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knomewriting some at http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mm-cloud15:51
knomehai flocculant_ 16:00
knomeflexiondotorg, i just checked the download page of ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org... and you're using the old (pre-2012) xubuntu logo16:03
flexiondotorgOh, link to correct logo/16:03
flexiondotorgsvg ideally.16:03
knomewell, it's fairly easy to find that on our website, but here's what you want: http://static.xubuntu.org/xubuntu_brand/Icon/SVG/xubuntu_icon.svg16:04
flexiondotorgGot it.16:04
flocculant_knome: if google play will only play itunes of your own - or you have to pay monthly - should we be even mentioning it16:07
knomei don't know google play16:07
flocculant_well I only know https://play.google.com/music/listen#/sulp16:07
knomewe should ask pleia2 about it ;)16:07
knomebut i feel like we should probably mention it even if it is just subscription-based16:09
knomeif somebody in the team uses it, it's good enough for them (and likely worth the money)16:09
flocculant_I guess16:09
knomebut if the collection is available for subscription only, we totally need to be clear about that16:10
knomei wouldn't exactly recommend an app that plays ads either16:10
knome...unless it's fair considering what you get in exchange16:11
flocculant_well no - I think we could definitely agree on those points :D16:11
knomeor unless it can be fair from your point of view16:11
knomeat least we're giving non-cloud options too ;)16:11
knomeeverything has its price16:11
flocculant_I don't know that we should be going here though tbh16:12
flocculant_we're supposed to be doing a 'what people use as media managers' 16:12
knomebut since that would be a short article series, i think it's a good idea to show the other options too16:12
flocculant_just because some of us don't - doesn't mean we should do 'what people use as media managers - but because some don't we're adding these things as well' 16:13
knomethis is not "these are the recommended ones" :)16:13
knomeno, not really16:13
flocculant_yea yea ofc it's not :)16:13
knomewe probably want to edit the final article about the cloud services to not look so "selling"16:14
flocculant_anyway - going way off the topic - mostly just concerned about pointing at things if the only way it's any 'good' is with £'s :)16:14
knomeand i was thining some comments from the team too16:14
flocculant_if we're gonig to add these things into the pot - then the people who use them should do what the rest of us have imho16:15
knome"Pasi: While I listen to local songs with gmusicbrowser most of the time, I occasionally listen to a few tracks on Spotify. For that purpose, the web interface is good enough."16:15
flocculant_then the things like cost will be in their post16:16
knomebut most of the questions aren't very appropriate :D16:16
flocculant_I'm sure that people are capable of dealing with that :)16:16
knomei just don't think we can warrant one article per cloud service16:16
knomefor the reasons we talked a minute ago16:16
flocculant_eg I hate media managers - so pfft to those questions - I use foo because16:16
knomeads and subscriptions16:17
knomeyeah, we should do a "summary" section16:17
knomefor reasons why they use cloud things16:17
knomeit's all very organic16:17
flocculant_nope - one article on them all works16:17
knomethat's why i'm asking for feedback from them now so we can get the train moving16:17
flocculant_^^ is reply to "don't think we can warrant one article ..."16:18
knomethe desktop integration is something we should focus on more than the plans16:18
flocculant_waiting to read Unit193's on how he listens to music so he doesn't have to get involved with media managers :D16:18
knome"here's the weirdo of the team, using a kernel module to playback music"16:19
flocculant_ha ha ha 16:19
knome"*Unit193 waves*"16:19
flocculant_"here's one of the weirdo's in the team, using a kernel module to playback music"16:19
knome"he also wears a tinfoil hat"16:20
knome"with pigtails"16:20
flocculant_didn't actually think about desktop integration of what people (I) use 16:20
knomeyeah, i guess we should talk about that on the local managers too16:20
knomebut also on the cloud players, because it's less obvious there16:21
flocculant_yep - can control clementine from the indicator just the same 16:21
knomeyes, gmb has that support too16:21
flocculant_yea 16:21
knomefor the "other players" article, what do we want to cover?16:22
knomedo we limit to GTK?16:22
flocculant_All servers unavailable due to DNS problems ... that'll be why I lost connection then ...16:22
flocculant_I thought it was resolvconf upgrade :p 16:23
