTTA_: I'm still confused as to why dpkg-reconfigure didn't work as I expected, but you should now have grub's boot sector installed to the MBR of sdd. run "exit" to exit the shell then reboot, specifically being sure to boot from sdd.10:21
TTTA_specifically the 840?10:21
TTTA_cause I've got 3 SDDs in there10:21
TTTA_the other two are 850s10:21
Jordan_UTTTA_: By sdd, I mean /dev/sdd wwn-0x5002538da000b2f8 .10:22
Jordan_UTTTA_: Note that if that drive doesn't show up in your BIOS's list of drives you can boot from, then that explains multiple things and we'll need to take another route.10:23
Jordan_UTTTA_: (The drive that has your Ubuntu installation on it)10:23
TTTAIt showed up. I booted from it. Got the no such device and grub rescue. I'm going to try the other two SSDs now.10:24
TTTAYeah I think it's not the 84010:24
TTTAOk, got lots lines scrolling by, end trace10:24
Jordan_UTTTA_: I didn't say anything about SSDs, I said /dev/sdd. The "4th" drive (at least how linux counts them).10:25
ShogootHi all.  I changed my ssh_confoig to Port 2222 and restartet service, but when i do ssh -p 2222 user@ip i get connection refused. netstat says 2222 is empty so no service is listening on port. how so? when the restarting of the service is ok?10:25
TTTAOh, I thought you specifically mentioned the 840 EVO earlier, maybe it was just the other guy10:25
Jordan_UTTTA_: I did, but that was earlier. This time I wanted you to boot from a different drive than I wanted you to boot from last time.10:26
TTTAOoooh, ok10:26
TTTAWell, I did that, now it's paused at the end of a stack trace10:26
TTTAFrozen, rather, taking no input10:27
Jordan_UTTTA: Can you take a picture of the screen with a camera/phone and upload it to http://imgur.com for us to look at?10:28
ex_anyone from ind?10:28
TTTA_Sorry, phone decided to reload the page without asking10:31
ShogootHi all.  I changed my ssh_config to Port 2222 and restarted the service, but when i do ssh -p 2222 user@ip i get connection refused. netstat says 2222 is empty so no service is listening on port. how so? when the restarting of the service is ok?iptalbes is disble and so is ufw (ill enable ufw when iget this ssh mess right again)10:31
TTTA_Dunno how legible this is: http://m.imgur.com/qzixJAD10:31
lotuspsychje!india | ex_10:33
ubottuex_: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India10:33
TTTA_Restarted, loaded up, got to choose to run UBUNTU, then there's something about a kernel panic10:33
TTTA_Which is never good10:33
TTTA_More pictures incoming10:33
Jordan_UTTTA_: Well, this problem seems unrelated to the other problems. Do you have any unimportant USB devices that you can unplug? (The call trace mentions XHCI, the standard for USB 3.0)10:34
TTTAIt keeps reloading on me, I missed it if you said anything after I posted that picture10:36
Jordan_UTTTA_: Well, this problem seems unrelated to the other problems. Do you have any unimportant USB devices that you can unplug? (The call trace mentions XHCI, the standard for USB 3.0)10:36
TTTA__Yeah just got the same kernel message two reboots in a row10:38
Jordan_UTTTA__: Did you try removing USB devices?10:39
TTTA__Everything but the keyboard dongle10:40
drac0666Hi i have custom script in caja, now it shows in right click menu -> it runs pluma(text editor) how i can pass file to pluma? i mean file on which i right clicked?10:41
TTTA__Do you want to just pick this back up tomorrow night? It's almost 5am here10:41
Jordan_UTTTA__: Sure.10:41
TTTA__You've been a huge help, I don't know how you can spend this much time just helping people on here10:42
TTTA__I owe you one10:42
lotuspsychje!cookie | Jordan_U10:44
ubottuJordan_U: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!10:44
ShogootHi all.  I changed my ssh_config to Port 2222 and restarted the service (adn tried even rebooting), but when i do ssh -p 2222 user@ip i get connection refused. netstat says 2222 is empty so no service is listening on port. how so? when the restarting of the service is ok? iptables is disabled and so is ufw (ill enable ufw when i get this ssh mess right again)10:45
\sveHey I borked my system. I messed up the login I have a USB pen drive with bootable Linux can I fix it?10:45
drac0666\sve i think you can chroot10:47
ShogootHi all.  I changed my ssh_config to Port 2222 and restarted the service (adn tried even rebooting), but when i do ssh -p 2222 user@ip i get connection refused. netstat says 2222 is empty so no service is listening on port. how so? when the restarting of the service is ok? iptables is disabled and so is ufw (ill enable ufw when i get this ssh mess right again). anyone that can help me debug this error?11:06
Ben64Shogoot: pastebin the output of "netstat -ln | grep 22"11:07
ck_mfcShogoot: well, shouldnt you change the sshd_config instead of the ssh_config?11:10
Ben64ck_mfc: no11:11
Ben64wait, yes11:11
Ben64read that incorrectly11:11
Shogootoh. god.11:11
Shogootck_mfc, OFC i sholud. :) thanks.11:11
ck_mfcssh_config ist or the client. and sshd_config is for the sshd daemon :)11:12
Shogootthanks both.11:13
jizzlebtw when you use clock() to get the time a function takes, does it include context switching to other processes or just that process? what about in threads?11:26
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BlackVenomHey folks11:48
BlackVenomWhats the best/preferred utility to use to format a USB stick?11:49
PerlinNoiseBlackVenom, you can use Gparted11:49
BlackVenomWould that be parted from the terminal?11:50
PerlinNoisethats, parted11:50
PerlinNoiseGparted has a gui11:50
BlackVenomI mean I am using the terminal11:51
PerlinNoiseBlackVenom, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/parted.8.html11:52
BlackVenomright lets have a go11:52
kcir784188anyone speed portuguese?11:55
kcir784188speek sorry11:55
DiamondSwordhello .. I want to use 15.10. it's okay but will I have the option to upgrade to the version 16.04 LTS when it came up online? is it possible to upgrade from 15.10 to LTS?11:58
geirhaDiamondSword: yes12:01
PerlinNoiseDiamondSword, I think you can. But it's better to do a fresh install.12:01
geirhaIt will likely ask you automatically if you want to upgrade once 16.04.1 is released12:02
DiamondSwordgeirha, is it bad not a fresh install but upgrade?12:03
DiamondSwordbecause I don't want to loose my settings,docs etc.12:04
geirhaDiamondSword: should be fine. There aren't that many changes between 15.10 and 16.0612:04
DiamondSwordso, you're sure that I can move from 15.10 to 16.04 ?12:05
geirhamost definitely12:06
milani installed compiz manager, but the effect didnt really work, how to fix it?12:06
DiamondSwordthank you geirha12:06
milani have ubuntu mate 15.412:06
DiamondSwordwhich one do you think is better, less laggy? 1- installing Linux as base os and using Windows 10 on Virtual Box 2- installing Windows 10 as base os and using Linux on Virtual Box12:09
milanDiamondSword: depends on your purpose12:10
PerlinNoiseDiamondSword, which one are you going to use more?12:11
milanDiamondSword: in my opinion, since linux is much better than windows, i would do the first option12:11
DiamondSwordI like Linux more but with Windows my machine works straight.12:13
DiamondSwordmost of the time I got volume, brightness, fn keys problems with Linux distros.12:13
milanDiamondSword: using windows is just not making your head itchy, but for better system understanding and freedom of choice, we can pick linux12:14
PerlinNoiseDiamondSword, maybe upgrade kernel12:14
DiamondSwordmilan, I tried to fix just for controlling screen brightness with fn keys on Linux for more than 4-5 hours but I couldn't12:15
DiamondSwordit's depressing :(12:15
milanDiamondSword: i think you can manage your own key bindings12:16
milanDiamondSword: for some reasons, for the one who wants to feel its greatness dont bother about that first, since you can do it manually12:17
milanDiamondSword: some Desktop Environment can fit your own disire, just go read about it first12:18
DiamondSwordthanks ..12:19
BingoOkay.. wubi installed ubuntu in windows 10, and the windows boot manager barfs12:28
PerlinNoiseBetter not to use Wubi, I heard12:28
Bingooh.. it is in the live cd12:28
ioria!wubi | Bingo12:28
ubottuBingo: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.12:28
Bingoi try to re-install and wubi did it again12:29
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest37793
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:29
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning12:29
=== Kenny is now known as Guest45671
Guest45671Hi everyone12:30
BingoSoftware updater here at burger king, is hung12:30
Bingo :)12:30
=== Guest45671 is now known as NMZ
NMZhows everyone here12:31
NMZI need help with learning the terminal I just moved from windows 1012:31
=== raj` is now known as raj
ioriaNMZ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:32
BingoNMZ ah say i say, yes, there is help for u.. on tha internet12:32
Bingo: )12:32
NMZBingo, I see12:32
NMZthanks ioria12:32
ioriaNMZ  you're welcome12:33
BingoI.. myself had to get linux for dummies from the library12:33
Bingo (smiles)12:33
Bingo.. my windows wobble12:33
roryIs it possible to increase the rate at which Ubuntu scans for wireless networks?12:34
NMZBingo, is that a book linux for dummies? I have one here just didnt have a chance to read it12:34
aryHi felas. I just bought this brand new r9 380 and put it into my desktop. I installed the drivers correctly from repos and it is all working fine. But there is a glitch happening when i maximize or restore windows with too much text, like this window for exemple (the screen gets with noise black, pink and red, like an old tv without the cable signal). How do I fix this problem?12:34
BingoYes, it is.. a book from the dummies12:34
NMZwill have a look at it12:34
NMZthank again hey Bingo12:35
Bingonmz, there is much to learn (i also added ubuntu)12:35
Bingocourse, i used ubuntu wid xp, so... long ago.12:36
pers3usrory: Yes, but why do you want to do that?12:36
rorypers3us: Just a nice-to-have. I need to hop networks a lot for testing, and it's a PITA to have to wait 60 seconds after turning my wireless hotspot on every time12:36
roryI guess a better question would be12:36
roryHow can I increase the rate at which Ubuntu scans for wireless networks?12:36
roryplease keep your judgement to yourself12:37
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Bingonet manager pkgs differ?12:37
pers3usrory: Fair enough, I don't think it is easy, or some coniguration.12:37
hilrory, you might just trigger a scan like: sudo iwlist eth1 scan12:39
hilreplace eth1 with your device12:40
milancan i upgrade my GTK.x version/12:40
k1l_milan: which ubuntu are you on?12:41
pers3ushil: rory might have to write a script to scan for the network if it is not connected.12:41
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rorywhile true; do sudo iwlist...12:42
roryhow ugly12:42
