claydohvalorie: is there a place I can check to see if I've set up a kubuntu email?00:13
claydohoops nevermind the test mail didn't send silly akonadi server00:14
valorieclaydoh: you can't send from it00:14
valoriejust get mail through it00:14
claydohi know00:14
valoriewhat's your email?00:14
valorieI'll email you00:14
valorieand are you using ubuntu.com or kubuntu.org?00:15
claydohI just sengt a mail to the address, it went through after i restarted akonadi - 00:15
claydohits good00:15
claydohcould not remeber if I ever set one up00:15
clivejoclaydoh which version of kmail?00:15
claydohclivejo: the one in staging00:16
clivejoit works for you?00:16
claydohso far00:16
sgclarkhaha was going to ask same00:16
clivejodid those conflicts go away?00:16
claydohtho i basically ripped out all the previoius pim stuff first00:16
claydohI was ready for a fresh install00:17
claydohso i didn't care00:17
clivejothe 2nd fix version is still building00:18
clivejosgclark: are all those rebuilds queued in KCI because of a SCM?00:19
claydohmay test a clean setup tomorrow gotta clear out space on my tiny-ish drive so's I have room for movies an such for my flight to Oz00:19
clivejoneed to test upgrades00:20
sgclarkclivejo: que? I think that merger is scripted for everyday run00:20
sgclarkI will test an upgrade when pim finishes00:21
clivejoI thought it only rebuilt them if the source code or packaging changed from last time00:21
sgclarkI thought sitter said daily00:22
sgclarkone of these days I will have time to sit down and dig into kci code. oh and learn ruby. but not likely soon00:22
sgclarkholy que batman00:23
sgclarkthat is more than mergers00:24
clivejoseems to be a lot of rebuilding going on00:24
clivejotime for bed and lovely dreams about PIM00:27
sgclarkthey all say mgmt_progenator started by timer00:27
sgclarkhaha thanks, sleep well00:27
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.3-179-g465ca5f * Carlo Vanini: src (2 files in 2 dirs)00:33
pursuivantFix muon not closing with window close button.00:33
pursuivantThe variable m_canExit was not initialized and did prevent muon from exiting00:33
pursuivantwhen closed from the window manager. Remove it because it is never changed and00:33
pursuivantremove canExit() because it is in the wrong place anyway to prevent exiting00:33
valorieoff to dinner than pflag00:47
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soeegood morning07:49
maxyzHi, good morning07:53
maxyzI had a couple of highlights. Lets see07:54
maxyzyofel: It's not completly clear if ksnapshot is going to be deprecated as to make a meta transitional package out of it.07:55
maxyzWe should probably stop depending on ksnapshot in meta-kde to avoid kde4 dependencies till there's a new frameworks based release.07:57
maxyzAbout the version bumping, you can set the versions of the binary packages, in meta-kde we do that.07:58
maxyzsitter: You can run the git bare commands in alioth directly and avoid the hooks.08:03
pursuivantlibqapt (master) v3.0.1-1-ge63d323 * Carlo Vanini: src (2 files)08:50
pursuivantEmit signals when the cache is reloaded.08:50
pursuivantReloading the cache deletes the current list of packages and creates a new one,08:50
pursuivantcreating new Package objects. Any reference (pointer) and iterator must be08:50
pursuivantinvalidated. The new signals allow to be notified when this happens.08:50
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.3-180-ga437d39 * Carlo Vanini: src (4 files in 2 dirs)08:59
pursuivantConnect to backend signals to catch cache reload.08:59
pursuivantWhen the cache is reloaded libqapt deletes Package objects and creates them08:59
pursuivantanew. This results in dangling pointers in muon models.08:59
clivejo_hi folks10:47
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sittersgclark: ping10:54
clivejobit early for sgclark10:57
clivejoprob still in bed dreaming about PIM10:58
clivejoand the KDE Pimps10:58
clivejoah kfunk11:16
clivejoare you on xenial?11:17
clivejowould you be up for testing apps 15.12.1?11:18
clivejoespecially keen to test kontact/pim11:18
clivejoif you add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications11:26