knomethat's why i have a line for my IRC host in /etc/hosts :D :D16:23
flocculant_I hate upgrading things I'm not sure about when things stop working :D16:23
flocculant_s/hate/hate having had16:23
knomea list of some managers follows16:24
knomequod libet16:24
knomexmms :P16:24
knomewas looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_audio_software16:24
flocculant_Requesting has been temporarily HALTED. This will resume in: 1d 12h 40m - reason: Domain issues, even though it was paid for last week. This has to be sorted.16:25
flocculant_oh great ... 16:25
* knome facepalms16:25
knomealso, we should briefly mention apps that are figured out to have a good UX when listening to streams16:26
flocculant_really should just not bother with this bouncer stuff16:27
flocculant_nightingale doesn't appear to work btw - looked a short while ago, the ppa's arealmost 4 months since something failed to build16:38
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Unit193Technically I cocmpiled it into a kernel module. >_>18:15
flocculantdavmor2: last week while I head stuck well and truly in beta 1 were you in and out of -release talking about upgrades ?19:24
flocculantto 16.04 I assumed 19:24
davmor2flocculant: 14.04 to 16.04 19:26
flocculantaah good - was it failing? 19:27
davmor2flocculant: yes repeatedly19:27
* flocculant hopes it's not just us :)19:27
flocculantcool - doesn't even start for us - some unath'd package issue and reverts19:28
davmor2yeap that is the new one19:28
flocculantprobably no point in carrying on then - I wanted to know where *we* stood19:28
davmor2flocculant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/155119819:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1551198 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "14.04→16.04 upgrade failed" [Undecided,New]19:29
flocculantbug 155074119:30
ubottubug 1550741 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Upgrade failed - unathenticated package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155074119:30
davmor2there's another one too if it gets passed that point19:31
flocculantdavmor2: which one do you want to be the dupe :D19:31
flocculantI'd seen one a couple of weeks ago 19:31
davmor2flocculant: leave them for cyphermox the might be different but with the same error19:32
flocculantokey doke19:32
flocculantlibutempter issue last time19:33
cyphermoxactually aren't these two the same error with module-init-tools?19:33
davmor2flocculant: mod-init-tools I think was mine19:33
flocculantthat was this weekend for us - your bug and mine - same thing 19:34
flocculantscreenshots are spookily similar too :D19:34
flocculantoh no they aren't - I didn't do one lol19:35
flocculant2016-02-29 11:37:13,775 ERROR Unauthenticated packages found: 'module-init-tools' from you and 2016-02-27 13:17:44,711 ERROR Unauthenticated packages found: 'module-init-tools' from me19:37
flocculantI won't dupe them - but I'd be surprised if they aren't19:37
knomeUnit193, whatever it is you are actually using, please sign up for writing an article20:04
Unit193bluesabre: Because "yey one change per commit": https://bitbucket.org/xubuntu/xfdashboard/commits/cdf8d7727a115928afbffed08e4fc523859bbfa3 (for your review, if you'd like.)20:15
Unit193Also, time to reset the counter for how many times I've made the 'xfdasboard' typo.20:16
Unit193flocculant: And if you want to poke it, to make sure I didn't break it, that'd be good too.20:36
Unit193There's a new -plugins package, should install since it's in recommends.20:36
flocculantUnit193: ok - it'll show up shortly then :)20:37
flocculantbluesabre: fyi - some activity in -desktop re g-s with robert ancell tonight20:43
Unit193Saw updates scroll past Debian too, think it's in decent shape there.  Didn't actually check of course though. >_>20:44
flocculantwas an update this afternoon - categories gone now20:45
slickymasteras far as I understood your intention is to have a slide for the wallpaper contest, right?22:18
slickymasterknome ^^22:18
knomeslickymaster, that was discussed 2 years ago and some drafts were made even22:18
slickymasteryeah, I remember22:19
slickymasterjust enlighten me something22:20
slickymasterare you talking about another slide, or the replacment of one of the existing ones, knome?22:20
knomeanother slide22:20
knomethough i think we should probably try to rework most of the slides22:21
knomethey are old by now and everybody have seen them22:21
knomeas i said the last time, one option is to try to poke people at our website more22:21
knomeand with that, have less content on the slideshow22:21
slickymasteryeah, I saw your "look we have a website, look" :P22:21
knomeand less maintaining22:21