k1l_rory: if its about wardriving there are already apps and scripts there.12:42
rorysomewhere, somebody decided on a number of seconds to wait between scans. I'm trying to find where that's set12:42
roryI'm happy to compile stuff12:42
roryIt's not wardriving rofl12:43
roryI need to create mobile hotspots often from various mobile devices, and switch between them12:43
jackwebshey everyone, I am running dist--upgrade on remote server via ssh, i lost the connection partway through, any way to recover it to check the status?12:45
pers3usrory, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/network-manager-applet/git-master/view/head:/src/applet-device-wifi.c#L96812:46
Bingoello gain12:48
n00pjackwebs, I don't believe there is a way unless you were using screen or tmux beforehand12:48
roryjackwebs: nope, that process got killed along with your session12:48
rorypers3us: Looks promising. But what I'm after is the part of the driver that CALLS that particular function12:49
rorySince that function is essentially "scan once"12:49
roryThere must be something calling it every N seconds12:49
Deshiim having trouble getting newhosting vpn to work with ubuntu can someone lend a hand?12:49
aryHi felas. I just bought this brand new r9 380 and put it into my desktop. I installed the drivers correctly from repos and it is all working fine. But there is a glitch happening when i maximize or restore windows with too much text, like this window for exemple (the screen gets with noise black, pink and red, like an old tv without the cable signal). How do I fix this problem?12:50
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aryi found this but is for an intel vga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/elementaryos/+bug/1435861/comments/512:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1435861 in elementary OS "Flickering and screen distortion with new HWE and multi-monitor on Freya" [Undecided,New]12:50
jushur!patience | ary12:50
ubottuary: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:50
pers3usrory: Clone the repository and check it? Although, this shouldn't be your approach. Better would be what k1l_ mentioned. i.e. write a script to scan, using iwlist12:53
milani am using line desktop in linux, but i cant use it for free call, is there any stable version for this?12:55
MonkeyDustwhat's line desktop?12:57
Bingom.. synaptic doing it's thang12:58
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MoziMhow does one extract a .bag file on ubuntu 14.04?13:03
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Bingoa .bag is a file format in ROS for storing ROS message data.13:07
OhgaAre anyone here familiar with xkb?13:08
Bingobag the machine?13:09
Bingoohga is that xkb keys?13:12
OhgaBingo: key layouts, yes13:12
Bingox.org has a wiki for it13:12
OhgaI've tried following all kinds of tutorials and docs and what not...13:13
Ohgaso, the layout is the easy part.. I can't get the layout to work..13:13
Bingolaptops differ13:13
OhgaI'm on Xfce btw13:14
Bingothen look into xfce info on layout13:14
OhgaBingo: so.. you're not well versed with xkb then?13:15
Bingono, there is onboard13:15
BluesKajHey folks13:16
Bingoonboard is onscreen keyboard in gnome13:19
Bingowhy is auth failing in my software updater13:19
OhgaBingo: um.. how would that help me?13:20
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Bingoinstead of worrying with re-install of ubuntu with windows, I am going at the windows side of that problem.13:24
jushurBingo: you geting hash failures?13:29
Bingopublic wifi, i think, cas chromium is updating atm.13:30
Bingo64.2 megs13:30
jushurBingo: "i think"? you are aware of how you connected to it right?13:31
Bingochromium shouldn0t be a system update13:31
Bingoauth to tha server13:31
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voozeHi, I have reported this bug, where wallpapers don't get the right colors: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1550815 - But I don't know which package that sets the wallpaper. Can anyone help me here?13:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1550815 in Ubuntu "Wallpaper changes colors?" [Undecided,New]13:32
Bingochange desktop background13:34
Bingoer, unity has that one13:35
Bingois that one a builtin13:36
voozeBingo: I'm not asking how to do it ;) I'm asking which package that handles it.13:36
Bingowhen i rt click i can launch "change.."13:37
Bingoit's built in in unity.13:37
voozeBingo: I know I know.. You don't seem to understand my question13:37
Bingoa system setting13:37
Bingomm, and i think the welcome.. pgk is the pastel screen that presents a 14.04 screen to log-on13:38
Bingowhat video do you use with that bug?13:39
PauloHbom dia13:40
voozeBingo: Video?13:40
Bingowould your driver cause bug vooze?13:40
PauloHusar ubuntu tweak é seguro,por exemplo tem uma função remover o kennel antigo,será que n danifica o sistema13:41
voozeBingo: No. Its the same on both Desktop (nvidia) and Laptop (intel)13:41
Bingooic, eww13:41
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Bingowwiv is a turbo borland bulletin board system (BBS) for people to call, or ssh/telnet/putty into your computer from anywhere on earth.13:48
=== Raspberril is now known as RickyB98
MonkeyDustBBS? reminds me of the early 90s, before www13:50
jackwebsI'm trying to ubdate an old 12.04 instance and i'm getting this error:13:58
jackwebsW: GPG error: http://download.opensuse.org  Release: The following signatures were invalid:13:59
jackwebssorry; W: GPG error: http://download.opensuse.org  Release: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 139781551613:59
MonkeyDustjackwebs  maybe because it's suse13:59
jackwebsany idea how to resolve? I've googled it and found something involving apt-get clean and moving sources files around, but it didn't work13:59
jackwebsMonkeyDust, where's it come from?13:59
jackwebsthis is def ubuntu 12.0414:00
cpaelzerjackwebs: I thought of an external ppa but that doesn't make sense either does it ?14:00
jackwebsdon't know, I don't really know what I'm doing :)14:00
cpaelzerjackwebs: what does "grep -Hrn suse /etc/apt/*" give you14:00
cpaelzerif it is a lot pipe to pastebinit and send a link14:01
jackwebsno, it's some stuff from when I installed owncloud14:01
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jackwebsdisable it?14:01
cpaelzerjackwebs: depends on what/why you actually did back then  - but yes most likely disable/remove that unusual stuff that breaks you14:02
jackwebseh, just to install owncloud14:02
jackwebsI guess I can find updated source for that after the upgrade14:02
llwalahoopHello! I'd like to make a clean install, but I can't get to BIOS to boot from CD. How could I install the system?14:03
C0r3Guys, can anyone guide me to format usb using gparted?14:03
\9C0r3: select the usb drive from the list of devices14:04
MonkeyDustllwalahoop  from any boot device, or just CD ... try USB14:04
\9it should have one partition, right click on it and select to format it14:04
\9then apply changes14:04
\9make sure that you're formatting the partition you think you're formatting or you may format something else instead14:05
\9which might not be desired14:05
ouroumovllwalahoop, you can't boot from BIOS or you can't get to the BIOS in order to boot?14:05
llwalahoopMonkeyDust: I can't get to BIOS at all14:05
C0r3\9: I have two partitions in my usb drive. One is extended and within it I have a logical partition. When I plug it to pc I get two drives. I used this usb as a bootable to install Ubuntu GNOME14:06
ouroumovllwalahoop, what brand is your machine?14:06
MonkeyDustllwalahoop  that's not for this channel, then, find a manual on how to do it14:06
llwalahoopouroumov: It is HP65514:06
\9C0r3: so it ultimately still has only one "real" partition, right?14:07
\9you could probably nuke the extended partition and create a logical one in its place14:07
C0r3\9: Nuke as in??14:08
\9as in delete the partitions on the usb drive, and create a new one from the unallocated space14:08
llwalahoopMonkeyDust: Any idea what would be the appropriate channel?14:09
C0r3\9: Okay. I deleted all partitions.14:09
\9then create a new partition and format it with fat3214:09
ouroumovllwalahoop, usually you gotta ram some keys on your keyboard like Esc, F2, F12 etc while you're booting to get to the BIOS. The specific key varies with the model of computer. Look to google to find out what the key / procedure is for that machine.14:09
C0r3\9: I'm not getting the option for logical partition.14:10
lotuspsychjellwalahoop: or the ##hardware channel14:10
\9C0r3: right click the unallocated space, there should be an option for a new partition14:10
C0r3\9: I'm getting two options for 'Create as': Primary / Extended.14:11
C0r3\9: I did that.14:11
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\9use primary14:11
\9an extended is a partition that contains other partitions14:11
\9but if you just want to format the drive with a single partition, there's no need for that14:12
\9C0r3: and i cannot stress this enough: double check the actions you're about to perform before you perform them14:13
C0r3\9: Yeah. I know about extended. Thanks it fixed my problem... :) But I don't have the permissions on my drive I guess14:13
C0r3\9: Everything is fine! Thank you!!!!14:14
\9alright, no problem14:14
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C0r3\9: Don't mind, but your nick is lil weird! :P14:16
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C0r3See you guys!14:24
pavlushkaHow can I get a cloak?14:24
MonkeyDustpavlushka  ask in #freenode14:25
mayhemhey people!14:42
mayhemwill unity 8 be in 16.04?!14:42
mayhemany ideas, anyone?14:43
lotuspsychjemayhem: unity7 will still be default14:43
lotuspsychjemayhem: but you can already test unity8 right now, see #ubuntu+114:43
k1lmayhem: it will not be the standard. but you can try unity8 in a lxc container14:44
mayhem:lotuspsychje so I guess it'll come 2 versions - unity 7 and 8 ?14:44
ubottuUnity8 is the next Unity Desktop running on Mir. It is already used on the smartphones running ubuntu-touch (!touch) and can be tested on the Desktop with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC14:44
ash_workzcan you tile windows on Ubuntu?14:51
taavit15Hi. I am using VPS and i have a program that needs to save encrypted key to external device (USB or Floppy). My question is how can I make so called reverse virtual device? So for instance i would save this info to self-created USB stick which is actually a folder14:53
k1lash_workz: yes. just drag the window to the side or the corner14:53
ash_workzk1l: that's not actually what I meant by tiliing14:53
k1lash_workz: ctrl+alt+numpad can place the window by shortcut.14:54
ash_workzthis was what I was referring to: bit.ly/21vZyvL14:54
k1lash_workz: unity can do 2x2 tiling (or 2x1)14:55
ash_workzI see14:55
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ash_workzis there a cascade feature?14:55
