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jamespagegnuoy, could you take a run through the verified of theses: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+topic:charmhelpers-resync09:37
jamespagegnuoy, n-gateway and n-openvswitch have relations to n-api right?09:40
gnuoyjamespage, I'm supposed +1 the workflows on those as well, right?09:42
jamespagegnuoy, yeah so +2 review and +1 workflow09:42
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jamespagegnuoy, beisner: I've just raised a project-config change that should fix bug tracking for the charms as well - its currently not functional09:46
jamespagegnuoy, lets book some time to discuss v3 and get it swinging09:49
jamespageI have some ideas of what might be up...09:49
gnuoyjamespage, ta09:51
jamespagegnuoy, just looking at these - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+topic:bug/154588609:52
mupBug #1545886: need to support vni_range option for ml2 plugin <openstack> <sts> <neutron-api (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress by xtrusia> <neutron-gateway09:52
mup(Juju Charms Collection):In Progress by xtrusia> <neutron-openvswitch (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress by xtrusia> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545886>09:52
jamespageI think that in fact we only need to set those in the plugin for neutron-api, not all of the agent locations but I'm not 100% sure09:52
gnuoyjamespage, I would expect to only have to set then for neutron-api09:53
jamespagegnuoy, yeah - I think thats true09:53
jamespagegnuoy, let me dig a little09:53
gnuoyjamespage, Do i still need to mark nbugs fix committed or do I sit back and let gerrit do it?09:57
jamespagegnuoy, for now please do manually09:57
jamespagegnuoy, hopefully my proposed change will fix that09:58
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jamespagegnuoy, beisner: http://stackalytics.com/?metric=commits&project_type=all&company=canonical&release=all10:14
jamespagegnuoy, and - http://stackalytics.com/?metric=commits&project_type=all&release=all10:15
jamespagecommits not reviews but meh - we don't get metrics on those10:15
jamespagegnuoy, lets do it10:17
jamespagegnuoy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15272811/10:36
tinwoodgnuoy, jamespage: is there an easy way to determine the github repo for a OS charm?  e.g. in my case I'm looking for keystone.10:39
tinwoodI'm guessing it's this one: https://github.com/openstack-charmers/charm-keystone10:41
sparkieg`anyone else seeing invisible text in the Search field on https://jujucharms.com/docs/ ?10:42
evilnickveitchsparkieg`,  yes, it has been an issue for a while now - I believe it is being worked on10:44
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sparkiegeekevilnickveitch: ok10:44
evilnickveitchit is annoying! there are too many pages of docs not to have working search!10:45
sparkiegeekevilnickveitch: +110:45
sparkiegeekevilnickveitch: the search is ... non intuitive too10:45
Muntanerhello guys! I'm having a problem. My environment was going well, but all of a sudden when I try to deploy a new service, it stays in the state "Waiting for agent initialization to finish" forever. How can I diagnose?10:46
Muntaner(I use Juju on an openstack all-in-one installation)10:46
jamespagegnuoy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15272863/10:54
jamespagetinwood, yes it is10:54
tinwoodthanks jamespage10:54
jamespageMuntaner, take a look in /var/log/juju on machine 011:58
Muntanerjamespage, too late! I destroyed the environment, bootstraped it again and works. Weird12:09
jamespagegnuoy, hey - when you did the last release of charms to stable branches, I think you did some 'at the point of release' type changes12:10
Muntanerjamespage, I thinks it is related to the security groups of openstack... when I delete and create a VM, the sec group created for that VM remains and does not get deleted into openstack12:11
gnuoyjamespage, update charmhelper location, that sort of thing?12:24
jamespagegnuoy, yah12:30
gnuoyjamespage, that + update amulet branches to point at stable branches12:35
jamespagetvansteenburgh, dpb1_: I know we're not really focussing on deployer any longer but https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/juju-deployer/git-branch-support/+merge/287929 would help us out in the short term...12:59