slickymasterso your idea is to withdraw content from the slides and use the slides to point ant various website content?22:22
slickymasterknome ^22:23
knomenot completely necessary22:23
knomeand that's just one of the paths we can take22:23
knomei'm happy to hear all ideas22:24
knome(and it's not only me who makes the decision anyway, this concerns the whole team)22:24
slickymastercurrently we have 6 slides, if I'm not mistaken22:24
knomesth like that22:25
slickymasterI wouldn't mind focusing on the website, but that will leave us with a installer empty of content22:25
knomethe question i have is does anybody read the content anyway22:26
slickymasteror at least just with graphical content with links to the website, which people might, or not, even follow22:26
slickymasterfair point22:26
knomealso, we've been focusing on new features before22:26
knomenothing on the slideshow isn't new any more22:26
knomeunless you count the changes made to the "preinstalled apps" slide22:27
slickymasterfor a long time nor, it isn't22:27
slickymasterso we're speaking of a major revamp22:27
knomewe should do one every 2 years22:27
slickymastergoing to add this to the discussion items for the meeting22:28
slickymasterbefore starting anyhting, I agree with you, it concerns the all team22:28
slickymasterone other thing knome, is https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-doc/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-1604 temporary?22:28
slickymasteror is it going to be final landing place for the installer?22:29
knomei thought we could prepare the stuff there, then do one push to main22:29
slickymasterdid you see my ping re our mails to the other flavors?22:29
knomewhich one of them?22:29
slickymasterno one said anything22:30
knomeyeah, i noticed22:30
knomei think this is poop :P22:30
knomei know i've said this before22:30
knomebut maybe postpone one more cycle22:30
slickymasteryeah, you did22:30
knomenow is LTS, i don't want to mess it up22:30
knomelet's do this as always, then change22:30
knomeor just leave it22:30
* knome shrugs22:30
knomethe most important thing is that we get uploads done when we need22:31
slickymasterI'll wait a couple of weeks before postponing it22:31
slickymasterwho knows22:31
knomeif there are people who are active and will do those uploads, it's not a problem22:31
slickymasterright 22:31
knomeat least we should figure out what we want to do our slideshow first :P22:43
knomei'm listening! :P22:43
slickymasteradded it to the meeting22:44
slickymastertbh I don't dislike the idea of a pure graphical slideshow with links to content outside of it22:46
slickymasterknome, any reason why https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/xubuntu-docs/upgrade/+merge/287403 is pending?22:49
slickymasterdid you forget it?22:49
slickymasteror do you want me to review it?22:49
knomei'm lazy?22:49
slickymasterthat's not it ÷P22:49
knomes/Upgrade(Image)/Upgrade (Image)/22:50
slickymasterso, does that mean that you're reviewing it or you just pointing me at it?22:51
knomei can do it later22:51
slickymasterok, I'll go and take care of the gmb references22:52
knomemerge done23:06
slickymasterthanks knome 23:22
bluesabreevening all23:31
knomehallo bluesabre 23:31
bluesabreheyo knome23:31
bluesabreknome: thinking of reworking the slideshow then?23:34
knomeyep, sth new for the LTS23:35
slickymasteryes 23:35
bluesabresounds like fun23:36
bluesabrelet me know if you need any feedback etc23:36
* knome lets bluesabre know23:36
slickymasterI added to the meeying bluesabre 23:36
* knome waits for feedback23:36
bluesabreslickymaster: can't make it to the meeting23:37
slickymasterno problem we'll think of ways of getting you on board ;)23:37
bluesabreknome: the menulibre screenshot that is on the 15.10 slideshow is of an old version of menulibre23:38
bluesabrenoticed that the other day23:38
knomejust assign all work to bluesabre 23:38
slickymasterthere's one right there :D23:38
bluesabreit won't get done if you do that23:38
knomebluesabre, how do you feel about the slide generally?23:38
knomeis it still current and useful enough?23:38
bluesabreknome: I don't have the branch on my machine currently, and would take some time for me to fire up a vm23:39
bluesabreknome: I'll work on feedback tonight and post it here23:40
knomebluesabre, cheerio23:40
knomepleia2, any ideas from you?23:44
pleia2drat, I made my presence known23:45
knomepleia2, ideas for improving the installer slideshow?23:45
pleia2I should look at it some time23:45
knomewe'll talk about it on the meeting on thu23:45
pleia2ok, I'll make some time prior to that then to do some iso tests AND have a look23:46

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