ash_workzlike this? http://bit.ly/1VMWlku14:56
ubottuloiiio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:00
FunkyELFThe following packages have unmet dependencies:15:06
FunkyELF cuda : Depends: cuda-7-5 (= 7.5-18) but it is not going to be installed15:06
FunkyELFE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:06
FunkyELFHow can I fix this?15:06
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k1lFunkyELF:" apt-cache policy  cuda  cuda-7-5 " in a pastebin please, like paste.ubuntu.com15:07
MonkeyDustFunkyELF  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'fixpackages' ... make executable with 'chmod +x fixpackages' ... then run it with './fixpackages' ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15121279/15:07
FunkyELFk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15244218/15:08
MonkeyDust!find cuda15:09
ubottuFound: libcuda1-331, libcuda1-331-updates, libcuda1-346, libcuda1-346-updates, libcudart6.5, nvidia-cuda-dev, nvidia-cuda-doc, nvidia-cuda-gdb, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, python-pycuda (and 11 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=cuda&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all15:09
k1lFunkyELF: what ubuntu is that exactly?15:09
k1land what repo is that?15:09
FunkyELFk1l: I was trying to follow this:  https://github.com/jcjohnson/neural-style/blob/master/INSTALL.md15:09
FunkyELFk1l: I downloaded and ran "sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu1404-7-5-local_7.5-18_amd64.deb:15:09
MonkeyDustFunkyELF  what's the outcome of  cat /etc/issue15:10
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FunkyELFMonkeyDust: Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela15:12
cfhowlett!mint | FunkyELF15:12
ubottuFunkyELF: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:12
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edlindeafter i have upgraded my packages etc it just seems that my mouse stopped working as well on ubuntu15:17
edlindeany fixes available for this?15:17
edlindeIts annoying coz sometimes it works and sometimes not and then I have to use the trackpad of my laptop to click on things :(15:17
edlindewould really appreciate it if any of you have a possible fix for this annoyance15:17
ioriaedlinde, tail /var/log/apt/history.log15:21
edlindesingle-clicking with the mouse isn't working many at times.. I have to double click and sometimes it will work.. otherwise last resort is to click on the track pad15:25
edlindeioria, any idea why this happens?15:25
ioriaedlinde, uname -r is ?15:26
ioriaedlinde, have you rebooted after the upgrade ?15:27
edlindeah not the recentmost15:28
ioriaedlinde,  ls /boot15:28
ioriaedlinde,  you installed linux-image-4.2.0-30-generic15:28
edlindeah ok.. so should I now reboot?15:29
ioriaedlinde, ls /boot  ?15:29
edlindewondering if that fixes the mouse problem?15:29
edlindeok will paste that15:29
k1lreboot to the latest kernel first to test15:30
edlindethis mouse business is seriously killing me15:30
edlindeok will get back15:30
ioriaedlinde, if you reboot, you'll have the 30 kern15:30
edlindeioria, now I am on 3015:35
ioriaedlinde, xsetpointer -l | grep Pointer15:35
ioriaedlinde, issue persists ?15:39
edlindeoh also I have trouble marking text with the mouse15:39
edlindeyes it does15:39
ioriaedlinde, lsmod | grep usbhid15:39
edlindeusbhid                 49152  015:40
edlindehid                   118784  3 hid_generic,usbhid,hid_apple15:40
mustuhi, how can we list all the packages a repo has to offer?15:40
ioriaedlinde, it'a a Mac ?15:40
edlindeits a dell latitude15:41
edlindewith a mac keyboard15:41
edlindebut a normal usb mouse15:41
edlindethe keyboard is totally fine.. its just the mouse that is giving me headaches15:41
edlindewired optical mouse15:41
ioriaedlinde, lsusb15:41
k1ledlinde: does it work in guest account? or using another desktop?15:42
edlindewhat? the mouse?15:43
ioriaedlinde, try Guest Account,  maybe is X related15:43
edlindeit was working perfectly fine for me when I installed Ubuntu15:43
k1lyes. you do use some kde ppa.15:44
k1lso it could be an kde issue still.15:44
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edlindeno luck15:47
edlindeeven guest account has this problem15:47
edlindeyeah I have like a gnome3 thing installed on top but it worked fine all this while15:48
ioriaedlinde, the mouse is directly connected to the laptop or you use an hub ?15:48
edlindedirectly connected via usb15:48
ioriaedlinde, change port ?15:48
edlindetried already15:48
edlindeno luck15:48
ioriaedlinde, is this Avago Technologies, Pte. or what ?15:49
edlindeit says "Advent" on the mouse15:50
ioriaedlinde,  can you pull it out and run lsusb again ?15:51
ioriaedlinde,  or run dmesg | tail15:52
wonderworldvlc started to segfault for me today. anyone else having problems?15:53
wonderworldit's VLC media player 2.2.2 Weatherwax (revision 2.2.2-0-g6259d80)15:54
ioriaedlinde,  yes, Avago15:54
ioriaedlinde,  try to remove the module and reload it15:55
edlindehow do I do that?15:55
edlindelet it be.. I gtg now15:56
ioriaedlinde,  sudo rmmod usbhid     sudo modprobe usbhid15:56
edlindethanks anyway15:56
ioriaedlinde,  np, check your video driver, if you have a xorg.conf set, or stuff like ppa15:57
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NTQHi. Is there a program that can keep track of all changes an other program makes to my system? For example a third party installer. I want to see what it does to my system directories.16:08
popeyNTQ: rkhunter can, I think.16:09
popeyNTQ: can take a 'snapshot' of the files on your system, and then you run it again and it tells you waht changed.16:09
popeyNTQ: not sure it looks for every file though, so might not fit your exact circumstances16:10
popeyNTQ: another option is to use "eatmydata" and run the installer through that, and see what it says it's going to do without it actually doing it16:10
NTQpopey: Thank you. I just thought about using chroot to trick the program into thinking it operates on the real root of my system.16:11
ouroumovNTQ, there's also a low-level linux function named ptrace(2) if you have the patience16:12
ouroumovNTQ, there's also the user command strace that will log every system call issued by a given program16:13
popeyyeah, you could eatmydata and strace, to see what it's doing without doing it16:14
popeyif you had an hour to burn :)16:14
ouroumovOh there's also the inotify interface to watch filesystem changes NTQ16:15
NTQVery cool tools. Thank you, guys. I will take a look at them.16:15
vicentedoes anyone know how to start playing a video using OMXplayer by providing the start point in hh:mm:ss ?16:16
NTQI know about inotify. I often work with it.16:16
Nileshwhen is the next LTS release?16:21
PiciNilesh: April.16:21
JoniiHello. I have a problem16:21
Joniidmesg tells me "failed to start hw scan -108"16:21
Nilesh0k, that will support till?16:21
PiciNilesh: 202116:22
Nileshok thanks :)16:22
ash_workzcan you restore all windows from 1 application? (ie all terminals)16:22
JoniiThis message comes from ath10k_pci, my wireless device is QCA6164 or something similar. I can't connect to many wifi-16:23
ash_workzand also, can you cycle through windows of just 1 application? Right now i have to hold ctrl, tab to the program, and wait for that program to expand into windows :(16:23
Joniiash_workz: alt+tilde16:24
JoniiOr whatever you have above tab16:24
Joniibetween tab and esc16:24
ash_workzJonii: thanks!16:25
ash_workzis there a way to restore all windows from an app too?16:25
ash_workzI know holding down super shoes numbers on the apps16:26
ash_workzbut pressing the associated number just launches the most recent window from that app16:26
Joniidouble tap the number?16:27
JoniiIt's not quite what you asked but pretty close16:27
ioriaJonii, have you seen this ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/143694016:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1436940 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "Qualcomm Atheros QCA6164 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter [168c:0041] is not supported" [Medium,Confirmed]16:28
Joniiioria: yes16:29
ash_workzJonii: what do you mean?16:30
ash_workzJonii: oh16:30
ash_workzI read it as TAB16:30
Joniiioria: kvalos thing worked kinda as well as it does now after I upgraded my kernel to 4.4 :p16:31
ioriaJonii, wow16:32
Joniithat is, it's weird and spotty, kinda works every now and then but has lotsa unstability16:32
JoniiI haven't tried both kvalos patch + 4.4 kernel16:32
JoniiI don't know how they would interact16:33
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ioriaJonii, and this ? http://ath10k.infradead.narkive.com/CE43Al6D/patch-ath10k-fix-wmi-scan-command-length16:33
Joniinew to me. If I have understood correctly, this issue is that the ath10k_pci driver thing crashes if you try to connect low-strength 5ghz wlan16:35
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tappyyo yo16:45
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heedlyI installed the texlive package and a plugin for latex in moin. It says it can't find latex though17:04
UbuntuDudehow to apply the same command on ubuntu thunar to be able to opnen terminal here using F4? ... xfconfig-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/CanChangeAccels -T17:04
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kermit1111"Unable to locate package subversion"17:07
ash_workzugh! I get so annoyed with this... HOW do you escape single quotes in egrep?!17:07
kermit1111can someone help me with this error?17:07
EriC^^!info subversion17:07
ubottusubversion (source: subversion): Advanced version control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.8.13-1ubuntu3 (wily), package size 276 kB, installed size 1276 kB17:07
EriC^^kermit1111: which ubuntu are you using?17:08
ash_workzand parens17:08
k1lkermit1111: what ubuntu are you on exactly?17:08
kermit1111kubuntu 14.1017:08
ash_workzegrep -rns 'define\([\'"]SOME_CONST\b'17:08
k1lkermit1111: 14.10 is dead. update to 15.04 and then to 15.10 asap17:08
k1l!eolupgrade | kermit111117:09
ubottukermit1111: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:09
dannymichelI notice a weird black line for less than half a millisecond on youtube videos in chrome. it just shows up randomly17:09
k1lkermit1111: and if you dont want to upgrade every 6 months better stay on LTS in the first place17:09
kermit1111ok, but this is all i have right now17:10
kermit1111i will not stay on this forever17:10
kermit1111i just installed it from a dvd becasue my pc is not working correctly17:10
Nileshhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases is not accessing17:11
k1lkermit1111: than get a 14.04 or 15.10 dvd /usb and install that17:11
moat_joeCan I make apt-get wait on getting a lockfile rather than failing saying apt-get is already in use by another process?17:11