clivejoplease report back ANY problems you have11:26
clivejoat the moment we are aware of an issue with gwenview11:26
* kfunk tries11:27
kfunksigh, this updates almost everything KDE-related (including KF5) -- can I expect it to at least work a bit? this is a production system :)11:29
clivejoif you have any doubts, please dont install it on production11:29
kfunkwell, just asking: have you been trying it and did some basic testing?11:30
clivejoto be honest I havent installed this myself11:30
clivejothe reason being is that I’m heavy reliant on Kolab, and we have had to disable that functionality from PIM in order to get it to build11:31
kfunkoh, ok. same here. can't do that then11:31
clivejokolab is one horrible dependancy cycle11:32
clivejochicken before the egg type problem11:33
clivejoyofel sgclark : See FFe - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde/+bug/154757111:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1547571 in meta-kde (Ubuntu) "[FFe] KDE Meta" [Critical,Confirmed]11:47
clivejoif they can be uploaded all straight away we have a green light from Iain Lane (Laney)11:48
kfunkclivejo: did you talk to #kontact? they're usually pretty responsive11:51
clivejokfunk: libkolab is from Kolab Systems12:04
clivejotheir main devel distro is CentOS12:05
clivejomy own VPS is running CentOS as well12:05
clivejoI would like to get Kolab in Ubuntu like it used to be, but need to learn how it all operates12:06
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:11
yofelclivejo: right, someone should test that before replying12:27
yofellike, make some ppa and throw everything up there without any ppa deps12:27
yofelor just use staging-misc for that12:27
yofelmaxyz: well, as far as I understood it, ksnapshot is to be used for kde4 based desktops, and kde-spectacle for plasma5 ones. So considering that we default to plasma5 and we now ship an incompatible kipi fully replacing ksnapshot sounds reasonable?12:29
yofelwe'll probably solve it through kubuntu-meta as well though12:29
mamarleyI did notice that after removing ksnapshot and installing spectacle that the Print Screen button does not launch spectacle.12:38
kfunkclivejo: I know, still lots of people in #kontact are either working for Kolab Systems, or at least know about the library12:50
maxyzyofel: The commits that fix ksnapshot are in the frameworks branch, so the question is if somebody is going to release it.13:32
yofeloh okay, thanks13:33
yofelwell, probably not13:33
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sgclarkyofel: so copy kf5/plasma/apps into staging-misc will achieve this testing?14:06
yofelsgclark: well, selectively copying them in the order that we indend to upload them and not copying binaries would work15:06
yofelthe point is seeing if everything would build15:06
sgclarkyeah that is what I am doing15:06
sgclarkkf5 building now15:06
yofelok, thanks!15:06
sgclarknext plasma15:06
sgclarkthen apps15:06
yofelperfect :D15:07
sgclarkyofel: will ping you with results15:07
sittersgclark: piiiiing15:14
sgclarksitter: pooong15:31
sittersgclark: https://phabricator.kde.org/conduit/method/user.whoami/ please hit call and tell me which roles you get?15:32
sgclarksitter: admin verified approved activated15:33
sittersgclark: do you happen to know if phab has some additional group sort of system beyond the user roles?15:35
sgclarksitter: not that I am aware of, but I have not had time to mess with  it much lately :(15:35
clivejosorry guys, very busy with family stuff today :/16:11
sgclarkclivejo: no worries, just rebuilding stuff. enjoy your day :)16:12
clivejohows things going16:12
sgclarkso far good. have not got to apps yet though haha16:13
* clivejo fingers crossed!16:16
* sgclark does too16:16
clivejoI did want to walk through how you are doing the upload though, just to know how you do it :)16:18
clivejobut Im sure there will be other opportunities!16:19
sgclarkclivejo: archive script. however that one you MUST have rights to upload to archive our seed. Which means developer. I do not even have rights on a few bits so yofel will likely have to do it.16:20
yofelI don't have those either, needs at least MOTU16:21