beisnerjamespage, woah, the stackalytics thing!13:19
marcoceppijamespage: love it13:24
tvansteenburghjamespage: i can get that deployer merge released today13:50
jamespagetvansteenburgh, that would be great - are you OK with the syntax?13:54
jamespageI think that longer term we'll just be deploying from the charm-store but this works us through the interim...13:54
tvansteenburghjamespage: i just merged this yesterday https://code.launchpad.net/~niedbalski/juju-deployer/add-refspecs/+merge/28782913:55
jamespagebeisner, I have a few reviews that I'd like the full amulet suite run against - is that a manual kickoff atm?13:55
tvansteenburghjamespage: but it looks like your change can coexist with that13:55
jamespagetvansteenburgh, it would appear so13:55
tvansteenburghjamespage: so yeah, lgtm. will let you know when it's released13:56
beisnerjamespage, it is.  i'll be focusing on the gate job integration and the artifact public linking now that we're in a good place.  will send you info shortly.13:57
jamespagetvansteenburgh, awesome - thankyou13:58
jamespagebeisner, I fixed up the single deploy for swift-storage - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287156/14:02
jamespageif you'd like to review, that will unblock other reviews inflight I think14:03
beisnerjamespage, ah good.  i suspect there may be a few of those.14:06
jamespagebeisner, yes...14:06
jamespagemy resync flushed out a few...14:06
beisnerjamespage, was it the setup_storage bit that was tripping?14:08
jamespagebeisner, basically with no explicit config, there are no block devices found, so the perms changes at the end of setup_storage error out as /srv/node never gets created...14:09
beisneryah ok14:09
beisnerjamespage, so this is valuable to eek out.  i think each charm should deploy to a blocked state instead of an error state, when deployed with its defaults.14:11
jamespagebeisner, and that would be a valid test ?14:16
jamespagebeisner, ok that does make sense...14:17
beisnerjamespage, so it tests the user experience a bit, in that if i've just added a charm, and it has deployed before i add configs, i don't have to jump through resolved/retry manual steps.14:17
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tvansteenburghfrankban: when you have time can you add juju-deployer-0.6.4 (on pypi) to the juju/stable ppa?14:21
frankbantvansteenburgh: oh sorry yes14:22
sparkiegeektvansteenburgh: what makes it stable? how much testing has it undergone?14:22
tvansteenburghsparkiegeek: aside from my own, and the testing of the patch submitters, none14:24
sparkiegeektvansteenburgh: can I suggest proposed is a better place for it, at least for now?14:26
tvansteenburghsparkiegeek: sure. frankban, juju/proposed instead please14:27
tvansteenburghwhich i guess is actually juju/devel?14:28
dpb1_tvansteenburgh: is lp:python-jujuclient not getting any updates?  ahasenack has had ppas building from there forever.14:29
dpb1_tvansteenburgh: lp:juju-deployer rather.14:29
tvansteenburghdpb1_: yeah that's where updates are happening, which ppas are getting updates?14:29
* dpb1_ gets links14:29
dpb1_https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+archive/ubuntu/python-jujuclient and https://launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+archive/ubuntu/juju-deployer-daily14:30
tvansteenburghdpb1_: ok, that's good to know. so if ppl want latest tell them to install from there?14:32
dpb1_tvansteenburgh: it's where I pull from on all my machines14:32
tvansteenburghdpb1_: do those builds ever graduate to juju/stable?14:32
frankbantvansteenburgh, dpb1_: sounds great, can we just copy those when a deployer needs to be updated in stable ppa?14:32
sparkiegeeknote the failures in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/245134994/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.juju-deployer_0.6.1~bzr165~48~ubuntu15.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:33
dpb1_frankban: tvansteenburgh: there is no workflow: it's always been just ping frank or marco to copy to /stable14:33
sparkiegeekthe test is trying to reach out to reviews.openstack.org and failing14:33
marcoceppiwell, I never copy binaries to stable, so that's mostly a frank thing14:33
marcoceppiI prefer rebuilding14:34
tvansteenburghdpb1_: yes, it's always been a "by request" thing14:34