k1lkermit1111: 14.10 is dead since july 2015 and you have serious security issues and they are not going to be fixed.17:11
EriC^^kermit1111: are you able to get another dvd?17:11
kermit1111ok, can i upgrade? using the built in software update tool?17:12
k1lkermit1111: see the bots message17:12
k1lkermit1111: its faster if you get a 15.10 or 14.04 copy and do a fresh install, really17:12
xanguakermit1111: it will surely take more time than downloading and installing a supporting release17:13
k1lsince 15.04 is dead too now you need to do 2 upgrades.17:13
k1li mean, you dont install windows vista today and argue its not supported anymore....17:13
kermit1111k1l: ok, in that case i will have to download the latest and burn it to dvd17:14
kermit1111k1l: i will get tha latest ubuntu on dvd, and then come back here, so i'll be back17:15
kermit1111thanks so far!17:16
k1lkermit1111: alright17:16
LazyAngelHi. while doing a apt-get install (interactive package) my ssh session timed out. I see the process is still running. Should I kill it?17:19
jackwebsso I think a machine crached out during do-release-upgrade17:23
jackwebsis there any way to resume or check the status of it?17:23
jackwebsmachine is still on and working, reporting new version with lsb_release -a, but apt-get still acts like it's locked by another process17:23
SquarismAnyone able to get native notifications from chrome? If so, how do u set it up?17:26
Squarismdisplayed by NotifyOSD that is17:26
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anujHey I am using basic terminal from ubuntu ctrl+alt+t and my mentor asked are you using bash? I am not sure what the answer is17:30
fmntfhi! i've tried to change timezone via timedatectl+tzdata reconfigure, but `date` still uses the wrong timezone. any hint? http://pastebin.com/jDYsjz0Q17:30
EriC^^anuj: type echo $SHELL17:31
downlwilHow do i download all pdf files from a website?17:33
xanguadownlwil: that's a really vague question17:34
downlwilIs there a software for cralwling a website for pdf files?17:35
paulymorphousHello. I can't seem to delete old kernels from Synaptic. Is anyone able to help me with this?17:36
NightStrikehow do I use do-release-upgrade to upgrade in place from 08.04LTS to 10.04LTS?17:37
delti'm having trouble connecting my cell phone's audio via bluetooth to the pc17:40
delti get: Connection Failed: Stream setup failed17:40
delti can transfer files via bluetooth fine17:40
xanguaNightStrike: even upgrading from LTS to LTS, would be faster to just install a supported release17:40
NightStrikeI don't have access to the computer17:41
SchrodingersScatthen how were you going to run that command?17:41
NightStrikephysical access17:42
NightStrikein any case, do-release-upgrade seems to not work17:42
NightStrikeit tries to download 12.04 instead of 10.0417:42
NightStrikehow do I tell do-release-upgrade to download 10.04?17:44
LTNThi @SchrodingersScat17:44
naccNightStrike: neither of those are supported anymore17:44
LTNTCan someone please tell me how can i create a webapp like codeacademy ?17:45
delt... so anyone familiar with this bluetooth audio problem?17:45
NightStrikehow do I tell do-release-upgrade to download 10.04?17:46
naccNightStrike: i don't believe the tools will let you upgrade to things that are not supported ... why would you want to be on 10.04?17:47
NightStrikeThat's what this page says to do: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes#From_8.04_LTS_to_10.04_LTS17:48
NightStrikeand, it's what that page says is supported17:48
NightStrike8 > 10 > 1217:48
naccNightStrike: "Version: 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) (Will no longer be supported after May 9th 2013)"17:49
NightStrikeI am aware that 10 is out of support17:49
zykotick9NightStrike: if you are currently at 8.04 i'd _strongly_ suggest you backup your files and install fresh  YMMV17:49
NightStrikeI'm trying to upgrade 8 to 10 to 12.  The do-release-upgrade won't download the changes for 10, however.17:49
NightStrikecan you at least tell me what do-release-upgrade does so that I can do it manually?17:50
naccNightStrike: I don't think there is a supported path for that, 8.04 has been EOL for years at this point. I believe the tooling will always try to go to the nearest LTS that is supported17:50
NightStrikeor tell me where I can get the older lucid tarball that it would have downloaded?17:50
NightStrikeI found it.  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/lucid.tar.gz17:55
finisherrWhat are folks doing regarding the glibc vulnerability in 10.04 systems?17:56
baizonfinisherr: 10.04 is EOL, so nothing i guess17:57
xanguafinisherr: nothing17:57
finisherrFIgured. Ok17:57
baizonfinisherr: i mean its EOL fir almost a year now, so i would recommend to upgrade17:58
afrokarlssonliving silver is siamease polarbear blood17:58
tewardfinisherr: 10.04 is EOL, so it never got looked at or fixed.  Upgrade to 12.04 or newer.17:58
finisherrThis is what I suspected17:58
finisherrJust making sure17:58
tewardfinisherr: refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for a list of what releases are 'current'17:59
tewardand refer to there regularly for EOL release dates/items.17:59
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someboyare these steps good enough for encryption https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0788dd86af09c73bf70a18:04
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lernerthere is a directory full of directories. All of them have a common name: "decede". How do I rename all subdirectories and delete that part?18:15
=== brian is now known as Guest71094
SchrodingersScatlerner: rename 's/decede//' * #?18:19
SchrodingersScatoh, subdirectories...18:19
Guest71094I've built a small openstack cloud using ubuntu autopilot and everything succedded fine and I have a starter project, but I lack the openstack admin credentials.  I don't believe i missed setting something, is there a default login that I'm overlooking?  Sorry if there is a more specific ubuntu/openstack channel.18:19
deltis there any replacement for blueman that will support audio correctly?18:20
Guest71094I have the account created during the autopilot install but it only allows me to administer the project it creates, not the actual openstack dashboard18:20
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delt[pts/14][user@phobos]:~$ pactl load-module pulseaudio-module-bluetooth18:26
deltFailure: Module initialization failed18:26
user54541210hellow guys, does someone know how to make that all the programs and the display of my windows stay, even after turning of my pc with Ubuntu 15.1?18:27
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deltuser54541210: suspend or hibernate mode?18:30
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!18:33
user54541210delt: I dont have any problem when suspending or hibernating my laptop. The thing is that when I turn off my laptop, I loose all the positions of the windows of my programs. Like I have to start all over again, and start moving and reordering everything, so its comfortable for working18:34
dionysus69inserting sleep into .profile delays login itself. How do I run something late but not delay the login at the same time ?18:34
Tin_manuser54541210, probably have to write a script and that would be a pretty long on, might have a keystroke recorder type program that would record your methods when you rearange everything18:36
jackwebsI just upgraded to 14.04 and I've lost all sound, where do I start?18:36
user54541210Tin_man: do you know any script out there that does this?18:37
pavlushkajackwebs: alsa18:38
jackwebsalsa what?18:38
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup18:39
pavlushkajackwebs: you can run dpkg-reconfigure or purge & reinstall for alsa18:39
jackwebsI'll try that18:40
pavlushkajackwebs: you can test the gui hardware testing18:40
deltthat bluetooth setup guide is way outdated18:40
jackwebspavlushka, what?18:40
deltanyone have an idea why i get this? --18:41
delt[pts/0][user@phobos]:~$ pactl load-module pulseaudio-module-bluetooth18:41
deltFailure: Module initialization failed18:41
pavlushkajackwebs: you can test the gui hardware testing tools, its pre-installed18:42
jackwebshow do I do that pavlushka ?18:43
pavlushkajackwebs: Its called system testing, type in the dashboard and you'll see.18:45
jackwebsdashboard pavlushka ?18:46
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jackwebspavlushka, if you mean the unity dash, I'm in lubuntu, lxde18:47
jackwebsso I don't have that18:47
jackwebsin mixer it only shows pulseaudio dummy output18:47
mas886How can I configure hot corners in gnome?18:48
jackwebsseems the only output device I have is "dummy output"18:48
delt...so, what do you guys recommend for bluetooth instead of blueman?18:49
Calleksooo I have an issue where my mouse cursor dissapears (the mouse pointer still works, I can still see hovered tooltips and selection-hover, etc -- clicks still work)18:50
CallekIt seems to happen more often when I have a flash website open, sometimes even more so when I use fullscreen with flash18:50
CallekMy only remedy I've found so far is reboot, but I'm open to a command-line fix18:50
Callek(or something to search for in syslog)18:50
CallekI'm on 15.1018:50
Callekusing Firefox as browser18:51
* Callek awaits any ideas ;-)18:51
* Callek has already restarted since last instance, fwiw18:51
dracnocCallek: Are you using a compositor/opengl? I get the same issue unless I turn off desktop effects, then the mouse pointer behaves normally18:51
ouroumov_LazyAngel, dunno but in the future you wanna run this type of commands in tmux or screen.18:52
CallekI think so, but not certain18:52
ouroumov_Oh sorry LazyAngel: scroll snafu on my part18:53
* Callek is relatively new to using linux as a desktop, used to primarily only use it as a remote server :-)18:53
LazyAngelouroumov_: no worries, I have noe added keepalive on my ssh session and nothing broke. a reboot and reinstall of the package worked18:54
jackwebsI think in the past I had to remove pulseaudio to get sound to work, is that still an option in 14.04?18:54
jackwebsI hope someone can help me with this, I'm totally lost :(18:55
dracnocCallek: If you can, switch off your desktop compositor/effects and see if that helps. It might be a driver bug, I'm not certain but it's always been apparent when running the nVidia blob drivers.18:56
Callekdracnoc: I know for sure I don't have an nVidia card18:56
Callekit would be an intel integrated graphics18:56
Callekdracnoc: but further questions -- does disabling desktop compositor/effects re-instate the cursor, even after it has dissapeared? and is it possible to disable via command line (easily?) ;-)18:57
* Callek would have been happy with a `service foo restart` if it didn't cause any active programs/desktop to close ;-)18:57
vijuHow do I remove wine?18:58