clivejoah 16:21
clivejoif they are in a PPA can Iain do it?16:22
sgclarkhow we gonna upload? lol16:22
yofelNEW source uploads are >= MOTU16:22
clivejoI thought Phil was He-man! 16:22
yofelask one of the other folks. Someone will probably have some spare time to help out (I hope)16:22
yofelwell, not YET16:22
clivejoyofel and sgclark, He-man and Shera :P16:24
sgclarkshadeslayer: still about? I recall you having MOTU16:24
sgclarkheh well hopefully  someone will step up. we can't win for losing it seems.16:25
clivejoPhil hold aloft your magic sword and say "By the power of Greyskull!" 16:28
yofelnah, even with that I'm no match to almighty sitter, overlord of ... stuff16:35
* sitter nods in agreement16:35
* clivejo questions sitters methods16:36
sgclark<- is a sitter wannabe16:37
clivejoespecially how he revived the dead executor16:37
sitterjealous of my magic fingers I see16:46
shadeslayersgclark: I is motu16:53
sgclarkthought so16:54
shadeslayerI am unavailable till tomorrow at least though 16:54
clivejo17:27:14 W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/restricted/source/Sources  403  Forbidden17:33
clivejois ubuntu block us from the archives?17:35
clivejoStatus code 403 responses are the result of the web server being configured to deny access, for some reason, to the requested resource by the client.17:36
clivejothats not good17:36
clivejositter: have you changed the archive URL's?17:38
SilentGhostclivejo: should that be Sources.gz or Sources.bz2, perhaps?17:40
clivejoyeah, something has changed17:41
clivejowell thats cleared the queue a bit!17:42
sgclarkoh my17:49
geniiIs http://wire.kubuntu.org/ still updated? Seems like mostly old stuff there18:07
sgclarkgenii: 5.5.3 isn't to terribly old. But  yeah it could probably use more updates from the web team18:20
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sick_rimmitHi 19:36
sick_rimmitOK, do you need me to assist, or is it looking OK presently19:37
sgclarklooking good. valorie s commit seems to have attracted presence. thanks!19:38
sgclarkcommit being comment 19:38
sick_rimmitExcellent news :-)19:38
clivejoo/ sick_rimmit20:21
clivejosgclark: how are the uploads coming along? 20:30
sgclarkstill building. I am hoping those fails are just dependency order..20:31
sgclarkotherwise not good20:31
clivejoso thats a clean PPA to test rebuild everything?20:32
soeewhy the ... i have some pidgin-data package installed ?20:43
clivejohi kfunk21:35
clivejohows things?21:37
kfunkstill at 16.04 (i.e. no PPA) and thus broken :P21:38
clivejowish I could figure out this libkolab package21:39
clivejoI think its that causing the problem21:40
clivejoI really really want to try plasma 5.6 beta21:43
kfunkclivejo: what's/where's the problem? maybe I can help21:44
clivejowhat do you mean?21:45
clivejoproblem with kolab?21:45
ahoneybunmm anyone having issues playing DVDs?21:53
sitterDVDs? what is this? the 90's?21:57
ahoneybunsomepeople use them sitter 21:58
sittersome people also use floppies21:58
ahoneybunas drink holders maybe21:58
clivejoMr sitter, whats wrong with this ?  http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_stable_ktp-approver/21:59
sitterlike actually for stuff21:59
ahoneybunfor *1* low res picture?21:59
sitterclivejo: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/neon/2016-February/000031.html22:00
clivejocant fix that then22:00
sitterclivejo: I am guessing the release bumping script is still not using epochs correctly22:01
sitterso it blanked bumped all apps to 4:...22:01
sitterwhich is why the job is failing22:01
sittereither you have to have an admin wipthe workspace to accept this bump as valid, or the bump needs to go away22:02
sittersince there is no need for the epoch I am going out on a limb and say that the bump should not have happend and is the result of the script misbehaving22:02
clivejositter: I dont know :(22:02
clivejojust trying to fix stuff on KCI22:03
clivejowhile its quiet22:03
clivejositter: any idea whats wrong here - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/245533142/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kdepimlibs_4%3A15.12.1+git20160303.2141+16.04-0_BUILDING.txt.gz22:04