frankbanmarcoceppi: if we already have a working deb that has been tested, why not just copy it over?14:35
beisnerfwiw, with openstack package flow, we build for staging, then rebuild for proposed.  then it's a binary copy to release it.  that way your release binary is identical to the thing that was tested in proposed.14:36
beisneralso, woot! for that deployer daily build ppa.  :-)14:37
sparkiegeekbeisner: note the FTBFS errors though14:38
tvansteenburghwhat is FTBFS14:39
beisnerfail to build from source14:39
tvansteenburghack, i will address that. i didn't realize the build host didn't have egress https access14:39
tvansteenburghi did run all the tests before releasing14:40
beisnertvansteenburgh, ah yes i see jorge's added test is the thing there.14:42
tvansteenburghbeisner: yeah, i'm gonna ask him to fix14:42
beisnertvansteenburgh, yah, not sure that test should actually reach out.14:47
tvansteenburghagree, asked for a mock14:47
tvansteenburghor just a straight unit test14:48
beisnerright.  anyway, cool stuff.   we're all about the refspec now.  thanks for the bits.14:48
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magicaltrouthttp://www.meteoriteconsulting.com/spinning-up-pentaho-data-integrations-quickly-with-juju/ <- those card things fsck-ing rock14:59
lazyPoweryeah they do!15:00
magicaltroutbetter fix the icon15:01
beisnerjamespage, should we take that swift-storage fixup through the full deal before +2?15:05
jamespagebeisner, meh15:05
jamespagebeisner, its a fairly innocuious change15:05
beisnerjamespage, ack, i'm good with it15:05
magicaltroutthere's a bug in the cards lazyPower, who's the boss?15:08
lazyPowermagicaltrout - https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/jujucharms.com/issues/ <- that board is15:08
beisnericey_, your test update expects one or more ceph-osd processes, whereas we were previously expecting exactly 2.  is that intentional?15:13
icey_beisner: yes, although it's not ideal; to make the tests repeatably passable in a given deployement, it has to either do that or ebe able to expect 2 OR 3 OSD processes to be running15:14
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beisnerwe could plumb that helper to take a list type, then specify [2, 315:15
beisnerbahh new keyboard still improving my experience here ;-)15:15
iceybeisner: same, I think my fingers are *nearly* used to this keyboard :); I like the idea of that helper being able to take a list15:17
iceybeisner: what's the timeline to get a openstack contrib charmhelper change landed?15:17
lazyPowerif its anything like charmhelpers.core.host mods - > a month15:18
beisnericey, lazyPower - yah the core c-h stuff is likely to be more sensitive than a test helper.  we can usually land test helpers quickly.15:19
lazyPoweri'm just salty that i'm still asking for help with the same merge and received nothing in response, thats all :)15:20
lazyPowerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~dbuliga/charm-helpers/charm-helpers/+merge/285044 <-- really needs some love if anyone has the spare cycles to go +1 that for me15:20
beisnerlazyPower, ha!  where be it?15:20
jaceknis https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1538573 on somebody's radar? It should be trivial review now. Do I need to do anything for it to appear in the review queue?15:21
mupBug #1538573: New collectd subordinate charm <Juju Charms Collection:In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538573>15:21
rick_h__cory_fu: do you recall the name of the dev from neo4j at the charmer's summit for merlijn's email to the list?15:38
magicaltroutjust google, loud neo4j dev who is canadian but lives in sweeden15:39
rick_h__first result: "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (January 2016)"15:39
lazyPowersteven fisher i think?15:40
lazyPoweri follow him on twitter15:40
lazyPowerthats it15:40
rick_h__<3 ty15:40
magicaltroutthanks to jcastro for not bcc'ing the emails in his mailshot;)15:40
rick_h__found it and the charm15:40
* marcoceppi sighs15:41
* magicaltrout cracks out the ear plugs and hides the alcohol15:43
jcastrothe sign up sheet was publically, technically, that's like a bcc. /me runs.15:43
lazyPowermagicaltrout that takes all teh fun out of thursday15:43
jcastronot like a bcc I should say15:43