vijuAlthough I used, sudo apt-get remove wine, it's still tehre18:58
deltjackwebs: you can get jack and pulse to play nice together: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Digital_Music_Composition/Making_Sound#Making_Sound_On_Linux18:58
jackwebsdelt, I've got no sound at all18:58
dracnocCallek: Hmmm ... the only thing to do is try it. I'm not sure if it is even possible to switch of the compositor with a Unity desktop, but it's certainly possible in other environments such as XFCE and KDE18:58
jackwebsdelt, what is jack?18:59
jackwebsI don't think I need it, I just need some sound18:59
deltjackwebs: what sound card?18:59
Callekdracnoc: yea, I have default-15.10 desktop, which iirc is unity18:59
deltjackwebs: also is pulseaudio running? what program(s) fail to output sound?18:59
jackwebsdelt, how can I tell?18:59
jackwebseverything fails to output sound19:00
jackwebsclementine, at the moment19:00
deltok, can you do: ps xau | grep pulseaudio19:00
deltin the output you should see a line like: user      2146  2.2  0.5 1149036 22200 ?       SLl  13:48   0:15 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog19:00
jackwebsyah it's running19:00
deltok, now if you play a youtube video in your browser you don't get sound?19:01
dracnocCallek: I did find one reference to switching off desktop effects, but it comes with warnings. Read first and test at your own peril :)19:01
jackwebsidk I don't think I have flash installed delt19:01
dracnocCallek: http://askubuntu.com/questions/689602/disable-all-visual-effects-in-ubuntu-15-1019:01
deltor anything that uses pulse19:01
jackwebsI'll try youtube delt gimme a sec19:02
jackwebsyeah it's silent19:02
deltjackwebs: what about the output routing in the volume control (pavucontrol)?19:02
jackwebsdelt, in the volume control it only shows dummy output19:02
jackwebsno other devices19:02
jackwebsi dunno what output routing is though19:03
jackwebsit says nothing aout that19:03
deltwhile the youtube video or whatever is playing, run pavucontrol, what do you see under "playback"?19:03
jackwebschromium playback19:03
jackwebsit's moving, like there's sound19:03
jackwebsbut I guess it's all just going to dummy output device19:03
deltok, there should be a drop-down menu to select which output device19:03
deltdoes it show only dummy output?19:04
jackwebsyah, under output devices19:04
jackwebsyah only shows dummy19:04
jackwebsno wait, there's "hardware output devices" i can select, and if I do, it says there are none19:04
deltok... in a terminal can you try "alsamixer" and see if it detects any sound cards?19:04
jackwebs"cannot open mixer, no such file or directory"19:05
deltin alsamixer press F6 to select sound card, it will show you what alsa sees as available output device19:05
jackwebsalsamixer worked ( and sound worked) before upgrade to 14.04, from 12.0419:05
jackwebsbut I think I had pulseaudio removed19:05
jackwebsI think19:05
deltjackwebs: lspci | grep -i audio19:06
jackwebsdelt, 00:08.0 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)19:06
deltjackwebs: is that your sound card? seems like the hdmi output on your graphics card19:07
jackwebsdelt, nooo idea19:08
jackwebsit's prob a built in sound19:08
jackwebsbut there is nvidia hdmi too, so19:08
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
deltjackwebs: lsmod | grep -e snd -e sound19:08
mas886How can I configure hot corners in gnome?19:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:09
jackwebsdelt https://paste.ubuntu.com/15246106/19:09
deltsnd_hda_intel seems like your onboard sound card, weird that alsa doesn't find it19:10
jackwebsdefinitely. it was working before upgrade like I said19:10
jackwebsany idea what I could try19:11
deltjackwebs: lspci doesn't show a line something like: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)19:11
deltjackwebs: try booting a live-cd from another distro and see if sound works19:11
deltjackwebs: say linux mint or so19:11
jackwebsdelt, the only thing that is not NVidia is the Ethernet controller19:11
jackwebsand there's no CD drive on this machine19:11
jackwebsI'm not sure I have a spare usb either at the mo :\19:12
jackwebsand I don't really want to have to install another distro if i can help it19:12
jackwebsthis audio was working like a couple hours ago with 12.0419:12
deltjackwebs: i'd test to see if the sound hardware works from a live-cd... no need to install, just boot the live-cd, and play some sound19:13
dracnocjackwebs: just out of curiosity ... install SMPlayer. It allows you to play a video and send the audio to any recognized audio hardware via the menu. Pick a vid and see what audio channels work for you. It's helpful in finding what audio channels are actually working19:13
jackwebsok dracnoc I'll try that19:13
jackwebsdelt, liveCD not really an option any time soon19:13
deltjackwebs: live-usb then =)19:13
deltjackwebs: perhaps the same you used to install?19:13
jackwebswell, liveCD never an option, live usb no time soon delt19:13
jackwebsthis machine's had Ubuntu on it for 5 years delt..19:14
deltok... so, hmmm....19:14
deltjackwebs: can you try booting a different kernel from the grub bootup menu?19:15
alkisgFor people that will want to upgrade from 12.04 to 16.04, will it be necessary to upgrade to 14.04 first, or is it OK if they just edit sources.list and jump straight to 16.04?19:15
jackwebsummm I'll have a look delt19:15
mcphailalkisg: 12.04 -> 14.04 -> 16.04, as far as I know19:15
jackwebswhat if it doesn't list any other kernels? is there a way?19:15
deltcheck in /boot19:15
alkisgmcphail: thanks, meh I'm guessing that will take 10 hours :D19:16
jackwebsok I got some options delt19:16
jackwebs3.2.0.64 is the default, I also have
jackwebs32 , 14 and 1219:16
mcphailalkisg: and I don't think you can upgrade to 16.04 until 16.04.1 is released19:16
jackwebsany preferences delt?19:16
delttry the earliest :D19:16
jackwebs3.2.0.12 it is19:16
alkisgmcphail: whoops, I haven't heard that before, thanks, checking...19:16
jackwebsalsamixer still doesn't work from cli..19:17
jackwebswaiting for gui to boot19:17
jackwebsstill no sound delt19:19
jackwebsalthough now my graphics are buggered too19:19
jackwebsso.. progress19:19
deltjackwebs: sound stopped working when you updated to 14.04?19:21
jackwebsdelt,  that's right19:22
jackwebsdracnoc, SMPlayer doesn't seem to be working either19:23
deltyeah you'd really need to find a spare usb stick... even just a 1gb to test booting with a live image19:23
jackwebswell even if I do what am I gonna do next delt?19:24
jackwebsis there nothing else I can try?19:25
jackwebsI got a lot of work to do and I just wanted to stick some music on in the meantime :)19:25
deltjackwebs: at least you'll know if it's a hardware problem19:25
dracnocjackwebs: Damn ... is it giving any reasons why not?19:25
jackwebsdelt, it's not going to be a hardware problem..19:26
jackwebsdracnoc, just no noise..19:26
dracnocjackwebs: But is it playing the video?19:26
jackwebsdracnoc, I tried it with an audio file19:26
jackwebsso no19:26
jackwebsI can maybe try a video19:26
deltjackwebs: it's been too long since i futzed around with kernel audio drivers... so i can't be of much more assistance sadly :(19:27
jackwebsOK well thanks for trying delt19:27
deltjackwebs: oh, what does "aplay -l" show?19:27
deltcan you pastebin the output of that?19:28
jackwebsno soundcards found :(19:28
jackwebsthat's probably not a good sign huh19:28
deltwell, now we know it's not an issue with pulseaudio or jack19:28
jackwebsidk what jack is19:28
deltjackwebs: find /dev | grep -e snd -e pcm19:29
alkisgjackwebs: what's the output of this command? du -sh /lib/modules/$(uname -r)19:29
jackwebs https://paste.ubuntu.com/15246294/ delt19:29
knee4Just tried to reinstall ubuntu, install was succuessful  but it is not shoming up on the boot menu or bios19:29
jackwebsalkisg, 121M/lib/modules/3.2.0-99-generic19:30
deltjackwebs: looks like the kernel only sees the hdmi on your graphics card19:30
jackwebsdelt, even that's not making sound tho19:30
alkisgjackwebs: you have 3.2 kernel in 14.04?19:30
jackwebsalkisg, I guess?19:30
knee4Just tried to reinstall ubuntu, install was succuessful  but it is not showing up on the boot menu or bios19:30
alkisgYou should have 3.13 at least19:30
deltjackwebs: oh, reboot to your normal kernel =)19:30
alkisgjackwebs: ls /boot/vmlinuz*, which kernels are there?19:30
jackwebsdelt, I did19:30
jackwebsI think19:30
deltalkisg: sorry my fault... i recommended to try an earlier kernel19:30
deltjackwebs: did you reboot after testing the other kernel?19:31
jackwebsno delt , alkisg , this is my latest kernel19:31
knee4Just tried to reinstall ubuntu, install was succuessful  but it is not showing up on the boot menu or bios19:31
jackwebsI rebooted back to the latest again19:31
nacc_knee4: please just ask once and wait for a response19:31
deltjackwebs: what does uname -a say?19:31
jackwebsdelt, alkisg Linux htpc 3.2.0-99-generic #139-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 1 23:16:38 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux19:32
deltjackwebs: and ls /lib/modules | grep 3.219:32
alkisgjackwebs: did I correctly understand that this is 14.04?19:32
jackwebsalkisg, you did19:32
alkisgjackwebs, then you have the wrong kernel19:32
jackwebsmaybe something went wrong during the update19:32
alkisgsudo apt-get install linux-image-generic19:33
delt^ what alkisg said19:33
jackwebsmaybe there's other stuff didn't update properly too?19:33
deltjackwebs: just curious, do you have a dir named 3.2.0-99-generic in /lib/modules ?19:33
deltls /lib/modules | grep 3.2.019:34
alkisgHe said he does, so the package from 12.04 stayed installed19:34
alkisg110mb in size19:34
jackwebsthat's all correct what you just said19:34
alkisgjackwebs: (do the kernel installation), how did you upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04?19:35
blndidiotHey- I did apt-get upgrade and one of the package updates is asking that I choose a character encoding format.  I'm not sure which one to choose.  How do I decide? Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/VX9tRJm.png19:35
alkisgblndidiot: press enter in all questions, it will keep your current settings19:36
AciD`blndidiot > utf-8, always utf-819:36
jackwebsalkisg, kernel update is running, I did do-release-upgrade19:36
deltblink: UTF-819:36
AciD`or what alkisg said19:36
deltblndidiot: UTF-819:36
alkisgIf you need to change it in the future, it's dpkg-reconfigure console-setup19:36
blndidiotalkisg: Well, right before this screen popped up.. I got some perl warnings about language being unset so I wasn't sure if this was related19:37
blndidiotI'll go with UTF-8 thanks19:37
deltalkisg: for bluetooth stuff, what do you recommend to use as an alternative to blueman?19:37
alkisgblndidiot: what's your locale/lang?19:37
alkisgdelt, no idea, sorry :)19:37
blndidiotI always use en-us for everything19:37
deltok thanks anyway19:37