sitterit encountered an error22:07
clivejoan error you say22:07
sitterwhy yes22:08
clivejois that why it failed?22:08
sitterI am afraid so22:08
sitterclivejo: upstream bug actually22:08
sitterwarning: failed to load external entity "/usr/share/kf5/akonadi/kcfg2dbus.xsl"22:08
sitterthe way I see it the build tries to generate docs using a definition from installation path, when it can't yet be in installation path (what with being built right now)22:09
sittereither that or you are missing a bdep on akonadi-dev22:10
sitterwhich seems unlikely ;)22:10
clivejowell akonadi is a bit of a mess22:10
sitterthat file is in the package created by kdepimlibs22:10
sitterso yeah22:10
sitterupstream bug22:10
clivejolibs are being migrated out of kdepimlibs to akonadi22:11
sittermaybe it is genuinly missing then22:12
clivejositter: you know the way there is packages.ubuntu.com, where we can search inside packages?22:13
clivejois there a way of doing that on KCI?22:13
sitteror maybe22:14
sitterI forgot whether ppas have sources22:14
sitterI seem to recall that they don't22:14
sitterthen again, I am not sure22:15
clivejoI dont think they do22:15
sitterso the answer is no22:15
clivejocould KCI parse the buildlog and create indexs?22:15
clivejook so that file is being installed into akonadi-server22:16
clivejoso I need a build dep on that22:16
sitterclivejo: sure if you write the code22:16
clivejono problem, it will be ready in 10 mins :P22:17
sitteryou could also once a day mirror all debs and dpkg-deb -c them22:17
sitterwhich TBH probably is simpler than aggregating the build logs22:17
sitterin particular since I *think* KCI has an apt-cacher-ng set up22:17
sitterso you can technically simply apt-get download all packages22:17
sitterand the cacher will take care to not have excessive network IO22:18
clivejosounds like a lot of work22:19
sgclarkrelease bumping script? why would that be being run?22:20
sgclarkwe need to get what we have in archive before any bumping goes on22:20
sittersgclark: if it wasn't then the epoch bump makes even less sense22:20
sitterclivejo: not so much22:20
clivejocause the staging script is buggy22:20
sittercode for listing all packages22:20
sitteronce you have that you basically just Apt.install(package, '--download-only')22:21
sgclarknothing should be staging at this time, I will be very angry if it is. we only have FFe for current stuff22:21
sitterand then you list all downloaded debs and extract info22:21
sitter~1h of work22:21
clivejosgclark: talking about KCI here22:21
* sgclark goes back into her cell22:22
sitterclivejo: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/ktp-approver.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=17934dcec272ddde31be9267b8e9b36eeb9e849e22:22
sitteryou did add the epoch :P22:22
sitterby hand22:22
sitterI think what happened was that you merged debian but lost the epoch22:23
clivejoI merged with debian and thought we could remove it22:23
sitteron that note. someone please file a bug that dpkg-mergechangelogs shouldn't let epoch reductions get merged22:23
clivejobut kubuntu had already released under the new name with an epoch22:23
clivejoso it had to be put back22:24
sitterso it probably was just bad timing as the epoch check was rolled out that very same day22:24
sitterhad it happened after feb 16 the intial lowering you did as part of the merge would have failed to integarte22:25
clivejositter: would you mind fixing it on KCI?22:25
sitteron accuont of that very test22:25
sitterclivejo: are you still not an admin?22:25
* sitter looks at sgclark and yofel and puts on his grumpy face22:26
clivejothey dont like me !22:26
sitterclivejo: kindly direct your request at one of two22:26
sitterif they don't like you then they have to hit buttons for you :P22:26
* clivejo feels unloved 22:26
sittermake them suffer I say!22:26
sgclarkget developer status..22:26
clivejolike an ugly child22:26
sitterclivejo: no child has an aol email address though22:26
clivejoI think they suffer too much already22:27
sgclarkmake you go through the same bashing grueling tests that I did22:27
sitterwe can do one right now22:28