iceyanybody have issues on xenial running `charm build`? I just got `TypeError: write() argument 1 must be unicode, not str` the moment it got to the first interface to process15:45
rick_h__jcastro: what's the topic for the next charm hangout?15:45
rick_h__jcastro: can/should I join?15:45
marcoceppirick_h__: it's an open office hours, all are welcome15:46
jcastrorick_h__: it's almost always open ended15:46
jcastroif you have something to show, show15:46
rick_h__jcastro: can you toss me an invite to the calendar and I'll show up please?15:47
lazyPowericey - errr15:47
lazyPowericey - are you using charm from marco's ppa?15:47
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iceyprobably not, let me dig up that email; just installed ubuntu on this machine on Monday so it's pretty fresh :)15:48
lazyPowerok, i'm not sure that will fix anything15:48
lazyPowerbut its worth a shot to get started15:48
lazyPowerit has all the road-to-2.0 fixes in there15:48
marcoceppilazyPower: road-to-2.0 is now master15:49
marcoceppias an fyi15:49
jaceknkjackal: hey. Thanks for feedback on collectd layer. I think it should be ready to go now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/153857315:49
mupBug #1538573: New collectd subordinate charm <Juju Charms Collection:In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538573>15:49
jcastrorick_h__: done15:49
lazyPowerits built from FYI-Master apparently15:49
iceylazy I'm on 1.11.1, do you have a link to marco's PPA?15:49
rick_h__jcastro: <3 ty much15:49
kjackaljacekn thank you15:50
iceynevermind lazyPower: ppa:marcoceppi/charm-tools-2.015:51
iceyBAM nope15:52
iceysame exact error15:52
iceygiven that xenial is targeting python3, shouldn't charm tools see about updating :)15:53
marcoceppiicey: i got you15:53
marcoceppiicey: alpha1 build is being released as I type15:53
iceythree cheers for marcoceppi!15:54
lazyPowericey - its almost like we were expecting you :)15:54
jamespagebeisner, can you workflow +1 https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287156/ as well please15:54
lazyPowerwe are devx, expect us15:54
lazyPowerjamespage o/ heyo15:54
jamespagelazyPower, ola15:54
lazyPowerjamespage - friendly ping to get this back on your roadmap - https://code.launchpad.net/~dbuliga/charm-helpers/charm-helpers15:55
jamespagelazyPower, yup15:55
jamespageon my list still15:55
lazyPowersame bat time same bat channel next week?15:55
nagyzhey guys a quick question16:08
nagyzif I specify nodes in my juju-deployer config like this:16:08
nagyz'0': constraints: name=xxx blahblah16:08
nagyzshould it always pick that node from MAAS?16:08
nagyzbecause currently it looks like it ignores the name actually and just picks based on the tag16:08
lazyPowernagyz - you're looking for tags16:08
lazyPower--constraints="tags=bootstrap"   for example16:09
nagyzyes, I know them, but in my juju-deployer config I'd like to pin the charms to nodes16:09
lazyPoweri'm not sure you can use names as a constraint16:09
lazyPowerafaik its only ever supported tags16:09
nagyzit doesn't complain that it would be invalid... :)16:09
rick_h__lazyPower: nagyz no, i think you need to add maas tags and use the tags as constraints16:09
nagyzok let me rerwite it and test it16:10
lazyPowercheers nagyz16:10
nagyzwait, one more thing: will the machine constraints I specify in the config override the constrainst I specified when bootstrapping?16:10
lazyPoweryeah, nice thing for you to expect in 2.016:11
lazyPoweryou get boostrap constraints, and you get model constraints16:11
nagyzok so I'm on the latest stable atm :)16:11
nagyzso they get applied after the boostrap constraints in 1.25?16:11
lazyPoweryeah if you bootstrap with --constraints=tags=bootstrap16:11
nagyzso if I have tags=a and then in the juju-deployer config I have tags=b, will it pick a node that has a and b?16:11
lazyPowerall machines launched after the fact will try to launch with --tags=bootstrap16:11
lazyPoweryou can clear it, or change it, its not catastrophic16:11
nagyzyes, that's the behaviour we're seeing16:11
lazyPowerjust a minor annoyance16:12
nagyzso how could I pin different services to different tags? would that even work now then?16:12
nagyzlet's say I clear the global constraints after bootstrapping16:12
lazyPowerif you clear globals and have --constraints=tags=abc   per unit, they will apply those units constraints when the bundle gets deployed16:12