kermit_is flashrom in the repository of ubuntu?19:38
deltblndidiot: then utf-8 will be fine19:38
blndidiotthanks guys19:38
x03Hello, my computer won't shut down when told to, it just locks up.19:38
AciD`blndidiot > ok, then try to use that name in a folder/cmd : 'touché'19:38
AciD`x03 > `dmesg`19:39
jackwebssoo rebooting with new kernel delt alkisg , hoping this will just work?19:40
alkisgjackwebs: yup19:40
deltjackwebs: probably19:40
jackwebsalsamixer still dont work19:40
alkisgYou're with the new kernel now?19:41
AciD`x03 > with newlines plz..19:41
deltjackwebs: type uname -a to make sure19:41
x03Excuse me; how?19:41
AciD`your paste is unreadable :(19:41
x03I'm not sure what exactly I'm able to do about it.19:41
jackwebsdelt, alkisg uname -a showing 3.13 now19:41
deltjackwebs: lsmod | grep snd19:42
jackwebsbut problem is as before19:42
=== linuxmodder is now known as linux-modder|afk
deltjackwebs: and find /dev | grep -e snd -e pcm19:42
jackwebsdelt https://paste.ubuntu.com/15246409/19:42
alkisgjackwebs: and, you didn't answer how did you upgrade.... from the gui? with some commands?19:42
jackwebsdelt https://paste.ubuntu.com/15246417/19:43
jackwebsI did alkisg , I did do-release-upgrade19:43
alkisgjackwebs: ok, now, does aplay -l list anything?19:43
alkisg(sudo aplay -l, maybe)19:43
jackwebsalkisg,  no19:43
jackwebsoh, sudo does19:44
deltjackwebs: find /dev | grep -e snd -e pcm19:44
jackwebswith sudo it has three things19:44
alkisgand sudo aplay /bin/ls19:44
jackwebsdelt I sent you that19:44
alkisgdoes that make a strange noice?19:44
jackwebsyes it does alkisg19:44
jackwebsreally loudly19:44
deltoh yeah sorry19:44
jackwebsyou have nearly killed my cat, problem remains19:45
deltjackwebs: probably user/group permissions19:45
alkisgOr default soundcard issues19:45
deltalkisg: he said pavucontrol showed no output devices other than dummy19:45
jackwebspavucontrol still shows nothing19:45
jackwebsjust dummy19:45
deltjackwebs: ls -l /dev/snd; groups19:46
alkisgjackwebs: is there any reason to suspect that you have uninstalled pulseaudio or any other significant parts of the sound subsystem?19:46
jackwebsalkisg, I did, and reinstalled it19:46
jackwebstrying to fix this19:46
jackwebsbut it could be that something failed in the upgrade19:46
alkisgIs ubuntu-desktop installed now? dpkg -l ubuntu-desktop19:46
jackwebsdelt, you want the output of that?19:46
deltjackwebs: yeah if you can19:47
jackwebsalkisg, no it's not19:47
alkisgInstall it, you're missing things19:47
delt"groups" and "ls -l /dev/snd"19:47
alkisgWhen you uninstall pulseaudio, it removes ubutnu-desktop and a lot of other things19:47
jackwebsalkisg, lubuntu-desktop still exist? can I install that instead?19:47
alkisgIf you reinstall pulseaudio, it doesn't reinstall those things19:47
alkisgYup, you should be able to use that instead19:48
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jackwebsdelt groups: jack adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare debian-transmission nopasswdlogin19:48
deltjackwebs: what about /dev/snd?19:48
jackwebsdelt https://paste.ubuntu.com/15246459/19:48
alkisgdelt, I believe he should have sound access via pulse even if he's not in any group at all19:49
jackwebsOK installing lubuntu desktop19:49
deltjackwebs: you're not part of the 'audio' group19:49
alkisgdelt, the audio group is for *direct* sound access19:49
alkisgIe. not via pulse19:49
alkisgI don't think he's supposed to be in the audio group19:49
deltalkisg: ok... sorry my mistake19:49
llutzdelt: there is no need for users to be in audio-group19:49
deltyou need to be if you want to run jack or direct access to alsa devices afaik19:50
alkisgSure, for direct access yeah, but not for normal audio in a lubuntu/pulseaudio session...19:50
deltbut yeah everything uses pulse nowadays so =)19:50
jackwebsI've added myself to audio group anyway19:51
jackwebscos why not19:51
deltjackwebs: it certainly can't hurt19:51
alkisgjackwebs: because you might break pulse access19:51
deltalkisg: really?19:51
jackwebsalkisg, I think I already did19:51
alkisgSome devices need serialized access, cooperated19:51
jackwebsif I get it working, I'll try removing myself19:51
deltalkisg: i'm part of audio on both my mint systems and have no problems with audio19:51
jackwebssooo reboot after lubuntu desktop is installed?19:52
alkisgI don't know if snd is one of them, at some point in the past one could use only pulse OR direct alsa, not both of them, now both of them can be used in parallel19:52
delteven running pulse as a jack client19:52
alkisgjackwebs, yup19:52
jackwebsk nearly done19:52
jackwebsI think19:52
deltalkisg: dunno, in those days i was still using my SB live, which supported multiple hardware channels =)19:52
alkisghardware channels != software reentrancy19:53
deltyeah i think that's why they dropped it19:53
=== ghoti_ is now known as ghoti
jackwebswhoah ok now my grub has a background19:54
deltbecause of some state-per-channel shenanigans, like you mentioned reentrancy problems19:54
alkisgjackwebs: when you apt-get remove pulseaudio, and it says it'll remove 100 packages, DO think before pressing OK :D19:54
delthaha indeed :D19:54
jackwebsI did, I though "wow that'll save a lot of disk space"19:55
kermit_can someone help me compare two files? please?19:55
deltkermit_: diff19:55
alkisgdiff file1 file2, or meld for graphical19:55
deltkermit_: diff <file1> <file2>19:55
jackwebsOK so on boot I'm getting "system program problem detected"19:55
deltjackwebs: if you press details what does it say?19:55
jackwebsdelt, no details button19:56
jackwebs"OK" or "report problems"19:56
jackwebsI have an audio device!19:56
jackwebsand I have sound! woo!19:56
alkisgjackwebs: sudo rm /var/crash/*, and only bother with it if it shows up again (you might have that because of all the mess you did)19:56
jackwebscheers alkisg, I can live with an error message, sound works19:56
jackwebsif it starts bothering me I'll apt-get remove some more stuff19:57
alkisgThe error message could be from the past, and you did not see it because apport was missing too :D19:57
alkisg(the package that reports the errors)19:57
jackwebsk now I gotta peel that cat off the ceiling19:57
bray90820What is the best smart test tool on ubuntu19:57
bekksbray90820: the only one existing perhaps. smartctl.19:57
bray90820There is a smart test in disk utility19:58
bekksbray90820: Which is using smartctl.19:58
bray90820Well then I'm all set19:58
wmphello, i have encrypted home direcotry. I want to mount this on second system, how can i get parameters to mount? I trying mount manual, but i have only encrypted files names19:58
bekkswmp: you need to decrypt and mount, which is described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/ecryptfs.html19:59
kermit_why does "diff backup.bin backup_copy.bin" not produce any output?20:01
kermit_is that normal if the files are the same?20:01
bekksBecause diff is for textual input only, not for binary files.20:01
krobzaurhello all! I just discovered that upgrading my ubuntu 14.04 installation to a new kernel broke my ability to boot. I booted into an older kernel version and the problem disappeared. How should I handle this situation? I can elaborate on the errors I'm getting if anyone is interested20:02
bekksYou need to use a binary diff tool for creating a diff of binary input.20:02
wmpbekks: how can i get details about cipher and other?20:02
deltkermit_: no output from diff means the files are identical20:02
bekkswmp: usingg ecrytfs, you dont choose all that.20:02
deltkermit_: if you compare binary files, you'll just get a line like "files differ"20:02
A11enHi :D I need to know how to upgrade Ubuntu from 10 to what ever is supported :( any help ?20:03
x03Hello, I can't move my mouse pointer unless I click first.20:03
kermit_ah, that figures20:03
bekks!eolupgrade | A11en20:03
ubottuA11en: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:03
kermit_i did get "lines differ" for two of the files20:03
kermit_i was intentionally trying to make a copy of one of them to see what i get20:03
kermit_when i compare them20:03
kermit_bekks: it looks like you're wrong then?20:04
bekkskermit_: No. Use diff on two text files, and see the difference.20:04
Piciiirc, there is a flag for diff to allow binary diffs, I'm not sure what the output looks like20:04
x03Gys? This is really annoying.20:05
bekkskermit_: this article gives you a few ideas on how to compare binary files: http://superuser.com/questions/125376/how-do-i-compare-binary-files-in-linux20:05
x03Why do I have to click my mouse before I can move the pointer?20:07
x03I mean it goes to sleep.20:08
mustuhi can apt list all the available packages form a specific repo?20:08
deltx03: you mean each time you move it?20:10
deltx03: or it just moves while the button is pressed?20:10
ioria!info dhex20:10
ubottudhex (source: dhex): ncurses based hex editor with diff mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.68-2 (wily), package size 57 kB, installed size 145 kB20:10
bekksmustu: By browsing to the repo, in your browser.20:11
kermit_bekks: i think i understand what you mean20:11
mustubekks they don't allow browsing through a web browser20:11
bekksmustu: Really? Isnt it a http repo?20:11
kermit_so cmp is fo binary and diff is for textual?20:11
mustubekks yes that's http but they say they've disabled that.. it throws an XML error response20:12
mustubekks http://packages.elastic.co/elasticsearch/2.x/debian20:12
bekksmustu: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch/ -- there you can see the available downloads.20:14
trunk_monkeymustu: grep ^Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_*_Packages20:15
trunk_monkeymustu: grep ^Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_*_Packages | more - easier to view20:16
wmppbekks: unfrtunatelly, i cannot mount my home directory20:16
bekkswmpp: Why not?20:16
bekkswmpp: Did you decrypt it?20:17
wmppbekks: i copy mount parameters from my ubuntu and i have error and encrypted files20:17
bekkswmpp: So you did not decrypt it, as the article told you to do.20:17
wmppwhen i trying to mount without extra options, my FNEK is other that on normal system20:17
wmppbekks: yes, becouse this dont works20:18
bekkswmpp: Because what doesnt work?20:18
wmppwhen i put fnek from my normal system, i have error about file not found20:18
bekkswmpp: Forget mounting until you decrypt it.20:18
wmppbekks: i have mounted partition as ext420:18
wmppbekks: now i trying to mount /mnt/home/.ecryptfs/wmp/.Private/ to /mnt/home/wmp_no_encrypt/20:19
bekkswmpp: Decrypt it.20:19
wmppmount -t encryptfs asks me for ciphers and other...20:19
kermit_can someone tell me how users are able to write reviews and rate apps in software center when the softwre is not coming from software center?20:19
wmppbekks: to decrypt: mount -t encryptfs /mnt/home/.ecryptfs/wmp/.Private/ /mnt/home/wmp_no_encrypt/ ?20:20
