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DiamondSwordhello .. I want to use Xubuntu 15.10. it's okay but will I have the option to upgrade to the version 16.04 LTS when it came up online?11:48
DiamondSword15.10 to LTS version11:48
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xubuntu49whow do i do a factory rest17:19
xubuntu49wi mean how do i do a factory reset17:19
xubuntu49whow do i get my wi fi to show17:21
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ayyleymaoI'm getting a popup window at start-up saying something like: "Sorry, a problem occurred while installing software." then the faulty package. I'm not interested on the problem. But what triggers this popup?20:15
ayyleymaoLike, what command did xubuntu ran, in order to prompt me for a crash report?20:16
geniiProbably either apport or whoopsie20:23
dkesselyeah, removing whoopsie would "help". But he/she is gone20:24
ayyleymaowow comp crashed21:07
DiamondSwordhello, is there a setting or something to make easier to resize the windows?21:12
DiamondSwordit's hard to catch the exact point at right bottom or left bottom corners ..21:13
knomeDiamondSword, http://xubuntu.org/news/window-resizing-in-xubuntu-and-xfce/21:15
DiamondSwordknome, thanks21:18
DiamondSwordwith ALT key useful21:18
DiamondSwordknome, should I use apt or apt-get?21:32
DiamondSwordI read about it, but sorry for the English, I didn't get it much.21:32
knomeDiamondSword, technically you can use either one, the xubuntu team and support channel usually recommends apt-get21:38
knomefor consistency more than that it would be better or anything21:39
DiamondSwordok .21:41
nrpilhello people !23:32
nrpilanyone awake ? i have one question. i am trying to open a .odt from a samba share. libreoffice starts but closes without openen the file ?23:34
pleia2try opening a terminal and doing: libreoffice file.odt23:35
pleia2the output in the terminal should tell you what's going on23:35
nrpili tried doing libreoffice smb://server/share/file.odt does the same. starts and stops23:35
nrpilsorry, hello pleia2 !23:36
pleia2no terminal output?23:37
pleia2there shouldn't be anything really about samba that is a problem, but if libreoffice can't write somewhere it may get weird23:37
nrpili will try again, one moment23:38
nrpilit is just libreoffice + smb:// causing a problem23:38
pleia2could be that libreoffice is trying to write a temporary file somewhere on the samba share and failing, but I'm totally guessing, would have to do an strace to know for sure if it's not telling you23:41
nrpilcould be, i will try to do some strace. thanks for now23:44
mrkrampsnrpil, you need libreoffice-gnome23:45
nrpilmrkramps: can you tell me why ?23:47
mrkrampsnrpil, gnome virtual file system without gnome support in libreoffice does not seem to work23:48
nrpilmrkramps: oke, will install it. maybe an idea to install it in the default installation23:50
nrpilmrkramps: works ! thanks a lot !23:53
mrkrampsyou're welcome23:53

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