lazyPowersorry, il mean per charm16:13
nagyzI currently list the constraints per machine listed in the yaml - and then for each charm I explicitly bind it to a machine id like --to '5'16:13
nagyzis that not a good thing?16:13
lazyPowerthats fine, it makes the bundle a bit brittle16:13
nagyz(based on wolsen's tokyo demo yaml :P)16:13
lazyPowerbut with how we're modeling networking, storage, etc. i'm sure we'll see more bundles like that start to crop up16:14
nagyzok let me give it a try16:15
nagyzif I have globals set, they will ALWAYS override local constraints, right?16:29
nagyzor are they getting an "AND" inbetween?16:29
magicaltroutaahh cory_fu I knew there was a reason for me piping the hookenv stuff through leader_set..... whilst it will get set, if someone changes it, it wont trigger a restart16:31
cory_fumagicaltrout: Ah, that's true16:32
cory_fu@when_any('leadership.changed', 'config.changed.foo') would be useful there16:32
cory_fuI should cut a release of charms.reactive so that's available16:32
aisraelmarcoceppi: tvansteenburgh: This item shouldn't be in the queue (it got merged yesterday): http://review.juju.solutions/review/242916:37
nagyzlazyPower, do you have a second?16:39
nagyzlazyPower, it doesn't work as expected... :-)16:39
nagyzthis is the yaml that we're running with juju-deployer: http://pastebin.com/4BVd32L116:40
nagyzbut for example haproxy gets put on machine "2", while the config says it should go in 3,4,516:40
nagyzwhat did we screw up? :-)16:40
lazyPowerit clearly says -to '2'16:41
lazyPoweri mean - '3'16:41
nagyzhaproxy: (the very last) lists -3, -4, -516:41
nagyzjuju status shows (while the deployer is running): machine: "2"16:42
nagyzplus it requests a bunch of machines from maas16:42
lazyPoweryeah something went awry here16:42
nagyznot just the ones we've listed in the yaml16:42
tinwoodthedac, gnuoy: quick question: if I want to run an action inside a unit (juju ssh unit/n ; then "run an action") is there anything I need to set up re: ENV to get it to work?  I need to see the stacktrace that's blowing up on my keystone charm!16:42
lazyPowertinwood - you can juju debug-hooks on that unit, then execute teh actin16:42
lazyPowerdbug-hooks will trap the action tinwood16:43
tinwoodeven for an action?16:43
lazyPowernagyz - i'm thinking through this and its not obvious to me why this is the case :(16:43
tinwoodok. will try.  ta!16:43
lazyPowertinwood - yep, actions run in an anonymous hook context16:43
* thedac learned something too16:43
nagyzlazyPower, I'm happy to try any suggestion.16:43
nagyzthe debug tells me this:16:44
nagyz2016-03-03 16:33:03 [INFO] deployer.import:  Deploying service haproxy using cs:trusty/haproxy16:44
nagyz2016-03-03 16:33:03 [ERROR] deployer.deploy: Service haproxy to be deployed with non-existent service 316:44
nagyzmaybe that's why?16:44
lazyPowerits trying to co-locate with a service huh?16:44
lazyPowerremove the quotes around the number's declaring the machines? (not even sure this will have any effect)16:44
nagyzthe problem is for every retry I need to destroy the env and then rebootstrap...16:45
nagyztakes a while.16:45
lazyPoweri understand16:45
nagyzwhat does it mean by non-existent service 3? I mean the machines are not "services", are they?16:45
lazyPoweryou may have some success dropping that bundle on the store gui and inspecting machine view16:45
lazyPoweri think the 'string' is getting interpolated as a service name16:45
lazyPowerdeploy supports the following syntax16:45
lazyPowerto: - 'wordpress/0'16:45
lazyPoweri think its getting confused and trying to colo with a service named 3, so it spins up a machine expecting a parent service to be deployed there16:46
nagyzok let me remove the quotes.. :)16:46
jaceknkjackal: so is setting charm review bug status to "New" something I should have done after my reply? Or you prefer for charmers to do it themselves?16:47
lazyPowerjcastro - move it to fix-committed16:48
lazyPowerjacekn ^16:48
kjackalThank you lazyPower16:48
lazyPowerwe dont move status to anything other than tog et them out of the queue after we've replied :)16:48
jaceknalright, good to know thanks16:49
tvansteenburghlazyPower, nagyz: i don't think machine placement works for v3 bundles16:50
lazyPowerah that would explain it too16:50