bekkswmpp: No. Since thats for a different usecase as the article clearly states.20:20
bekkswmpp: Maybe this is what you are looking for: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory20:20
wmppbekks: this method: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering_Your_Data_Manually dont works, return me crypted files...20:23
bekkswmpp: Why wont it work?20:23
bekkswmpp: What exactly happens, when doing what exactly?20:23
aegisDo I have to ask to ask a question?20:24
bekksaegis: No you dont.20:24
wmppbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15246744/20:25
ed_1help please, wifi card lost after reboot or standby, only returns after battery out-5 mins. heres all the logs etc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15216474/20:36
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=== linuxmodder is now known as linux-modder
voozeed_1: try updating your bios?20:39
Dr-008good evening. question; i installed ubuntu via a DVD but screwed up the grub2 install. i now cant boot from disk anymore either to try to reinstall20:40
Dr-008and i cant boot into ubuntu either20:40
Dr-008only to windows20:40
Dr-008ive tried modifying my boot via easybcd i think its called20:40
Dr-008but no success20:40
bekksDr-008: So what did you do exactly?20:40
Dr-008bekks, i installed ubuntu, then it had to reboot. then it rebooted. then it said i had to remove the disk and press enter20:50
Dr-008i removed the disk and preseed enter. but i thought it wasnt working so i forced a reboot20:50
Dr-008i think thats where i broke the grub2 insall or something20:50
Dr-008anyway, im hoping theres a way to reinstall on the partitions i already made (and already successfully installed ubuntu too)20:51
Dr-008or to just modify the windows bootloader to boot ubuntu20:51
Dr-008or perhabs install grub2 via windows20:52
bekksDr-008: So where did you install grub to?20:52
Dr-008i figured i could install grub2 via cli on live-disk boot. but that disk doesnt boot anymore20:52
Dr-008bekks, i told it to overwrite the windows boot20:53
Dr-008which i found online i should do20:53
bekksDr-008: Which device did you specify?20:53
Dr-008but it seems like it didnt overwrite that at all20:53
Dr-008bekks, i dont know anymore20:53
Dr-008the windows boot loader20:53
Dr-008or something like that20:53
bekksDr-008: That "something" is important.20:54
Dr-008you know, windows boot menu20:54
Dr-008the same as grub20:54
Dr-008only from windows20:54
Dr-008online it said i should specify that to install ubuntu grub2 to that device block20:54
Dr-008but the question is, how can i boot from my ubuntu disk again?20:55
Dr-008when i press f12 and wait for the boot menu to popup i choose my dvd drive20:55
Dr-008i hear it reading20:55
Dr-008but then it just goes to my windows bootloader thingy where i can choose from the os's20:55
Nek`Hello !21:01
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
Nek`I have a problem guys: I have a /boot partition to resize but I have an LVM partition. That I need to resize first to achieve that.21:06
Nek`Is there a simple and safe way to resize lvm ?21:06
bekksNek`: then you should creata full backup first.21:06
bekksNek`: No, no simple way, and without a backup, nothing is safe.21:07
Nek`I already have a backup but well, it would be better to success the resizing :)21:07
Nek`bekks: you mean I need to do all from the command line ?21:07
bekksNek`: Of course.21:08
Nek`Any good tutorial that explain it clearly ?21:08
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
ZrenAny of you guys have a postinstall.sh script to share that install/configure apps?21:14
TTTAanyone have any idea what could be causing a kernel error on starting up a fresh install of Ubuntu?21:14
k1lTTTA: what linux did you install exactly? and what machine is that?21:15
TTTAUBUNTU 14.04.4, machine I built myself21:15
=== owner__ is now known as VeN0m
bekksTTTA: And which error exactly do you get?21:16
TTTAI'd have to restart and get a picture of it21:16
k1lwhat cpu, what gpu, how much ram? did it work with another os before? what is the exact issue? did the live-usb work?21:16
TTTAthere's a stack trace or something21:16
TTTAI've installed UBUNTU on here before, same version21:17
TTTAI had a stable UBUNTU 14.04/WIN10 install for about a year21:17
bekksTTTA: Irrelevant for  your issue :)21:17
TTTAwhich part is irrelevant?21:18
bekksWhat you had installed before.21:18
TTTAalright, I'll restart and see if I can take a picture of the error21:18
AstralTim67What's a good channel to discuss world affairs and help awaken others?  http://www.stoptheglobalists.com21:22
k1lAstralTim67: ##chat or #ubuntu-offtopic21:23
AstralTim67I will research proper usage and etiquette first.21:24
kermit_how do i instantiate gedit?21:25
bekkskermit_: By starting it?21:25
kermit_will it work with double clicking?21:25
kermit_a file?21:25
VeN0myou could open a terminal and do gedit&21:26
VeN0mif it's installed21:26
kermit_VeN0m, it started 7653 and 7662 process but it's all in one program window21:27
kermit_can i get new window for each document?21:27
kermit_it's tabbed in gedit21:28
VeN0mI am not sure, let me check21:28
VeN0mcheck the solution here kermit_ http://askubuntu.com/questions/219046/configure-gedit-to-always-open-in-new-window21:29
aminuxplease how to install word office in xubuntu21:29
VeN0mkermit_, looks like you can set that option with      gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.ui notebook-show-tabs-mode 'never'21:29
k1li think gnome team thinks tabbing is the new way21:29
VeN0mwould be nice if it would behave like firefox or chrome where you can drag the tab to a new window :X21:30
VeN0manyone know of a notepad++ equivalent for linux that doesn't require compilation? (I'm lazy)21:31
TTTAThere's the error it's throwing on startup21:31
k1lTiCPU: did it work in the usb mode?21:32
VeN0mthere have been a lot of complaints with the .30 kernel TTTA...will your machine boot using .27?21:32
TTTAHow would I go about doing that?21:33
kermit_VeN0m, thanks! that worked21:34
k1lpress left shift while booting to get the grub screen. there choose the older kernel21:34
VeN0mthey say to hold down shift while booting with GRUB21:34
VeN0mwoot, what he said :D21:34
EriC^^TTTA: you're trying to boot the live usb?21:34
VeN0mkermit_, sweet! Glad to hear it!21:34
kermit_k1l, coming from a world of windows, it's not easy to get used to tabbed windows (no pun), especially not with text files21:34
TTTAEriC^^: nope, this should be a full install21:35
kermit_i often use notepad in windows like a clipboard and that works with multiple program windows21:35
EriC^^TTTA: do you have a live usb?21:35
EriC^^TTTA: it looks like it's failing to mount the root fs on the hdd21:35
kermit_VeN0m, it would be very nice to be able to drag out the tab like in firefox! ;)21:35
VeN0mkermit_, that would make sense...we can't have any of that!!21:36
EriC^^TTTA: ok, if the older kernel doesn't work, i guess try the live usb and fsck the filesystems21:36
VeN0mEriC^^, if linux is complaining that an NTFS file system wasn't unmounted cleanly, is there a way to force it to mount other than booting into winblowz and rebooting again? O.o21:39
kermit_has anyone here used flashrom before? is it safe to use to reflash a gigabyte bios?21:39
kermit_VeN0m, winblowz! lol! :D i think winblowz 10 might have screwed up my bios or sata controller21:40
kermit_that's what brought me to linux here today, to try to fix the mess21:41
VeN0mI'm too much of a wimp...tried a modified bios for my HP to allow aftermarket wifi PCIe cards...had a weird bug to where if the battery ran down, it blackscreened...had to use a strange utility to flash a custom recovery bios image that was decrypted....was a royal PITA21:41
=== cerberus is now known as Guest48681
k1lVeN0m: you need to boot windows anyway. because you need to unset the fake fastboot option for that drive so it can be mounted by other OSs.21:41
VeN0mis that something they started doing in win10?21:42
k1lwindows uses a hibernation for their ntfs partitions to speed up the boottime. but that does block it form beeing mounted by others21:43
kermit_hey yeah, what's with that fastboot thing? hybrid something...21:43
VeN0mgood to know :D:D that explains why win10 "boots faster" than its predecessors21:43
VeN0mok, take care all21:43
jackwebsso I can't start something on a certain port, let's say 8021:44
kermit_i noticed only recently that my "uptime" in task manager was waay longer than what it's supposed to be after a reboot21:44
jackwebsit says something is using port 8021:44
jackwebsbut I can't find anything else using it21:44
jackwebslistening on it, I mean21:44
k1ljackwebs: you cant start 2 programs using one port21:44
jackwebsk1l, I know21:45
jackwebsI can't find anything else that's using it21:45
EriC^^jackwebs: try sudo lsof -i :8021:45
jackwebsEriC^^,  nothing21:45
kermit_ven000m, take care! good luck with winblows! ;)21:45
kermit_ven000m, sorry21:45
EriC^^jackwebs: netstat -tuln | grep 8021:45
kermit_ven0m was already offline21:46
k1ljackwebs: can you put a "ps ax" into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here?21:47
jackwebsyeah one sec21:47
jackwebsEriC^^, netstat -tuln shows nothing either21:47
jackwebsI might just start it on another port and wait for reboot21:48
k1ljackwebs: what program do you want to start? and how are you starting it?21:48
jackwebsit's a python web app from a friend21:48
jackwebshmm OK.. I change the port to 8082, it says that's in use aswell21:49
jackwebsso maybe there's a problem in the app21:49
jackwebsbecause it seems unlikely they're both in use when I can't see anything using them21:49
jackwebsah nevermind I fixed it21:51
EriC^^needed sudo eh21:52
jackwebsit's hard coded to listen to an IP address that I don't have on my machine21:52
EriC^^ah nevermind21:52
kermit_i saw an interesting device i/o error during ubuntu installation21:57
kermit_how can i find it in logs?21:57
EriC^^kermit_: try locate ubiquity21:59
Rush2112Hi all, my Ubuntu laptop's headphone jack doesn't work at all. I don't think it's a hardware issue, since before I reinstalled Ubuntu AGES ago, only the headphone jack worked and the speakers didn't; now it's vice versa. Anyone know a fix to this?22:00
MannyLNJHelp please. I keep getting a messagew that 14.04 encountered an internal error everytime i boot the system22:00
kermit_EriC^^, ubuquity is the installer?22:00
kermit_will this be a string in a log?22:01
kermit_sorry, i'm noob at linux22:01
EriC^^it might be in the filename22:01
kermit_trying to fix bios related problem, have been working with this shit all day, i think windows 10 destroyed my bios and perhaps even sata controller22:01
bekkskermit_: I strongly doubt both.22:02
EriC^^kermit_: try typing locate ubiquity in a terminal22:02
kermit_bekks, because?22:04
kermit_EriC^^, would the logs be in /usr/lib/ubiquity?22:04
bekkskermit_: because your OS doesnt break your BIOS. </offtopic>22:06