clivejoits mothers day on sunday!22:28
sitterdo we have quorum?22:28
* clivejo face palms22:28
sgclarkonly us two sitter I think22:28
sitterI count for two so we have quorum22:28
sgclarkthough if he passes your tests he has my +1 haa22:28
sitterclivejo: what's a udeb, what are they used for and how do you make one?22:29
clivejodebian after the divorce?22:30
sitterclivejo: what's the canonical contents of a deb file?22:30
clivejositter: stop being mean!22:31
sitterI am not. those are my easy questions :/22:31
sgclarkclivejo: its true22:32
clivejoyou are a master jedi22:32
sgclarkI had to study very hard for developer lol22:32
sgclarkand there were more people testing me lol22:32
sittera mean question would be "what's dh, how do we use it, where do we the control the invocation sequence for kde packages"22:32
* clivejo hasnt studied22:33
sgclarkto be fair though kubuntu doesnt mess with udeb :) but contant of a deb should be known22:33
sitterincidently I only know that because I rewrote dh https://apachelog.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/debian-rake-a-tale-of-rubies/22:33
clivejoits building, just missing files22:34
* clivejo dances22:34
clivejooh, Ill need help with these22:35
clivejoresourcebase.kcfg where would one put that?22:35
clivejoconfig files, would they go in kdepimlibs-data.install ?22:36
clivejosily me22:37
sittersgclark: I am pretty sure the kubuntu package set has stuff with udebs22:39
sgclarkoh? guess I just have managed to miss them22:40
sitterprimarily working on kde software one would probably miss them22:40
sgclarkwhat is https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-web-shortcuts/trunk ?22:41
sgclarksitter: ^22:41
sitterat any rate, the question is to probe whether one has encountered a udeb, because if one has then one has duckduckwalked udeb and that leads to a onelineer on the debian wiki pretty much answering the question ;)22:41
sittersgclark: krunners22:42
sittersgclark: in krunner you can enable web shortcuts plugin somewhere22:42
sitterthen you can do lp:kubuntu-ci and that will run a launchpad search in your browser for kubuntu-ci22:42
sgclarkneat. seems important. 22:42
sitteror usrc:phonon22:42
sitterleads to launchpad source phonon22:42
clivejositter: did you used to work for Canonical?22:42
sittersgclark: shocking that you don't know it22:42
sgclarkI agree22:43
sitterusrc is the most useful thing ever22:43
sitterclivejo: nope22:43
clivejositter: when will Neon have apps?22:45
sitternot any time soon22:45
clivejohow come?22:45
sitterplasma stable > plasma release > ... ISO ... > apps22:46
sitterour target audience is pretty much plasma's so we want that flying asap22:47
sitterplus kdepim TBH makes apps a really unfortunate chore22:47
sgclarkheh indeed22:47
clivejotargetting devs?22:47
sitterso if we did apps before we had actual releases ISOs they'd only slow us down on account of the unecessary work22:47
sitterclivejo: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Workspace_Sprint/Personas22:48
clivejositter: but if you did apps, I could just copy you!22:48
sitteryou could come up with a copy scheme first :P22:48
sitterbecause the way I see it if you don't completely align builds to debian imports you'll probably want to merge from neon and neon is meant to merge from debian22:49
sitterexcept I am not sure about that because it probably will get weird at some point when neon adjusts things to either fit LTS or Qts/middleware that is not yet in debian nor ubuntu22:50
sgclarkI want sync and be done. we don't have the resources to carry on this way.22:50
sittersgclark: it is my favorite option as well as you will know :)22:50
sgclarkat some point I will convince someone to hire me and will not around to package 24/7 heh. I know I keep saying that. doesn't hurt to dream.22:52
yofelso what exactly needs fixing for ktp-approver?22:53
sittersee mail I forwarded22:53
sgclarksounds like we need to remove a file or some such22:53
sitterwipe wok-space22:54
sittersgclark: you should learn go and join some go startup22:54
clivejowhere would this file go?22:55
clivejokdepimlibs-data.install ?22:55
yofelaah, fancy magic22:55