rick_h__tvansteenburgh: lazyPower right, it was added in v416:52
lazyPowernagyz - might want to hold off on that re-test16:52
lazyPowersounds like we've found the blocker16:52
rick_h__lazyPower: how is it a v3 bundle? We don't do those in the store for a while any more?16:52
rick_h__lazyPower: are we sure it's the old format?16:53
lazyPowerwell this is a labeled bundle16:53
lazyPowerthats by definition the v3 format right?16:53
lazyPowerrick_h__ http://pastebin.com/4BVd32L116:53
rick_h__lazyPower: k, just checking16:53
rick_h__lazyPower: right, remove that, dedent one level and try again?16:54
lazyPowernagyz - the good news is the format change is super simple to make, delete that openstack: key at teh top and fix the indentation now that we've removed the parent key and you'r ein a v4 bundle16:54
lazyPowernagyz - give a v4 bundle a go, and lets see if you get better results16:54
nagyzoh that's how I started out16:57
nagyzbut I had to add the openstack: at the beginning to actually be able to make juju-deploy parse it...16:57
rick_h__nagyz: juju-deployer should take a v4 bundle. The team updated it to use it16:58
nagyzit was complaining about not getting any deployment names16:58
nagyzthat's why we added openstack: at the top16:58
rick_h__nagyz: if you have a problem without it let us know and we can look into what's not happy. https://github.com/juju/charmstore/blob/v4/docs/bundles.md16:58
rick_h__nagyz: ^ has the docs/description of the v4 vs v3 and what changed16:59
nagyzlooking at it.16:59
jamespagebeisner, does uosci understand which pxc test to run yet?17:01
GilCan etcd and flannel be installed on the same physical node?  I want to put etcd & flannel on physical node 2, then add a unit of flannel to phys node 3.  Will it work ok?17:03
lazyPowerGil - sure can17:04
lazyPowerGil - which flannel charm are you using?17:04
tvansteenburghnagyz: what version of deployer are you using?17:04
beisnerjamespage, checking..17:05
beisnerjamespage, yes:  "Automatically selected test:  ./tests/10-deploy_test.py"17:06
jamespagebeisner, \o/17:06
jamespageoh wait - I think it was an amulet test failure nm17:06
nagyztvansteenburgh, I've got it via pip install17:09
nagyzas the stable ppa doesn't have the 0.4 package17:09
nagyz(based on readthedocs there is 0.4, right?)17:10
tvansteenburghnagyz: 0.6.4 is latest on pypi17:10
tvansteenburghnagyz: if you're on 0.4.x then you probably don't have the v4 support17:10
nagyzwell I just did pip install17:11
nagyzthat I assume gets the latest :)17:12
nagyzthere is no -v or --version17:12
nagyzok I'm on 0.6.317:12
nagyzaccording to pip list :)17:13
tvansteenburghk, should be fine then17:13
nagyzok, changed the bundle to v4, running now17:13
nagyzso what I specify as machine '0' in my bundle actually becomes '1', right?17:18
nagyzI should just skip declaring '0'?17:18
nagyzright now I have 0,1,2 declared with a storage tag and then now according to juju status 0 is the juju bootstrap node, 1 became storage and 2 become a controller which I only list for 3,4,5...17:18
tvansteenburghnagyz: the machine keys that you define in the machines section of your bundle do not necessarily map to actual machine numbers17:24
tvansteenburghnagyz: for that reason, yes, it is best to not use '0' in your machines definition17:25
tvansteenburghto avoid confusion17:25
jamespagebeisner, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287082/ is looking better now as well17:32
beisnerjamespage, ready to land that?  lgtm17:34
jamespagebeisner, +117:34
jamespagecan you do the honours?17:34
beisnerjamespage, yep17:34
jamespagebeisner, a little tidy here as well - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287848/17:35
jamespagejust template rollups and removal17:35
jamespageamazing how much old stuff we lug around....17:35
beisneryah, that should be a safe landing too, jamespage17:39
lkraiderCan juju be deployed to third party account with external_id access?17:54
lkraider(in AWS)17:54
aisraelHow long should it take for updated charms to be ingested into the store?18:01
lazyPowerlongest case: an hour and 20 minutes18:13
lazyPowerlkraider - not sure what you mean18:14
lazyPowerexternal_id access?18:14
lkraider@lazyPower - I have an IAM user that was granted to another AWS account through a Role (assumeRole permission). To use that I in aws_cli need to set external_id in ~/.aws/config18:15