EriC^^kermit_: maybe22:06
EriC^^kermit_: check /var/log/installer22:06
kermit_bekks, but OS can run utilities that can be destructive, even for the low level stuff like bios22:10
bekkskermit_: And none of those tools are shipped with an OS, by default. So lets continue with the ontopic part.22:12
=== phschwartz_ is now known as phschwartz
kermit_bekks: ok22:14
kermit_bekks, where does ubuntu store logs from the first boot process before the installation guide appears?22:15
kermit_i have noted the22:16
kermit_error message22:16
bekkskermit_: Nowhere, since that happens on the livecd.22:16
kb__what is tracker-control on Gnome? and how does one get ride of it?22:16
Amm0nbekks, these tools are shipped with UEFI by default, including a networkstack to do this remote^22:17
bekksAmm0n: With UEFI, not with the OS.22:18
kermit_"blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 0"22:18
geniikermit_: So hardware error of a hard drive22:19
k1lcd/dvd error?22:19
bekksgenii: sr0 is the first  cd/dvd drive.22:19
kermit_my bios seems to have problems booting from usb drives after i used windows 10 on one ssd drive22:20
geniibekks: Ah, read it as sd0 for some reason22:20
kermit_since then i was unable to reinstall, or clean install windows 10 on any harddrive22:20
kermit_but booting from DVD and installing on hdd worked22:20
kermit_the only method that works with both windows and linux now22:21
kermit_something with my bios then?22:21
bekkskermit_: So disable UEFI Secure Boot.22:21
=== button is now known as crayon
kermit_bekks: it's legacy BIOS22:21
EriC^^kermit_: try disabling fastboot22:21
kermit_EriC^^: i have cleaned the drive, the ssd, the hdd, the first, hdd, second hdd22:22
kermit_using diskpart in windows pe22:22
kermit_didn't help22:22
bekkskermit_: Windows PE will not help at all.22:22
kermit_i flashed back from F9K BIOS to F7, then F8, nothing22:22
kermit_bekks: in windows pe i can run tools like disk editor, and clean or even zero fill the disks22:23
EriC^^kermit_: go to the bios, and disable fastboot if it's enabled22:23
bekkskermit_: Which is not helping to solve your issue.22:23
kermit_EriC^^: sorry, i don't have that. it's old legacy BIOS22:24
kermit_bekks: it did once help me get rid of a CHS disk address to LBA mismatch in AHCI mode22:25
kermit_intel AHCI bios image was buggy22:25
kermit_so it wrote wrong values at 13c offset22:25
kermit_changing that to 0xfeffff made the pc boot22:26
kermit_only way to do that is manually use a disk editor22:26
kermit_well, not the only, but the only that does not require reformat and loosing data22:26
MannyLNJHelp please. I keep getting a messagew that 14.04 encountered an internal error everytime i boot the system22:27
kermit_good disk editors are hard to get by these days, and the very best ones are made for windows... or dos even, not that it will help much with newer disks22:28
EriC^^MannyLNJ: try details and see what it's about22:29
MannyLNJEriC^^, It' a crash in upowered22:30
TTTA Fresh install, get a totally black screen after logging in22:32
TTTABad video card drivers?22:32
kermit_bekks: have a look at this site for info on error type i described, http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?topic=8585.022:33
TTTAI can get to the recovery console, but that's it22:34
bekkskermit_: Is that related to a specific ubuntu issue you are currently having?22:34
bekks!nomodeset | TTTA22:34
ubottuTTTA: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:34
kermit_bekks: that's not my current problem, but i think it may be related, because i have had that problem too where the intel ahci hanging at boot unless the hex values are correct on disk22:36
kermit_bekks: my current problem is that i can't seem to boot from USB flash drives using boot menu, but it works when booting from DVD disc22:37
TTTABekks: I'm a pretty new user, that post seems to assume a knowledge base greater than mine22:38
TTTABasically, I have no idea what it's telling me to do22:38
kermit_bekks: i can actually boot NTFS based, but not FAT based USB keys... i think. because i can boot windows 10 from USB flash drive, but can't install it. it give me this: "couldn't find boot disk on this bios-based computer"22:38
kermit_bekks: if i boot Windows 10 from DVD i get past that and i can install it even, but then i ran into some "automatic repair" loop, it hangs during boot22:39
bekkskermit_: And what is your _ubuntu_ issue?22:40
kermit_bekks: none so far! but! i did encounter the I/O error during boot from DVD. i would like to know more about it, maybe someone can help me pull out relevant logs? also, i am sitting here on 14.04.4 lts, and it installs fine, but not the ubuntu 15.10 for some reason, it gets stuck in a loop during installation with some "fatal error" showing up over and over22:45
Bassemany one know how to change mic settings for firefox flashplayer22:48
adeon_right click22:48
adeon_then choose the mic22:48
=== ladrua_ is now known as ladrua
BikerMikeHas anyone tried installing Trusty Tahr on an old MBP 3,1? What should I look out for?22:56
lvnoh god22:56
lvni'm done22:57
kermit_lvn: was it the word "clit" that turned you on?22:58
daxstick to support folks, thanks22:58
kermit_stick to the clit... sorry! couldn't help it23:00
geniilvn: Inappropriate content for this channel. If you're not here here to give or receive support for your Ubuntu, either idle quietly or go to an appropriate channel for what you wish to actually talk about23:00
geniikermit_: No encouragement please.23:00
kermit_BikerMike: not me, but i'm running it on a pc, and it is the only os that will run on this pc atm23:02
giddlesi run ubuntu mate on an rpi2 and have no audio :(23:03
giddlesamixer cset numid=3 123:04
giddles works only half23:04
kermit_BikerMike: what i mean to say is that i can recommend lts releases, easily23:04
pantatoso i broke my install for rtorrent by trying to make install it from source code when i already had it installed from the repo23:07
pantatoand i can't figure out how to fix it23:07
geniipantato: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall rtorrent   ...may do it23:08
pantatortorrent: error while loading shared libraries: libtorrent.so.19: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:09
pantatoi removed all my libtorrent/rtorrent packages then i build a .deb from the latest tar ball23:09
pantatoand installed libtorrent and rtorrent like that23:09
pantatobut it looks like it still doesn't wanna use the right libtorrent libs23:10
geniipantato: Go in the directory you ran the "make" command, and run make dist-clean or make clean23:10
pantatogenii: i think i deleted the one that originally effed it up :\23:11
geniipantato: So then you're going to havge to manually go back through all the libtorrent/rtoorent packages you removed earlier and reinstall them23:12
=== Ian__ is now known as Ian_Corne
pantatoshould i use aptitude?23:12
geniipantato: Whichever one you used before23:13
pantatothis is hopeless23:14
mcphailpantato: have you run "sudo ldconfig" after removing your hand-rolled libraries and reinstalling the Ubuntu ones?23:15
geniiThat also couldn't hurt23:15
bekkspantato: you didnt show us the actual error(s) you get when doing what exactly.23:18
pantato^ could that mean anything?23:18
mcphailpantato: that means you are removing self-installed files. Nothing more, nothing less. The Ubuntu repos do not install anything under /usr/local23:20
bekkspantato: rtorrent was installed just fine. type: "hash -r", and "which rtorrent"23:21
pantatonow when i try and run it i get23:22
pantatortorrent: symbol lookup error: rtorrent: undefined symbol: _ZN7torrent11thread_base8m_globalE23:22
pantatoafter doing what bekks told me23:22
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Nixeoclick join and request an invite at the bottom of the page23:23
mcphailNixeo: don't spam here23:23
Nixeomcphail ban me23:23
mcphail!ops | Nixeo23:23
ubottuNixeo: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang23:23
pantatolol channel emergency23:24
NwSheya guys23:28
NwSis there a command to stop cat or find23:28
bekksNwS: press ctrl c23:28
NwStyvm bekks once again :P23:29
NwSFound the problem with the logrotate the other day23:29
bluesfreak72Hi there.  I tried installing other desktop environments and window managers on my wily machine.  I went back to unity and lost the unity greeter login screen.  I have tried googling around to find a solution, but nothing seems to work.  Help please!23:41
TTTAafter beating UBUNTU into submission over the past three days, I've finally gotten it installed and able to get past the login screen23:47
squintybluesfreak72,  default display manager for unity is lightdm.  try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm  to set it as the default  (will only work if it;s still installed)23:47
=== ladrua_ is now known as ladrua
Starcraftmazterhow can gnome be restarted in 14.04?23:47
TTTAbut of course now it won't have anything to do with the second monitor23:47
Starcraftmaztertried gnome-shell --replace but it doesnt exist23:47
k1lStarcraftmazter: logout?23:48
diowhat do you need to do exactly? you can atp-get purge it then reinstall it from terminal23:49
bluesfreak72squinty: no dice.  It takes me to the package configuration screen where I choose lightdm over gdm, but nothing.23:49
dioif you need gnome desktop though you also need to install ubuntu-gnome-desktop I would recommend just downloading the Ubuntu Gnome CD tho its all setup.23:51
squintybluesfreak72,  stilled installed?   could try  sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm23:51
bekksdio: installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop installs exactly the same packages as your cd.23:53
dioI know23:54
diojust less work if he doesn't know how23:54
bluesfreak72squinty: If this helps, it's giving me an error:  The system is running in low-graphics mode.  Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly.  You will need to configure these yourself.23:54
bekksdio: Even more work and an unneeded reinstallation.23:54
dioyeah if you have stuff installed. I just borked a 14.04 trying to roll my own GTK edgers. So maybe I'm a little in the I hate apt-get mode23:55
bluesfreak72I know I could re-install to fix it, but I don't want to do that unless I have to.23:56
dioyeah for gnome I used the mentho of installing by purging then I installed using the ubuntu-gnome-desktop gnome-shell gnome I think that was all of them23:57
diothen you do the dpkg reconfigure23:57
dioselect gdm23:58
squintybluesfreak72,  maybe try in tty  sudo service lightdm restart23:58
Bashing-ombluesfreak72: Have you tried 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm' to set the default display manager .23:58
squintyyes he has23:58
dioother idea is to try nomodeset on the grub bootloader23:58
dioanyway like everyone said it was an easy switch23:59

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