clivejoor would it go in libkf5akonadicontact5.install  ?22:57
sgclarknot a lib, I think -data22:57
sgclarkmm go that does seem to be the flavor of the month22:57
sitterit's the new trendy backend language22:58
sitterso there's bound to be startups sprouting all over the place22:58
sitterexcept they probably do fullstack anyway22:59
sitterso you want to brush up on js22:59
sitteror more specifically one of the popular js framewoks23:00
yofelso, "Wipe out current workspace" is what's needed to fix ktp? I don't see a way to just delete that one file23:00
sgclarkheh. what do I drop to make time to learn this :)23:00
sitteryofel: yeah, deleting that one file you'd have to ssh23:00
sittersgclark: I hear neon could use some js frontend for aptly :P23:00
sitteraptly is go23:00
yofelwould deleting the whole workspace break something?23:00
sitterso you could craft some http auth into aptly's api part23:00
sitterand then put a js frontend on top of the api23:01
sitteryofel: nope23:01
yofelk, thx23:01
sgclarksitter: hmm tempting. but I don't think I would be well received there.23:01
sitteraptly is basically a one man show from what I have seen, I doubt you wouldn't be welcome23:02
sgclarkI will look into it thanks23:02
valorieclivejo: I added ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications to my xenial box and apt update && apt full-upgraded23:03
clivejovalorie: and?23:04
valorieI don't remember how to put the output (which core-dumped and errored out) into a pastebin23:04
sgclarkoh neat. aptly looks useful23:04
clivejovalorie: you got errors?23:05
valorieoh, i figured it out, sec23:06
sgclarkcoredump sounds dreadful23:06
clivejosgclark: I know :(23:06
yofelktp-approver reset23:06
clivejogot an aweful sinking feeling :(23:06
clivejodoesnt exist23:07
yofelstill doesn't exist23:08
clivejomaybe try ubuntu paste?23:09
valoriegoodness, bad typing, sorry about that23:09
valoriethat one works23:09
sitterclivejo: dude, you are podcast famous23:09
valoriea particular type of coolness and famousness23:10
yofelvalorie: can you do the dist-upgrade directly?23:10
sgclarkappstream test is upstream ubuntu23:10
yofelthe appstream error shouldn't happen anymore23:10
yofel(from my experience)23:10
valoriewhat do you mean directly?23:10
valorieget rid of the ppa first?23:11
yofeldon't run update &&23:11
yofelit doesn't do the dist-upgrade because update throws errors23:11
clivejomy system is crashing now too23:11
yofelbut they shouldn't prevent you from installing any updates23:11
valoriethat's working; thanks yofel23:11
valorieclivejo: it didn't crash23:12
clivejothats the first crash Ive seen in months of using Xenial23:12
valorieI'm considering upgrading this box if the travel-lappy test goes well23:13
clivejoW: libkf5akonadisocialutils-dev: package-has-long-file-name 73 (82) > 80 can I add a lintian for that?23:15
sitterclivejo: is that out of kci?23:15
sitterclivejo: if kci doesn't complain you can ignore it23:16
sitterkci has super long versions, so a lot of packagse complain about this23:16
sitterwhich is why our linter will not complain23:16
yofelthis is about a file name, not the version though23:17
yofelstill can be overridden23:17
yofelsitter: are you wildlisting by regex or tag name?23:17
sitteryofel: the version is in the filename23:17
clivejowhy is parsed console not picking it up - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_kdepimlibs/121/parsed_console/23:17
sitterit's an override in the linter itself23:17
sitterthat's why it doesnt show up in the parsed console23:18
sitterbasically if there is no KCI-W/E/I about it at the end of the console output in jenkins we don't care23:18
yofelhow about a KCI-N for stuff it doens't care?23:19
yofelor would that just be clutter23:19
sitterclutter IMO23:19
sitteralso needs extra code ;)23:19
yofeltrue ^^23:19
sitterthere's an entire linting framework in place23:19
sitterand it only marks W/E/I23:20
yofelyeah, I read parts of it when I was looking if it could be used for the PPA checks. But that would require a ruby-python bridge so I stopped23:23
sitteryofel: nah, fork ruby and maybe exchange json23:23