lazyPowerah, i dont know that we support that. i would most def. poke the mailing list about it though18:16
lazyPowersomeone who's more versed in that specific case may be able to chime in and prove me wrong18:16
lkraider@lazyPower another question: does juju support user that has MFA enabled?18:17
lazyPowernot that i'm aware of. the IAM credentials you would give juju assumes that i has all the required permissions, and there's no interactive way for it to prompt you for the MFA credentials18:17
lazyPowers/that i has/that it has/18:18
lazyPowernp lkraider - sorry i wasn't full of good news for your questions :/18:18
ChrisHolcombei'm a bit confused about something with magic mock19:15
ChrisHolcombei'm trying to mock hookenv.config() and while config('source') works properly config.previous('source') does not.19:16
lazyPowerChrisHolcombe - it creates another mock19:28
lazyPowerand now that i've said that, i realize how nebulous the question and answer both were19:29
lazyPowerChrisHolcombe - give me another go at what you're seeing vs what you're trying to do19:30
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, yeah i think i get that but i've also done this: self.config.previous.return_value = "blah"19:30
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, so i'm wondering.  how do i mock config.previous19:30
iceybeisner: do you think you can weigh in on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/287446/ one more time? jamespage has given it the +1 but wants your +2 for the tests19:30
lazyPowerah common misconcenception.   self.config.return_value.previous.return_value="blah"19:30
lazyPoweri think that'll get you sorted ChrisHolcombe ^19:30
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, omg .. ugh19:30
lazyPoweri could be wrong, but i recall having ot do something like that with like filepointers19:31
lazyPoweri forget the exact formula for when that works but give it a go, if it works yay19:31
lazyPowerif not, i call schenanigans19:31
beisnericey, see comment.  i didn't -1 it, but one lil misspelling.  if you want to bump that one more time, i'll watch for it.19:34
iceybeisner: I'll make that one right quick19:36
ChrisHolcombelazyPower, you're correct in that it's making another mock but i can't figure out how to get it to return the right thing :)19:36
iceybeisner: pushed, pending jenkins19:37
beisnericey, thx sir19:38
iceyfor a change to c-h, should it be on LP?19:38
lazyPowericey yep19:38
lazyPowercharm-helpers head is still up on launchpad in /charm-helpers19:38
nagyzlazyPower tvansteenburgh so I retested it, changed my bundle to v4 format, now it looks much better, except that somehow 6 becomes a compute, 7 becomes a controller yet my deployment descriptor clearly specifies it differently20:04
nagyzlet me repastebin both20:04
nagyzlazyPower tvansteenburgh my v4 deployer bundle: http://pastebin.com/CY2kDma2, and the status output (clipped, but visible): http://pastebin.com/rGq7BUDH20:06
nagyz6 gets compute 7 gets controller and I don't get why20:07
magicaltrouti see Mark is keynoting ApacheCon US this time20:11
magicaltrouthe's been promoted to the big time ;)20:11
rick_h__cargonza: ping20:15
rick_h__cargonza: got a sec please?20:15
rick_h__https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/rick?authuser=1 cargonza20:16
* magicaltrout messed up his ApacheCon submission and instead of 3 presentations, has 1 presenation and 2 - 2 hour tutorials.....20:20
tvansteenburghnagyz: same reason as before, there's no guarantee that the labels for the machines in your bundle will match up to the actual machine numbers20:22
rick_h__nagyz: bundles are meant to be 'self contained' so they can be reused by others. So it's machine 0, within that bundle.20:24
tvansteenburghnagyz: deployer asks juju for the correct number of machines with the specs you want, but it can't tell juju "make it this number"20:24
iceybeisner: build failed because of a timeout :( http://logs.openstack.org/46/287446/5/check/gate-charm-ceph-osd-python27/326d4fb/console.html20:30
marcoceppimagicaltrout: sounds like fun! ;)20:31
beisnericey, ha!  upstream test timed out.   comment back on your review with:   recheck20:31
magicaltroutwell marcoceppi at least with 2 hours, I'll get to demo a crap load more Juju stuff to pad it out :P20:31