yofelyeah sure, would probably not even be much work, but probably not worth the effort23:24
yofelI'll probably look at it again sometime this year23:24
sitteractually json probably is also still too much. simply print in ruby and exit 1 if at least one error was found xD23:25
yofelhow's json too much? That's like 2 calls for the serialization.23:26
yofelwell, depends on what the script would actually expect23:27
sitteryes, but why would you bring the data into python. all you care about is whether something fatal has happened in the linting bit23:27
yofelI do care about *what* caused that fatal state23:29
sitteryofel: programatically?23:29
yofelwell, I care in the script output23:30
sitterwhich you can do in ruby23:30
sitterthe thing is. if you serialize between the two then you do actively create a data structure binding between the two. so if the serialization changes or the format in ruby changes you mgiht not notice things go wrong23:30
sitterwhich ultimately means that you have to do strict deseriazliation in python. i.e. assert that the json payload is what you expect it to be an raise an error if it isn't23:31
sitterwhile if you simply print or whatever in the ruby helper and check the return code of it it doesn't matter what went wrong in ruby. it could be that the helper encountered a format error, or an exception was raised or whatever. you encountered an error while linting and that's all you ultimately should care about23:33
yofelI know, which is one reason why I didn't continue looking at it. 23:33
valorieclivejo, yofel: finished with https://paste.kde.org/peyakioaw23:33
yofelvalorie: the error is higher up in the log23:34
valorierevised that same paste23:35
yofelok, I just got the very same error23:36
yofelUnpacking libkf5akonadicore-bin (4:15.12.1-2ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa2) ...23:36
yofeldpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libkf5akonadicore-bin_4%3a15.12.1-2ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa2_amd64.deb (--unpack):23:36
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/akonadiselftest', which is also in package kdepimlibs-bin 4:15.12.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa323:36
valorieI revised that paste with another warning I found; dunno if it is serious or not23:37
clivejoyofel: where should that file actually be?23:46
clivejodebian have it in libkf5akonadicore-bin.install23:47
yofelthe SCM history should tell where the file got added lately23:47
clivejoand removed kdepimlibs-data.install23:47
clivejolooks like a debian merge went a bit wrong23:48
clivejono it wasnt removed23:48
clivejothats weird23:49
valorieso should I just let the laptop be, are try restarting?23:52
sgclarkugh well everything built except bloody pim. of course23:53
clivejoI think we should just remove it23:53
clivejoits a bloody nightmare23:53
sgclarkhmm I added breaks / replace for that, was the version wrong maybe?23:53
sgclarkyofel: ^23:54
sgclarkyea pim died at 35% I dont have time tonight to fight with it.23:54
yofelI don't see any breaks/replaces23:55
sgclarkI say we forget pim in upload23:55
yofelPackage: libkf5akonadicore-bin23:55
yofelArchitecture: any23:55
yofelDepends: ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}23:55
yofelthat's all23:55
clivejoShould we add http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/libkdcraw.git/ and http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/libkexiv2.git/ to KCI?23:55
yofelmaybe you forgot to push something?23:56
sgclarko i c I was in the wrong branch23:56
sgclarkclivejo: err they are not there now? I find that shocking23:57
clivejomaybe we need the unstable branches setup?23:57
clivejowhat does this mean ? E: libkf5akonadisocialutils-dev: malformed-override Cannot parse line 1: W: libkf5akonadisocialutils-dev: package-has-long-file-name 73 (82) > 8023:58
yofelthe W: shouldn't be part of the override23:58
sgclarkwhitespace? dunno23:58
sgclarkoh that23:58
* clivejo cries23:58
clivejoI swear pim is cursed23:59
clivejoit just doesnt want to be fixed23:59
clivejoyofel: do I leave the " 73 (82) > 80" in there as well?23:59

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