iceyalso beisner, I'm about to push a change for c-h that adds test coverage for the pid checking method, as well as support for lists :-D20:32
magicaltrout"hello gang, we're doing data management, so to get started and fake distrubuted-ness we're going to install juju and spin up some nodes"20:32
beisnericey, coolio20:32
magicaltroutalso my presentation is at 5:10pm, i'm normally in the bar by then... how rude20:33
magicaltroutmaybe i'll just do the presentation in the bar....20:33
marcoceppimagicaltrout: we'll have to bring the bar to the presentation20:33
magicaltroutaye, sounds like a plan20:34
iceybam beisner: https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/charm-helpers/pids-can-be-a-list/+merge/288014 ; once again, I make a 5 line change with 33 lines of tests to support it :)20:35
beisnericey, imho, as it should be ;-)20:36
iceyI'm happy with it :)20:36
iceythere were no tests covering that function at all, now there's a test covering all of the accepted types :-D20:36
marcoceppiI love how declarative the branch is, it's so assertive and sassy like "pids can be a list too, DAD"20:37
beisnericey, but where are the tests for your tests that test the test you updated as a helper to another test to test the feature that you really just want to land?20:37
beisnerfwiw i'm still laughing over here, marcoceppi20:41
iceyI laughed out loud as well marcoceppi20:41
iceybeisner: I just can't catch a break today:
iceyFailed to fetch http://nova.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch20:45
beisnericey, apt repo glitch20:53
iceyyeah, build retrying (again)20:53
=== thumper is now known as thumper-afk
magicaltroutthere should be a big fat warning sign if you're in a repository charm directory building your charm instead of the development directory :P21:10
magicaltroutor maybe i should just build in the right place21:11
lazyPowerthats really good feedback magicaltrout - i've been bit by that21:21
lazyPowerand the manifest being present in cwd is a pretty large identifier that you're doing something wrong....21:21
magicaltrouthehe i think i did 4 updates before realising what i was doing :)21:21
nagyztvansteenburgh, of course it could, it just doesn't do it.21:22
nagyztvansteenburgh, but more importantly, will the mappings still work? eg if I map haproxy to 4, but the controller becomes machine 6, will it install haproxy to 6?21:23
tvansteenburghnagyz: yes, it will install services to the correct machines21:25
nagyzok, thanks. I'll let it run through then we'll see :-)21:26
nagyzbut I think it's confusing that if I map a machine to 3 and it gets to 6...21:26
nagyzwhile juju could very well deploy the machines in order21:26
tvansteenburghnagyz: actually, i see another possible cause for what's happening21:28
nagyzhappy to experiment :)21:28
nagyzand to rewrite the bundle to be better21:28
tvansteenburghnagyz: deployer iterates over the machines defs in the bundle, requesting juju to create them one at a time. but...dictionaries aren't ordered21:29
tvansteenburghnagyz: so it's possible this could be fixed by sorting the machine keys first21:29
tvansteenburghnagyz: it'd be a change to deployer, no the bundle21:30
nagyzdepending on what people use as keys. can the dict keys only be numbers in this case (for machines)?21:31
tvansteenburghnagyz: it's not required they be ints, but that's the convention21:32
nagyzso the bundle should just work as-is then, right?21:33
nagyzregardless of the numbers juju status tells me.21:33
tvansteenburghnagyz: yes21:34
nagyzalrightly, let me run it through21:35
tvansteenburghrun it through with a broadsword21:35
nagyzmaybe the wrong expression ;-)21:36
iceywolsen: took care of your comments on ceph-osd22:02
wolsenicey: awesome thanks22:02
wolsenicey: doh, still typo - search for notr in config.yaml22:03
iceyhaha not anymore!22:03
=== thumper-afk is now known as thumper
nagyzall my lxc containers are stuck in agent-state: pending... is there a docu on how to debug it? :)22:19
nagyzafter ssh I do see them starting up, running dhclient, but as I don't have DHCP on the network that will fail. is it possible to manually assign IPs to them via the deployment config?22:19
nagyzok, it deployed \o/23:26
nagyzI'll do the more complex stuff tomorrow, thanks for all the help guys!23:27

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